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Showing Tender Love & Care with Heaven Baby Diaper

I’m preparing for Baby Zeeka’s first birthday party already. I’ve decided to go DIY (do-it-yourself) on some of the things for her party to show my tender love & care. I love doing things for my baby, which takes a lot of time and effort (for example, I created a scrapbook for her, when I could easily just have had the pictures printed already in a pre-set layout). I mentioned my DIY idea for the party to a few people and some said that since it’s the first birthday party, I should go grand. I don’t know why some people associate making stuff by yourself as ‘pagtitipid’. Not because something is expensive, it’s better than some other alternative. Some ‘not so grand’ or ‘under-the-radar’ products can also be equally effective and can equally elicit the same response.

Heaven Baby Diapers

Heaven Baby Diapers

Heaven Baby Diapers: Total Leak Control System

Heaven Baby Diapers: Total Leak Control System

Like for example, I recently heard of this diaper brand called Heaven Baby Diaper. Have you heard of this brand? I saw it in Waltermart and found that it was cheaper than other brands. My baby’s size is large (sorry, I took a photo of the Medium) and for a Large pack of 24 pieces, it was priced at P186, so that is P7.75 per piece. The current one that I use is at Php 153 for 16 pieces per pack. That’s Php 9.56 per piece. That’s a lot of savings. You know how expensive it is to buy disposable diapers for a baby! That’s huge savings because my baby can consume around 6 diapers during the day and around 2 at night (during her sleep). If you compute that, you save at least Php 435 pesos in one month.

Zeeka in Heaven Baby Diapers

Heaven Baby Diaper has these features:

TLC or the Total Leak Control System: I tested it and it absorbs wetness and doesn’t leak. I only use it during the day. I tried to use it at night, but it’s best to go with more absorbable ones for night use.

Soft cottony cover: I tried it and my baby didn’t get any rashes. My baby has very sensitive skin and it’s amazing that with this brand, she was fine. Believe me! I tried other known brands and sometimes, my baby gets rashes with those brands. With this one, everything was fine and dandy!

Adjustable/magic tape: My baby has a cute little bulging tummy and she’s already 10 months now, so she really loves playing, crawling and trying to walk. With her active disposition, she really needs a diaper that fits comfortably. I love how Heaven Baby diapers fit her. They fit perfectly and she never cried about it.


Zeeka in Heaven Baby Diapers 2

As you can see, my baby loves the comfort that Heaven Baby Diapers give. In the little things that I do and buy for Zeeka, even if it’s not that expensive, I try to show my tender love & care. I believe that being practical should not be associated with how much you love a person. Sometime the little things or those that are made from the heart are those that matter the most!

Mommy Ginger’s First Anniversary: Giving Back to Society

I can’t believe it that Mommy Ginger is already 1 year old this January. I’m actually very proud of what this site has accomplished in such a short time. In just one year, this site got a page rank 1 from Google (which normally takes years), an Alexa ranking of 2,660 in the Philippines (that means, i’m the 2660th site in our country among the millions of websites) and 480,218 in the world. For our social media pages, I got more than 4000 fans in Facebook, 745 in Twitter and 1100+ in Instagram.

And I owe it to all of you who continuously support my blog  and to the Lord up above. I thank Him for all of these achievements and blessings. Like any one, the past year for my blog has been filled with ups and downs — days when I’m inspired to write and days when I don’t feel like writing at all because of problems that beset me. But what keeps me going is the thought that I get to help others by sharing my own experiences, which I learned from and which I hope you, readers, will find value in.

WAHMderful Year Starter

with Moomymusings' Glaiza and Touringkitty's Em :)

with Moomymusings’ Glaiza and Touringkitty’s Em 🙂

With, I have met other mom bloggers and have gained a lot of new friends. I have also gained friends from the brands, sponsors and PR agencies that I have worked with. I have shared with you bits and pieces about my life and I have taken you with me as I journeyed through how I dealt with situations as a new mom to Zeeka. I hope you enjoyed the ride with me!

I also got to discover who I am and what Mommy Ginger wants to achieve this year and in the next few years. I want to give back to society, and I plan to do that by coaching as many women entrepreneurs and mompreneurs as possible.

I believe that there are a lot of women out there who are actually cut out to be entrepreneurs. They want to become one but don’t know how to be one. Mommy Ginger, through this site and through coaching sessions and through some workshops under the WAHMderful Life series, plans to help you achieve your dream of becoming an entrepreneur!


For this anniversary, I am raffling off three 1-time coaching sessions to three lucky individuals. This coaching session is the first out of my 5 part coaching session that I conduct with entrepreneurs. A coaching session lasts 90 minutes and it will be at CBTL Burgos Circle at your preferred schedule. All you have to do is follow the rafflecopter steps below.

Aside from this initiative of giving back to the society helping develop successful mompreneurs and women entrepreneurs, I also asked the support of some brands to give back to our society. This January, instead of having a big blog contest with lots of prizes, Mommy Ginger has opted to ask for donations of Vitameal bags for the Nourish the Children Foundation from advertisers, partners and mompreneur friends. A bag of Vitameal can provide for 30 meals for these starving children especially those affected by Typhoon Yolanda. Here are some information about Vitameal: Vitameal Fact Sheet

Here are the brands that donated and helped me help the children affected by Typhoon Yolanda:

email logo



Little Miss Belle



I am truly thankful for the support that these brands have given. Thank you for making Mommy Ginger’s first year anniversary a fruitful one. For those brands, mompreneurs and mom bloggers who still want to donate, you can contact me at ginger(at)mommyginger(dot)com. Let’s keep the donations coming.

To those who want to join the raffle for the FREE coaching sessions with Mommy Ginger, just follow these steps in Rafflecopter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


This giveaway will end on February 14, 2014. Winner will be drawn on Valentine’s day!

Thank you, thank you so much for all your support and I hope that you continue to read my blog!



Panadol Philippine Launch 2014: 5 Minutes Matter

I have had back pains since a week ago. I went to an event yesterday and I found out that over 5 out of ten Filipinos suffered from muscle pains in the last three months. Also, like my husband, 7 out of 10 suffer from regular headaches. This is probably the reason why Paracetamol is well known in our country. We need something to ease the pain right away and in the event that I attended, I realized that 5 minutes matter. Do you know that in terms of volume / sales, Paracetamol ranks second to vitamins. What I look for when I look for analgesics is it must be fast acting. It’s a good thing that Panadol will be launched in the Philippines this February.

2014-01-24 12.40.16

2014-01-24 11.24.10

Panadol 0002

Panadol 0018

Panadol 0009

Panadol 0003

Panadol is a paracetamol based analgesic that can provides fast, effective temporary relief of pain and discomfort. So if you have headaches, backpains, cold and flu symptoms, cramps from your period, toothache etc., you can take Panadol. It is one of the world’s leading paracetamol-based pain relievers which is sold in more than 85 countries.

Panadol 0011

During the launch, it was highlighted that Panadol is the only brand that uses the technology called Optizorb. Optizorb is a disintegration system that releases the medicine into the bloodstream in just 5 minutes. It is then dispersed to the body through the blood stream in 12.9 minutes. This is really faster than other paracetamol drugs in the market.

Panadol 0016

Panadol 0019

Panadol 0022

Panadol 0023

“Pain is one of the greatest personal, social and economic burdens faced by people around the world,” said John Sayers, President Consumer Healthcare, Asi, Pacific and Latin America, GlaxoSmithKline. He says that Panadol will help achieve GSK’s commitment to help people do more, fell better and live longer.

When I released my live tweets of the event, I was surprised to find out that a lot of my friends were already using Panadol, and they got to purchase it from other countries. I guess you’ll all be happy to know that starting February, it will be available in all leading drugstores nationwide. Panadol comes in a dispenser box of 10s and it is priced at Php 32.

A Sunshine Award for a Brighter Day!

I was nominated by my friend, Glaiza from . I actually didn’t know what it was until I read her post. It seemed fun to join, so I did!


What is the Sunshine Award?

I think it was created by bloggers as a way to brighten up each other’s day, and to recognize each other’s well-done blogging work.

What are the rules?

Answer 11 questions with random facts about yourself asked by your nominee.
Forward the recognition by choosing 11 other blogs and ask the bloggers 11 questions about themselves.

Now, here are the answers to Glaiza’s questions! 🙂

What do you think of my blog,
I love that you are always very personal when you write. I love reading your entries. I also think that you really put effort and time in writing your articles. Keep it up, Mommy Glaiza!

What do love most about blogging? Any favorite blog post?
What I love most about blogging is that I get to share my personal experiences with people and I get to help those who want to become entrepreneurs by just sharing what I know and practice. Hmm, a favorite blog post? That’s a tough one. It’s usually hard when it’s your own writing that you choose from.

I guess, I would have to say that it would be my first post, where I share my reason for blogging:
A Love Letter to Zeeka

My other favorite is The Big Leap: My Story which shares the story of how I became a WAHM / mompreneur.

What is the sweetest reward for you as a mommy blogger?
The sweetest reward would be more time spent with my daughter. Who doesn’t want more family time? I get to spend the whole day with Zeeka and I wouldn’t trade that for anything else.

If you are not blogging, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?
I love strolling around BGC and going to coffee shops. I just love going out. I can’t stand being in front of the computer the whole day. I need to get out at least an hour a day. I also love going on the treadmill. For some weird reason, I get to think clearly when I run or jog. I’m weird like that!

What are the five things that you don’t leave the house without?
1. Iphone and Iphone charger (I always run out of battery) — does that count as two? (it does probably =P)
2. Pen and Paper (again, two items BUT they go hand in hand)
3. Obviously, my wallet
4. a hanky (I have rhinitis… :<)
5. Comb and my goody pony tail

Name one thing that you consider to be a mommy-must-have.
With a baby? A nursing cover
With and Without a baby? A pen and paper. I usually need it for ‘something’ — something just comes up.

My husband and I are movie buffs; and watching films together is our bonding moment. What activities do you enjoy doing with your partner?
Same here! We love watching movies and downloads!

What is your ultimate guilty pleasure?
I’m not an endorser but I super love a tub of Chef Tony’s Jalapeno Cheddar popcorn. I would kill for these! I can eat a whole tub in one sitting.

What is the best advice did you receive when you became a mom?
Hmmm, respect your children (even when they are just babies). They are people, too.

What is your parenting style? Are you a spoiler or a disciplinarian?
I think i’m a little bit of both. I think you can’t ‘fully’ be one or the other.

Do you believe in the saying, “spare the rod, spoil a child”? What is your view of spanking?
I believe in not hurting a child. I haven’t thought about how I am going to discipline Zeeka yet, but I would love to avoid anything violent and physical.

For my Sunshine Award, I am giving this back to these amazing mom bloggers:
1. Neva (
2. Martine (
3. Frances (
4. Patty (
5. Fleur (
6. Cai (
7. Michelle (
8. Tina (
9. Nikki (
10. Michelle (
11. Toni (

Now for my questions:

1. This January, I would like to learn more about my brand and I would like to know people’s perception about me. When you think of Mommy Ginger (as a person or as a brand), how do you see her? Give me three words or adjectives that would clearly describe Mommy Ginger 🙂

2. Also, for this year, my one word is health. With this, I would love to share tips on how to be healthy and how your kids can be healthy. Can you help me? Share one tip on on to be healthy.

3. I’m just curious…until when will you blog? Is it something that you see yourself doing forever?

4. My mission as a blogger is to help mompreneurs start their own businesses while balancing time for family and for themselves. How about you? What is your blogging mission? What do you want to accomplish by blogging?

5. What is your best blog entry? (sorry, copied this from Glaiza, because I really want to read your best blog entry)

6. If you were to convince someone to blog, what would you tell them.

7. Who are your blogging idols?

8. How do you see yourself 5 years from now?

9. What’s the best thing about having children?

10. If you had the ability to change anything in the world, what would you change?

11. What is your best achievement so far? What are you proud of? 🙂

Have a Happy Day!

There! I really thought about these questions so I hope you enjoy answering them. Looking forward to reading all of your answers! 🙂


Mompreneur Ives Lim-Esteban of Halo Philippines

I’ve met a few mommies in the Philippines who are advocates of different causes. One of these moms is Ives Lim – Esteban, who is an advocate of safe sleep for babies. Let’s read more about her.


2. Family

I am a yuppie turned mommy. I used to work for a multi-national FMCG before becoming a full time “momtreprenuer”. I am madly in love with 3 men – my husband of 6 years, and my two boys aged 3 and 1. It was not until 2 years after marriage that a baby came into our lives. I thought I was perfectly happy being married to the love of my life. But becoming a mom changed me in so many ways. A little someone entered my life and took up more room in my heart than I knew I had. When I first held him, I already knew that I’d do anything for him. With him came a fierce sense of protection, an instinct. I vowed to give only the best and safest for my baby. And this led me to discover HALO. The rest, as they say, is history.

Interview with Ives Lim – Esteban of Halo Philippines:

Ginger: What is your brand/business? What is it about? How long have you been in business?

Ives: Halo Philippines is the Philippine distributor of the award-winning HALO® SleepSack®, a wearable blanket that replaces loose blankets that can cover a baby’s face and interfere with breathing. Aside from keeping babies safe, it is also a cozy blanket little ones can’t kick off. This prevents a baby from catching cold (and getting sick), thus ensuring a better night’s sleep.

Halo is the #1 trusted brand in the market today. Not just by moms, but by doctors as well. It is the only brand used by over 1,200 US hospitals and NICUs, which says a lot about the quality and safety of our products.
3.  Safe Sleep Starts with Halo

Ginger: Who is your market?

Ives: We have sizes for newborns up to 5 year olds. Infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers are most vulnerable to accidents during sleep. On top of this, these are the critical years of brain and body development, where healthy sleep plays a vital role. Providing a safe and healthy sleeping environment is therefore the single biggest thing parents can do to help their babies get a good start in life.

4. Best Shower Gift

5. Halo SleepSack Collage

Ginger: How did you come up with this idea? What made you decide to start this kind of business?

Ives: My love affair with HALO began when my first baby was born. I discovered that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the use of wearable blankets to prevent Sudden Infant Death (SIDS), and found so many five star reviews recommending HALO.

I soon realized through my own usage that the HALO SleepSack is among the best investments a new mom can make. The product paid for itself two times over, considering how my baby wore it every day. It is made with such quality that my son’s original sleepsack has been handed down to two other babies, and still does its amazing job! Beyond that, the peace of mind this product brings is PRICELESS. I know that my baby is protected by the safest, non-toxic materials as he sleeps. I see my baby getting sounder sleep, which is critical for his physical and mental development. I sleep better too, knowing that he can’t kick it off and suffocate or catch cold / get sick even if he tosses and turns all night!

Sadly, many Filipinos are still unaware of how simple safe sleep practices can protect their babies. That is why I made it my mission to spread the safe sleep advocacy and make HALO’s quality products more accessible to Filipino parents.

6. Halo SleepSack

7. Trusted by 1000 Hospitals

Ginger: Were there any obstacles that you faced when you decided to pursue becoming a mompreneur? What are these?

Ives: Our biggest obstacle is a low public awareness on safe sleep in our country. In most first world countries, it is the government that pushes for safe sleep education. There are even laws in the US that mandate hospitals to orient new parents about safe sleep practices before discharge.

Unfortunately, such is not the case in our country, so parents may not appreciate that safe sleep could mean life or death for a baby. Indeed, it is heartbreaking to hear stories of Filipino babies who died or almost died because of unsafe sleep (and I have heard too much of these stories not to act on it!). I hope that through our advocacy, and the support of fellow safe sleep advocates, we can help Filipino babies sleep safer.

8. Halo Public Service Reminder

Ginger: What are three traits that you think a mompreneur should have when starting their own business?

Passion, integrity, and genuine concern for others. Do not short-change your clients with mediocre products. Your clients deserve only the best and safest products possible. Word will spread and the numbers will follow.

Ginger: Any unforgettable lesson that you learned as a Mompreneur?

Ives: I have learned to trust in God’s abundance. I am amazed at the windows and doors He has opened for me through this work and advocacy. He has blessed me through the people I meet, and the opportunities that come my way. Grateful!

Ginger: What advice can you give other Mompreneurs?

Ives: Being a mompreneur means finding the right balance between work and family. Learn to set limits; learn to shift priorities, so that you can find fulfilment in work and still let your family feel that they are just as important (if not more) than anything else in your life!

Ginger: Thank you so much, Ives! I hope that a lot of people become aware of the danger of SIDS and how practiving safe sleep can help them.

Halo Philippines Contact information:
Email address:
Mobile Number: 09228730910
Facebook Page: halophilippines
Twitter account: @halophilippines
Instagram: @halophilippines

First Time Parents: What to Know Before Giving Birth Workshop (Giveaway)

Are you pregnant? It’s amazing that nowadays, pregnant couples really look for workshops and lectures where they can learn more about being pregnant and what to expect before, during and after pregnancy.

Manila Workshops, Medela Moms, Inc. and Stemcord will be having the first workshop for 2014 under the First Time Parents Series on January 25, 2014. This workshop series aims to help first time parents or even the “experienced-yet-need-refreshers” parents to help them to go through topics on pre-birth, delivery and new born care and toddler care. The workshop on January 25, 2014 will be WHAT TO KNOW BEFORE GIVING BIRTH.

It will be a half day workshop from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM that will discuss these topics:

What to Expect During your OB check-ups and visits
Pain Management
Pregnancy Nutrition
Cord Blood Banking

First Time Parents What to Expect Before Giving Birth

Other sponsors will be Kooky Loopy, Cycles, St. Patrick and Mommy Treats. Some of these brands will be giving away surprises for the attendees!

The learning Fee is at Php 1000 per couple. You can pay via BPI, UnionBank or Paypal. FREE Learning Circle Cards will also be given to the paying participants. The Manila Workshops Learning Circle Card entitles one to 10% discount to all workshops for 2014.

Great news! Mommy Ginger will be giving away free seats to 5 couples! All you have to do is do the steps in Rafflecopter 🙂

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway will run from today until the 22nd of January! Hurry and sign up!

For those who want to attend, here is the form:

My Gift to the Philippines

I stopped for a while and thought about it. What can I give the Philippines? I haven’t really thought about the answer to this question, but Globe, with its new campaign called Project Wonderful 2014 (#GLOBEProjectWonderful2014), challenged me. It seemed like one of those trick questions with a simple answer. I grin at the thought that my husband would probably say ‘I AM my own gift to the Philippines.’ Yes, he would say that. My husband is very funny and charming.

But as for me, it took days before I could actually come up with this post. It’s day 15 to be exact. I started looking through my life list, but everything seemed to be a good gift. I needed something great, and something that would have tangible results. As you can see, corporate training has really rubbed off on me. Everything needs to be measurable. But I really wanted for this ‘gift’ (whatever it was) to be something others will see and share so that it will have a multiplier effect.

After days of thinking, I realized that I was doing everything that was inline with our family mission (yes, we do have a family mission):

Be a family that will spread knowledge through various media to help people grow and achieve their goals in life.

I know, who has a family mission, in this day and age, right? But yes, we do. Ej and I came up with this mission back in 2010. It was in our minds that if ever we do have kids in the future, all of the things that we do in our lives has to help us achieve this mission. So with this, my gift to the Philippines is knowledge and the jumpstart to become entrepreneurs.

We don’t claim to know everything there is to know about living or about starting a business, but we thought that we could be mediators or connectors. In the past 4 years of my life (or probably even longer than that since I never really intentionally had any mission prior to 2010), most of the things that I have been doing was with the end goal of helping others learn or helping get news across.

Blogging. We have been blogging for 6 years now and our blogs, Manila Reviews, Manila Fitness, and Mommy Ginger have been avenues for us to share the great things about the Philippines. It has been an avenue where we promote good health, and it has been an avenue where I share knowledge and experiences about parenting and being a work-at-home-mom and a mompreneur. To some, blogging may be just some form of media, but for us, its a tool for us where we can share our knowledge and even other people’s experiences; thus, we get to help others achieve their goals in life. I’m grateful that, nowadays, I can blog even out of the comfort of my home using my mobile phone and my trusty Globe connection.

Family finances Jan 11

Workshops. We have been conducting workshops since 2012. It all started when I was still employed with a bank in the metropolis. I was a product manager, and although the job helped me pay my bills and the people were great, I was looking for fulfillment. I wanted to do so much more for the community — for the Philippines and eventually, for the world. I thought about creating workshops where experts in their fields can impart their knowledge to others and the end goal was to see these attendees achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. The tagline for my brand, Manila Workshops, is ‘Turning your entrepreneurial dreams into reality!‘. I love doing this because every time I get to hold and arrange a workshops, I get to see the happy faces of the attendees after. Also, I see their confidence in achieving more for themselves.

I believe that for a more stable economy, new businesses are important. These businesses provide employment for those who don’t have jobs. A lot of people (name it — new graduates, moms like me, dads, retirees, etc.) want to open their own businesses but don’t know where to start. This is where we come in.

In 2012, I got to hold 6 workshops. In 2013, I got to create 33 workshops. This 2014, I have 58 workshops in the pipeline and that number is significant because it means that we will be helping more people reach their dreams this 2014 (Full disclosure though that not all are directly related to opening a business. We also have parenting workshops).

Creating workshops entail time, effort and resources. I would very much want to conduct a free workshop every month about mompreneurship/entrepreneurship for our countrymen. I know that there are people who really want to go into business and I’d love to help them. This is my dream and wish for 2014. If Globe can help me achieve this, I will be so glad.

How about you? What is your wish/gift for the Philippines? Do comment below and get a chance to win an iPad Mini 2 if my entry gets chosen as the winning entry. I hope that you can share this article and please don’t forget to use #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014.

Smile and achieve your dreams this 2014!

Hot Hubby or a Sexy Wife

I’m sipping my green tea over ice at Starbucks. I ordered it because I felt that green tea is healthier than ordering iced chocolate. I have not researched it yet and I need to look for clinical studies to back it up. On another note, do you know that Starbucks serves veggie sticks and oatmeal already? I am elated. Finally, other healthy choices that I could order.

These past few weeks have made me more conscious and deliberate about making healthy choices. And it’s not about eating well only. For example, every time, I would go to a meeting, I would open my Endomondo app to see how many calories I would burn if I walked instead of took a cab (i would pick the former since I set a goal of burning more calories this January).

All of these things I do because I want to become healthier (and being sexy follows… It’s a side effect). My husband started his journey earlier. He started with making right choices and taking The Right Approach to fitness. The right approach is a regimen that we follow. I urged him to take it since I was worried about his health.

We, wives/mothers and girlfriends, are (I believe) the best friends, motivators, counselors, muses nurses and even personal trainors of our men. It’s a big role that we play, and definitely a role that we play with love and respect. We know that the men in our lives make us whole. As Tom Cruise would say, ‘you complete me’; we know that they complete us. We love them for being great providers. We love them for just being there as a shoulder to cry on when we feel the world is against us. We love them for just being who they areand for constantly being patient with all of our mood swings.

I don’t know about you but this were all the reasons that I needed to take on my role as an adviser to tell him to take his health seriously. I am no nagger (you can ask my hubby). When it came to his health though and asking him to lose weight, I was a little bit more annoying. Yes, i admit, this topic came up more than a dozen of times and it wasn’t because i wanted a hot hubby (although, I admit, that would make our lives MORE interesting *winks*), but it was more for his health.

He was constantly having migraines. He would have them almost everyday since a bad attack would last two days. He would vomit a lot. He would stay in bed the whole day and the worst part is if he had it on weekends, when he was supposed to spend it with Zeeka, our daughter. I became worried. I didn’t want it to be other than migraine so just to be sure, I urged him to get an MRI. Thank God, the results were normal and it was just migraine.

That was he time I asked him to take care of his health and go on a no starvation and ‘eat more to lose more’ diet. We took his initial stats and it showed that he had a viceral fat percentage of 12%. Viceral fat, for those who don’t know, is the fat surrounding the organs. It’s hard to lose that kind of fat (compared to subcutaneous fat, which is he fat near the skin). The normal viceral fat % is 5% and below.

After undergoing the regimen for one month, we were happy that his migraines were less frequent (close to gone) and his viceral fat was down to 10%. He also lost 12 pounds and his stats indicated that he gained muscle % and loss body fat %.

This is how my hot hubby looks now:

20140112-124914.jpgI know I am not one who’s fond of before and after pictures, but I am just so proud of my husband. This photo is not photoshop-ed as you all know i’m a photoshop dummy. These pictures are as raw as they could get with my hubby wearing the same shirt.

My hubby is as stubborn as hell and it would most likely that stars would fall than me convince him to diet and exercise, so I was shocked that he agreed to undergo this program. I guess he also realized that health is the most important gift that he could give his family. I am proud of his achievement and excited for my results. I started with the program last week and i have 3 more weeks to go.

Are you and your husband/boyfriend ready to yake this fitness challenge with us? Do you care enough about each other’s well-being and are you ready to make 2014 you fitest year ever? Let’s chat over coffee or juice so that we can share this regimen with you! Pm me on Facebook, email me at ginger(at) or leave a comment below and let’s meet!

All of us can be a hot hubby or a sexy wife to our spouses! Let all achieve a healthy 2014!