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A Busy Weekend for Mommy Ginger!

I was surprised that today is actually the last day of the month of February. This month went by so swiftly. It was especially fast this week. It actually started moving so fast during the weekend. I was so busy during the past weekend. I was so busy from the Friday last week, where we at Manila Workshops had the first run of the Tax and Accounting Workshop (Topic was Ignored Business Costs) which was followed by the second session the next day (February 22), which was Taxes — Key things that you should know!

Tax -- Key things that you should know!

Tax — Key things that you should know!

That Saturday, the Manila Workshops team had to split into three since we had four workshops during that day. We had the Baby Nutrition and Dental Care Workshop in the morning. I had the time to go to Medela House in the morning to see how things were. We even had our family photo taken at the photo booth which was set up by Lotte Xylitol.

Mommy Ginger, Dada EJ and Baby Zeeka!

Mommy Ginger, Dada EJ and Baby Zeeka!

Although I wasn’t able to stay for the afternoon session, I would like to thank all of you who attended the Delivery and New Born Care session. I got to look at the pictures and I’m very thankful that a lot of you supported this workshop. I heard from Donna that the venue was jam packed!



















I’d like to thank our sponsors, too, for the Delivery and New Born Care workshop. Thank you for supporting, Stemcord Philippines (as always!). Thank you also to Cradle, Cycles, Cycles Sensitive, St. Patrick, Mommy Treats, Babies To Toddlers, King Sue and Beginnings. For those asking about the next run of the Delivery and New Born Care workshop, the next one will be on September 27, so watch out for that πŸ™‚

What I completely missed is the WAHMderful Life first Mastermind Class which was held at Mothercare Active Fun. I totally missed it because I had to set up for the Tax and Accounting Workshop. The topic for the first Mastermind class was How to Have the Heart of a wAHM. To those who expected it to be a workshop, masterminds actually have a different format. It’s really more of an intimate get together and sharing of thoughts. There is no speaker, but we are there mostly to facilitate the discussion. Martine was the first ‘facilitator’.

Mastermind Session 1: How to Have the Heart of a WAHM

Mastermind Session 1: How to Have the Heart of a WAHM

Check out more photos here:

Sunday was also a busy day for me. It usually is “just” Saturdays when I am booked with events and meetings, but last Sunday really started early. We (my family) woke up at 6 to accompany me to UP where I had a meeting with the STEPS PROJECT Team. I haven’t written about this advocacy yet, but I will introduce you to it this week. We had a team meeting as we were launching the advocacy this week.

Zeeka Chilling in UP with Mommy

Zeeka Chilling in UP with Mommy

Just stayed in UP for just two hours since I had to rush to Podium to set up for the first run (a lot of first runs this weekend) of the Money Smart Kids Workshop. I was really excited for this workshop. It was our first time to have children as the attendees. We would normally have the moms and dads, so I was really excited.

To check out the photos from this workshop, please visit our Facebook album:

The workshop was fun and I hope the kids enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed setting it up. Fitz and I really appreciate the time the parents and the kids took out from their Sunday “family time” schedule to be with us. We thank you too for your feedback and please do look forward to improvements and a better workshop for the next run!

Well, that was my weekend. It was pretty tiring! It actually continued on to this week, but that’s another story. How about you? How was your week? TGIF!

Invite and Backdrop Graphics for Little Miss Sunshine Themed Party

Happy Monday everyone! I’ve been really busy this weekend. I think I need to catch some ZZZZZ’s. I think I already have colds (boo!). Even if I’m not feeling too good today, I need to prepare for my little baby’s first birthday party two weeks from now.

At least, I have already sent invites (well, most of it to those who are invited). The invite is a very crucial part of announcing the theme and the details of your child’s party. It has to embody everything that should be expected when people attend the party. I’m so happy that I got to work with Artique. Artique is a small business of Mompreneur Angelica “Lique” Dimayuga.

Zeeka's Little Miss Invitation

Zeeka’s Little Miss Invitation

I got to interview her and this is how it went:

Ginger: During your first interaction with the client, what do you ask for?
Lique: When a client asks me to design an invitation, I ask them first if they have a party theme. If they don’t, I ask what colors they’d want to incorporate or a mood/character (ex: classic/formal, modern, chic etc.). I also ask if they have any peg or image(s) that they want to draw inspiration from. From there we get to establish a direction for the invitation design they’d want to have.

Ginger: How do you come up with ideas for graphics when clients go to you? What inspires you and how do you keep creative juices flowing?
Lique: Not all ideas come to me immediately. I develop inspiration simply by searching for related images on the internet. This takes a little time, depending on when the ideas hit me, you know? Like this one time when a client asked me for a shabby chic baptismal invite. I searched for “shabby chic” then popped up images of doilies, Cath Kidston works, pastel colors, potted flowers just to name a few. I get my creative juices flowing from there.

Ginger: Any tips on what works and what doesn’t work (for each one… invitations, backdrop for the stage, other decorations, etc.)
Lique: I don’t really have a solid tip for you here because I myself still do trial and error when it comes to what works and doesn’t work when it comes to the elements of the design: Colors, images, typeface, layout etc. But I will say this — Keep it Clean and Simple! Sometimes you get a load of “pretty”, “amazing” things when you search for images on the internet, but you cannot incorporate ALL of them into one invite, or backdrop etc. That’s why I give my clients 2 options of design layout so they can compare. One just isn’t enough πŸ™‚ And I do keep the layout Clean and Simple, something readable, not too “complicated” if you get what I mean.

Ginger: How do you choose the colors that work together?
Lique: Well, there’s really no process in choosing colors. Perhaps it’s a matter of how I developed myself into using colors that compliment each other. I’ve always loved art ever since I was little; I got it from my mother. For that reason, I took a Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Architecture in College. I guess from there I was “trained” to look at colors and see what works together and what doesn’t. I do love using contrasting colors to make a certain element pop out, like Teal and Orange, Blue and Yellow, Pink and Green. I also LOVE Design Seeds: or They draw inspiration of Color combinations from surroundings πŸ™‚

Ginger: What are the services that you can offer someone planning for a party?
Lique: I can do the graphics for anything related to the paryt. I can create invites, backdrops, etc.

Thank you, Lique! Just to share with everyone, here is the graphics for the customized styro backdrop that I will have made for Zeeka’s First Birthday Party.


To contact Artique, here are the details:

Hope you enjoyed my post today and I hope it helped you in planning for your children’s birthdays. Let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment below πŸ™‚

Prenatal Yoga and a Workshop from Babyland and Manila Workshops

This week, I hear about so many fitness activities catered to moms. Yesterday, I announced the Mom and Me: It’s Fun to be Fit with Mom and Me classes. Today, I’ll be sharing an activity that pregnant moms can engage it. These are Prenatal Yoga Classes plus a workshop for pregnant women from Babyland and Manila Workshops. The guest yoga instructor will be from Urban Ashram Yoga.


The prenatal yoga classes will be held at Spaces at Babyland Shaw. The session will begin with a workshop from 2:30 – 3:15pm. It will then be followed by a prenatal yoga class from 3:30 to 4:30 pm. The topics for the workshops will be:
March 8 – Breastfeeding
March 15 – Preparing your finances for your Baby
March 22 – Labor and Pain Management
March 29 – Baby Milestones

The rate per class is at Php 800 but if you take all four classes (which is ideal!), you pay only Php 3000 for the 4 classes.

These classes are sponsored by Moringana, Medela Moms, Inc. and Mamachows.

To sign up, please fill out this form:

See you at Babyland Shaw these sessions on prenatal yoga and workshops! πŸ™‚

Mom and Me: It’s Fun to be Fit with Mom and Me

I remembered blogging about this event last year and for this year, when I heard that they were running a fitness event for Moms and Kids, I really wanted to spread the news about it since my “one word” for this year is HEALTH. The Mom and Me: Fun To Be Fit event will be held this March.

Mom and Me Fun To Be Fit PR Poster

On March 1, there will be an interactive yoga class from Yoga+ from 12:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. and another yoga class from White Space Mind and Body Wellness Studio on March 15 from 12:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Make your way to Slimmers World on Mach 8 (9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.) in their Megamall branch and March 22 (9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.) in Trafalgar Makati branch for a fun and easy dance work out. Moms will also enjoy a signature Body Fat Analysis and Figure Consultation, Nutritional Counseling, Diamond Peel and a Slimming Treatment.

For those kids who love the water, swimming is a good exercise activity that they can do. Rounding up the Mom and Me Fun To Be Fit series is a swimming class with Coach Herman Brinas as hosted by The Legend Villas on March 29 (9:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.). Paddle, kick, and soak the sun, it’s a fun fitness activity for a Saturday afternoon.


Entrance Pass is only Php 350 good for mom/dad and one child per day. Participants get the chance to win in raffles and will receive a loot bag filled with treats.

I can’t wait to enjoy all of these activities with Zeeka when she grows up!

Mom and Me: Fun to Be Fit happens every Saturday of March – March 1, 8, 15, 22, and 29. For details and event tickets, go to Like and Follow Mom and Me at /mommyandmePH. This event is also supported by Citibank, Enercal Plus, Thor Productions, Malaya Living, Baby Magazine, Travelife Magazine, Circuit, Mom Center Philippines, and

Tax — Key Things to Know if You are a Mompreneur!

My friend and I were discussing the other day during the mompreneur meet up sponsored by Mommy Mundo about our accountants and what they do for us. Although, I did the legwork in registering my business and although I’m good with numbers and I like manipulating numbers for projections, I can’t seem to do the filing of my quarterly income tax. I do the filing of my monthly percentage tax, but not the quarterly reports and my book keeping. My accountant (who is a freelancer by the way from does all that for me. But when my friend, Mariel, mentioned that I could actually do even the quarterly reporting, I was inspired to learn more about how to do it.
Book keeping though will never be done by me. I want to understand how they fill out the journals and ledgers, but I think I would want to do it myself.

For some reading this, they might say, what the hell is she talking about?! I was like that before, allergic to the terms, names of forms, etc. There are so many forms to know about especially when you’re paying taxes in the Philippines, 0605, 2551, 1701, 1702, etc. What are all these numbers? What are all these forms?

Well, to help out mompreneurs (especially, but this is open to all entrepreneurs), Manila Workshops has created a series of Tax and Accounting workshops to help all of you understand taxes and accounting.

Tax and Accounting Classes

Tax and Accounting Classes

It’s a course where you can take all three classes (which will be really beneficial for you at Php 3000 for all three classes or you can choose to take two courses at Php 2500 or 1 at Php 1500. I highly suggest though that you take at least the second one if you really want to learn about taxation and paying the right taxes here in the Philippines.

Project 39 Accounting and Tax Poster_about the courses

As a momprenuer, even if we are just a sole proprietor or even if we just want to learn in the hopes of really doing our taxes by ourselves in the future, it’s always nice to have someone help us. We can’t all be superwomen and the world understands that. We can be everything to everyone and our business will not grow if we just have ‘ourselves’ to rely on. We need other people to help us like accountants, etc. Even if we have people who are willing to help us, we still need to know our business’ ins-and-outs.

So, with this, I hope to see all of you there and after this, I would like to hear that you’ve finally understood taxes and accounting!

Sign up here!

Anti Amoy Pawis for Zeeka Baby Kulit (Lactacyd Giveaway)

I’m so tired. It’s probably since I haven’t been getting enough rest lately. My baby has been so hyper and what’s worse is that the height of her ‘kakulitan’ is in the evening. I don’t get to work and I feel less productive now that she can understand the things happening around her. She’s in the stage where she always wants to be with me and be cuddled by me (although I think that stage may really last for years). This is how she is in the evening.

Although she’s still my baby, she’s now my Zeeka Baby Kulit. Most of the time she smells like a baby, but little by little, I notice that she perspires a lot and is ‘amoy pawis’ at times. She she takes a bath twice a day and yet, she still smells at certain times of the day.

That’s where I’m thankful that we use Lactacyd. My baby has sensitive skin, which she got from me. For those who know me, they’ll tell you that I easily get red spots on my skin (even if I just carry my bag or take a bath), which goes away after a few minutes. We trust Lactacyd since it’s very mild and natural. When Zeeka was smaller, we used this.

Lactacyd Baby Bath

Lactacyd Baby Bath

But we recently shifted to this…

Baby Zeeka using Lactacyd Toddler Tubs

Zeeka is turning one this coming March so I already shifted to this product. The Lactacyd Toddler Tubs has the same active ingredients as with LBB (Lactoserum and Lactic Acid) with added moisturizers. The moisturizers locks in freshness all day and keeps active and growing toddlers protected all day. And that is the reason why I shifted to this product — to keep Zeeka Baby Kulit Anti Amoy Pawis all throughout the day/

Lactacyd toddler tubs

The two variants of Lactacyd Toddler tubs are Bubbles (baby fresh scent) and Splash (fruity scent). So if you want your baby to stay fresh and smell fresh all day long, wash your kid right with Lactacyd Toddler Tubs for anti-amoy pawis skin protection.

Anti Amoy Pawis Campaign

For those who want their children be anti amoy pawis everyday, get the chance to win these products.
Lactacyd products

All you have to do is follow the steps in the rafflecopter widget below and at the end of the contest, we will choose 3 winners who will each receive Lactacyd giftpacks.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway will run from February 13 to February 27 πŸ™‚ Winners will be announced and emailed on Feb. 28, 2014.

For more information about the product, do join Mums and Tubs Baby Care Club. Click HERE to join! Follow @mumsandtubsclub in Twitter, too! Goodluck!

Encouraging Kids to Learn about Money — Money Smart Kids!

My mom’s so cute! We were having a discussion about Zeeka’s party and we were suddenly discussing about Zeeka’s future. I told her that I opened a mutual fund account for Zeeka’s future. She was insisting that that wasn’t enough. She was telling me that I should open a passbook account for Zeeka so that I can write down line-by-line where the money came from and from whom, so that when she grows up, she’ll know where the money came from. I told her that I already had an excel file, but she insisted that writing it down was different. She’s so cute because that’s such an ‘old school’ method. So anyway, I got a passbook.

I didn’t really grow up in a house where money and how it works was taught to me. I think I just figured it out. We were never really taught how to invest and if we did (invest), I think my parents did that for us. The concept of interest wasn’t really explained to me. I think I only knew about it when I was graduating from college, etc. I didn’t have a credit card and was only exposed to the concept of debt when I was in College.

I think what I’m thankful for was that early on, I was taught the basic concepts (even if investing, interest and debt) were not explained to me. I saw that my parents had to work to earn to buy what they want. I wasn’t really spoiled by my parents. Even if we were living a comfortable life, I never asked (and abused) for money to buy what I want. I don’t think I threw a tantrum even just for my parents to buy me toys (I know because my mom always tells everyone that we were well-behaved children). I guess it’s because we were both girls, too! πŸ™‚

For Zeeka, I know that I will expose her to the concept of earning and saving early on. I want her to realize that money does not grow on trees, even if we wish they did. I want her that working smart is the best way to earn money (rather than working hard). I have a lot of lessons that I want to teach her, and hopefully, she’ll be happy, contented, rich with wealth and blessings and healthy when she grows up.

Fitz Villafuerte of Ready to be Rich and I came up with the idea of teaching children, ages 6-12 the concepts of earning, banking, saving, etc. so we came up with this workshop called Money Smart Kids.

Money Smart Kids Logo

I am so excited for this workshop since there will be a lot of activities. We have cute materials and even role playing to explain the different concepts. We’d like to thank Mothercare Philippines who has been kind enough to sponsor the venue for this event. This event will be on Feb. 23, Sunday at Mothercare, Level 3, Podium. From 11:30 am to 2:30 pm.

Money Smart Kids poster

We hope that you can join this workshop with your child. We are requiring that the child must be accompanied by a guardian so that both of them can go through the activities together.

To sign up, plesae fill out this form:

See you at the Money Smart Kids Workshop!

Built — Making it work for you and your Baby!

The thing about being a mompreneur is that your house becomes the main storage area for all your businesses. Late last year, I contacted Kat Ong, a professional organizer from and I agreed to contact her after we have our garage sale (was set last December). I said that she would probably find it easier after I got to sell things that I wanted to let go. I did sell a lot of stuff, but ‘new’ stuff came in and the ‘situation’ of my home is a bit ‘messier’ than it was during the time that I contacted her. She mentioned in her email “Costs depends on the situation of a space. I’d have to see the place first and do an assessment, interview you and take photos – all kept confidential”. I didn’t get back to her because I feel I’m not ready for her to fix the place. She might fix it then I’d just mess it up after a week (saying naman!). So Kat, if you’re reading this, I’m so sorry! I might fail you after.

Check out a few photos of our place, which used to be a beautiful and peaceful sanctuary. It’s still beautiful (in my eyes), but now with more character, especially with Zeeka in the picture.

When I was talking with my interior designer when the house was first built, I wanted things that were both functional and stylish. As you know, our home is not huge so we wanted everything to be functional and beautiful. She was successful in giving us what we wanted, but that was four years ago and that was before we had our daughter in the picture.

I’m like any other mom who loves looking at beautifully decorated spaces, well taken pictures and amazingly shot OOTDs on Pinterest. I am amazed at how moms, like me, can actually keep their houses tidy as if they were pulled out from a magazine. I am amazed at how a scene with them carrying a baby can look so picture perfect just like how celebrities would look while carrying their babies. I am amazed at how neatly they pack things into a diaper bag and everything seems so organized.

Looking at what makes it (the picture) all work are actually products that help moms like us feel like things can still be beautiful and functional for you and your baby. These products are made by BUILT.


BUILT, founded by Aaron Lown and John Roscoe Swartz, has already been in the industry for 10 years. BUILT is actually a product innovation company. Their goal is to make products that are effortless in use, delightful to experience, distinctive in appearance, and ingenious in design. I fell in love with this brand for the first time when I bought its one bottle wine tote before as a gift. I loved the design of their neoprene totes.
Most of their products are made from Neoprene, since it’s durable (tear, heat and water-resistant). It’s reusable and highly protective (can absorb the shock of everyday handling). It also insulates up to 4 hours and is light weight and machine washable.


I was happy to find out that they are now creating products for babies, too. All current baby and lunch products are BPA Free and Latex Free. I was most impressed by the Station Convertible Diaper Bag (Php 5950). It’s actually a diaper bag that transforms to become a changing area for baby.

2014-02-06 12.10.16

2014-02-06 12.09.54

– Made from neoprene (the wetsuit material)
– Tested for FDA food safety, lead safety and phthalates
– PVC, BPA, latex and vinyl free
– Unzips to convert to an integrated changing station with a removable and machine washable changing pad
– Interior pockets to store diapers, wipes, etc.
– Two exterior bottle pockets – insulates up to 4 hours
– Additional exterior pockets for quick access
– Adjustable shoulder strap with padding for shoulder comfort
– Stain resistant

Exterior Dimensions: W 13” x H 10.8” x D 6.5”
Strap Drop: 27.6”

Bib from Built

caddy from built 2014-02-06 12.06.12

The other products that caught my attention are the Messy Mate Toddler Bib (Php 1195) and the Caddy (Php 1895).
Cool products, right? Built is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Quirks Marketing Philippines (@quirksph). To check out more products from Built, you can like them on Facebook ( or check out Quirks Marketing Philippines’ Instagram account (@quirksph). Make it work for you and your baby by purchasing Built from these stores:

Stores for Built