Sesame Street Themed Party

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I miss Sesame Street. I used to watch it when I was a kid. I’ve been seeing a lot of Sesame Street Themed party. For those thinking of using the Sesame Street Themed Party, check out this contribution made by Mommy Sharry Casco-Matias.

The theme that was chosen by Mommy Sharry was Sesame Street, because his son, who is the celebrant, loves Ernie. He is fond of watching Sesame Street. Mommy Sharry designed the invitation and Facebook invite announcements. Venue was at ChicBoy Madrigal. They have a mezzanine that she requested to be closed for the private party. The people from Chicboy Madrigal were very helpful in setting up the venue and they are very accommodating during the event.

Copy of the invite

Copy of the invite

Venue of the Celebration

Venue of the Celebration

Hanging decorations and table decorations were made by the godmother of Mommy Sharry’s son- Mimi Rodriguez. It was made from folded Japanese paper. Mommy just added the eyes and mouth. The balloons and set up was care of another godmother, Maricar Bagayawa.

Sesame Street Party 0005

Cake was care of mommy Sharry’s sister-in-law Daintee Matias-Bulanhagui. They just added toys of son and daughter to compliment the table. The Daddy also made a clay sculpture of his son David with Ernie.

Sesame Street Party 0012

Sesame Street Party 0008

For the godparents’ souvenirs, they gave out a box of home made chocolate brownies chef Mark Matias. Both parents made the themed boxes. They made use of card boards and double sided tapes. They also gave the godparents products of their good friend Melvin Laquindanum, which were oatmeal and papaya soap.

Sesame Street Party 0015

Sesame Street Party 0011

For the guests, Mommy Sharry and daughter made themed paper bags using art paper and glue. They packed cookies which they bought from the supermarket. Guests were also given a container of cereal mixed with sweet nuts.

Sesame Street Party 0002

Mommy Sharry is thankful for all the relatives and friends who were willing to lend a hand. It made the load of party planning easier and FUN! ๐Ÿ™‚

Check out Mommy Sharry’s FB Page: My Treasure Keeper

Tickle Me Mondays: Comic Strip #2

Sharing with you the baby comic strip for this week’s Tickle Me Mondays!

Tickle Me Mondays #2

Join in the fun and share you and your child’s funny pictures every Monday and use #ticklememondays.

Happy Monday, everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚

Baby Fashion Friday: Hot, Hot and Hotter

Hi my loyal readers! Welcome to another blog post about the hottest trends in baby fashion. I decided to schedule updates on baby fashion every Friday. I’m calling the updates Baby Fashion Friday (although of course this will still be under the tab Baby Z’s Style Corner).

This week is about color and two of the most loved colors for this season is pink and red. So for this week, my style focuses in using these colors as my base color and mixing it up a bit with prints.

Well, you all saw my dress for my fourth month birthday. To those who haven’t seen it yet, here it is.

My Fourth Month Birthday Attire

My Fourth Month Birthday Attire

St. Patrick Baby Socks

I am wearing a white dress with grey polka dots and a baby pink ribbon in front. This was given to me by my grandmother, which she bought from the US. As you can see, it is still a bit loose, since the dress is actually for a 6 months to 12 months old baby. I paired it with white with pink stripes St. Patrick Baby socks. The headband that I have is a pink headband with a sequined bow from Lil Miss Belle Hair Accessories.

Here are other pictures of me!
2013-07-08 08.55.30

2013-07-08 08.55.00

For this week, too, I got to go to meet the other babies from our birthing class. It was so much fun! I had a blast. That day, I wanted to wear red so this is what I came up with…

Red Shorts and 'animal prints' onesie

Red Shorts and ‘animal prints’ onesie

The red shorts is from Cotton On. The onesie is from Marks and Spencer. The red socks were from Baby Company, given by Tita K, and the headband was a gift, too!

Yellow and Red Ribbon

Yellow and Red Ribbon

Me and My Baby Friend, Murielle

Well, that’s it for this week! I hope you like the baby fashion get-ups that I shared with you today!

Baby Fashionista, Zeeka

*It’s fun being a girl!*

Baby Zeeka’s Fourth Month Birthday

Last Monday was Zeeka’s 4th month birthday. This month, we didn’t get to buy Zeeka a cake, but it was still special since Daddy Ej took a leave of absence just to be with is for the day.

So what is a typical “month birthday” like in our household? A lot of people ask if they should celebrate the monthly birthday of their little ones or just celebrate the 1st birthday. Well, in our home, we do celebrate “month birthdays”, but it really is just a simple celebration.

Each “month birthday” celebration is uniquely celebrated — different from how we celebrated it the last month. This month, our day started early since I had to go to a meeting in Shaw Boulevard. My meeting was at 10 am so we had to leave at 9 am. We got there pretty early (didn’t expect traffic to be light). We got to start early so by 10:15 am, I was done.

One of the rituals though is that we dress Baby Zeeka up. During her month birthdays, she always wears a special dress with matching accessories. For her fourth month birthday, she wore this…

Zeeka's Fourth Month Birthday Outfit

Zeeka’s Fourth Month Birthday Outfit

We wanted to go to Shangri-la Mall, but we decided yo go to Megamall instead since the former didn’t open until 11 am. When we got to Megamall, we decided to eat and celebrate at Yabu. Baby Z, as usual, was in the best of moods. She’s like that when we go to malls or when we stroll around in places she hasn’t been to.

Baby Z at Yabu

Huh? Where's my Rosu?

Where’s my Rosu?

Of course, we had to have dessert, so we bought ice cream from Gelatissimo.
Gelatissimo Ice Cream

Poor Baby Zeeka. She still couldn’t eat, so on the road going to her pediatrician, she was eating her Fisher Price “hammer” toy.

Baby Z with her Fisher Price Hammer Toy

Baby Z with her Fisher Price Hammer Toy

We left Megamall at exactly 12 noon to head to St. Luke’s Global City. Baby Z had to have her second round of 5 in 1 vaccines today with Dra. Saulog. Maaan, she couldn’t stop crying. We gave her paracetamol to ease the pain. She would stop then after a few hours she would cry again. This went on during the entire afternoon and evening. Even if we went to my lola’s house after. To distract her, we had her play the piano.

When we got home, we gave Baby Zeeka our gift. It was a dress that we bought from Mothercare in Bonifacio Global City.

Mothercare Dress for Baby Zeeka

Mothercare Dress for Baby Zeeka

Then, after that, I nursed Zeeka (oh by the way, I failed to mention that I’m still exclusively breastfeeding her so I didn’t get to mention that we would nurse every so often) and then she went to bed.

That’s pretty much what we did and how we normally celebrate the month birthdays. We’re a simple family so how we celebrate is pretty much basic and simple, too.

How about you? How do you celebrate your baby’s month birthdays?

Love lots,

Mommy Ginger

Mommy Ginger

How do you Manage your Household Budget?

For newly wed couples, how to manage the household budget may be one of the most complicated things that you could ever talk about as a couple. I know a lot of couples who fight and argue about financial concerns and decisions. How do husbands and wives of several years do it? Is there a basic framework that we could follow, so that all couples could just follow it and not have to argue?

What I did was I asked typical housewives who have survived years of marriage without constantly arguing about money with their husband on how they do it in their own homes.

My husband and I have decided that I will be the one who’ll manage the budgeting and disbursements (buying stuff for the house, bills payments etc.) although I let him know how much goes into what type of expenses we need to pay. I keep a “journal” of our cashflow – salary vs. expenses. When payday comes, I only withdraw the needed money for the period, ask the bank teller to give me an exact breakdown of the bills and coins I need so that I can put the exact amount allotted for each type of expense on individual envelopes (for ex. grocery), this helps me know that only such amount is available for this particular expense to avoid overspending. This way, I am able to organize our finances and keep expenses within the budget. – Lorellie

It used to be my husband who was in charge of budgeting and disbursements, but we both agreed last year that I be in charge. We have a monthly budget and every payday he gives me his share for the expenses, then I divide that plus my share and put them into envelopes that are labelled for different expenses. We also put aside 10% (as much as possible) for tithes and 10-20% to savings and investments (again, as much as possible). Before I gave birth, I was in charge of paying the bills. But now that we have a little baby again, he’s in charge for now. Whatever bills can be paid online, he pays online. We also try to buy new stocks through our COL Financial account every month, as much as possible. Whatever I earn from my blog usually goes to the homeschooling needs of our kids. – Tina of

Since I’m a military wife, I’m geographically a single parent. I do everything, I have everything. He has allowance though. And yes, we are very typical — what’s his is mine and what’s mine is mine alone. When I get to have “blogging gigs”, I share the info with him. Haha! Seriously – Denise of

I’m the one in charge of budgeting but I inform my husband of how the money is being spent. My husband gives me his salary in full, and he receives a bi-monthly allowance for his personal expenses, like for a boys’ night out. I have several mini pockets (those plastic card holders) with labels like PHONE, CABLE, ELECTRICITY, KID’S ALLOWANCE, etc., and the moment I receive our respective salaries, the budgeted amount will be put in those pockets. We practice the formula INCOME less SAVINGS equals EXPENSE. So every month, there is a set amount that goes to our savings, and to a special account for emergencies. Whatever can be saved from the budgeted expense then goes to special expenses like gadgets. We use a credit car for big ticket spending, like appliances, to take advantage of zero interest installments, but we always pay credit card dues in full and on time to avoid finance charges. I also make sure that I use my credit card so often to earn me necessary points to pay off the annual fee. In my 11 years of being a cardholder, not once have I paid the annual fee. I also have a budget planner in Excel which I use when I need to make adjustments to our budget, like when we are planning to have a vacation and I need to see where I can cut some expenses to allow me to save for that vacation. The budget planner is set to automatically compute, so it makes my life a lot easier. That budget planner, by the way, is downloadable from my site, so if you want to download it, just visit my page and get the URL from there. – Marge of

I do the budgeting in the family. I keep mailing envelopes and label each with tithes and offerings, electricity, water, internet, forced savings, SSS and Philhealth. The rest goes to everything else. When the next paycheck comes, whatever amount that is left unused goes to savings or leisure. We lead simple lives. We do not have utang (debts) if we can help it. God’s portion is a priority, then the bills, then the basic needs. Leisure is still there but it’s of a lower priority. We agree on a fixed percentage for forced savings. We also make it a point to save for a vacation to our parents, for birthday gifts to parents and for appliances and gadgets. – Michelle of

This is one aspect of my life that I would really like to improve on. 1. I am the solo breadwinner of the household. Hubby worked overseas last year, came home due to work issues, and still looking for work overseas again. But that’s another story, so long story short, I bring home the bacon. 2. I do the budgeting since I am the one earning. However, hubby gets a minimal allowance from me for his personal expenses, and he budgets the “food allowance” each week. I give him the allotted amount and he’s in charge. 3. I pay the bills. It’s tough being that I alone have to shoulder all the expenses, and we have kids as well. But God is good, so far, although we still have debts to pay off, we are doing okay. Like the other mommies here, I have envelopes for everything. Makes everything organized. – Sammy

Me and hubby own our salaries. Although most of the house expense are paid by him, as well as my credit card bills. My salary, on the other hand, is for my allowance, the amortization payment of our house (monthly), insurance premiums (quarterly) and savings. On investments, my profile has always been “conservative”. I availed of the Balance Fund offering of the banks. I find it quite hard to invest on equities or stocks alone like what Citiseconline offers. So, my best advice would be to assess first your risk appetite before investing your excess money. – Melissa

I have been using the “envelope system” for 23 yrs now & have been advocating it to friends. Zero debt now & investing on something that yields me 18%/annum. Whatever extra I earn online, I buy more craft supplies, or enroll in cooking, craft classes or socual media, entrepreneurship workshops. – Marryl ofย

Our budgeting style is almost exactly the same as TheHappy Wahm’s! Except that my husband and I divide expenses into responsibilities: His earnings go towards the rent, car payment, utilities, gas, savings; mine go towards food, the family’s “fun money” (i.e. vacation, entertainment fund). I also manage our savings, insurance and investment portfolios. As for investments, we a mix of equity mutual funds. We’ve only started recently on stocks. – Martine of

I think there is no hard-and-fast rule in budgeting. It is as varied as the uniqueness of individuals. We used to follow the Biblical way where the wife/I handle our monies until it evolved into a more liberal approach. We try to work on the policy of honesty. We inform each other of our bi-monthly earnings then share in paying the bills, savings, tithes and investments – Jasmine


Looking at the responses from these mommies, I think the envelope system works. I have never tried that before, but it looks like it’s very effective. Although, I agree with Jasmine that there is no hard-and-fast rule in budgeting your household expenses. It really is trial-and-error until you both get it right.

Ej and I have been married for three years and we’re happy to say that we have not ‘ever’ (knock on wood) argued about money. Ej handles our finances, since he earns almost all of it. What I earn from the business, from my blogging gigs and freelance writing engagements, I keep as savings and investments. We tried it the other way around, with me handling the finances, and we think it’s more effective if he does the ‘handling’.

How about you? How do you manage your household finances? What works for you? I’d love to hear more about it.

Love lots,

Mommy Ginger

Mommy Ginger






For those who would love to learn about handling the household budget, join us at the Ready to Be Rich: Family Finances Workshop to be conducted by Mr. Fitz Villafuerte. There will be actual exercises that you will have to do during the workshop to get you started. Sign up here!

Family Finances

Family Finances

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