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Kooky Loopy for Kooky Loopy Babies: Behind the Scenes

It’s Fashion Friday once again and my featured brand today is actually my own business called Kooky Loopy. I realized that I haven’t wrote about the idea behind the brand in this blog and I haven’t shared with you the designs that we have actually made. But more than that, I’d like to share with you how one actually starts an online business. This post is actually more than just the typical Baby OOTD post that I usually do on a Friday. Today, I’ll be taking you through the journey that we had before we actually got to launch our business.

It's going to be a good day!

It’s going to be a good day!

I met my business partner, Klart Kimberly Lim, during a social entrepreneurship venture that me and my friend Sharon had back in 2011. We wanted to discover new fashion designers and help them build their brands and help them come up with their own fashion collections. Unfortunately, the business only lasted for a year, but that year was filled with numerous business lessons and friendships were built. I would never have traded that for anything else.

So, Klart and I got to talk late 2012 and we agreed to start our own business — something related to fashion and something related to moms or kids. Why? It was during that time I was pregnant with my Zeeka and I had a lot of wishes when it came to the clothes that I wanted to wear while pregnant and what I wanted my baby to wear.

We actually got to meet already after I gave birth. This goes to show you that not all ideas come to life right away. What we did during that time was research on our competitors, research on what customers want and what they need. When we were both ready, we had a meeting where we threw ideas on the table. With the ‘kuentos and chikas’ (stories) that we had, what I realized was that there are not a lot of onesies with personality out in the market. My baby had personality and I know that in the first few months, the babies really need to have white onesies, socks, mittens and bonnets — all white stuff. I had a lot of that, too, but when it came to taking cute photos of my little one or when it came to going to parties, I couldn’t find a cute onesie that I could make her wear that showed her personality. All of those fashionable clothes for babies were too big for her.

Thus the name Kooky Loopy was born. It embodied everything that our brand wanted to show and say — that even if our little ones do not talk, they communicate with their eyes, body, gestures and even through words, yes, words, that we do not understand. With all of these things, their personality shines through and we get to know them better.

Our Designs

With this in mind, how did we come up with our designs? I still remember that Klart and I came up with these designs just by communicating through phone (Viber is love!).

Initial sketches

Initial sketches

Design Sketches 2

Klart then made these so that we could envision the patterns better

Klart then made these so that we could envision the patterns better

Then Klart went to look for fabric that we could use and fixed our costs, while I made the projections for our business. Projections are important, since you need to know how much income or loss would you expect from every year of operation.

While waiting for production, we made it a point to already secure a Facebook page, Instagram account, Twitter account and open a Mailchimp account for the business. Everything was done while waiting for the finished products of Kooky Loopy.

Low Cost Shoot at Home

Low Cost Shoot at Home

After receiving the finished products, we checked inventory and did quality testing. What we were excited for was the shoot! We had our own improvised studio inside our home. We took both catalogue shots of the items and styled shots for ads like these…


Another Raw shot...

Another Raw shot…

Turned into materials like these…

kooky Loopy Onesies for Baby

Green Round

After all of these things, we launched our products and now our site is up and running! What we mean by ‘launched’ is that we advertise and tell people about our products, we join events where we can sell our items, we tweet about it, etc. Basically, we spread the word.

So, that’s it! These were the things that we did to set up this business. If you have any questions, please leave me a message below.

Please do support this business. These are great gifts for your preggy friends and moms who just gave birth. To give you an idea of how you can style our onesies, check these out:


Kooky Loopy

What do you think? 🙂

Please visit our site:

Have a great Friday!

Breastmilk Storage Bags I Love

Zeeka has been eating a lot of solids already and in the evening, she already sleeps for a really long time. With this, I need to express breastmilk already and store it. Right now, I have 15 breastmilk storage bags of 5 oz in my freezer. I think, this is just the right amount. That’s a total of 75 ounces. I think it’s a lot already but I really want to store this much. I guess it’s because I was traumatized when I had dengue and I didn’t have enough for Zeeka.

For storage bags, I have tried three brands but I stuck to just these two for reasons that I will enumerate later on. Okay, what I use are actually both the storage bags and the plastic, washable containers. I use the breastmilk storage bags for milk that I keep for Zeeka to drink in the future. She has this habit of drinking more milk in the evening before sleeping. Also, I’m always out for meetings, so when I’m out, yaya can just give her milk from the freezer (although this happens rarely since she is always with me). At home, she drinks directly from me, but sometimes (since she’s so takaw) she still wants to drink from the bottle after. This is the milk that I give her. I don’t use the plastic storage cups for that since we have a small freezer and the bags occupy less space.

For the plastic storage containers, I use the thin 2.5 ounces storage cups of Medela. This is what I use to store milk in 1.5 ounces that I use for Zeeka’s solid food. I mix breast milk with solid food, so I still use these. I keep around 4 containers of this for easy thawing.

Basically, the two brands that I use are Orange & Peach Breastmilk Storage Bags and the Unimom TS Breastmilk Storage Bags.

The Orange & Peach Breastmilk Storage Bag

Breastmilk Storage bags 0001
Why do I love the Orange & Peach Breastmilk Storage Bag?
I love it because it is such a space saver! when you make lay it down horizontally, it is flat… really FLAT!

Breastmilk Storage bags 0002

Check this out!

With limited space in my freezer, it is really beneficial to have bags that are flat. You can place one on top of the other. With this you can store more milk.

What I also love about the Orange & Peach breastmilk storage bag is that it has a double zipper lock. My greatest fear is spilling and spoiling breastmilk and I do cry over spilt milk. I know you mommies can attest to this. This is really liquid gold and we will do everything we can to keep it fresh. For me, having a double zipper lock means added protection againts spilling and spoilage. I’d rather be safe than sorry!

A box contains 25 bags and it is being sold for Php 385 at


The Unimom TS Breastmilk Storage Bags

2013-10-29 09.48.50 Breastmilk Storage bags 0003

Why do I love Unimom’s TS Breastmilk Storage Bag?
Who could resist the state-of-the-art indicator at the upper right hand corner of the bag? If you are like me, always worried about the temperature of your freezer — always blabbering about these: “Is the milk frozen already?” or “Did the brownout thaw out the milk?” etc., then all you have to do is get this Unimom TS Breastmilk Storage Bag. The indicator will tell you if the milk is frozen ready or hot. If the indicator is blue (like in the picture shown above, then it is frozen). If it turns white, it means that the milk is hot.

A box has 20 bags inside. For more details on the product, please visit

So these are the two brands of breastmilk storage bags that I usually buy. How about you? What do you use at home?


P.S. Are you a breastfeeding mom? Check out these cute ‘breastfed’ onesies from Kooky Loopy. You can grab one from the Mama Baby Love shop!





Our Boracay Trip for my Sister’s Birthday

I had a wonderful weekend! My sister treated the entire family to stay at Discovery Shores Boracay for the weekend. She’s so sossy, noh?! This is my first time to stay in this hotel. Also, the last time I went to Boracay was more than 5 years ago. It was a great weekend, too, since Zeeka also had her first plane ride and her first ‘beach’ trip.

First of all, since Zeeka needed to have an ID with her, I had to get a passport from DFA. I applied at their branch in SM Megamall. The entire process only took me around 30 minutes since they offer an express lane for infants, senior citizens, pregnant ladies and people with disabilities. Check out Zeeka’s first passport photo. Isn’t she just so cute?!

Zeeka's passport picture

We took PAL for our flight to and from Boracay. I paid around Php 35K+ for three adults (with yaya) and one child. For those bringing a baby, I paid around Php 800 for Zeeka for her fare.

At the airport with the birthday girl :)

At the airport with the birthday girl 🙂

At the airport!

At the airport!

During the whole trip (both going and coming back from Boracay), Zeeka was very good! She did not cry at all. When I was not breastfeeding her, she was just playing with the little foldable table attached to the seat infront of her.

Boracay 2013 0129

We arrived in Caticlan in less than 1 hour. We were driven (5 minute drive) to the waiting area for our shuttle that would send sail us to the island of Boracay. Discovery Shores had a very nice boat. It was covered and also had aircon. They gave us bottled water and cookies during the boat ride. We also had cute bracelets which they gave out upon our arrival at the airport.

The Boat Ride!

The Boat Ride!

When we got to the island, there was a van waiting for us which brought us to our hotel. The drive was around 20 minutes. Every time we would enter any van of Discovery Shores, the driver would greet all of us and say his name and offer us mints. It was so impressive and very professional!

When we arrived, this is what greeted us. Check out our room! My sister got a two bedroom suite premier for us to stay in. Do check out the different rooms here:

Discovery Shores Boracay

Discovery Shores Boracay

Discovery Shores Boracay: View while standing at the pool area

Discovery Shores Boracay: View while standing at the pool area

Welcome pastries! Yum yum!

Welcome pastries! Yum yum!

Masters Bedroom

Master’s Bedroom

The other room!

The other room!

Free Tote bag and sunblock for my sister: Couch in the sala area where Zeeka slept

Free Tote bag and sunblock for my sister: Couch in the sala area where Zeeka slept

Boracay 2013 0033

Beach front of Discovery Shores Boracay

Beach front of Discovery Shores Boracay

Beach Front: Another Shot!

Beach Front: Another Shot!

Happily swimming in the pool

Happily swimming in the pool

Daddy EJ with Baby Zeeka!

Daddy EJ with Baby Zeeka!

View from our balcony

View from our balcony

The room cost around Php56,000 plus but that already accommodated my mom, dad, sister, my husband, yaya, Zeeka and me. We stayed there for 3 days and two nights. What I love about the hotel is that they offer free shuttle service for guests if they plan to go to places. We had ourselves brought to D’Mall and even Shangri-la (but we had to pay going to the latter because it was far).

So what did we do in Boracay. We just wanted to relax so basically we swam, ate, swam, relaxed under the sun, ate, swam, relaxed under the evening sky, walked around, etc. These were some of the things that we did…

Went to Jonah's... of course!

Went to Jonah’s… of course!

Boracay 2013 0053

Papaya Mango... is love!

Papaya Mango… is love!

Zeeka loved the water, but she hated sand. She kept on curling her toes up and whined when I tried to make her stand on the sand. She loved the water though. It was amazing that she already knew how to raise her butt and paddle in the water. I thought those moves were taught by a swimming instructor.

Went swimming!

Went swimming!

Went swimming again!

Went swimming again!

Mommy and Zeeka!

Mommy and Zeeka!

We also ate dinner at Shangri-la Boracay. The place was huge and really impressive. It was far from the main beach though so the place was really for those honeymooners or people who want to relax. Although, they also offer shuttle services if you want to go to the main beach to parteeeh!

Boracay 2013 0081

Boracay 2013 0082

Boracay 2013 0083

Boracay 2013 0084

Boracay 2013 0085

Boracay 2013 0087

Boracay 2013 0088

Pigged out!

Pigged out!

Boracay 2013 0101

Lovely place right! I would love to try staying at Shangri=la Boracay even for just one night! 🙂 I would love to see all of the facilities and swim in their pool. I got to see the pool area, but it was evening when we visited so I couldn’t see it very clearly. The place was so serene though. I haven’t asked how much the rates are though. Service was excellent, too!

It was good break from all the stress and the worry. It was a good birthday for my sister. I wish that this year will be better than last year for her. I wish her good health, success in her career and I hope that she already gets to meet the man for her this year (someone who would truly love her and who would make her happy). Happy birthday, my dear sister! I love you! We love you! 🙂

Baby Signing

I have always wanted to teach Zeeka baby sign language. I learned about this when my husband shared with me a video of a baby signing and communicating with her parents using asl (American Sign Language). I think this was when I had just given birth to Zeeka and we couldn’t understand and figure out why she was crying. We were thinking that she won’t probably be able to talk until she’s one year old plus, so we wanted to know if there are other ways we could get to communicate with her.

We researched on effective ways of communicating with a baby and I came across Baby Signs Philippines. I met, Sharon Agoncillo of Baby Signs Philippines, who is now a good friend of mine. I learned more about baby sign language from her over a cup of coffee. She holds classes and teaches parents how to teach their kids signing. I have partnered with her (through Manila Workshops, my mompreneur business) in bringing the news about baby sign language to more parents. Last year, we ran the baby sign language and safe sleep workshop under the Parenting Pals brand of Manila Workshops. For those who want to learn more about her services, check out her site here:

After learning more about baby sign language, I researched more. I love looking through the pictures on Instagram, although mostly not for me but to look for things for Zeeka. From Instagram, I learned about this compilation of DVDs/CDs called Baby Signing Time. It was posted by Oh! Baby. They were selling the set of CD’s for Php 2929. I wanted to try it out so I bought it.

Zeeka watching Baby Signing Time

Zeeka watching Baby Signing Time

Baby Signing Time 0002

Baby Signing Time 0003

Baby Signing Time 0004

When I told my mom about it, she feared that Zeeka might be delayed in talking since she’s signing. I have read articles that say that signing is a way to help your baby communicate first before she can actually speak. It doesn’t delay speech. The advice that I have read is to keep talking to your child. Here are some FAQs if you want to read more about Baby Signing Time:

Well, so far, we have been watching the video twice a day (in the morning after taking her bath and in the evening after merienda). Yesterday, I was so pleased that I decided to write this article. She already gave me the sign for milk! Yey! Zeeka is only 8 months old. I can’t wait for her to practice signing the other signs.

What I like about Baby Signing Time is that the ‘show’ isn’t boring. In fact, I find myself singing the songs myself at different times of the day. What is more impressive is that the lady in the video, Rachel Coleman, got into baby signing because her daughter Leah was born deaf. Read Leah’s story here:

I was talking to Kris of OCMominManila the other day and she had the same video, too, when her kids were growing up. What we like about the video is that even if you have no plans of teaching your child ASL, the CDs are good background music! Kids just love the songs.

For those of you who are interested in purchasing the Baby Signing Time set, visit

Let me know how it goes! I will also share with you Zeeka’s progress 🙂

Christmas OOTD from Mothercare

Christmas is fast approaching and our little loves have to be well dressed for every family celebration and gathering. Have you thought of a Christmas OOTD for your baby? I super love this Christmas collection from Mothercare. I love the newborn Christmas jumpsuits for babies! They have Elf, Reindeer, Santa, Mrs. Santa and Christmas Pudding designs that you can choose from.

Mothercare Christmas 2013 0001

Mothercare Christmas 2013 0002

Mothercare Christmas 2013 0003

Mothercare Christmas 2013 0004

Mothercare Christmas 2013 0005

Mothercare Christmas 2013 0006

Mothercare Christmas 2013 0007

Mothercare Christmas 2013 0008

Mothercare Christmas 2013 0009

For those looking for Christmas gifts for children who are 0-8 years old, Mothercare has fabulous clothes that you can purchase.

Visit any of their stores located at Active Fun BGC, Greenbelt 5, Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Magnolia, Robinsons Manila, Shangri-la Mall, SM Masinag, The Podium, Trinoma, Abreeza Mall DAvao, Centrio Mall Cagayan De Oro, Harbour Point Subic and SM Lanang Davao. Soon to open in Glorietta 4 and Ayala Cebu.

For more details, please visit their facebook page at or follow their Instagram account @mothercareph.

Share with us your Baby’s/Children Christmas OOTD! Email me at ginger(at)! I’d love to include you in a special feature for Christmas.

Can’t Wait for Christmas Playdate by Early Learning Centre

Zeeka and I (with yaya, of course) went to the Can’t Wait for Christmas playdate organized by Early Learning Centre. It was held at Gymboree in Greenbelt 5.

Can't wait for Christmas

I wanted to go for two reasons: 1) I wanted to see the toys from the Early Learning Centre’s new toybox range and check out what I could buy Zeeka for Christmas. 2) I wanted to see how Zeeka would be at a Gymboree class (how she would react to the teacher and to being in a class).

Christmas Playdate 0002

The Early Learning Centre’s new Toybox range features a host of collectible animal characters and vehicles for young children aged 12 months and above (although Zeeka is already showing interest in these toys even if she’s just 8 months old). Each toy is made in a high quality new plastic and the characters have clicking legs and arms so they come to life when children are playing. The animals have textured, rubbery ears to stimulate the senses and are designed to help develop fine motor skills. Monty the Monkey and his funky car, Dotty the dolly and Sam the soldier are some of the characters in the range. The toybox collection is perfect for igniting children’s imaginations and encouraging them to act out stories, take charge of an environment and make things happen when they choose.

Christmas Playdate 0004 Christmas Playdate 0005

Can't Wait for Christmas Playdate

Can’t Wait for Christmas Playdate

Christmas Playdate 0007

Zeeka playing with her favorite toy: The Ferris Wheel from the Happy Land circus collection

Zeeka playing with her favorite toy: The Ferris Wheel from the Happy Land circus collection

Upon entering the room, I could literally feel Zeeka’s excitement. She was waving her hands up and down. We had some photos taken near the display. I took a mini car from the table (Happyland collection) and that was it! Zeeka started playing with all the toys on top on top of the table. She then sat on the table together with the toys on display (sorry ELC for ruining the neatly placed toys… Hehe). Zeeka was then quick to turn her attention to a little ferris wheel toy on top of the table. It was really cute. It was her favorite. While you manually turn the wheel, it sends out a musical tune. The ferris wheel is part of the Happyland colleciton available at Early Learning Centre.
Christmas Playdate 0011 Christmas Playdate 0013 Christmas Playdate 0015 Christmas Playdate 0016


Christmas Playdate 0020

Baby Zeeka playing with the wooden alphabet blocks.

Christmas Playdate 0022

After playing, we had some snacks to reenergize. Zeeka and playmates M and N (daughters of mommy Kris) and Rocio (daughter of mommy Mia) were then led to the play area of Gymboree where they had a short class.

Christmas Playdate 0050 Christmas Playdate 0048 Christmas Playdate 0047 Christmas Playdate 0044 Christmas Playdate 0040 Christmas Playdate 0037 Christmas Playdate 0036 Christmas Playdate 0034

From beginning to end, Zeeka was just staring at the teacher. I have noticed that she really reacts that way. She absorbs information first then she follows after a while. When the class was through, she smiled and danced! I’m planning to enroll her at the Gymboree branch at Serendra since it is near our place.


Christmas Playdate 0026


Thank you, Early Learning Centre, for a fun-filled day for Zeeka and me (and yaya ;>). I’m scanning through the catalog that you sent me and I’ll be buying Christmas gifts in your store. Here are some of my favorites.


Zeeka loves singing and dancing so this Key Boom Board (Php 3999) is perfect for her!

Zeeka loves singing and dancing so this Key Boom Board (Php 3999) is perfect for her!

Anything that moves amazes her (Php 2949)

Anything that moves amazes her (Php 2949)

The circus set is cute and caught her attention (Php 1699)

The circus set is cute and caught her attention (Php 1699)

I'm sure Zeeka will love this Fun Singing Trumpet (Php 699)

I’m sure Zeeka will love this Fun Singing Trumpet (Php 699)

Watch out for my Fashion Friday entry this coming Friday featuring cute Christmas outfits from Mothercare! 🙂

Typhoon Yolanda: What You Can Do To Help

I haven’t been posting anything new recently in both my blogs since I have been following the news. It has been just a few days since the strongest typhoon ever to be recorded in the world hit the Philippines. There have been more than 10,000 estimated deaths already and the number has been rising day by day.

People have been looking for ‘kamag-anaks’ and friends whom they know to have been in the area where the typhoon left the greatest devastation (Leyte and other areas in the Visayas). It’s really heart breaking to see people crying over the lost of their loved one/s, homes, properties, etc. There are a lot of people and organizations already asking for donations.

If you want to donate to the victims of typhoon yolanda, this is a great list that Rappler compiled:

I already donated through Philippine Red Cross. I’m thinking of other ways that I could help.

Have you already donated? Have you thought of ways on how you can help?

P.S. Sending out love and prayers to all those affected by this super typhoon.

Lotte Xylitol Wish Upon A Smile (Promo)

I love surprises! When I was little, I used to look forward to Christmas. I loved Christmas since every year, Santa would give me a lot of gifts. I would write a letter and leave it under our Christmas tree and I would get a lot of presents from him come Christmas day. Most of the things I asked for in my letter were given to me and most of my wishes would come true during this season. Well, they still do (even if Santa doesn’t give gifts to ‘mommies and daddies’), so I still love this time of the year. This year, Lotte Xylitol Gum will be granting several wishes in the hope of spreading more smiles this Christmas.

Lotte Xylitol Wish Upon A Smile Promo

Lotte Xylitol Wish Upon A Smile Promo

Lotte Xylitol Gum will be launching the Wish Upon A Smile promo. The promo will start on November 9 and each week, Lotte Xylitol will be making one wish come true until we reach Christmas day.

To participate, just submit a photo of you and your child showing off your best smiles. Then answer the question: What will make your Child smile this Christmas? (Include #XylitolSmile in your answer)
*Complete Mechanics below

Xylitol Smile


The contest will run from Nov. 9, 2013 to Dec. 27, 2013.

The contest is open to all moms and dads with a child who is 5-10 years old, living in the Philippines.


A. Registration

Like the official Facebook brand page of Lotte Xylitol Gum to submit contest entries through

B. Photo Uploading:
1. Lotte Xylitol Gum will reveal seven (7) different themes for seven (7) weeks; one theme per week. As a participating parent, you can choose from the themes.

a. Week 1: Something your child can play with (Toys)
b. Week 2: Something your child can wear (Apparel)
c. Week 3: Something sporty (Sports/Outdoor Equipment/Class)
d. Week 4: Something your child can read (Reading Materials/Books)
e. Week 5: Something your child can learn from (Educational Trips e.g. Mind Museum Pass)
f. Week 6: Something fun (Games/Recreational Activities e.g. Active Fun Pass)
g. Week 7: Something techy (Gadgets)

2. Post a photo of you and your child on the Lotte Xylitol Facebook fan page, showing off your best smiles.
3. For the photo caption, creatively answer the question: “What would make your child smile this Christmas?” then add the hashtag: #XylitolSmile.

Sample Entry:
This Christmas, my child’s wish is to hava new doll. That will surely make my little Annie smile! #XylitolSmile
– Lotte Xylitol Mommy Mimi

4. Photos must be in jpg format (at least 1 MB in size; preferably cropped into square shape, 500×500 pixels).
5. All submitted entries will be subject to screening and approval. Approved entries can be viewed on the Lotte Xylitol Gum Facebook Gallery.
6. Lotte Xylitol Gum reserves the right to reject images that are obscene, inappropriate, and does not conform to the rules and regulations of the
contest mechanics. Lotte Xylitol Gum’s decision is final.

*NOTE: You must own the rights to all the photos that you’ve submitted.

C. Judging of Winners
1. Last day of submission for all photo entries is at 11:59pm of Dec. 27, 2013.
2. All entries will be reviewed and judged by the Lotte Xylitol Gum panel following the criteria stated below.

Photo – 40%
Caption – 40%
Creativity – 20%
TOTAL – 100%

3. Scores to be provided by the Lotte Xylitol Gum Judging Panel will be final.
4. Top entries will be shortlisted and will be judged further by the Lotte Xylitol Gum panel.
5. Two (2) entries will be declared as the winners of the week. Then the top five (5) will receive consolation prizes per week.

The following prizes will be awarded to the weekly winners:
– Two (2) Winners: Prize will depend on the theme and on the participant’s wish.
– Five (5) Lucky Participants: Lotte Xylitol Gum Gift Packs and Gift Certificates.

1. Winners will be announced on the following dates.
– November 25, Monday at 3pm
– December 2, Monday at 3pm
– December 9, Monday at 3pm
– December 16, Monday at 3pm
– Devember 23, Monday at 3 pm
– December 30, Monday at 3pm

2. Winners will be announced on the Lotte Xylitol Gum Facebook Brand Page.
3. Winners will also be notified via their email addresses.

1. Winners from Metro Manila can claim their prize at the Republika Worldwide office at Warehouse 16, La Fuerza Compound, Pasong Tamo,
Makati City on weekdays from 9:00am to 6:00pm.
2. Prizes of the winners from provincial areas will be delivered to their respective residences or given mailing address.
3. Winners must present the email notification that they won the contest, Two (2) Valid IDs of mother or father, and child’ s birth certificate in claiming their prizes. (Valid IDs consist of Company ID, SSS ID, School ID, Credit card with Picture, Driver’s License, Passport, and Senior Citizen’s ID.)
4. Winners who cannot personally claim their prize can send a representative. The representative must present the following: Winner’s email notification, authorization letter from the winner, two (2) valid IDs of the winner, Child’s birth certificate, and one (1) valid ID of the representative to claim the prize.
5. All prizes not claimed whin sixty (60) days after receipt of email notification will be forfeited.
6. Prizes are not convertible to cash or other goods. Prizes are transferable.

1. Lotte Xylitol Gum reserves the right to use all submitted photos in its website or in materials directly related to Lotte Xylitol Gum’s various campaigns.
2. Employees of Lotte Pilipinas, its affiliates, its advertising or promotion agencies, packaging suppliers, and their spouses and relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity are not qualified to join this promo. All winners will be notified via email, and Facebook announcements.
Make your wishes come true this season! We’d love to see that smile so join now!

Mommy, can I see your smile? Can you smile for me... huh... huh?!

Mommy, can I see your smile? Can you smile for me… huh… huh?!

*Full Disclosure: Mommy Ginger is a Lotte Xylitol Gum Brand Believer! (What can I say! I love and believe in the brand!)