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Nutrition for Babies Workshops (Get FREE Seats for one of these two workshops)

The laundry is piling up at home. I have a baby who’s really messy when she eats. Although, come to think of it, whose baby isn’t messy when they are just starting to learn how to eat. I’m not worried about the mess, but I’m more worried about my baby’s food intake. Zeeka is gaining weight, with her still nursing with me and with the solid food that she has been taking, but I’m still worried that she might not be getting the right or enough nutrients. Although she eats well, I don’t know if she’s taking enough.

That is the reason why i’m so excited to attend these two workshops. One is entitled “Nutrition Know How: Nutrition education for women (pregnant and lactating) and babies” from Project Mom and Juju Eats. The other one is entitled Baby Nutrition and Dental Care from Manila Workshops, Medela Moms, Inc.

Nutrition Know How: Nutrition education for women (pregnant and lactating) and babies

projectmom+jujuteaser (1)

This is a collaboration between PROJECT MOM and JUJU eats. The details of the talk is as follows:

Date and Time: Wednesday, February 12, 2014, 2pm-6pm
Venue: Juju Eats 2297 Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati City
Learning Fee: Php 1,200 (you will get a Project Mom book and Juju Eats lunch

Knowing your nutritional needs is essential to leading a healthy life. This changes during different stages of your life (pregnant, lactating). The event will be an afternoon of nutritional education, for you and your new baby.

Topics are:
* Benefits of Organic Nutrition by Hipp Baby
* Hindy Tantoco will be a guest speaker and she will talk about How she got her body back and about Holy Carabao Farm
* VMV Beauty Speaker
*Dr Cora Avancena on Baby Nutrition on “Don’t Worry It’s Normal”
*Dra. Singson, Prenatal Nutrition
*Bianca and Amanda will discuss Food chapter from the book, health and nutrition

There will be a Book Signing at the end of the day!

If you’d like to sign up, kindly answer these questions and email it to or you can fill up the form in project mom facebook page (

Complete Name:
Email Address:
Mailing Address:
Mobile Number:
How did you hear about the event?:
*Please indicate how many seats would you like to pay for. You may also upgrade to having a JUJU Booster Kit (also comes with a free bag) for only Php990, if you wish, but do let the organizers know.


The other workshop is…

Baby Nutrition and Dental Care

Baby Nutrition and Dental Care

This is a collaboration between Manila Workshops and Medela Moms, Inc. This workshop is also sponsored by Lotte Xylitol, Cradle, Cycles and Cycles Sensitive, NonPareil Enterprises and Mama Chows Lactation Treats.

Date and Time: Saturday, February 22, 2014, 9am to 12nn
Venue: Medela House, #29 1st Street, New Manila Quezon City
Learning Fee: Php 500
Special Couples Rate: Php 800 per couple (Other guardians are highly recommend to attend to like yayas, lolos/lolas, etc.).

Proper nutrition is vital in the early years of your child. In his or her first year, your baby grows and develops at a rapid rate. As a parent, you need to make sure that your child receives sufficient nutrients in order to support this growth and development. At the same time, as your baby’s first teeth begin to show and he or she starts to eat solid food, you also need to make sure that those precious teeth and gums are well cared for.

Speakers will be:
The baby nutrition learning session will be handled by Ms. Cecile Bayaga, and dental care will be discussed by Dr. Fina Marilag Gupit-Lopez, on behalf of Xylitol.

Ms. Cecile Bayaga is a registered nutritionist-dietitian and a full-time faculty at the College of Home Economics, University of the Philippines-Diliman. She has been teaching Principles of Nutrition, Nutrition for the Lifecycle, and Medical Nutrition Therapy for the past 12 years. She has published scientific articles on glycemic index, essential fatty acids for brain development, and clinical nutrition. In 2005, the Nutritionists-Dietitians’ Association of the Philippines awarded her as The Most Promising Nutritionist-Dietitian. She has been happily married for 9 years and has one child.

Dr. Fina Marilag Gupit-Lopez is a specialist in Pediatric Dentistry. She is a practicing Pediatric Dentistry Consultatnt at the Oral Health Care Center in Greenhills and Dentphix, Inc in Pasig City. She also works as a Consultant, Lecturer and Clinical Supervising Staff at the Pediatric Dentistry Center of the Philippines of Dr. Fe del Mundo Medical Center and Foundation. Apart from her medical practice, she is also a columnist for Baby Magazine. She has conducted several lectures on oral health care and caring for children’s teeth. She is married to a businessman, with whom she has 4 children

Sign up for this workshop now by using this form:

Lots of freebies and surprises await attendees of this workshop form our sponsors!

To add to that, the first 8 people who comment on this post will receive free couple seats to the Baby Nutrition and Dental Care Seminar for them and a companion! 🙂 Please leave your full name and email address so that we can contact you.

Hope to see you in these two events! 🙂

Seeing Doubles? A Multiples Support Group

This month is all about preparation. One of the things that you need to prepare for in life is having a baby. Whether you are a first-time mother or consider yourself a “veteran,” MedelaMoms Maricel Cua and Beng Feliciano have your best interests in mind, especially when it comes to making sure you are able to give your child the best nutrition, i.e. breastmilk.

MedelaMoms is all for supporting moms by helping them prepare for this big change in their lives, especially when it comes to supporting them in their breastfeeding journey. I got to know about Medela Moms since they helped me prepare for Zeeka (and now I am still breastfeeding her at almost 11 months).

I have heard about tandem feeding and I couldn’t imagine myself having twins and breastfeeding both. I admire the oms who have successfully done it (actually, I admire even those who have tried, too!). It can be challenging nursing multiples and you will need all the help that you can get.

Seeing Doubles A Multiples Support Group

To help out nursing moms of twins/multiples, MedelaMoms invites all couples expecting multiples to come to the Medela House on February 8, Saturday, 9 a.m., to the launch of the “Seeing Doubles” Multiples Support Group. Different mommies with twins will share their precious time to talk about their experiences carrying, giving birth to, breastfeeding, and raising multiples! This is the time for all parents with multiples to ask their questions and satisfy their curiosity, and maybe even find the answers to all their concerns and worries. The “multiples moms” who have been invited by MedelaMoms to speak are ready to help parents for the arrival of their own sets of multiples.

Alongside the launch of “Seeing Doubles,” SweetPea, a cocktail/formal nursing wear company will also be launching its line through a fashion show. Walnut Melbourne PH will be providing the shoewear of the children in the show. Celebrity Moms Amanda Jacob and Marilen Faustino-Montenegro and children will be dropping by, too, to share their own modern day mom breastfeeding experiences.

Amanda will also be conducting a book signing and a limited number of her book, Project Mom, co-authored with Bianca Araneta-Elizalde, will be on sale that day.The event is free of charge but attendees are required to pre-register by texting or calling MedelaMoms at 0917-8110821 or sending an email to

To get the latest updates from MedelaMoms, connect with them through their Facebook page (Medela Breastfeeding Products) or better yet, add them as a “friend” on Facebook (

February Blog Theme is Planning… Mostly Zeeka’s First Birthday Plans!

Are you curious to know if I already started planning for my daughter’s first birthday party? If you’re not, I will tell you anyway (haha!). Well, for those who know that I am very OC when it comes to planning, I’m sure you have already figured out that I have already started.

It’s been a while since I have planned a party like this for myself. Well, you’d probably think “Oh, she’s an events planner so she probably holds a lot of workshops AND parties for herself and her family…” WRONG! It’s so sad, since most of the planning that I do is for other people…. huhuhu! I think the last time I got to plan for myself was for my wedding. But of course, for my little sweetheart’s first birthday, I could and would not let this occasion pass. I want to be hands-on on this one. So last October 2014 (I think!), I started planning already for Zeeka’s birthday. Of course, it wasn’t ‘panic-mode’ planning, but more of relaxed canvassing of different suppliers.

Call me crazy, but an important part to having a great party is really the planning stage. With planning, you set the direction for everything that will happen during the party. You need to show the suppliers that you know what you want. You need to see that you have enough budget for everything that’s necessary.

For Zeeka’s party, my theme will be….


I think it’s the perfect them for Zeeka, since she has this bright and sunny disposition always. She makes her DADA and me smile all the time. 🙂 Plus, the character reminds me of Zeeka… hehe!

Little Miss Zeeka!

Little Miss Zeeka!

This is actually the title slide of a presentation composed of 17 slides. I love Power Point and I use it for everything — even Zeeka’s first birthday party. This presentation is made out of little notes that I made for my possible and chosen suppliers. It has pictures of pegs and samples of how I would want things to look like. It sets the tone, mood and feel of the entire event.

The notes in the slides are detailed. I will show the slides to you as I go through each supplier one by one this month, since February’s posts are dedicated to planning for Zeeka’s party (I’m sure i’ll be preoccupied with that so I thought about writing a about it).

As for the budget, looking at the actual costs, it turns out that the total budget that I have when divided by the number guests (approximation) turns out to be around Php 1200 – Php 1500 per person (but that’s just me). If you want a breakdown of the costs on a per ‘type of expense’ basis, do leave a comment in this post and i’ll email it to you. The costs that I will email you is based on what I have for Zeeka. Your costs can actually increase or decrease based on certain priorities that you have (for example, if you really really want a videographer, then you can add that to the budget that I made or if styro backdrops are not necessary for you, then you can adjust that in the budget that I made).

Again, throughout February, I will be featuring party suppliers which I have worked with for Zeeka’s first birthday party. If you are offering a unique product that I might be interested in getting since it works with Zeeka’s theme, do let me know.

For those who want to share their own parties and if you want to be featured in my blog, feel free to check out the guidelines on this page:

Enjoy planning!