Fixing My Family’s Finance (Family Finances Workshop)

I was telling a friend recently that having a vision board really helps a lot in achieving my financial goals. I have this vision board (more like a vision paper, since it’s just in one sheet of bond paper) that I taped to the wall in front of my bed. I did this so that when, I’m contemplating during the evenings, I can stare at it and become more motivated to save up so that I have enough to invest.

Recently, we have been reviewing our family’s finances and I think we’re doing pretty okay in that department (not excelling, but at least we’re okay). What we really want to eliminate are debts. We have a lot of credit card debts and of course, we have to pay off our mortgage. I say that we are pretty “okay” even with all of these debts, since we have a plan on how we could pay it off.

How about you? Do you have a plan for your our finances? How about your family’s finances? If you are still uncertain, join us for the Ready to be be Rich Family Finances Workshop. This will be on September 20, 2014 from 10am to 4pm. It will be at the vOffice Philippines Branch – 10th floor Fort Legend Tower in Bonifacio Global City!

Family Finances Workshop

Family Finances Workshop

This workshop is for:
• Couples who are finding it hard to budget their income to sustain the needs of their family.
• Breadwinners who are taking care of their parents, or involved in elder care at home.
• Single parents who are finding it hard to achieve work-life balance.
• Newlyweds who would like to know how to become financially independent from their parents.
• People who have relatives who depend on them financially.

Expect to get practical advice and real-life exercises that will teach you exactly how to achieve financial security for your family. After the workshop, you are expected to go home with a list of action items for your household and a concrete work plan that you can immediately apply.

Here are some questions that you’ll be able to answer after the workshop:
1. How can I save money if my income is just enough to support my family?
2. How do I teach my child to be financially smart?
3. How should I handle family members and relatives who constantly borrow money?
4. How do I manage my finances so it can support the medical expenses of my aging parents?
5. How can I invest if I’m too busy working and taking care of my children?
6. How do I secure the educational needs of my child?
7. How can I afford my dream house?
8. How should I prepare for retirement, so I won’t be dependent on my children when I grow old?


Fitz Gerard Villafuerte, RFP is a civil engineer who decided to quit the corporate world in 2003 to pursue entrepreneurship. In 2014, he became a registered financial planner.

His blog, entitled, Ready To Be Rich, has already received several recognitions including the Best Business and Finance Blog at the Philippine Blog Awards for two years in a row. Moreover, an international finance publication, Wise Bread, has likewise ranked his website as among the Top 100 Personal Finance blogs in the world. Fitz has also been recognized by Moneysense Magazine as among the top 12 most influential people in Personal Finance in the Philippines.

To sign up, please visit this link: FAMILY FINANCES WORKSHOP

Ni-Qua Shop: For the Mommy Fashionista

I have always wondered how other moms can still look glamorous even with tons of things on their to-do-list. One of the things that I am really gearing up for is a mommy make-over. I really want to ‘always’ (operative word) go out of the house looking glamorous (as if I just stepped out from a salon). For some reason, I always fail to do so. I’m just too lazy! But learning of this fashion-forward site, Ni-Qua Shop ( and its products, just inspired me to get on with the change.

I just had to go to the preview of the Holiday collection of Ni-Qua, so when Bunnie invited me, I could not say no!

Bunnie De Guzman of Ni-Qua with Mommy Ginger

Bunnie De Guzman of Ni-Qua with Mommy Ginger

What I like about Ni-QUA is that everything is crafted in the Philippines and it’s managed by a woman entrepreneur. What’s amazing about Bunnie is that she has comes up with these beautiful designs; she’s very creative. The market are working women, full time mothers, virtual working individuals who want to always look luxurious yet comfortable going their everyday task. Oh, I am definitely part of that market!

Natural Abaca Bags from Ni-Qua Shop

Natural Abaca Bags from Ni-Qua Shop

For example, check out these lovely Abaca Bags. With the bayong design, you can actually change the straps of the back. My sister likes these bags since this collection is very colorful! She has the mall bag (yellow in this picture) in blue and i’m asking it from her for Zeeka.

Lovely Products from Ni-Qua Shop

Lovely Products from Ni-Qua Shop

My style is really very simple, so this Manico Medium Tote Bag really caught my attention. It’s made from genuine leather and has gun metal accents. I think this bag from Ni-Qua will be a good addition to my closet.

Ni-Qua Shop 1

Ni-Qua Shop 2

I’d like to thank Ni-Qua for that afternoon of being pampered. I miss relaxing! haha! Thank you, too, for the refreshments and for the lovely gifts.

Refreshments served from Detoxify Bar

Refreshments served from Detoxify Bar

Thank you Ni-Qua Shop for these!

Thank you Ni-Qua Shop for these!

I really love this clutch bag with my initials.

2014-08-20 14.57.23

And I wasn’t the only one who found these things beautiful. Check out Zeeka! She wanted to wear the neon pink shoes.

Zeeka loves the Ella Flats 2014-08-23 14.16.55 2014-08-23 14.15.58 2014-08-23 14.15.20

Do check out the other products from their store! Their store is Please do follow them in Facebook, too (CLICK HERE).  Stay tuned for other products that I will feature from Ni-Qua!

Mompreneur Blessie Adlaon of Wish Philippines

This lady is really one of kind. I got to notice her online since she frequently answered questions regarding entrepreneurship in the WAHMderful Life Community. I am so blessed to have been given the chance to interview her and to get to know about her new venture. Let’s get to know mompreneur Blessie Adlaon.

Mompreneur Blessie Adlaon

Mompreneur Blessie Adlaon


About Blessie…
I’ve been married for 12 years now and have been blessed with four kids. I’ve been a WAHM since 2010. Before that, I was senior editor at goFluent, an English-training company headquartered in France. I currently work from home as a freelance writer and editor under the trade name Escrive Writing and Editing. My website Wish Philippines is my hobby and my advocacy. My deepest desire is to retire from full-time work and be able to focus more on homeschooling my children.

Wish Philippines

Wish Philippines

Interview with Mompreneur Blessie Adlaon of Wish Philippines

Ginger: Hi Blessie! Can you tell our readers on what your brand is about?
Blessie: My primary business is freelance writing, and my primary company is Escrive Writing and Editing, which has been a government-registered business since 2011.

Escrive Writing and Editing owns and manages Wish Philippines, or, which was launched in June 2014. The goal of is to publish people’s wishlists so that their gift givers can know more easily what gifts their loved ones would truly love to get.

Ginger: Oh wow! That concept is amazing! That’s the first time that I have heard of such a service. Who is your market for this?

Blessie: Wish Philippines is targeted towards Filipino mothers with young children and mid-range incomes. We are proud to say we are the first localized wishlist publisher in the country.

Now why do we offer our service primarily to mothers? Because as gift givers, it is usually the moms who are in charge of buying gifts for their children and godchildren (and even her husband’s godchildren), her parents and siblings, and also her in-laws.

Make banner 336x280

As receivers, well, it may not be Mom who receives all the gifts – certainly, the bulk of it goes to her kids – but Mom is the one in charge of finding room to store them all! So Mom would be the one most interested in publishing her kids’ wishlists, so that grandparents and godparents can get the stuff the kids really need (and which Mom will be buying anyway) rather than just add to the pile of not-so-necessary stuff filling up all storage spaces in the house!

Ginger: How did you come up with this idea? What made you decide to start this kind of business?

Blessie: The idea came first. How to make it a business came afterwards.

This website was inspired by my own gift giving challenges. You see, I’m a terrible gift guesser. It’s torture for me to try to figure out what to give my loved ones every Christmas – and Christmas comes around every twelve months!

So every March, when I start trying to figure out what to Christmas gifts to give my family and in-laws, I get this aching wish that people would just TELL me what they want. But of course, nobody would ever tell you directly, face-to-face, what they want. So I thought, what if there was a way for them to tell me indirectly?

And that’s how I came up with this idea of wishlists that people could publish on the Internet, directed to nobody specific at all, but Google-searchable and Facebook-shareable, so that they can be accessed by the people who really care enough to want to find out what gifts their giftees would truly love to get!

Ginger: Oh my! I’m also terrible at guessing what gift my loved ones would appreciate. I’m so glad that you came up with this site. Were there any obstacles that you faced when you decided to pursue becoming a Mompreneur? What are these?

Blessie: Wish Philippines is a Web-based and socially powered venture. So first, it needs a website, and second, it needs to be promoted on social media. And third, it all needs to be done by yours truly because I don’t have the funding to hire somebody else to do it all for me.

The thing is, I have no formal training in Web and graphics design. Worse, I am a reclusive introvert with less than a handful of close friends outside my family. (Seriously, I can count them on one hand with fingers to spare.) I didn’t have a Twitter account, no Pinterest, no Instagram, and I had a hundred people in my Facebook friends list.

My solution for the first obstacle was to leverage the power of Google and learn how to put up a website by myself. As for the second, well, I’ve received huge help from our Facebook WAHM group. My very first users came from there, and those who actually went on to submit wishlists to the site have been incredibly supportive. Then, there is also my husband, my total social opposite, who has thousands of Facebook friends. He promoted the site to HIS network and helped us reach our first 100 likes.

Why just 100? Oh, did I say three obstacles? There is a fourth, which is the biggest obstacle I’m facing and expect to be facing for a time longer: The concept of wishlisting is foreign to Filipinos. A survey we’ve made showed that many Filipinos have never used wishlists or gift registries, while those who have already used it to get gifts for others still felt uneasy using it for themselves. So our challenge now is to orient people on what a wishlist is, what it is for, and why it’s actually a very thoughtful and considerate gesture for them to publish one.

Ginger: I’m sure that you’ll do a good job in spreading the word about the concept of “wish lists”. With all of these obstacles, what are three traits that you think a Mompreneur should have when starting their own business?

Blessie: Resourcefulness has been the trait most helpful to me.

Energy is next, but that comes naturally when you’re following what your heart calls you to do. Even when you want to stop because you’re tired, sleepy, and hungry, you keep moving forward because something inside you forces you to keep going.

Third is naivete. You have to be a little ignorant about how hard it’s going to be, how many difficulties you’re going to face, and how impossible your task really is. Everything is impossible! – but only if you stop to think about it. So once in a while, stop thinking and just go for it.

Ginger: Any unforgettable moments or lessons that you learned as a Mompreneur?

Blessie: One thing I’ve learned while promoting Wish Philippines is that rejection won’t kill you. In fact, after a few noes, rejection doesn’t hurt so much anymore.

Yesses, on the other hand, are always delicious. Sometimes, somebody’s yes can even include an amazing amount of support you never even hoped for or dreamed of.

People can be surprisingly kind. I now have more faith in human kindness.

Ginger: Yes, we just have to have a little faith in people. What advice can you give to other Mompreneurs?

Blessie: Start by preparing your product. Forget the business plan and feasibility study. So many people come up with a cool business idea and then get inextricably stuck on the business plan. Such a shame.

When Mark Zuckerberg wrote the first line of Facebook, or even when he started promoting it, I doubt he had a business plan, or that he knew how to make one, or that he had the money to hire somebody to do it for him. And if those things stopped Mark Zuckerberg from making Facebook, imagine where we would all be today! Introverts like me would have no social life at all.

So again, start with your product and hang the business plan. If you’ve got a product that you yourself would buy, you’ll be in a better position to sell it to others. And when others are already buying, then you can write your business plan, not to start your business but to grow it.

Incidentally, Escrive Writing and Editing has been helping support our family in a major way since 2011, and I still have to write a business plan for it. Admittedly, a business plan might make my business more successful, but you see, unlike Wish Philippines, writing a business plan is just not something I’m passionate about.

Ginger: Or, I can help you create one! haha! 🙂 For the final question, do you believe that everyone should become entrepreneurs?

Blessie: Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur – it can be a terribly scary, tiring, and lonely place to be in – but if something inside you calls you to do it, you should at least give it a try because the rewards are likewise great.

Ginger: Thank you, Blessie for that inspiring interview. From this interview, I hope a lot of moms with unique ideas just jump at it and go into creating their own businesses! BTW, I already sent my wishes in!

If you haven’t sent in your wishes, I suggest that you try out the service now!

Profile 3
Wishph Contact Details:
Email address:
Mobile Number: 0917-5351201
Facebook Page:
Twitter account:

The Pregnant Pinay

It was my mom’s birthday last week and I would like to take this opportunity to greet my Mommy a  belated happy birthday! 🙂 I wish you happiness, good health and peace of mind for the many many more years to come!

Receiving the news that her "apo" has been born!

#TBT: Receiving the news that her “apo” has been born!

I really appreciate all the help and advice that you have been giving me with regard to raising Zeeka. I now know how it feels like to be a mom and why is it that you constantly “worry”. Thank you very much for always being there for me and for my family, especially for being there for Zeeka.


It’s true that when you are going through pregnancy, having mom by your side is really very comforting. There are a lot of things that we don’t know, especially if we’re first time parents. We would like to help you out, too, by inviting you to this workshop presented by Manila Workshops, Unilab, Palmer’s and Insular Life.  The workshop is called The Pregnant Pinay workshop.

the pregnant pinay - poster the pregnant pinay - program

* Image from Manila Workshops’ site

These are the topics that will be discussed:
• Proper Pregnancy Nutrition
• What to Expect during Pregnancy Check-Ups
• Breastfeeding Basics
• Essential Newborn Care

The guest speakers for this workshop are Dr. Patricia Malay Kho and Dr. Aurora Gloria Inguillo-Libadia.

Dr. Patricia Malay Kho studied Medicine and underwent Residency Training in the UP College of Medicine – Philippine General Hospital. She is an Obstetrician-Gynecologist with Subspecialty Training in OB-Gyne Infectious Diseases. She is also an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant. She is affiliated with Makati Medical Center and St. Luke’s Global. She has two children, and both were breastfed.

Dr. Aurora Gloria Inguillo-Libadia is currently an attending pediatrician and neonatologist at the UP-PGH. She holds important positions in the UP-PGH such as being Co-Chair of the Breastfeeding Committee and the Head of the Human Milk Bank. She is also an associate professor in the Section of Newborn Medicine in the UP-PGH College of Medicine. She received her Observership trainings in Human Milk Bank Operations in Italy and in Neonatology in the United States. Various hospitals around Metro Manila and Cavite also have her as the head of their neonatal intensive care units (NICU’s). She is a board member of the Philippine Society of Newborn Medicine and is a part of the National Committee on Human Milk Banking of the Department of Health.

The Pregnant Pinay is on Saturday, August 30, 2014, from 1:00 PM to 5:30 PM at the Insular Life Multi-Purpose Hall, 12th Floor Insular Life Makati Building, Ayala Avenue corner Paseo de Roxas Street, Makati City. Workshop participation is free but pre-registration is required at This workshop is the sixth installment for 2014 of the Parenting Pals Workshop Series and is co-presented by Unilab, Palmer’s, and Insular Life.

If you want to sign up for this workshop, just fill out the form below:

See you there!

All About Entrepreneurship and the New Rich Society Program

Being an entrepreneur this day and age seems so difficult. Most of the complaints that I hear from people who want to start their own businesses are of the following topics — How to get started, Concerns on Business Registration, Where to get Capital and Unfamiliar with technology and online tools. And then, most of those who want to delve into entrepreneurship want to start on implementing different businesses all at the same time.

*image is from Death to Stock

*image is from

Although it’s true that you need multiple sources of income, please don’t create various businesses and set it up all at the same time (unless you can come up with efficient processes in a day and implement it on that same week or if you’re just a silent partner for the other businesses). I have been an avid follower of Timothy Ferris. I have read his book the Four – Hour workweek and Four – hour body and in reading his book, I had a lot of realizations. One realization was that no matter how efficient you have build your processes for a certain period in time, you may need to change that after a few years in order to become more competitive and in order to adapt to your audience.

For example, a lot of you know that I built Manila Workshops almost two years ago. When I built that business, I already had set processes in place. I designed it in a way that I could step out of the daily grind of things and just oversee things and manage people, and that the only thing that I had to worry about was to look for good people to guide and concentrate on building relationships. But then, now, with the entry of competitors and the ever changing digital landscape, I am pressured to strengthen the brand and develop new processes (so watch out for that! Lol!).

Another realization was I should already be gearing up to earn passive income. Passive income means that even if you are not physically there, you’re earning big bucks from your business. Now that’s the hard part since events management requires you to really “be there” (or does it?). Again, another challenge or thing to think about!

So for entrepreneurs, you have to be constantly changing your tactics, processes and even the roles and responsibilities of your people. And you have to have that goal of earning more passive income. This lead me to agree to be one of the speakers of the New Rich Society Program.

First and foremost, what is this term? Who are the New Rich? Timothy Ferris actually mentions this in his book. The New Rich are people who make money even when they’re sleeping because they have passive income. Yes, they work hard for the money; but more importantly, they also make their money work hard for them. These are the people who work SMART rather than work HARD. How do they do this? They do this by building networks, creating systems, putting up businesses and investing in instruments that eventually become an automatic income source, making money for them year after year.

I have a secret to share. Although I keep on telling people in my mentoring sessions or even in my speaking engagements to create vision boards, I only got to create mine last month. Lol! But it has really worked for me and I keep on telling people that because I was actually amazed on how great it has worked for me. With my vision board, everything is clearer. I know where exactly I would get that passive income. The “how’s” became clearer. I don’t consider myself a part of the new rich yet (technically), but I know that I will eventually get there in 5 years.

Now, in the Philippines, a group of gentlemen (Jon Oraña, Burn Gutierrez and Fitz Villafuerte) founded the New Rich Society. The New Rich Society is an online learning series about creating multiple sources of income. Its focus is to help Filipinos discover and learn different ways to make money, so they won’t have to rely on just their job salary.

Jon Oraña is a business coach who teaches people how to become entrepreneurs at his blog, Eskapology. He is a successful internet marketer who has been helping Filipinos shift from being employees, to business owners.

Meanwhile, Burn Gutierrez is a financial education advocate and Chairman for the Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy, Inc. (OFW UsapangPiso Seminars and Online Forum).

Lastly, Fitz Villafuerte is a Registered Financial Planner (RFP) who is best known as the founder of business and finance blog, Ready To Be Rich. He is an author and a speaker-trainer for various companies and non-profit organizations.

I agreed to be a speaker because my personal goal is to really help people find ways to augment their income. I always had a lot of “rackets” and I’d like to share strategies on how I personally built all my businesses. Check out my interview for the New Rich Society by leaving your email on this link (CLICK HERE) and subscribe to the New Rich Society newsletter.

I am so honored to be one of the mentors for this program. The course will be comprised of these topics that I’m sure will be highly beneficial for those curious on having multiple streams of income:

• Making money in the stock market by Floi Wycoco
• Putting up a business and becoming an entrepreneur by Chal Lontoc
• Earning online from blogging by Ben Francia
• Investing in pooled funds by Randell Tiongson
• Building a real estate empire by Jay Castillo
• Starting an online store business by Ginger Arboleda
• Selling e-Books as a business by a “Secret Expert”
• Fast profits from forex trading by Fitz Villafuerte

So feel free to join the New Rich Society. There is a FREE video training currently ongoing. Click and learn from the New Rich Society HERE

Do you have questions that you want to raise which is related to my topic? Please do leave comments here so that I can include answering them during the program.