Do You Believe in Santa? Do You Believe in Christmas Miracles?

Do you believe in Santa? Do you believe in Christmas miracles? Or are you now a skeptic or just too tired to care?

When I was little, I loved receiving gifts from Santa. I was always excited to open gifts from him. I always saw him as someone who makes dreams and wishes come true. It was always a Christmas miracle for me … until I grew up. Work became hectic. Life was now moving faster than ever. During Christmas, I busy myself with buying gifts for loved ones. I get so busy and exhausted to even think and believe that during the holidays, miracles still do happen.

I don’t know if you have seen this WestJet Video, but when I watched it, I was really touched… Here it is:

Thank you for companies like WestJet who still remind us that Christmas miracles still do happen.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Sangobion Christmas Surprise

It was an eventful Wednesday for me and Zeeka. My day started early with a meeting. I had to be at UCC Burgos Circle at 8am. For a mompreneur, this is just normal. People may think that we, mompreneurs, are not as busy as people who go to work but on the contrary, we sometimes work longer hours than most people. Case in point, yesterday, my day started at 8 AM and it ended at 12 midnight.

After my morning meeting, I rushed to the Sangobion Christmas Party. I really wanted to attend, since I knew that Sangobion was donating Php 5000 to Philippine National Red Cross for each person who attends the event. I thought to myself that if I could help the victims of Typhoon Yolanda by attending the Sangobion event, why not right?

The program was basically handled well by Giselle Sanchez as the Salaminkera. With funny and relatable jokes, she gave us, women, a glimpse of what happens to ladies at times when they are all haggard and with no focus. She was so funny!

Giselle Sanchez in the Sangobion Event

Giselle Sanchez in the Sangobion Event

My friend, Mommy Frances' ( special appearance :)

My friend, Mommy Frances’ ( special appearance 🙂

With her stand up comic spiel, I actually realized that after giving birth to Zeeka, that’s when I really became conscious about keeping fit and healthy again. I used to be soooo into fitness and health during my teenage years, but when I started working, I became lazy and always tired. I had no time to workout and I wasn’t motivated to eat healthy not to take vitamins.

Sangobion's check donation to the Philippine National Red Cross

Sangobion’s check donation to the Philippine National Red Cross

2013-12-18 13.20.49

With the other Mom Bloggers!

With the other Mom Bloggers!

Baby Zeeka and I!

Baby Zeeka and I!

Now that I’m a mom, I realize how important staying fit, healthy and looking great is. You would want to stay healthy for your child especially if you are still breastfeeding, like me. Also, others believe that striving to look great is just for superficial people, but I say that everyone should strive to look great… Yes, even if they are already married! We had a meeting with an experienced investor (a 71 year old tito of a friend) and he gave us the advice to keep the sweetness alive everyday in a marriage. A marriage is something that is continuously worked on and the courting does not stop after the wedding. With this, I say that it’s every married man and woman’s job to keep themselves attractive even after marriage.

It’s great that there are products, like Sangobion, that helps you keep your stamina up and helps you still look great. For 2014, I wish you a year where you can achieve great health and all your fitness goals!

BEME — Let’s Learn Arts and Crafts!

Crafting has become so popular. I know of a lot of workshops and classes that offer crafting and art classes not only for little children, but for adults and mommies like yours truly! Shucks! To tell you honestly, I’m not a crafty mom. I have an eye for what’s nice and what looks nice, but I’m so lazy to do any of these crafty and artsy things by myself. But with my new role as a mom, I figured, I think I better start trying. I remember that when I was younger, my mom would help me with my art, science and other projects. I thought to myself that I can’t be a disappointment to Zeeka!

Sooooo… my sister and I enrolled in BEME. It’s a crafting and arts school at the Rockwell Club. We enrolled for two sessions. Our schedule was Sundays at 3pm. I think you can call them to set a date and a time. Check out the BEME school!

Inside BEME

Inside BEME

Nice Lantern that BEME made!

Nice Lantern that BEME made!



Looking at all of the things made by individuals was so inspiring! I chose to make a wooden basket for my first meeting and a picture frame for the second session. The person assigned to us was a guy named Eric. Eric was very patient with me and my sister. He was a great teacher!

Let's do this!

Let’s do this!

These were the materials that I used for the basket. The wood that we used was Palo Chino. In BEME, they have all the tools that you might need. Check out all the things that I used for my basket.

My materials...

My materials…

BEME 0001

BEME 0003

BEME 0004

BEME 0005

BEME 0006

Equipment that we used!

Equipment that we used!

Almost done!

Almost done!

My attentive sister watching teacher Eric demo!

My attentive sister watching teacher Eric demo!

My busy sister!

My busy sister!

And for the finished product, here is my basket! What do you think? hehe! I plan to paint it, but I just haven’t gotten to it yet.

My first masterpiece... a wooden basket!

My first masterpiece… a wooden basket!

For my second session, I wanted to create a picture frame and this is what I made…

Lovely beads.. :)

Lovely beads.. 🙂

Time to glue the beads!

Time to glue the beads!

My second masterpiece... a picture frame!

My second masterpiece… a picture frame!

BEME from the outside

BEME from the outside

I forgot how much each session cost. We got ours as a deal in Deal Grocer so it was at a discounted rate. BEME has three branches: BEME Manila Polo Club, Rockwell Club and Sofitel Manila.

For more information, please visit

Baby OOTD from Tinker and Play

Last week, I introduced you to the mompreneur behind Tinker and Play. For today’s Friday Fashion and Baby OOTD, I’m featuring Zeeka’s own personal items from Tinker and Play. These are Zeeka’s items that we got from this online store.

Tinker and Play 2

Tinker and Play 1

Blue Duck Shift Dress – Php375
Sizes: T1 to T4

Tinker and Play 4

Audrina Hairband

Tinker and Play 3

Geometric A-line Skirt – Php500
Sizes: T1 to T4

The elastic heairbands from Tinker and Play are really cute! I especially loved the Audrina Hairband since it was in the color that I was looking for. Zeeka has tons of pink haribands but nothing in this light turquoise color. The color is very classy and it went well with this ensemble of Zeeka.

Tinker and Play Elastic Headband 4

Tinker and Play Elastic Headband 3

Tinker and Play Elastic Headband 2

Tinker and Play Elastic Headband 1

We also ordered this shift dress for Zeeka. The unique print really caught my attention. I haven’t seen a print like this before. Also, I loved that it’s a shift dress. Babies this age seem to grow up really quickly, so shift dresses are really very flexible. I can even use it as a top when Zeeka grows bigger.

Tinker and Play Shift Dress

2013-11-30 13.09.17

I also love the material that they used for the shift dress. It’s very comfortable. When living in a hot country like ours, the materials that babies love are those made from cotton or from breathable materials. Zeeka loves this dress!

The last item that I got from Tinker and Play was a skirt. Again, the geometric design caught my attention. Unfortunately though, when Zeeka used it, it was still too long for her. It looked like a maxi skirt when she wore it. Haha! She was still so cute though.

2013-12-07 19.08.23

Tinker and Play Skirt

I love the items at Tinker and Play. There are items that you can purchase and give out as a gift for friends who have toddlers and babies.

You can visit their page:
If you want to order from them, here are ways on how you can order:

How you can order: There are three ways to order your items from Tinker andPlay. The first two is via our TackThis e-commerce site and the third one is by accomplishing the order form.

Instructions for for laptop or desktop users:
1. Click the “ShopNow” app icon located on top of Tinker and Play’s Facebook page
2. Browse through Tinker and Play’s products and click on the image for details.
3. Click “Add to cart” and“Proceed on Shopping” if you want to add more items to your shopping cart or “Proceed to Cart” to see the cart summary for checkout.
4. Choose your delivery option. If existing user, sign in with your email or Facebook account. For new customers, you may register with a new account to make processing of orders faster in the future or choose “Guest” checkout.
5. Choose your mode of payment: Paypal/credit card or iBanking forBDO bank deposit
6. Accomplish the necessary details for delivery and shipping then submit.

Instructions for for mobile/tablet users:
Visit the company information and click the order form link: This will take you to the mobile site. Just click the item, add to cart and proceed to check out.
For those used to old school ordering (via order form):
Accomplish the form and submit

For more information about the products, please visit their facebook page  or email That’s it today for Baby Z’s Style Corner!



Ready to Be Rich: Family Finances Workshop

Hi Everyone! Is anyone here already planning their family finances for next year. Ej and I are a bit delayed in planning for next year. Normally, by December, we already have a concrete plan for the following year. I’m not worried though since I always believed that when you do something you love and you believe in, money will follow.

This year, I have been taking bold steps in entering into different businesses. OF course, Manila Workshops, my main business and my main love, will still be bringing you quality workshops for next year. We, my husband and I, have already figured out though what our magic number is, so that we can retire at 45-50 years old. All we have to do is stick to our plan and I think everything will be okay.

For those couples, breadwinners, lolos and lolas, moms and dads, children, etc. who are still figuring things out in terms of managing their family finances and household budget and investments, the first Ready to Be Rich Workshop for next year is about Family Finances. It will be on January 11, 2014 and will be held at Insular Life Multi-Purpose Hall at the 12th Floor Insular Life Building in Makati City (Ayala Avenue corner Paseo De Roxas). This will be from 10AM to 4PM and it will be a very hands-on workshop.

Fam Fin - Jan 11

To be conducted by Fitz Villafuerte of Ready To Be Rich (
– Best Business Blog from the Philippine Blog Awards
– One of the Philippine’s most influential people in Personal Finance (Moneysense Magazine)

The learning investment is very affordable at:
Regular Rate: Php 1,500 per participant
Early Bird Rate (register & pay before January 1, 2014): Php 1,000 per participant
Couple Rate (bring along your spouse or partner): Php 2,000 per couple

To sign up, all you have to do is fill out the form below and then you will receive an email on how payments can be made. You can pay via BPI, UnionBank or Paypal.


Hope to see you there! 🙂

*The Family Finances Workshop is brought to you by Manila Workshops and the Ready To Be Rich Workshop Series