Toesox and Missing Yoga

I have been super lucky these past few days. I have won two contests in two weeks. One contest was of Glam-o-mamas. The prize that I won was sponsored by Certified Calm. Certified Calm was (and is) one of my favorite stores. Being a yoga fan, I bought a lot of stuff from this store before.


I super love the yoga outfits that they have. Yes, they are a bit expensive so I would really save up just to buy one, but these are all made out of really durable material.


Anyway, going back, I just want to share how happy I am with my prize. My prize was a pair of Toesox Five Toe Sandals. It is quite unique. Each toe is separated from the other. Check this out!



I wore it for the first time yesterday, when I went to St. Lukes for Zeeka’s doctors appointment. When I picked this up from the Certified Calm store in BGC, the manager told me that at first, these may be uncomfortable to wear. She told me to give it a week. Well, well, well! I wore it today and it was sooooo comfortable! And to think, I have bunions in both of my feet.

These Toesox, exclusively distributed at Certified Calm, have benefits (as seen in the Toesox site!):

• Zen for mistreated feet and toes
• Four posts support anatomical design of the foot to naturally align toes and bones in feet
• Increases foot strength and blood circulation
• Proper bone alignment helps to correct a variety of foot, back and leg ailments
• Improves posture
• Reduce foot and leg stress

Pretty cool, right! Anyway, this will be good practice for me. I miss yoga! I just recently had a conversation with my cousin, who is a yoga instructor at Yoga Plus and all the yoga talk made me miss doing and practicing yoga. *sigh sigh* Two months more, Ginger, and you’ll get back to doing all the yoga you want!

Missing yoga. 🙁

Tickle Me Mondays: Comic Strip #5

Tickle Me Mondays 5

Do you have funny pictures of your kids at home? Share it with us and use #ticklememondays.

Have a happy Monday, everyone!

Why I Blog?

For the past 5 years, I have been called a blogger and I am proud of that. And for the past 8 months, I have added ‘mom’ to ‘blogger’ and I am even more proud of that. I have gotten a lot of readers for Mommy Ginger than I ever imagined to have for the first 8 months and I am proud to say that I got to have this by just following the great advice that is to just write great content and people will come.

I am not ashamed to say that I wanted so much more for my blog (income- wise) a few months back. I think most of the bloggers I know have gone through this phase. I even asked to be a part of a group of mom bloggers that would get so much brands to advertise in their blogs. I was rejected though. I guess I didn’t make their criteria.

And then I talked to a few friends and my husband. The topic was why I wanted to have I realized that my answer was simple. I wanted to document the milestones of Zeeka. Just like any mother with a scrapbook (which I do have as well) or a journal to write down thoughts on raising a beautiful baby, I had my blog and I had it to document my own beautiful baby’s life.

I want to keep on writing so that my daughter in the future could see all the experiences that she had when she was small. I want her to see how much she was and is loved. I want her to see how happy she makes mom and dad feel.

Through my blog, too, I want to reach out to other moms and to help them by lending an ear and sharing my own experiences with them. For those who have known me through my blog, you’ll know that I always have time to talk and email my readers. I love helping my readers (and workshop attendees, too) in any way I can. I love helping them out and answering questions on starting their own businesses or in sharing mommy experiences. I just love making new friends and meeting new people!

The answer as to why I blog is just that. I am that type of person and blogging makes me feel complete. I am just a regular mom who is no different from you, who are reading my blog. I go through the same challenges in life as you. I feel hurt, depressed, jealous, anxious, burned out and pathetic at times. I also feel loved, proud, happy and contented most of the time. Blogging has been part of my life and it is what helps me achieve that sense of fulfillment of helping others.

I am just a regular mom who just so happens to document and share a part of what I am, what I know and what I love online.

Baby Z’s Style Corner featuring Mothercare Philippines

People ask me where do I get my fab outfits. My mommy buys it from her list of “trusted” shops. She has quite a few on her list (she can be very picky!). One of the stores in her list is Mothercare Philippines. The brand may sound like it sells only hardcore baby stuff, like cribs, potty seats, diaper bags, and the other essentials, but guest what?! They also sell cute clothes for babies and toddlers. And these clothes are really very fashion forward, too!

I think I featured one onesie from Mothercare in the past:

I also have dresses from Mothercare and I love all of them. Here they are:

2013-03-27 18.17.16

2013-03-27 18.17.11

Mothercare 1

Mothercare 2

I can’t wait to wear more outfits from Mothercare Philippines. I overheard mommy say that I’m going to have a shoot with Kuya Inigo (Son of Tita Frances of MommyTopaz) for Mothercare today. I hope that pushes through! I’m so excited!

Love lots,
Zeeka, The Baby Fashionista

*It’s fun being a girl*

Babypalooza Bazaar Giveaway

Have you been to any of the first two Babypalooza Bazaars? It has been so successful that it is now in its 3rd run. The bazaar will give equal exposure for both PRE-LOVED (i.e. gently used) and BRAND NEW items for babies, young children and expectant parents.

Babypalooza Bazaar

Here are the details of the Babypalooza bazaar:
Date: August 17, 2013
Time: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Venue: Walter Hogan Conference Center, ISO, Ateneo de Manila University, QC campus.
Site: /

The Babypalooza Vendor Protection Program (VPP) will still be enforced to ensure that no two vendors of brand new items will be selling the exact same thing. This helps ensure that shoppers will not get bored from seeing the same merchandise over and over. Items that will be sold are necessities of parents and their children: clothing, shoes and accessories, gear, strollers/baby furniture, feeding bottles, nursing wear, breast pumps, skin care and cleaning products. Yummy, drool-worthy food products will also be sold during bazaar hours. All these at negotiable, easy-on-the-pocket prices!

To continue providing a family-friendly bazaar experience, special function areas will still be available for free for all visitors, these are the following: The Sulit Breastfeeding station, The Maya Kitchen play area, 88DB Daddy Waiting Lounge and the Mega Soft diaper change area. Besides, Sulit and 88DB, this event is also graced by the participation of as one of its online media partners.

Clean rest rooms are also just a few steps away from the bazaar stalls for added convenience. Venue is fully air-conditioned and parking is free. There is no entrance fee also.

To get you more excited, one of the vendor of Babypalooza is sponsoring this giveaway. Toydev Inc. is giving away 1 set of Sand Puff (price rang per set is P1,000 – 1,300). Toydev Inc. was established to bring educational toys to the Philippine market and to make Filipinos aware of the existence of such alternatives. Sand Puff, one of their products, is a new and safe alternative to modeling clay. It is made of 100% organic materials and is non-toxic. It does not stick to skin and can be easily washed off with water.

You can check it out here: To contact them, you can call their landline at (+632) 5346781 or email

Now for the giveaway, just follow the steps below in the Rafflecopter widget. The giveaway will end on August 8, 2013. the winner will be notified by email.

a Rafflecopter giveaway