Adjustment in SSS and Philhealth Contributions

Have you heard about this, guys, especially those who are giving voluntary contributions to SSS and Philhealth? There is an increase of what we need to pay for our contributions.

We all now have to pay 11% (from 10.4%) of our income and this ruling is effective January 2014. For those who are employed, the employee pays for the 3.63% and the employer shoulders the 7.37%.

SSS Contributions table 2014

Image from SSS website

Image from SSS website

The maximum salary credit will also increase to P16,000/month.

For our kasambahays, mommies, those with a salary of Php 2500 will have to contribute Php 275. The whole amount of Php 275 will be shouldered by us, their employers. Those with kasambahays who are paid higher than Php 5000 will have to pay accordingly based on the table above and follow the employee/employer share. 🙂

So what does this mean for our benefits? Well, SSS says that the sickness, maternity and other benefits will also  increase as the average daily salary credit will also go up. SSS also mentioned that pension and salary loans may also go up with the increase in contribution but it will still have to go through board approval.

For more information, check this link:

Aside from SSS, Philhealth also increased their rates. Here is a table from

Philhealth 2014 rates

So there you go, readers! Do adjust your budget for these already 🙂

A Drop Dead Healthy Lady

I’m reading this book entitled Drop Dead Healthy by A.J. Jacobs. The book is about the quest of the author to become as healthy as man can ever be. It tells of his escapades on trying different diets, exercise regimen, etc. It is just so hilarious! I have just started reading it last week and I can’t put it down. The author reminded me so much of my husband, EJ (they even have rhyming names).

Drop Dead Healthy

My husband is a funny guy and his witty remarks and geeky appearance (I even met him when he had braces) are his charm. He’s 5’10” and 187 pounds. He actually has thin limbs which makes him look just right, but like most men in the Philippines, he has a big belly. I have always wanted him to be more conscious about his weight and I also have always wanted him to be more active, but again, like most men in our country, the calling of digital devices (games, etc.) is just too hard to resist. He’d rather just lie on the couch and read than go on the treadmill with me.

It was then quite a surprise that he agreed to take on the challenge of being healthier with me this 2014 (take note, I didn’t say thinner). Yes, both of us want to be healthier. We want to live healthy lives so that we could live longer to see our grand kids in the future. Both of us agreed to achieve the following:

A. Be more active – I have a goal of going on the treadmill at least three times a week. Ej has his own goal to walk around more when time permits. I realize that I can’t expect the same thing from him since we’re individually used to different things, so any effort on his part to ‘move more’ is greatly appreciated.

B. Eat healthier – We vow to eat healthier. Nope, we won’t go on any special type of diet. We just agreed to eat a balanced meal everytime and to avoid the food that we need to avoid. We plan to follow the recommended food portions with lots of vegetables and fruits (sources of fiber), carbohydrates and protein sources in one meal. We plan to avoid junk food (chocolate, chips, pastries, fast food, etc.) and avoid food that is deep fried. We plan to drink at least 8 glasses of water. The diet that we follow is really simple when you think about it. I’ll tell you more about it on my next posts.

C. Take vitamins and supplements – Humans cannot actually take all the needed vitamins by our body through food intake. This is the reason why we need vitamins. I just religiously started taking vitamins and supplements again and I am taking this.


it’s called LifePak and I like it because I feel more energetic and I think it increased my metabolism. The other thing I noticed was that I don’t lose as much hair anymore. I’m still breastfeeding so I have lots and lots of falling hair. Aside from this multi-vitamins, we are also taking supplements that assist us in maintaining our healthy regimen (food intake) and helps hasten metabolism. Just email me at ginger(at)mommyginger(dot)com if you want to learn more about these vitamins.

Ej started his journey even before Christmas. I started with my journey to a drop dead healthy body just yesterday. I actually can’t wait to lose 20 pounds and to feel healthier. My goal is really to achieve the body and the fitness level that I had when I was still in College. Impossible? I don’t believe so. I believe that everything is possible!

I weighed myself yesterday using a Karada scanner and these were my stats:

Ginger's Stats Pre-Diet

My goal is basically to lose 10 kg within the first quarter of this year (from 64.9 kg to 54.9 kg). How about you? What are your fitness goals for 2014? Let’s journey together!




Wishing You a Successful and Healthy 2014!

Hurray! I had time to squeeze writing my year-ender post for 2013. Looking back on this past year, I have so many things that I am thankful for.

– To top my list (obviously), I am thankful for the birth of my firstborn (Zeeka) earlier this year. We have waited for this blessing and we are truly grateful for having her in our lives.

The love of my life, Zeeka

The love of my life, Zeeka

– I am thankful for good health. Even if I had dengue and Zeeka had the hand-foot-mouth disease early September this year, we all overcame these diseases and viruses. The best part is that our HMO covered all of the hospital expenses for my dengue. I’m glad that nothing serious happened to any of us!

– I am thankful for all business opportunities. In 2013, the Manila Workshops team got to pull through and implement 33 workshops (which was more than I expected!). Also, I got to launch two businesses, Kooky Loopy, a clothing brand for children and Memory Crafters, an event planning business for Children’s parties (which will undergo a lot of changes in 2014…so watch out for these). I am grateful also for new ‘sidelines’ that I will be pursuing this 2014 (all in line with my dream of helping others start their own businesses and helping them achieve a healthier lifestyle).

– I am thankful for the chance to meet a lot of new people this year and the chance to help a lot of mompreneurs this year. I am grateful to have built great friendships along the way.

– I am thankful for the success of this blog despite just being launched in January 2013. I was actually surprised at the number of visitors that this blog gets. Thank you to my loyal readers and I promise that I won’t disappoint you. Looking forward to more great articles that I want to share with you all in 2014.

– I am thankful for all the beautiful memories, 2013!

I am very much excited for 2014! There are so many great things that I want for myself, for my family and for others. This 2014, most of the things that I will be doing will revolve around helping others achieve maximum health and achieve dreams of starting their own businesses. Why concentrate on these two areas? Because I, myself, will be concentrating on improving and working on these two aspects of my life.

For example, for Manila Workshops this year, we will be launching the Entrepreneurship Series. The workshops under these series will definitely help entrepreneurs and mompreneurs start and run their own businesses. Another project that I’m working on with a bunch of friends is a fitness application that we hope to launch this 2014. For this blog, I will continue to discover new mompreneurs and help them promote their businesses so please feel free to email or send me a message through this blog. Feel free to comment as often as you want!

These are just some samples of what I’ll be doing this 2014 in line with the two aspects that I want to concentrate on!

Happy New Year!

So from my family to yours, have a successful and healthy 2014!