Baby OOTD: Flower Power from Mothercare

When I was growing up, I wasn’t much of a ‘colorful’ dresser. My sister was more into colorful stuff. I always picked the more subdued colors. If we were given blouses by our mom or titas, I would choose the one with the more subdued hue. I loved neutral colors and wouldn’t trade them for hot pinks and oranges. Now that I have my own little girl, I like bright colors for her. Just like this dress from Mothercare!

Flowery dress from Mothercare

I so love this dress for Baby Fashionista. Its cut is very simple yet the print is such a standout. I chose a mint green shoe to go with it. See how she loves her OOTD!

Mothercare 0132

Hey, did you notice that this Bumbo chair goes with my outfit?

Mothercare 0010

Mothercare 0014

How do you like my outfit, Mr. Rabbit?

Mothercare 0138

Hope you like Baby Z’s outfit for this Friday’s Style Corner.

Dress and Shoes from Mothercare Philippines

Workshop for your Household Helpers and Yayas

Hi my mommy and daddy readers! I’d like to share this workshop for household helpers with you. It’s the rerun of the Ok Ka, Yaya Ko! Workshop. It will be held this September 7, 2013 at the Valle Verde 5 Cabana B Area.

This workshop for household helpers is very comprehensive. I have had two of my helpers join in and listen to the speaker. The speaker is Ms. Cristina Mendoza, RN.

About the Speaker:
– BS Nursing (’10), Southville International School and College
– Passed the Nursing Licensure Exam on July 2010
– Worked as a School Nurse and Preschool Teacher in The Bridge School from 2010-2012
– On call Preschool Teacher in The Bridge School (present)
– Full time Yaya Seminar Facilitator of VentureLab Business Resource Center, Inc.

Ok Ka, Yaya Ko (Rerun)

Ok Ka, Yaya Ko (Rerun)

The topics that were discussed during this workshop for household helpers were very helpful. Personal hygiene and etiquette, how to clean and how to create natural cleaning materials, how to care for babies and how to care for the elderly.

The Learning Fee is reasonably priced at Php 1800 per participant and for groups of 2 or more attendees, the rate is at Php 1500 per participant.

To sign up, please visit:

Facts about Caring for your Child’s Teeth [Infographics]

Let’s fight cavities! After reading all these facts about cavities and tooth decay, I just want to do everything I can to protect Baby Z from these. Do you know that 9 out of 10 children suffer from tooth decay? Imagine that! That’s almost every child that you see!

And do you know that most children from 9-13 months get the infection from their mothers? As moms, we need to be aware of this. Find out more facts about fighting cavities, tooth decay and using Xylitol as one tool in fighting bacteria in the mouth and teeth.

Caring for your Teeth Infographics

Caring for your Teeth Infographics

I hope that you like this Infographic that I made especially for you. Next month, I’ll be telling you more about what we can do, as moms, to fight cavities. I’m also going to tell you more about the Make It Zero Campaign of Lotte Xylitol Gum. Mommy Ginger is very proud to be part of the Make it Zero campaign. For more information, please visit

Xylitol Mini Bottle, Handy Bottle, Blister Pack

Xylitol Mini Bottle, Handy Bottle, Blister Pack

Mommy Ginger is a proud Mom Brand Believer of Lotte Xylitol Gum!

Let Go of Stress

To tell you honestly, I may look like I have got everything under control, but deep inside I am a really stressed person. My husband, on the other hand, is the one who’s always relaxed. He’s the one who has really got everything under control. He always tells me that I’m always stressed out and I need to learn how to relax and take it easy.

Now that I’m a WAHMeo (Work-at-home-mom / CEO of my business), I am even more stressed out. I’m always worrying about Baby Z, my business, etc. I fear that I don’t bring enough money into the household income. I fear the I’m not giving Baby Z ‘enough’. I guess that’s why I’m really sticking by my commitment to breastfeeding. I think that’s the only thing that I can actually gift her with right now — good health. I also make it a point to read to her and sing to her every day. As much as I want to enroll her in Kindermusik or Gymboree classes this early, to be honest with you, I don’t think that I have the funds for that right now.

All my funds are tied up to businesses that I have, which I hope to see grow in the near-EST future. I like this article that, Vince, the husband of my friend, Frances of Mommy Topaz wrote: The Oxygen Mask. It really hit and moved me! As much as I want to buy fancy clothes for Baby Z as often as I want to or as much as I want to go on vacations and eat in fancy restaurants with my family, I am trapped in a scenario where I need to lift my self first and help my hubby with our finances. We are in a situation where we need to think thrice of four times before buying wants. As I told you before, we have concrete plans and we know where we want to go financially, but I’m (take note: not WE) stressed out about the process of getting there. Mahirap pala talagang kumita!

Husbands, if your wives are like me, always stressed out about things and always ‘overwhelmed’ with all of the things happening around her, Manila Workshops has created this workshop with Jayme from

Be Happy, Go Stress Free

Be Happy, Go Stress Free

This short workshop will help your wife use intentional self-management techniques to deal with the stress and pressures of motherhood. I think I, myself, need to attend this.

If you are interested in signing up for this event, please go to this link:

Are you like me? Do you feel pressured? What makes you stay up all night? What occupies your thoughts? Let’s talk!

Mommy Ginger

Mommy Ginger

Tickle Me Mondays: Comic Strip #7

Oh no! Initially I thought that today is the last Monday of August. I’m losing track of time! It has been raining the past few days. Despite the gloomy weather, I hope you are all doing great today!

To cheer you up, I’m sharing this baby comic strip of Baby Z!

Tickle Me Mondays

Have you shared funny pictures of your baby using #ticklememondays? Join in the fun!