1st Baby Expo PH 2013 in SMX Manila

Manila – The country’s leading convention center, SMX Manila partners with MediaCom Solutions Inc. to host the 1ST BABY EXPO PHILIPPINES 2013 – Welcoming Life, Love and Care, to be held on December 06-08, 2013.

BABY EXPO PHILIPPINES 2013 is the country’s biggest family expo dedicated to nurture family development and child care with over 200 participating brands and over 10,000 expected visitors. This three-day event will cover the stages of family growth from maternity, newborns, toddlers to early childhood and is co-presented by Cordlife, Asia Pacific’s largest network of private cord blood banks.

With 200 babies being born in the Philippines every hour and an average of 3 births per woman, the Philippines have the highest fertility rate in East Asia. The partnership launches the opportunity to provide a suitable and nurturing environment for parents, families, relatives and friends to learn the newest trends from the country’s experts, with talks on pregnancy, breastfeeding, parenting, child care, nutrition, family development and even yaya training sessions, explore from a wide variety of exciting baby and family related products and services, from baby apparel, skin care, baby essentials to family security, healthcare and education.

“It is our privilege to hold the 1ST BABY EXPO Philippines 2013 at the country’s leading convention center, SMX Manila, where our sponsors, exhibitors and visitors can be ideally accommodated.” says David Abrenilla, MediaCom Solutions Inc. president and BABY EXPO Philippines founder.


From L-R: SMX National Sales Director, Charry Casabar; MediaCom Solutions Inc. CEO and Baby Expo Philippines 2013 founder, David Abrenilla, and SMX Asst. VP of Sales and Marketing, Marivic Marquez

Parents, families as well as relatives and friends will be able to avail of exclusive discounts up to 80% from participating brands like Bosom Buddy, Mamy Poko, Mustela, Bambino, Enfant, Numa, and many more. The whole family can enjoy and participate in exciting activities like the Sayaw Baby and the Baby Olympics, happening on the second day while mommies can get pampered for free at the Mommy Makeover station.

Highlights of the program are the Baby Fashion Weekend featuring maternity wear, kids and parent fashion show, the “Sandie Awards” which will recognize outstanding celebrity families and entrepreneurs through the Golden Family Awards and ParentPreneur Awards, as well as the crowning of the #BibongBaby of the year.

To be a part of this fun filled family event, call +632.843.2174 or email info@babyexpo.ph

Stay informed and get current updates by visiting www.babyexpo.ph, liking the Baby Expo Facebook page www.facebook.com/babyexpoPH or follow www.twitter.com/babyexpoPH

The Silver Lining

I’m sorry for not being able to come up with new posts for almost a week now. It’s because I had Dengue. For Filipinos, having this dreaded virus seems so ordinary already (since everyone seems to be getting it). And with a lot of people acquiring this virus, the medical staff in St. Lukes Bonifacio Global City, seems well versed and trained in handling patients with this virus. I was confined for almost a week and during my stay, there were 10 other patients scattered in two other floors who had the same virus.


Well, what got me worried was not really the condition I was in, but more of how to sustain feeding my baby with breastmilk and how to maintain my milk supply. My baby is still at six months (she just turned 6 months yesterday) and i’m exclusively breastfeeding her. I had high fever and I only agreed to be confined 4 days after, because I didn’t want to leave my baby at home. I finally gave up and had myself confined when my platelet count was below normal.

With a temperature of 39 degrees celsius, I was still directly breastfeeding my baby and having her latch on to me. Those who are breastfeeding would know why I was acting the way I was. Maintaining a good supply of breastmilk is one huge feat for some moms (like me). To maintain my supply, I need to directly feed Baby Z often and express milk religiously. So with this, my main worry during that time was not having enough milk for my baby.


Then amazingly, people started sending in breast milk donations. I was too shy at first to ask my friends, but had no choice since baby Z finished all of my stored milk and the milk that I was expressing (my supply) was decreasing and wasn’t enough to feed Baby Z. After the donations from friends came in, I then had more than enough to feed Baby Z during the days I was in the hospital.

One of the things that I realized during the time I was sick is that there are a lot of people who are willing to lend a hand and these people may be the ones whom you may not always be in touch with. They may be friends whom you haven’t seen for a long time or even acquaintances whom you only get to see and talk to on social media.

A lot of people were also giving great advice on what to take and what to do so that I would recover faster. People were sending me Tawa Tawa (herbal plant) and Dr. Gerry’s coco nectar to help increase my platelet count and to help strengthen my immune system. By the way, these remedies, although not yet scientifically proven, have got my vote. I think these really helped me a lot!

There were a lot of concerned people sending prayers and tips, and to all of these people, I am really grateful and thankful.

During these times, I was also nominated as one of the finalists for the mompreneur awards for this year under the social entrepreneurship and advocacy category. CLICK HERE to VOTE! Although, I didn’t get to campaign as much, the mere fact that people saw that Manila Workshops was something that helped people achieve their personal and professional goals in life, was enough for me. It was something that confirmed that I was doing something right and good. People were voting for me and to these people, I send my thanks! It’s such a nice feeling to be a part of this list of mompreneurs (some are actually people whom I consider to be my ‘idols’).

This was the silver lining that I saw during these low times for me. My heart was filled with amazement, gratitude and love for every single one of you — family and friends.