A Big THANK YOU! – Work-at-Home Weekend Expo 2014 (Promo)!

It has been two weeks since we had the Work-at-Home Weekend Expo and honestly, i’m still giddy, delighted and deeply grateful that we had almost 300 attendees for our event. I hope that those who attended and especially those who attended the talks learned something form our very brilliant speakers. Thank you to our beloved co-sponsors, Unilab, Insular Life, Uber, 88DB and vOffice Philippines for supporting the event.

5EDITED WAHWeekend Expo_Poster


Thank you also to our major sponsors: Hungry Juan, Manila Water, Mega Creations, Hotel Quickly, Stabilo, Photomark Lightworks, Xend and The Great Leap Academy.

Thank you to our minor sponsors, Vally Farm, Thumbtack, Bitmarket.ph. Thank you also to Habitat for Humanity, Freelancer.com and Essays.ph for supporting us. Thank you to our media partners WheninManila.com and Creatif.

Thank you to the wonderful speakers that we had, Jeff Cua, Marge Aberasturi, Mariel Uyquiengco, Tina Rodriguez, Grace Nicolas, Fitz Villafuerte, Dandy Victa, Bam Besa, Jennyfer Ang – Tan, Kimberley Timbol- Reyes, Joy Gurtiza and Lourdes Labii.


WAH Expo 2014 2



WAH Expo 2014 3

WAH Expo 2014 4

WAH Expo 2014 5

WAH Expo 2014 6

We hope that you enjoyed this year’s conference and we promise to give you a bigger and better work-at-home weekend expo next year! Watch out for post event promos and contests that we will have for those who have supported us this year.

Mega Sardines

For the first promo, our brand sponsor, Mega Sardines is giving away 6 sets of the following:
– Mega Sardines Products
– Apron
– Chopping board
– Kitchen utensil

The promo will run until November 30, 2014. We will announce the winners on Dec. 1. This promo is open to those who live in Metro Manila. We will ship the prizes to you. For you to join, please follow the steps in the rafflecopter widget below.

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Good luck and we hope that you can join the other events of Manila Workshops!



  1. Karina Alvaera :

    Would love to use mega spanish style sardines with pasta or with kesong puti and pandesal.


  2. Darl Corral-Piquero :

    I would love to cook the classic ginisang sardinas na may misua using Mega Sardines. 🙂


  3. Arianne Atienza :

    I would love to try MEGA sardines with pasta, my comfort food. 🙂


  4. Tortang sardinas! And i love putting the sauce on top of freshly cooked rice. All time favorite!


  5. Lorraine Einraz Cabantac :

    I would love to use Mega Spanish Style Sardines with fettuccine pasta or tortang sardinas with kamatis. Perfectly dish for this season. More power Ms. Ginger! Godbless! 🙂


  6. Theresa Cruz-Escaros :

    I like Mega sardines sauteed with onions, garlic and a teaspoon of calamansi juice, then topped on white rice.

  7. I got to try the Kani Salad with Sardine Mayo at the Work at Home Weekend Expo Event and immediately prepared one for my hubby the next day and he loves it! So simple yet so yummy! Our favorite along with other Mega Creations Recipe! Thanks Mommy GInger More Power! 🙂


  8. For prito I like to make a tortang Mega Sardines I like it best when it’s a bit spicy.
    If you want na may sabaw try Sinigang na Mega Sardines.


  9. Favorite that i tried is the Rice Pilaf. Easy-Peasy & really yummy!


  10. I’d like to try Sardine Norimaki cause I love Japanese Food and Mega Sardines is the perfect ingredient to that 🙂
    Thank you Mommy Giinger & Mega Creations (in advance yay! lol)

    xoxo hope to win!

  11. Sardines with misua! ^_^


  12. Kimberly Camille Tiu :

    Sardines with onions


  13. Kevin Balisalisa :

    2 days before this giveaway ends. I would like to share that Mega Sardines is one of the best food because it is delicious, fresh, and easy to prepare. It is easy to open it by using Can Opener … and ready to EAT.
    Mega Sardines is Also good Source of CALCIUM( I researched about that 🙂 )
    Hoping to be one of the Lucky Winners 🙂 <3 😀 :-p #LIKE

  14. mary jay javier :

    Pasta with Mega Sardines and Lemon! 🙂

  15. rowena belleza :

    Mega Sardines -Arugula Pizza.

  16. Mega Sardines with Sun-Dried Tomato and Capers!

  17. marites javier :

    Avocado Salsa and Mega Sardines 🙂

  18. rowena belleza :

    Carbonara Mega Sardines!

  19. Rona Natividad :

    Tortang Mega Sardines. 🙂

  20. benjamin insuya :

    Ginataang Mega Sardines! The Best!!!

  21. Jodeelyn Calacday :

    Ginisang Mega Sardines with toge. 🙂

  22. Mega Sardines Pizza

  23. I like to make Mega Sardines Lumpia Roll.

  24. Mega spanish style sardines fusili pasta!

  25. I just saute onion and garlic and add tomatoes then eat it with toasted pandesal. Yum 🙂

  26. mega sardines for pasta! drools!

  27. I saute Mega Sardines and add thinly-sliced sayote. My child loves this recipe.


  28. Astra C. Alegre :

    I want to cook some pasta with Mega Sardines


  29. My all time favorite. Ginisang Mega Sardines with onions na pinasarap ng toyo at suka 🙂 Sarap ipartner sa Sinagag.

  30. ginisang mega sardines with onions garlic ang pechay baguio.favorite ng mga anak ko,very nutritious recipe

  31. Masarap ang Mega Sardines lalu na sa mainit na sinangag sa umaga…. hmmmm…

  32. sherry ann gole cruz :

    tortang mega sardines with lots of onions is my kids favorite!

  33. Darl Corral-Piquero :

    Wow! Thanks! 🙂

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