Freelancing Tools: Proposals for you to win the job quickly

As a freelancer, you will be required to create tons of proposals to win a client. Instead of a job interview or resume, your proposal is vital in getting clients so how do you make your proposal stand out from the hundreds that also want to land the job?

You can get your potential clients’ attention by creating visually enticing templates with some of these freelancing tools that you can use to create a proposal!


This is one of the tools that I personally love and use. This site has ready-to-use templates for different kinds of projects. I love that you don’t need to think about the sections of the proposal or what goes into a proposal. You just need to edit and alter. It’s so much easier to create proposals for AdWords, Branding, Real Estate, Event Planning. Marketing Research and even Android Apps!

They offer a free 30-day trial and have 3 plans you can choose from: Pro, Business and Enterprise.

What I love about it is that it’s so sleek and so simple to use! What makes it stand-out really is the way you can layout your proposal. It just really looks impressive when you send out proposals using this.

Hello Bonsai

If you want to create proposals and send contracts all in one platform then Hello Bonsai is the right freelancing tool for you. It can help you create template proposals and let you know once your proposal is read. Your client can approve the proposal online and you can easily send them a contract to get their e-signature for a closed deal quickly!

Here are the features of Hello Bonsai. You can create proposals and contracts. You can use if for time tracking, create projects, monitor expenses and create invoice and payments. It also has great reporting capabilities.


They offer a free plan with limited functionalities where you can create only 3 projects per year or you can sign up with them for $19 a month for a complete suite which can help you effectively run your freelancing business.

What I like about Hello Bonsai is the fact that there are a lot of things that you can do using the platform. It’s also really affordable, too, if you’re a freelancer.


Aside from creating proposals, this freelancing tool allows you to turn 18% of your leads to clients because it allows you to create landing pages, which clients can download into a .pdf file. Its analytics also allows you to find out how interested your clients are by giving data of how long they viewed the proposal, if they exported it and from which email it came from.

Its plans start at $23 if you want to will only have 1 user and $47 if you have a team of 3. They also offer a 14-day trial for first time users.

Are there freelancing tools that can help create great proposals that you know of? Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

Do you want to be a Freelancer?

If you are scared to take the leap into entrepreneurship, I suggest that you try out FREELANCING first. To those who don’t know, I was a content writer in ODESK (now Upwork) way back in 2010. I got a lot of foreign clients, and actually learned from my experience as a content writer. Starting this Friday, before The Freelancer Fair 2017, which will be held on Sept. 2, 2017, I will be writing a lot about freelancing, how to start freelancing, what you need to do to sustain a freelancing career, etc.

The ultimate benefit for me when I went into freelancing was really to learn more about the industry and to see if it was actually for me. I love writing, so the immediate thought for me was, why not earn from my passion? But honestly, the ultimate benefit of having a freelancing career is to be flexible enough to manage your time and to have no cap in terms of the pay that you get. If you want to earn more, you can manage yourself (your time, your resources, your rates) effectively so that you can achieve the dreams that you have.

Freelancing offers flexibility in all aspects. If you are a mom like me and you want to be there for your children, you can fix your freelancing schedule to allow that. You can earn for your family, while being able to be present during your child’s milestones. Also, freelancing can allow you to pursue your passion and to earn from them. You will be able to work whenever, wherever and even choose tasks where you can apply your skills and take on roles that interest you.

So what jobs or tasks can you actually take on? You can choose from countless jobs available online today such as teaching English to foreign students, clerical work, social media management, writing, customer service responders and more! If you want to explore the world of freelancing and the opportunities you can get to earn while staying at home with your family, here are a few jobs you may want to try out.

Virtual Assistant
If you enjoy organizing schedules, emails and taking care of your client’s day-to-day tasks then this job may be the best fit for you! Virtual assistants have a fixed schedule or work at the time given by their client. You can work at the comforts of your home while having a client/boss via Skype or other messaging platform giving you instructions on what they need to be done.

Teaching English or other subjects
There are students from around the world who are looking for English tutors from different websites. There are numerous sites here in the Philippines such as RareJob or 51talk.

If you enjoy typing and are actually great at it, then you can earn from using that skill! There are clients who need transcribing in different kinds of fields such as medical or legal fields. As a transcriptionist, you can get paid per word, per line or each audio minute you transcribe. This job doesn’t require a fixed time schedule so you can choose to work anytime you want.

If you’re more on the creative side and enjoy writing then you will also be able to find different kinds of tasks from blog writing, copywriting, business writing. There will always be a need for this skill. You’ll just have to find clients at the right websites or get referrals from your own connections. You can be paid per word or per article, and usually this does not require a fixed schedule from you but would have deadlines instead.

There are a lot of other things that you can do, and a lot of tasks that people outsource. Think of any process or any tasks in a business, and i’m sure it can be something that a freelancer can do.

If you want to learn more about FREELANCING, you can attend the annual event called The Freelancer Fair (

What are you passionate about? What are your skills, your strengths? After identifying these, which job do you think is the best fit for you? Share your thoughts with us and let us know which you think are the best freelancing jobs out there for Moms like me!

Understanding Influencer Marketing

I have always been fascinated about how one becomes a key opinion leader (KOL) or an influencer. I had this short conversation with a friend who wants to start a blog, so that she can be a KOL. But is being an influencer that simple? Is it just about starting a blog and writing content or posting pretty pictures on Instagram or Facebook?

Before I answer that, based on my own observations and opinion, let’s look at Influencer Marketing and understand where this new marketing phenomenon (if you want to call it a phenomenon) came to be.

The Evolution of Marketing

Marketing has greatly evolved from a decade ago. I remember that 10-15 years ago, the concept of customer-centric marketing came to be. From a product-centric perspective, marketers realised that they needed to truly understand the customer in order to stay ahead of competition. Customers became more entrenched in their own decision making process (researching, asking people about their experience with a certain product) since they wanted to get what they deserve with the money that they spend. Thus, marketers chose a specific niche to give value to, to focus efforts and to spread clear messages about what their proposition was.

After this focus on the customer and making customers happy, marketers found that they can use the entire experience to make the entire product experience memorable. This was then the birth of experiential marketing. With experiential marketing, word-of-mouth became the main objective of marketers. They needed people to talk about the product and tell other people about their personal experience with the brand or product.

With the advent of social media, anyone can now actually share their experience with products that they purchase and with experiences that they had with a service. Way back in 2000, Malcolm Gladwell published a book called the Tipping Point, that talked about three archetypes: the salesperson, the connector and the maven. This is how Gladwell described Mavens.

A Maven is a person who has information on a lot of different products or prices or places. This person likes to initiate discussions with consumers and respond to requests … they like to be helpers in the marketplace. They distribute coupons. They take you shopping. They go shopping for you … This is the person who connects people to the marketplace and has the inside scoop on the marketplace.

I thought that his description was a great prelude to what we know key opinion leaders or influencers to be. As early as the year 2000, or even before that (no one knows), the concept of influencer marketing (I believe) was already being practiced but in small circles. Social Media paved the way for KOLs/Influencers to reach more people, once geographically impossible to reach.

What is Influencer Marketing?
As I’ve mentioned, I have this weird fascination for Influencer Marketing. I’ve always wondered how people become influencers. Influencer Marketing is using people with influence to talk about and sell your product and services. They say that for every $1 that you spend on an influencer, it comes back 20x in terms of revenue / sales. I don’t have exact figures for influencer marketing in the Philippines, but it may be true!

In the process of observing celebrity influencers, tier 1 influencers (yes, there are levels!), and other influencers no matter what level, I have come to realize these things about Influencer Marketing.

Who they are?
In terms of personality, I have seen that the effective influencers don’t wear any masks. They don’t pretend to be someone that they’re not. They tell it as it is. This is the reason why influencers come in all shapes, forms, sizes, etc. Banish all judgement on how you think influencers “should be or look like” because a template does not exist. They can be introverts or extroverts. It doesn’t matter. They are very authentic people, and honest about who they are and how they feel. This authenticity builds trust. This trust makes everything they say believable. It makes everything that they do aspirational, and all of the things that they do commands respect.

What they say?
They are known and are effective when it comes to talking or spreading the word about a particular topic. And usually, these are topics that they are truly passionate about! They “talk”, “write”, “vlog”, “draw” with so much passion that the energy is felt by their audience. There is a certain charisma (I actually don’t know if it’s the right term) that draws people to stop, look and listen to this person.

What did they do?
Consistency is something you’ll notice they have. I’m not sure though if this stems from the being passionate about something that they believe in or something that they love doing. So if it’s blogging, they always have new and relevant content that contains experiences that resonates with their audience. If it’s posting in social media, they constantly post Instagram stories or status that slowly builds and tells a “story” about their life or about who they are as real people. They deeply engage with brands that they love, that help their “cause or advocacy”, and are proactive with reaching out to them.  They also engage only with brands that they authentically love!

Obviously, as an influencer, it took quite some time to get to that status, and it takes hard work and constant reiteration of what you believe in and what you stand for. And that “reiteration” is not a blatant, hard-sell kind of a thing. Since everything is authentic, the “message” is intertwined with the influencers lifestyle. It’s almost impossible to distinguish what is “sponsored” and what isn’t.

These are my thoughts on Influencer Marketing. I’d like to hear your thoughts on this? Think of an influencer that you know and tell me what makes you gravitate towards that person (leave your thoughts on the comment section below). Why do you think what he / she says and does makes a huge impact or resonates with you?

Together, let’s analyze how influencers become influencers! 🙂

How to start Freelancing? Where do I begin?

I’m really grateful that almost 60 people signed up for the Freelancing for Beginners workshop last Saturday. And after observing the questions from the crowd, it seemed that 90% of the crowd was really there to learn more about what freelancing is and how do you actually start “freelancing”. We hope that you really learned a lot! We also got to read the suggestions, and most of you were asking for more time to discuss more topics and to network. Awww, thank you for actually mentioning networking, since support is crucial in this type of career.

A freelancer offers his/her services to different Clients. If you can do something for someone else, like create a video, look and build a list for a client, handle social media accounts for them, create business strategies, do their accounting and legal work, create a design for their office, create marketing campaigns, etc., you are a freelancer. Now I mentioned that there is a blurry line between being a freelancer and an entrepreneur, because for example, if a yoga teacher then decides to hold classes in her home and convert it into a studio (is she now a freelancer or an entrepreneur?). There are numerous examples that will make you think of the difference, but I think the main difference (as best said by my marketing idol, Seth Godin in this interview) will come when the freelancer decides and starts creating a plan to make systems work for him/her to earn money rather then use his or her own time, skills and effort to earn money.

If you have not seen and listened to video above, you need to! Another point that he stated, which I completely agree with, is that if you’re looking to be a freelancer, strive to be an extraordinary freelancer! This is the reason why my main goal is really to help freelancers learn more about their craft and strive to be better than what they were yesterday. I wish that each on would wake up and say that today they know MORE than what they did yesterday.

My Freelance Journey

Not a lot of people know that I after starting my blogging career way back in 2008, I started writing for different clients. I then joined Upwork (at that time Odesk) way back in 2010, as a freelance writer. I was an SEO/technical writer. I was hired to write articles for websites, and the articles that I wrote ranged from reviews of different vacuum cleaners to flooring for the home. I then became a writer for Philippine Online Chronicles (POC) for half a year. When I had to resign from my job from a bank, I created my own business called Manila Workshops, with the main intention to help people turn their entrepreneurial and freelancing dreams into a reality. I had to forego my freelancing gigs, but continued on applying my love for writing through my blogs. In blogging professionally, I continue to apply and hone my skills, and most importantly, I still manage to keep sane because of writing.

Your Freelance Journey

Your freelance journey may be different from mine, but regardless of WHAT you intend to do or WHEN you decide to freelance, it will be something that you will definitely learn from. So, what have I learned from my journey that I hope will help you in starting your freelancing career? Here is a list of a few things that I have personally learned:

The first step is really knowing yourself — know your skills, know what you are capable of and the limits to what you can do, know your strengths and your weaknesses and know your flaws and incompetencies. This “digging deeper” and reflection is not just for you to assess technical skills, but even your emotional capacity. What irks you? What motivates you? What inspires you to do your best and strive harder?

This is something that you alone can do. Clarity, in this aspect of your life, can only be achieved by you and you alone. And I say this even for those with spouses or significant others. Your partner can only give your bits and pieces to a jigsaw puzzle that you alone can build. Ultimately, deciding if you want to have a freelance career will be your choice. It’s good, however, to step out of the house, talk to people, gain insights from what other people are doing, and gain insights from other freelancers so that you see what’s out there. You’ll have a broader perspective of what can be in store for you in that potential life as a freelancer.

Next, after you have gained a little bit of clarity on what you want to do, build your portfolio. Create samples of your work. From the work that you have created, test and gain feedback from other people (especially from people from the market that you want to tap). For example, if your forte is writing about health, medicine, nutrition or anything that involves fitness and health, have people who are interested in these topics, brands who operate in this vertical or clients who have customers who would want to read these kinds of articles,  check your work and give feedback.

Since these are samples of your work, you can improve further and create more samples. I’m sure that for those of you who have corporate jobs, this will be something that you can do when you have spare time. Also, try to create something everyday that moves you a step further into freelancing (it doesn’t matter if it’s just one sentence or just a few strokes in a painting).

The other lesson that I’ve learned is that consistency is key. Just keep at what you’re doing, no matter how hard it is. You’ll reap the rewards later on. I just watched the Katy Perry Part of Me Documentary on Netflix, and I was amazed at how full of grit this lady was. For a lot of successful freelancers and entrepreneurs even, people just see the successful you. They fail to think about the journey that you went through. For most of the successful people that I know, or don’t know (like Katy Perry! haha!), it was a very hard and grueling journey to the where they are now. For example, when we have workshops, people only see the ‘event’ on the day itself. They don’t see the hard work and the effort that we put into making the workshop possible.

So there, my tip is really to just keep at it, no matter how down, worthless and unsuccessful you feel.

Always have someone to talk to, like a mentor, a friend who is already freelancing, or anyone who you know will understand what you’re going through. It always helps to have a friend who will listen to what you’re going through. They have probably gone through the same situation already and may be able to give tips on how they handled difficult situations.

For those in the corporate world who wants to try freelancing, go ahead and try it out. But, don’t let go of the job that you have until you have successfully 1) built enough funds that will last you at least 6 months 2) Even with that parachute fund, you need to have a good base of clients already that are paying you enough for the monthly expenses and for the debts (usually credit card debts) that you have 3) if you still don’t have that base, but really want to allot more time to freelancing, get a bridge job (a part time job that will give you more time for freelancing).

Create a clear visual plan of what you want to be and what goals do you have for yourself. I have a corkboard in my room that shows all the plans that I made for myself. I look at it every so often to be reminded of where I am and how far do I still need to go before I get to the goals that I set for myself.

Learn more about the skill that you want to build. Attend workshops, online courses, download ebooks, read up on the things that are related to the skill that you want to learn more about. The more you know, the more value you can give your clients. And learning doesn’t have to come from structured courses or classes. You can learn from talking to people. Set up meetings with people you want to learn from and just talk about any thing. Strive to be wiser everyday!

At the end of the day, it’s about priorities and making yourself happy. If you really need this and you really want to be a full time freelancing professional, then decide to make that happen, and work smart to make that happen. It will be hard work, but if this is what you want, then go for it.

For those who have been freelancing for year, hope you can give your own tips, too! 🙂 It will be great if you can share your experiences and comments in the comment section below! Read on, aspiring freelancers!


Mommy Ginger





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How to Squeeze in Exercise While Driving

If you think about it, it’s amazing how man continues to make discoveries that would make everyday things faster, easier, or more efficient. Before the birth of the automobile (now that we say car, this word sounds so “old” haha!), people mostly walked from Point A to Point B or relied on horses. What used to take months of travel by going on foot, can now be done in a few hours. However, modern conveniences like these have also made it difficult for some to find the time to establish a fitness routine. We tend to pack our schedules to fulfil all our obligations, that it becomes tricky to find that balance when everything in life seems to be happening at the same time.

This is especially true for moms, and for some who have already established a bond with their cars from driving the kids to and from school or running errands. Some moms have even partnered up with Uber to augment to the household income. They already drive around most of the day, so why not make money while on the road, right?

So how do you find the time to work out when you’re busy with…, well, life? Luckily, experts have proven that you don’t have to spend a straight hour at the gym just to get your fitness requirement done for the day. You can exercise while driving! Yup! You can break down that hour into more manageable chunks so you can squeeze in a couple of fitness moves while you go about your day. Yes, some of them can even be done while in your car! A word of caution: be sure not to be distracted while doing these moves. It would be best to do this routine while waiting for the stop light or while sitting in traffic (which tends to happen a lot in Metro Manila). Allow me to share some quick exercise hacks that you can do in your daily commute.

Deep breathing. I kid you not, breathing exercises are one of the easiest things you include in your commuting fitness regimen. Sitting in traffic can be stressful, so breathing can alleviate that restlessness. Take a slow, deep breath in and feel your diaphragm expand. Hold your breath for 3 seconds, then start to exhale slowly through your nose until you feel that all the air has been expelled from your chest. You can repeat the steps until you finish 1 song from your playlist. The purpose of this exercise is to make you more relaxed and calm. It is important to note that you should limit this routine for the duration of 1 song, or roughly 2 minutes. Prolonged deep breathing may make you too relaxed and sleepy. Remember that a sleepy driver is a dangerous driver!

Seated cat. You will quickly find that the car is a fun place to try all these modified yoga poses. This is a great way to work out your core, as we don’t get to work out that area while sitting down. Sit in the standard driving position and extend your arms to the steering wheel, putting your hands in the 10 o’ clock and 2 o’ clock positions. Slowly start to tighten your core and abdominal muscles as you inhale, curling inwards until your upper body is curved to a letter ‘C’. Slowly exhale and come back to the standard seating position but keep your abdominal muscles tight as you push your back into the seat. Hold this position for 10 to 15 seconds, and repeat. You can perform this move for the duration of 2 songs, resting for a few seconds in between songs.

Stretching. I love this move as it feels wonderful on my back when I have to drive for long hours. Simply reach your arms as high as you can toward the roof of your car while engaging your abs and back muscles. Hold for 10 seconds and come back to the standard seating position. You can do this move while the car is stopped in traffic. Do not attempt this move while in motion! It is important to keep your eyes on the road and keep your full focus on your surroundings while driving.

So simply put! There shouldn’t be any excuse for not staying in shape — driving around is definitely not an excuse anymore! haha! You can exercise while driving. Do you have other tips that you can share?

How to Get Five Star Ratings as an Uber Driver


In such a short time that ride booking apps have graced the Philippines, people can’t get enough of booking an Uber to get to their destination. It really is a lifesaver to get a ride when you need it the most, or when you can’t be bothered to go on public transportation. For those women drivers who are in this kind of business, who want to get into this business and for those who are new to this business, I’ll be releasing a series specifically for you! Hope you can share these articles.

Like with any service offered, Uber drivers have to put their best foot forward when providing the service to their riders. As a passenger, the rating of a driver can be a major factor in deciding whether or not to continue with the booking. Comparing my personal experiences and reading the comments of other users, there are tips which drivers can use to achieve the coveted five-star rating.

Clean your car! You remember the times that you had to make a great first impression, maybe a first date, a big interview, or an important presentation? The exact same concept also applies here! The first 5 seconds is crucial in getting a great first impression from your rider. A shoddy-looking car is no better than a poorly maintained cab, so give your vehicle some TLC by driving to the nearest car wash.

Keep your car well-maintained. There’s nothing worse than rushing to get a ride to go to an important appointment and having the car break down mid-way. Not only will this be more expensive for you, but this will create a horrible experience for your rider.

Be polite, even if your rider does not grant you the same courtesy. It’s the oldest lesson that’s been taught since we’ve learned to think for ourselves. Even if your rider is having a bad day, or maybe they’re not into greeting people, or even if they’re impolite, just offer a polite greeting and leave it at that.

Avoid talking or texting on your phone while driving. With the Anti-Distraction Law in place, the last thing riders need is for their Uber driver to be apprehended and end up arriving late to their destination.

If you’re not familiar with the area, trust Waze. Just trust the technology. There’s no point in trying out detours if you’ll end up getting lost and spending twice the time to get to the destination.

While this is not required, I am personally impressed with drivers who provide water, small candies, or even wet wipes in their car to help riders freshen up. In this humid climate Metro Manila is subjected to, any occasion to do so is welcome and appreciated.

Choose your music with care. Most riders want a comfortable and relaxing ride to get to their destination. It’s best to keep a playlist that creates that vibe, such as a coffeehouse playlist or soft rock music. Avoid playlists that feature songs with offensive lyrics.

Remind your riders to check if they have forgotten anything inside your vehicle before leaving. I find this extremely courteous as I feel that the driver looks out for the safety of your belongings. It also saves the rider from the stress of relocating their things and saves the driver the hassle of bringing back any forgotten items.

Hope these tips help you in providing the utmost care for your passengers!

Are We All Passionate People?

Let’s talk about passion. And, i’m not talking about just the passion related to romance, but passion for anything else. Passion is that uncontrollable feeling or desire for something. Reality though is that not everyone has discovered their own passion or passions. During a learning session for my workshop directors in my company, they had to interview random people. One of their insights was this: 50% of the people that they interviewed didn’t have any “passion”. This may be have been discovered already by a lot of people, brands, etc., because of the evident messages that are seen in ads for us to all discover our passion. The world is constantly pushing us to act on it.

These are my thoughts on passion. Aside from the thoughts that I have shared, here are some other things that I personally think about this topic.

I believe that we are all passionate people and we all have something that we are passionate about. It’s just a matter of discovering it. And finding your passion is not something that you should pressure yourself to look for and find. When I mentioned in the video that you will eventually know if you have found it, it will be through different experiences that you have gone through. I believe that with each experience, you unravel and learn something about yourself that will lead you to that passion.

I also think that your passion or passions (yes, you can have more than 1) will evolve. And when it evolves, don’t panic or don’t feel guilty or weird about it. Through time, you become a different person or evolve, also, so as your grow, your passion may “evolve” with you.

Now when you start a business, is passion enough? I wrote something about this five years ago. You can read it here:

To end this post on passion and on finding one’s passion, i’d like to say that we are all passionate people. Don’t be to hung up on not finding your passion, though. Don’t stress yourself out. The simple thing to do is to gain new experiences, meet new people and have fun learning about the world. With all these new experiences and with you gaining new knowledge about different things, I am pretty sure that you will find it sooner than later!

Have a happy journey!

P.S. This is a post for the Freelancers Hub Philippines‘ Blog Carnival that I am a host of for the Month of May. Hope you can join, too, and contribute your thoughts.
To join, click here: Freelancers Hub Philippines Blog Carnival for May

The WHYs of Mommy or Kid Vloggers in the Philippines: Creating YouTube Channels

Two years ago, I started a YouTube Channel ( will the sole purpose of helping spread the word about entrepreneurship. I wanted to interview different entrepreneurs and feature them in my channel. I stopped a bit, but this year, I decided to get back on track and create more videos. My 4 year old daughter, Zeeka, on the other hand, started her channel (ZEEKA EUREKA) and is aspiring to be one of the kid vloggers in the Philippines. She started her channel around around a year ago. he has been consistently creating videos.

I was then curious to know the motives of other mommy vloggers and other kid vloggers on why they created their own Youtube Channels. I came up with questions for them and see what they have to say. Zeeka and I created our own video to answer these questions, too!

Here are some of the mommies that I interviewed. I hope you can subscribe to their channels and support each one! 🙂

Mommy Nina Ricci Bunsoy, 26

What do you or child talk about in the channel?

It’s still a new channel but so far, I’ve been talking about my gimiks with my son and general reviews. It’s a lifestyle channel and I want to balance parenting topics and millenial lifestyle topics.

Why did you start the channel? What’s your goal?

I rebranded my blog this year, and with that, I created this channel. My goal is to be a source of information for food and travel spots, parenting stories, tutorials, and product reviews.

When did you start and what were the hindrances / challenges?

I started this channel just this year. A challenge would be finding time for everything – creating the concept, shooting, and editing. I’m a working mom so it’s hard to look for spare time. Creating content takes time so I try to always find time for it. Sometimes, I do it while commuting or while doing chores. Moms are good multitaskers, right? 🙂

I also struggled a bit about talking on cam. I want to be really genuine and shyness gets the better of me sometimes. What I did to overcome it is to pretending that I’m telling a story to a friend. It makes talking to a cam feel more natural for me, until I got used to it eventually.

What was the most valuable learning (can be a practical tip) that you learned that you can share?

In my first few tries, I just randomly take videos of spots or events I go to. During editing, I realized I lacked some establishing scenes that would’ve made it better. Since then, I try to make a template for the storyline of my videos. I identify the shots that I need early on so I don’t forget.

Also, don’t let recording take the fun out of the moment. When I feel like I’m spending too much time and energy creating or shooting content, I stop and try to live off cam for awhile. I want to have more time being in the moment vs shooting it.

Mommy Veni Anabo, 33 yo and Raix Anabo, 5 yo

What do you or child talk about in the channel?

In our channel, as it’s name goes – Raix at Play – we do toy unboxing, toy reviews and sharing his adventures!

Why did you start the channel? What’s your goal?

We started this channel because I was inspired by the other channels like Ryan Toy Review and Funnel Vision. I thought that since Raix has a lot of toys, so why not take a video of it! He gets more toys, gets to practice his socialization skills and also in time, even monetize our videos!

When did you start and what were the hindrances / challenges?

We started August 2016. We use my mobile phone to take videos and edit it using Windows Movie Maker. Having limited resources for taking videos and editing it are the most challenging parts for me. With my desktop, it really takes too much of my time just to finish editing a single video. Also, with WMM, editing is very limited.

What was the most valuable learning (can be a practical tip) that you learned that you can share?

Since we are still in our learning stage and familiarizing myself with the technicalities in YouTube, what I can share to the moms out there who are planning to start their own YouTube Channel is to start with what you have. Every successful YouTube Creator I know started from scratch. You can start by sharing a video of your kid’s everyday adventures, no need to buy new toys to unbox, you may do a review of their old toys. Most important part of it is to have FUN!

Ren Martinez, 9 years old

What do you or child talk about in the channel?

He makes videos about toys usually for boys. He also makes videos of the restaurants and fast foods we have visited and other new and interesting food we saw in the market. His dad helps in answering some of the messages and comments in this channel.

Why did you start the channel? What’s your goal?

He likes to watch toy reviews and he and his dad got interested in creating their own. His dad was the one in charge filming and editing his videos. Our goal is for him to practice speaking because at school they have this quarterly reporting in front of the whole class. Plus of course, we want him to have passive income in the future.

Also as some of you might know, he was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and we would like to inspire others that they can do things just like the other kids do.

When did you start and what were the hindrances / challenges?
He started last September 2015. One of the challenges is that how to be original because there are a lot of kids doing it. We are always thinking on how he will be unique and stand out.

What was the most valuable learning (can be a practical tip) that you learned that you can share?
We believe in quality not quantity. We don’t just upload videos just for the sake of uploading we take time to edit it, review it then when all is good that’s the time we share it.

Mommy Jenelyn Ubongen, 32 and Marshall, 3

What do you or child talk about in the channel?

Aside from adventures, most of our videos are actually my son and I’s activities, predominantly the letter of the week activities.

Why did you start the channel? What’s your goal?

It started with my son’s open website,, where my husband and I wanted to have a reference of our stories as a family. It eventually crossed my mind the concept of making videos so we put up a Youtube channel. The aim is primarily to inspire parents as well as kids to do more hands on activities especially in this very techie world.

When did you start and what were the hindrances / challenges?

We started almost a year ago. First YT video was May 25, 2016. The biggest challenge for me and the one that is taking too much of the time is the video editing. Choosing the right background sounds plus adding dialogue box to make it more attractive.. I don’t want the videos to be plain and too lengthy. I want it to be fun and enjoyable and the viewers to have a smile on their faces after watching the video.

What was the most valuable learning (can be a practical tip) that you learned that you can share?

Just enjoy the moment and record everything. Anyway you can do all the editing later on. Don’t be pressured with all the likes and dislikes. For us, we just want our son to have the best memories of his childhood. After all, kids are gonna be kids and seeing them happy is the best feeling a parent can have.

Mommy Katrina Santiago, 35  and V, 6 years old and Z, 1 year old

What do you or child talk about in the channel?

We share on our channel our homeschool updates, lessons and activities, hacks, and field trips

Why did you start the channel? What’s your goal?

Homeschool channels from the US have been inspiring me in our homeschool journey. I found out that not too many homeschoolers here in the Philippines have dedicated their videos in sharing their journey. This has inspired me to create a channel dedicated to education at home. I am hoping that Filipinos could pick a thing or two from our own experiences and inspire them in educating their children at home.

When did you start and what were the hindrances / challenges?

We just started in August 2016. It’s hard to shoot while the kids are awake because they keep touching the camera and tripod. Also, I value their privacy so everytime I shoot, I am torn between showing them or not in the video.

Right now I am in my third trimester and would give birth soon. I have a few topics that I planned to film a few weeks ago but pregnancy symptoms has taken over the wheel so I guess I won’t be filming for the channel soon.

What was the most valuable learning (can be a practical tip) that you learned that you can share?

Have a good audio. People who watch videos on YouTube prefers better audio than video. Even if you have great filming and editing skills but if your viewers can’t understand you or could hardly hear you, they would surely switch channels.

I hope that you enjoyed reading and watching the videos! I hope you were inspired to create your own channel or inspired to encourage your child to be one of the kid vloggers in the Philippines. Be one of the numerous Youtube creators in the Philippines or to follow different channels in YouTube. Until next time!

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