Mommy / Daddy Look-Alike – Comic Strip #9

I, personally think, Baby Zeeka looks like me. I think her chinky eyes and her “pagka-Chinita” is a dead giveaway. But of course, EJ (my husband) on the other hand, believes that Baby Zeeka looks like him. He isn’t alone in this world. A lot of daddies want their children to resemble them. A lot of people do think, too, that babies are made to resemble their father’s looks. This is, as they believe, how nature made it to be, so that the fathers are sure that these babies are theirs.

Look in the mirror and who do you see? :)

Look in the mirror and who do you see? 🙂

Studies show though that babies can either be a look-alike of the mothers or their fathers or they can actually get 50% from each ( Okay, fine! With Baby Zeeka, it’s really hard to say ‘yet’. In fact, sometimes, I think she looks like me and at times, she looks like Ej (but don’t tell Ej I said this)… hehe!

For some though, it really isn’t hard to determine who the child looks like. The child is either a carbon copy and a look-alike of the mom or the dad! Check out these pictures and let me know if you agree! 🙂

Daddy Jon and Saffron
Saffron and Daddy John

Mommy Millie and Jersey Denise
Mommy Millie and Jersey Denise

Mommy Michelle, her sister, niece and their mom
Mommy Michelle, her sister, sister's daughter and their mom

Mommy Marge and Isabel
Mommy Marge and Daughter Isabel

Mommy Jenn and Anaiah
Mommy Jenn and Anaiah

Daddy Ninoyz and Rhyz
Daddy Ninoyz and Rhyz

Mommy Frances and Inigo
Mommy Frances and Baby Inigo

Daddy Luigi and Elaine
Daddy Luigi and Elaine

Mommy Eve and Kalac
Mommy Eve and Kalac

Daddy Jejomar and Kiel
Daddy Jejomar and Son Kiel

Daddy Dale and Joshua
Daddy Dale and Joshua

Daddy Alain and Baby Ava
Daddy Alain and Baby

Daddy Alain and Baby 2

Daddy Allen and Alexa
Daddy Allen and Alexa

Daddy Nino and Zab
Daddy Nino and Zab

These parents really look lot like their children, right? How about you? Are you curious to know how your baby will look like? This is a funny tool that you can use:

So how about you, Mommy and Daddy, who does your child look like?

My Tickle Me Monday comic strip is related to our topic…

2013-07-23 02.43.00

Haha! Hope you like it! For those with funny pictures of your children, join me by sharing it on twitter using #ticklememondays!


Love lots,

Mommy Ginger

Mommy Ginger

Happy Birthday, Daddy EJ!

Happy Birthday to the one person who makes my life unbelievably happy!

Happy birthday to my panggah, EJ!

Life has been a blast with you by my side. I have been smiling from ear to ear every since the day I met you (my jaw hurts already).

2013-03-09 10.24.56 Happy birthday, Daddy EJ!

You have been a very understanding and supportive husband, a good provider and now a loving and caring dad to Baby Zeeka. I want the whole world to know that. I also want the world to know that you are a very genuine, humble and kind-hearted person. You have a good heart, gah! Stay that way.

2013-06-15 10.14.51

2013-06-22 08.22.38

Always pray. I know that we have gone and now are going through a difficult situation in our lives, but always remember that the Lord will not give you anything that you cannot handle. He loves you and I know that He will continue to bless you. Just keep the faith! Kaya natin, ‘toh!

Ginger and EJ

I cannot express enough how much I am grateful for all the things that you have done for me and for Zeeka. I am so proud of you. May you have a great, relaxing and stress-free day ahead 🙂

Again, happy birthday! I love you, panggah! 🙂

Love lots,

Build City and Hobbes and Landes Sale Starts Tomorrow

Ej and I used to buy Christmas gifts for our loved ones starting September.The good thing about starting early is that some stores are already on sale and you don’t get to wiggle yourself through the crowd of buyers rushing to complete their Christmas shopping.

There are already great stores, which are lowering their prices already! For mommies, Hobbes and Landes is already having their pre-holiday sale starting tomorrow and will run until October 20, 2013.

Hobbes and Landes Sale

Hurry and visit Hobbes and Landes stores in Greenbelt 5, Rockwell, Bonifacio High Street, and Greenhills Promenade.

Another store that will have their pre-holiday sale is Build City.

Build City Sale

The pre-holiday sale will also run from September 20 – October 20, 2013! Sale starts from 10%-70% off.

Let me know if you get to go and what items did you buy. I’d love to start thinking of what gifts to buy my loved ones, too!


Love lots,

Mommy Ginger

Mommy Ginger



Mompreneur Karen Umali of Vida Bows Hair Accessories Creations

There seems to be a lot of mompreneurs nowadays who have been delving into the hair bow and accessories business. I recently came across Mompreneur Karen Umali, Proprietor of Vida Bows Hair Accessories Creations. Here is her story…

About Mompreneur Karen Umali

My name is Karen Umali, happily married to Ariel Umali for 3 years now and a mother to only child Asia Kariele. I’m 30 years old and currently working as a Sales Administration Officer for one of the Paint Manufacturing firms here in the Philippines. I am also the proprietor of Vida Bows Hair Accessories Creations. I am a self-confessed kikay mom and I love dressing up my beloved daughter. Creating hair accessories is really my passion and my hobby for over a year. A month ago, I have turned this hobby into something profitable. In my life, I want to achieve more, aside from having a happy family and a stable job. I also want something I can call my own, and I believe that this would be my business, Vida Bows.


Every single detail of the business, from the simplest thing to the biggest effort, is proudly my own doing. But of course, I have to give credit also to those people who supported me and trusted my abilities. Everything becomes possible because of our dear Creator, God. He molds me to what I am now and makes all these possible. I am grateful to my dear husband, who never fails to give me all the strength and encouragement I need. I also thank my beloved Kariele — my inspiration, my highest source of enthusiasm. I also thank my mother who gives me advise and recommendations for the improvement of every piece that I make. To a friend whose also in this industry, thank you for giving me facts about the industry I have entered. Thank you to friends and relatives who started to purchased my creations until other non-relatives and non-friends patronized my work. I have just started but I’m doing all that I can to improve everything that Vida Bows can offer you. I believe that all well known mompreneurs, as well as established entrepreneurs, started from being a neophyte, but what matters is that “it doesn’t just end there”; every day is a “working” day for challenges, improvements and success.

Here is my interview with Mompreneur Karen, Proprietor of Vida Bows Hair Accessories Creations

Ginger: What is your brand/business? What is it about? How long have you been in business?
Karen: My brand is VIDA BOWS Hair Accessories Creations. I create hair accessories, hair bows and elegant head pieces made especially of little girls, and women of all ages. I started advertising Vida Bows online just about a month ago (August 2013).



Ginger: Who is your market?
Karen: Vida Bows’ market are moms who love to dress and make their little girls fashionable. These are moms whose vice is creating new looks for their daughter as if the latter had a fashion show everyday.

Ginger: How did you come up with this idea? What made you decide to start this kind of business?
Karen: Since I was blessed with a lovely daughter, I got hooked to ordering bows and hair accessories for her. Aside from the mall finds, I also ordered online and I was buying in bulk, not only single pieces. I made sure that every outfit of my child had matching shoes and hair accessories based on colors and designs. One supplier of raw materials had a product that had caught my attention and it was a starter kit for creating your own hair accessories, so I ordered and tried doing some pieces. Ever since, I have been searching online for a lot of tutorials and know-hows.

Vida Bows

Ginger: Were there any obstacles that you faced when you decided to pursue becoming a Mompreneur? What are these?
Karen: Yes, there are a lot of competitors; most are already established. After posting my designs on social networking sites, some liked my designs but they didn’t take interest on placing orders. I felt disheartened and I kept asking myself Is it right to pursue this? and What was I doing wrong?  I almost lost hope. But my husband, my number 1 fan, gave me encouraging words and suggestions. After a week, I re-invented my pieces, did more fabulous pieces and posted them so that they looked really interesting, and during that week, in God’s grace, an order was made.

Vide Bows 2

Ginger: What are three traits that you think a Mompreneur should have when starting their own business?
Karen: I always went by these rules from way back from my formal education, that if you are about to start a business it should be where your interest is. It should be with what you are passionate about to make you feel as if it were not work. So that when everything goes wrong, you would not lose hope, but instead fight and succeed on what you have started.

I think it is an important trait to be enthusiastic and have that drive that pushes you to improve the product and your selling ability, as well. Be courteous, in dealing with other people whether their regular clients already or even those who are prospective clients. But most of all, in everything you have started, always ask for God’s help, to mold us and guide us through.

Vida Bows in Green and Yellow

Ginger: Any unforgettable moments or lessons that you learned as a Mompreneur?
Karen: My unforgettable moment as a Mompreneur, is when my 23rd month old baby held one of my creations and said “mommy, pretty”. Coming from my beloved daughter, that was the best compliment I have ever received.

Ginger: What advice can you give to other Mompreneurs?
Karen: All the mompreneurs have only one goal, to give and dedicate everything to our child / children, so always remember especially during uneasy / busy days, always put the family on top of the priority. It doesn’t mean that you need to disregard the demands of clients. Time management is the best way to attend to both responsibilities.

Ginger: Thank you so much, Karen! 🙂 We learned so much from you today. Wishing you more success!

Vide Bows Contact Information:

Facebook Page:
Email address:
Mobile Number: 09228634299

How To Care for your Baby’s Teeth

Baby Z already turned 6 months and I am truly excited for this ‘month’ birthday since we will start giving her food! Yipee!

Look at this cute little girl! The doctor mentioned to that we can start with organic brown rice cereal.
Caring for Baby's Teeth 0004

But that’s a different story. Today, I’ll be sharing with you some of the tips that I read on caring for your baby’s teeth. Being one of the Lotte Xylitol Gum Brand Believers made me more conscious about caring for my baby’s teeth. I have been researching and reading about baby’s teeth and how I can truly care for them.

Some of the questions in my mind now are when to bring Baby Z to the dentist and how to clean her teeth? I’m pretty sure that anytime soon, she’ll be growing her first tooth. When we went to the doctor to have her check up, the pediatrician already told us that her two front lower teeth were about to come out. I’m so excited to see her teeth. Although, I know that these times will be quite annoying for Baby Z. She has been biting everything and producing extra saliva. When we were in Subic, she loved chewing on Lotte Xylitol Gum…the bottle that is (not the actual gum)!

Caring for Baby's Teeth 0003

Caring for Baby's Teeth 0002

Now with all the reading and research, I found some interesting articles that answered my question, one of which is this video. Here’s an informative video that I found posted on How to care for your baby’s teeth and gums

Most of the sites that I visited suggests that you go to the dentist once you see a tooth popping out from your baby’s gums. You don’t have to go right away, BUT just make sure that you visit on or before your baby turns 1 year old. I read from that if your child is not bottle fed anymore and is cup feeding and doesn’t drink in the middle of the night, you can skip going to the dentist until your child is two years old. Is this true? Have any of you heard about this before? Once the child reaches 2 years old, then that’s the time you visit the dentist every 6 months until adulthood. It also says that for children ages 4 and 6, dentists usually take the the first set of X-rays to check for cavities between the teeth (ooooh! That reminds me of a toothpaste commercial).

But then again, as I mentioned in my previous post about cavities and tooth decay, babies can already have tooth decay at the age of 9 months: This is the fact that I am worried about. When Baby Z starts to eat, remnants of food and milk can get caught in the mouth and in between their teeth, thus causing tooth decay.

Hmmm… what other information did I read about? I also didn’t know that there are really pediatric dentists and they are different from the dentists that we go to as adults. But I think, just as long as they know how to deal with young children, then it’s okay to bring them to a regular dentist (but that’s just my opinion). If you feel safer with a pediatric dentist, here is a site of the Pediatric Dentristry Philippines and the Pediatric Dentristry Center Philippines.

For those wondering about when to start cleaning the babies mouth, gums and teeth, I asked my cousin pediatrician and she said that it is good to start as early as 3 months. You can start cleaning your child’s gums with a soft cloth or an infant toothbrush (the one that looks like a huge thimble). For toothpaste, you can use it as soon as you see teeth. You can brush her/his teeth twice daily using toothpaste with fluoride. Just place a smudge of toothpaste on the toothbrush (around half a pea for children less than 2 years old). For the children from 2 to around 5 year old, you an already increase it to a pea-size amount of toothpaste. Be sure that your toddler spits out the excess toothpaste after brushing. Also, be sure to assist your child in brushing since they still don’t know how to go about doing it by themselves.

Also, another thing to do is try to avoid using the utensils of your baby. I know that sometimes, especially when we want to test if the food is hot, we use baby’s spoon and then blow on it. This should never be done, because the bacteria from our mouth can be transmitted through the utensils or food to baby’s mouth. So we, ourselves, should be careful and avoid tooth decay and cavities.

For us, aside from brushing, gargling, flossing and going to the dentist, we can chew on two gums of Lotte Xylitol Gum at least 4 times a day to keep our teeth free from cavities. For those who haven’t read the infographics that I created explaining Xylitol and the benefits, here it is:

I hope my tips helped you answer your questions on how to care for your baby’s teeth. On my next post, I will tell you more about the Make It Zero Campaign of Lotte Xylitol Gum.

Mommy Ginger is very proud to be part of the Make it Zero campaign. For more information, please visit