Paper Cutting 101: A Cool Form of Art to Try!

We are having the Win in Life workshop this week and since I’m the “dakilang tagabantay” (which I am very grateful for because these times are actually my down time), I’m surfing the net and reading stuff. I came across this article and these amazing works of art of other people: Don’t you think these are just amazing. One type of art that I would like to learn more about is Paper Cutting. Check out some of these works of art from these links that inspired me: and

Memory Crafters and Artsy Cutsy will be having a paper cutting workshop on August 1 from 10AM to 1PM at 100 Miles Cafe at the Fort Strip in BGC. Learn different ways on how to intricately create your own Paper cut masterpieces with Joanna Dela Pena of Artsy Cutsy!

Paper Cutting Workshop


Here are some sample works!

Paper Cutting 1

Paper Cutting 2

Paper Cutting 3

This will be the Workshop Flow:

– Introduction to Paper Cutting
– Brief History of Paper Cutting
– Knowing the different styles and kinds of Paper Cutting
– Quick run-through of the tools needed inside the workshop kit
– Learn the proper hand positioning
– Essential Tips & Tricks in Paper Cutting
– Work on practice sheets
– Basic Activity (with tracing guide)
– Demo with Joanna
– Create Final Project

All the participants will also get this fabulous kit!

Paper Cutting Workshop kit

Sign up here:
Workshop fee:
Early Bird Rate: P 1500 (First 10 registrants paid on or before July 25, 2015) – Hurry and avail of this rate!
Regular Rate: P 1800

Workshop Learning Fee is inclusive of Paper Cutting workshop kit, Certificate, Workshop Module, Food & Drink, and Freebies from our dearest sponsors!

Venue will be at 100 Miles Cafe at the Fort Strip, BGC. It’s at the 2nd Floor of the building of Whistlestop.

Map to the venue:

Mompreneur Ruby Louise M. Quintal of Bee Happy Craft and Party Supplies

I super love this stamp that I bought from Bee Happy!

Cute Stamp!

Cute Stamp!

I love the stuff from Bee Happy because they really have unique and one of a kind things in this store. I also love partnering with Ruby for the projects of Manila Workshops. It’s not a surprise that her business is booming since she is such a supportive, easy-to-talk-to and generous lady. I’m glad that I got the chance to talk to her and interview her this month of June about her business.

Interview with Mompreneur Ruby Quintal of Bee Happy

Mompreneur Ruby

Mompreneur Ruby

Mommy Ruby of Bee Happy

Mommy Ruby of Bee Happy

Ginger: Hi Ruby! Can you please tell our readers a little bit about yourself?
Ruby: I’m Ruby, wife of JB and mom of Robyn. I’m a licensed real estate broker and real estate appraiser. I’m also the woman behind Bee Happy Craft and Party Supplies. Crafting was my first love. I’ve been creating stuff ever since I was in grade school. I’d use whatever was available, from NBA cards to liquid bleach to empty soda bottles, to create my projects. I am weird for a female. I can relate more with guys (except for crafts) because I like playing basketball, Magic the Gathering Cards and just recently, Hearthstone. I hate shopping and doing household chores. Haha!

To become an entrepreneur has always been my main career goal because I’ve always wanted to have control over my time. After college, I worked for a year abroad as an International Business Executive for a multinational company. When I decided to come back here, I focused all my time and resources on becoming an entrepreneur. I’ve had several endeavors before Bee Happy.

Ginger: Interesting story, mommy Ruby! So can you tell us more about Bee Happy Craft and Party Supplies?
Ruby: The brand is Bee Happy Crafts. We sell craft, party and DIY supplies. We’ve been in the business for almost 2 years.

Ginger: Who is your target market?
Ruby: Our market are women of all ages who love crafts and DIY projects.



Ginger: How did you come up with this idea? What made you decide to start this kind of business?
Ruby: I was actually checking specs of phones and tablets when I discovered electronic cutters. For a paper crafter like me, it was like discovering fire. It opened the possibility to all sorts of craft projects. After researching for a month, I decided to buy an electronic cutter. More research led me to discover Etsy. There, I discovered the washi tape craze but I thought that the prices were crazy. When I found a washi manufacturer, I quickly spotted an opportunity to sell washi tapes in Etsy. I placed an initial order but when my stocks arrived, I got cold feet. So instead of selling in Etsy, I decided to try selling here in the Philippines. To my surprise, a lot of Filipinos are also crazy about washi tapes! I bought other craft supplies that I needed for my projects and tried to sell them too. Fortunately, the feedback was good.


Ginger: yeah, a lot of Filipinos are crazy about washi tapes! I for one have a lot at home, which I save for special DIY projects that I would like to do in the future. Now, as a mompreneur, there are usually obstacles that we encounter. Were there any obstacles that you faced when you decided to pursue becoming a Mompreneur and what are these?
Ruby: The hardest thing to do was to balance my time between my family, board exams and Bee Happy. Good thing my husband and my mother were very supportive and understanding.

Ginger: Yes, that’s the thing. We, mompreneurs, need to realize that we cannot do everything on our own. Thank you to Daddy JB for being very supportive to Ruby. I ask this everytime. What are three traits that you think a Mompreneur should have when starting their own business?
Ruby: Passion, resourcefulness, determination

Ginger: Any unforgettable moments or lessons that you learned as a Mompreneur?
Ruby: It’s hard to succeed at something that you’re not passionate about.

Ginger: And last but not the least, what advice can you give to other Mompreneurs?
Ruby: Don’t be afraid to fail. Learn from your mistakes. Make sure that you’re happy with what you do. Never stop learning.

Ginger: Very well said, Mommy Ruby! Thank you so much for agreeing to be interviewed.

For those that are not familiar yet with Bee Happy Craft and Party Supplies, you may want to check them out. Here are the links below:

Bee Happy Craft and Party Supplies
Email address:
Mobile Number: Globe: 09175528441 Sun: 09339913049
Facebook Page:
Twitter account: BeeHappyPh
Pinterest: BeeHappyPh
Instagram: BeeHappyCrafts

PS. Please sign up for the Making Memories and Party Planning Workshop on June 28! Bee Happy is one of our sponsors!

Memory Crafters and Memory Crafters Junior: Crafting for the Non-Crafters

I have always wanted to be more artsy and craftsy. I actually know how to sew by hand, to do cross stitch, to do embroidery and knit, but I only know the basics. I am very amazed at those who can really and I mean “REALLY” do it and create things with these skills. I also love scrapbooking. I started scrapbooking even before I met my husband. One of the gifts that I gave him before was a scrapbook of all our pictures.

Scrapbooks that I made

Scrapbooks that I made

2014-03-07 11.56.14

I love the idea of creating cutesy art pieces using craft materials, but i’m afraid that I’m not that artistic. I’ve seen the work of my friends, and you’d be amazed at how artistic they can be. Even my sister is far more creative than I am and she’s techy-er, too. But, I do realize the importance of including creativity into our lives. I think it makes us happier people! 🙂

As a mom, taking care of the children, doing errands for the house and work can get to you. You can do activities that help you relax and I’ve noticed that arts and crafts activities help me relax. These activities can even be a shared activity with your children. You can do arts and crafts projects together.

How Memory Crafters Started

My sister and I have fun organizing parties and creating concepts and making these concepts come to life. Memory Crafters started as an events coordination business, where we help you think of unique themes for your children and find ways to execute them through the help of suppliers.

Memory Crafters Super Hero Party

Memory Crafters Super Hero Party

Memory Crafters Super Hero Party decorations

Memory Crafters Super Hero Party decorations

Miss Sunshine Party Dessert Buffet

Miss Sunshine Party Dessert Buffet

Memory Crafters Little Miss Sunshine Party

Memory Crafters Little Miss Sunshine Party

Memory Crafters Little Miss Sunshine Party decorations

Memory Crafters Little Miss Sunshine Party decorations

But we had to put a halt to this business model since parties are normally done on Saturdays, and I had workshops to run under Manila Workshops on Saturdays (especially). Both of us were busy during weekends. We could only count the Saturdays when we did not have anything to do. We then thought of another business model. We both loved the idea of doing something that would promote crating and creativity. We thought of the many subscription boxes that are in the market right now, all concentrating on beauty products (my sister is a blogger from so she gets to notice all of these). We then thought why not concentrate on  creating boxes for arts and crafts.

Our market is actually individuals who are 9 years old up (and by “up” meaning even those who are retirees who are looking for something to do) who love crafting or those who want to get into crafting, but don’t know where to start (non-crafters like me!). Our instructions are written by our business partner who is a former pre-school teacher, so she really knows how to make it simple and very easy to understand. Our activities are thought of by her and by another partner who is an interior designer. Both of them create the activities that we include in our box.

Our April box: Unveiled!

Our April box: Unveiled!

We really think of the activities that we can include in the box and we really make it special for each one of you! We see that our measurement of success is when we see that each customer is contented and wow-ed by each of the box that we send. We are excited for the next boxes, which are supported by different brand partners. If you are a brand that would like to partner with us, please email us at founders(at)

So hurry and SUBSCRIBE NOW by clicking on this link: SUBSCRIBE HERE

MC May

And since a lot of moms are asking if they can order for their kids ages 2-8 years old, we will be launching Memory Crafters Junior this May.

MC Junior May

TO subscribe, please click on the image above.

What arts and crafts activity would you want us to have in our future boxes? Are there any themes you would like us to create activities for? What brands do you want to try out and use? Leave your comment below!