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Love the Leap Entrepreneurship Program

Every evening, I stare at the corkboard in my room. My corkboard has two bond paper sized sheets pinned to it and a few family pictures. The two sheets comprise my own attempt to create what people basically know as vision boards. I started creating my own vision board last year. I have always believed in the idea and the benefit, but I haven’t gotten myself to sit down and create one (well, not until last year).

Placing it in a tangible piece of paper and mounting it on the wall was the best thing that I have done for myself and the best thing that I have done to achieve my goals. Displaying it was like a tangible signal that said, “well, Ginger, this is it! You have to be who you want to be and achieve these things while you’re still on this planet.” And guess what? Those pieces of paper worked. I’m right on track in achieving my dreams and aspirations. Sometimes I get pressured when I look at it, honestly, but I think it was the good kind of pressure — pressure the make a difference!

I love my life as an entrepreneur and as a tech startup co-founder. I love my life as a professional blogger and as a vlogger. I know that each one of us is capable of achieving the life that we are destined to live. If it’s entrepreneurship that you want to aim for, I can honestly say that I can help you through my Love the Leap Entrepreneurship program.

Ginger - Love the Leap Image

I have handled a lot of different kinds of businesses and have dabbled even into things like makeup, yoga, styling, and network marketing. I have always believed that experience is the best teacher and I would like to share my own experiences with you and hopefully you’ll get to learn from them. Let’s all learn too from the experiences of my co-teachers for this run.

From the program, you will be able to get to make your own business plan and marketing plan. These are the tools that you will need to start your own business. So, please join me on July 4, 11 and july 25 🙂

For those who are interested to sign up for the program, details are on this poster.

Love the Leap 2nd Run - Final

If you want to sign up, you can use this form below.

Please deposit your payment through any of the following channels:

Paypal – Please use

BPI – GPA Events Management Services (Account Number: 1923-1277-94)

Please email the validated deposit slip to 🙂

I really hope that you can be part of the next batch of #BigLeapers. For thosw who will attend, I will add you to the exclusive Facebook group where you can ask me or your colleagues anything and where you can network with the other Big Leapers!

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to take that leap!

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Beatrix New York now in Manila!

If you are a brand catering to moms, we are actually a market that is easy to please. Yes, we, moms, are actually easy to please. We need things to be durable. We need things to be washable. And, we need them to be cute enough so our kids will use your product. See! If you have all of these qualities, I’m sure you will be able to penetrate this market.

Launch of Beatrix Manila

This is the reason why Beatrix New York captured the hearts of moms here in Manila. They knew what we wanted and they gave it. I guess it’s no wonder that they understand what we, moms, need because the founder is a mom, herself. Beatrix New York was founded in 2007 by Claire Theobald. She created the brand because she just wanted a bag that was not only cute, but easy to clean and durable.

Claire teamed up with creative director, Marcus Woolcott and designed three bags that they joined in a fair. Customers loved the bags and this was the start of the company!

This month, Quirks Marketing introduced Beatrix New York to the moms in Manila. I went to the intimate gathering and I love, love, love all their products.

Cutie Octopus Bags

Cutie lunch box

This Owl Reminds me of Zeeka

This Owl Reminds me of Zeeka 🙂

Zeeka got one Lady Bug Lunchbox

Zeeka got one Lady Bug Lunchbox

These are the products that they have:

Beatrix Lunch Box (Php 1695)
Beatrix Little Kid’s Backpack (Php 2195)
Beatrix Big Kid’s Backpack (Php 2550)
Beatrix Wheelie Bag (Php 5095)

The thing that I loved about it was that the lunch box is machine washable. You can just throw it in and it doesn’t get deformed! So cool, right?

Olidex demonstrated machine washing

Olidex demonstrated machine washing

being washed

If you want to learn more about the Beatrix New York products, you can visit and you can email them at

BEATRIX NY is Exclusively Distributed in the Philippines by:

For all Press Related concerns, email us at:

Interview with Entrepreneur Ava Diaz Daza of Baguettini Sandwiches

In college, we were required to study a foreign language. I chose French. I learned but never really got the chance to use it and to converse with someone else in French. In third year, we were supposed to go to France with my classmates. Although it did not push through, I remember my teacher telling us all about his backpacking trip. He would just buy a baguette and would slowly consume it during his entire trip. I remember this tip clearly and so when I saw this brand called Baguettini Sandwiches, I really wanted to find out more about it.

Baguettini Sandwiches

I found out that the owner of Baguettini was Ava Daza who was the daughter of Gloria Diaz and the granddaughter of Nora Daza. Ava’s love for food comes from both her mom and dad’s side of the family. Her mom’s side all love to eat and whenever they gathered together for a meal, it’s always a survival of the fittest sort of thing! As for her dad’s side, they are the ones who are great at cooking. As mentioned, her lola, Nora Daza, is the pioneer of Filipino food in France and she also brought in French food to the Philippines!

Interview with Ava Diaz - Daza
These all contributed to Ava’s decision to start her own business. She decided to come up with Baguettini as a proposal for her 4th year thesis in Ateneo de Manila University, but unfortunately her professor didn’t feel she would have enough time in the semester to create a business from scratch. It wasn’t approved for her thesis but because she had already written her business plan, she decided to push through with the business and see how it would do.

“After I graduated, I decided to work for a production designer as well because I’ve always been interested in film and production. Right now, I work as a production designer and I run baguettini as well! It’s so exciting to have your own business, especially one close to your heart because (seriously) nothing is more fulfilling than seeing customers satisfied by a product you’ve spent tons of time and so much energy creating!”, Ava inspiringly says.

Interview with Ava Diaz Daza of Baguettini Sandwiches

Ginger: I am so honored to have you Ava as my guest interviewee today. Ava, can you tell us more about your business?

Ava: My business is called Baguettini. We sell mini baguette gourmet sandwiches. We have flavors such as four cheese honey truffle, adobo flakes with basil cream cheese topped with roasted tomato & garlic cream pesto, Chorizo basil with Arugula Pesto, Barbecue Rib Flakes with Onion and Chive Cream cheese topped with Cilantro Pesto, Gambas with Arugula Pesto, Asian Lechon Kawali, and more to come. I launched Baguettini through instagram in 2013, but I paused operations for the year 2014 because I started working for production and I had a hard time juggling both. I relaunched it this year with a new look, better recipes and hopefully I will be able to put up my first shop by next year!

Baguettini's Lechon Kawali

Baguettini’s Lechon Kawali

Ginger: Wow! I’m sure this year will be an exciting year for you. For Baguettini, what segment of the market did you plan on tapping?

Ava: Initially I thought my market would be purely people with a high amount of disposable income, which I would classify as Class A. Because my sandwiches are 90 pesos and advertised as mini (for variety’s purpose) people can easily get turned off by the value for their money. I was surprised to find that as I ran my business most of my costumers were people working in offices with a spending capacity of around 150 pesos for lunch. At first I thought maybe it was because Baguettini was able to stir up some hype through social media, but later on I found costumers returning to place orders and telling me how much they love my product. I then realized that when coming up with a food business, well for me at least, its important to create a product that can attract the attention of pretty much all classes (targeting A B and C) so long as they feel they are getting the full experience for the amount they’re paying. This is because food is everyone’s interest and for some it may be a luxury to spend a bigger amount on certain food, but most people are more willing to indulge in food than other products.

Baguettini's Gambas

Baguettini’s Gambas

Ginger: I’m interested to know on how you came up with this idea. What made you decide to start this kind of business?

Ava: I came up with this idea when I was interning in the Philippine stock exchange for my third year in university. I always considered myself as a corporate worker so owning my own business was just a dream I never thought I’d really pursue. I came up with the idea for Baguettini because when I was living in Madrid, I was on a tight budget so I was constantly on the hunt for the next cheap but delicious restaurant to try. I remember one place that caught my attention (I found myself there every Wednesday ordering 10 of their 1 euro sandwiches lol) was a deli that sold 100 different kinds of bite sized sandwiches. The thing about me is that I love variety. Whenever I sit down in a restaurant, its so difficult for me to choose 1 dish so I usually coerce the people im with to order with me and split so I have other dishes to choose from. So when coming up with baguettini, I envisioned a convenient, on-the-go snack that offers a lot of flavors so that consumers could experience more than one flavor if they wanted to. The “mini” feature to my product I added so that customers don’t feel too guilty ordering more than one flavor for themselves.

Baguettini's Chorizo

Baguettini’s Chorizo

Ginger: Were there any obstacles that you faced when you decided to pursue becoming an Entrepreneur? What are these?

Ava: It’s crazy how much I’ve learned since I launched Baguettini. Everyday I learn more about running a business and it’s a lot more pressure on my part because its my own business. A lot of times I needed reassurance that my decisions were the right decisions but I learned that in business to get somewhere you must be a risk taker. When I launched, my business sky rocketted. In 2 weeks, we were featured on prime time news for TV patrol as one of the newest food crazes in town. In a months time, we were given a whole page on the lifestyle section of Inquirer featuring our mini baguette sandwiches. You could imagine how exciting it was for me, but at the same time I was the most stressed ive been. Demand was so high and meeting them required my full attention. Don’t get me wrong, this was a good problem. After awhile demand lowered and there were times we wouldn’t sell a single baguettini in a day which really dampened my spirit. I learned to keep on going despite days like that because nothing is consistent in sales.

Ginger: How do you market your products?

Ava: I really believe in the power of social media, so I try my best to maximize the internet as a platform for marketing. For baguettini, I usually send samples to different people who have a big following and ask them to post it on their profiles if they like the product.

Ginger: What are three traits that you think an Entrepreneur should have when starting their own business?

One is tenacity. Tenacity is important because it is what will drive you to do your day-to-day duties as an entrepeneur. Setting a goal for yourself is very important and you will often encounter obstacles but its so important that you persevere through these experiences because you will come out a better informed entrepeneur.

Being open-minded will also play a big role in running a business. A lot of times people will tell you their opinions on running a business or the products you offer, and it is so important that you see this in a constructive way. You may think you have your vision for your business all locked down but sometimes someone comes along and suggests something that can make all the difference.

Lastly, I think confidence is key. Being confident in what you’re selling will translate to your consumers. When you start your own company, or even start working for a company, you sort of sign up to be their representative and adhere to everything the brand is about. In that light, I feel that believing in what you sell is so important so that people can see the passion you have for it and will feel that it is worth their time and money.

Baguettini's Adobo Flakes

Baguettini’s Adobo Flakes

Ginger: Any unforgettable moments or lessons that you learned as an Entrepreneur?

Ava: There was a time I sold out all my sandwiches in a bazaar that happened on a Saturday and I was expected to be present in another on Sunday. I was so overwhelmed with sales on Saturday that I neglected prepartions for Sunday so I had to cancel. It is important to keep your word as a business owner because it’s reflective of your work ethics. I realized that it is so important to always be prepared for possible problems so that you always are able to live up to your agreements.

Ginger: What advice can you give to other Entrepreneurs?

Ava: Don’t sell a product you yourself don’t believe in or love! When you love your product, you can talk about it for days and people will see the value in it just in the way you promote it.

Baguettini's Four Cheese

Baguettini’s Four Cheese

Ginger: Do you believe that everyone should become entrepreneurs?

Ava: I don’t necessarily think that owning a business is for everyone but I do believe the traits of an entrepeneur should be acquired by everyone who aspires to have a stable career. Entrepeneurship itself is the process of starting a business and I feel that every potential worker should see themselves as a business. They have to market their image to different companies so that they will be willing to hire them.

Ginger: Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed for, Ava. It was so nice to learn and to hear from you. I hope your story will be an inspiration to a lot of young entrepreneurs!

To order from Baguettini Sandwiches, please check out these information:

Website/Facebook page:
Email address:
Mobile Number: 09173007282
Twitter account: @baguettini
Instagram acount: @baguettini

Smart Devices from MiLi

There will come a time when a lot of things we once thought was impossible will be possible already with the help of smart devices. I realized that we are slowly approaching that world when I recently attended the event of one of the brands that I love, MiLi. I was introduced to this brand a few years back. From that time, MiLi has introduced four generations of devices that helped make our lives easier.

Generation One


Generation Two


Generation Three

MiLi Third Generation


Generation Four

MiLi Fourth Generation

This year, they have two new products that  are so unique and exciting! They are introducing the MiLi iData and Mili Pure!

MiLi iData and MiLi Pure

MiLi iData and MiLi Pure

MiLi iData

The MiLi iData is perfect for people, like me, who always need to keep on deleting pictures and videos on their phone because of lack of space. The iData device and application helps in file management as you can transfer files to the device and then transfer it to your laptop or computer. This can also be done in reverse.

MiLi iData

If you don’t have data plan or if you’re scared to save your files in a cloud storage system, this gadget is quite an amazing alternative. In scenarios also like going on vacation, where data plans are not available, but you need to take a lot of photos, just connect the MiliIdata and store your photos. The application is also super easy to use. Saving and sending email attachments is also so simple.

The idata will be available in June in 16G, 32G, 64G and 128G.

MiLi Pure

The MiLi Pure on the other hand is a portable skin moisture detector. I love this since recently, I have been so worried about my own skin. I’ve been looking at the mirror and I feel that my skin is so dry. I am excited to try this out!

The MiLi Pure has a user friendly probe that detects the skin’s moisture level when it comes in contact to the skin for 5 seconds. The MiLi Pure has an indicator light that has a Swarovski crystal. This makes it look so classy!

MiLi Pure


The data is transmitted to the phone through bluetooth 4.0 technology. Also, the application gives out suggestions on what you can do with your skin, based on the results that you get.

So are you excited? I know I am! I can’t wait to get hold of these two new products from MiLi 🙂


Basic First Aid for Yayas

TRUST. In order to build trust, one must be worthy of it by showing consistency in actions, expertise, willingness to learn and loyalty. For most of us here in the Philippines, we have house helpers, yayas, kasambahays who live with us in our homes. We need these people to be trustworthy and loyal. We treat them as part of our family.

As they do their responsibilities and help us with day to day tasks, we in turn must be willing to show them also that they matter. One way is to really hone their skills and help them develop themselves as individuals. This was what we had in mind when we created the Basic Yaya Training Session at

Yaya Training Workshop

We are inviting you to sign up your yayas, househelpers, kasambahays to the third session of the Basic Yaya Training — Basic First Aid for Yayas.

Basic Yaya Training Workshops 2015

Basic Yaya Training Workshops 2015

Hope you really can send your yayas to the workshop on the 30th. If you are interested, please sign up at

Wilkins Circle of Trust

I went to the gym this morning. When I run, I listen to podcasts and today, I loved what I heard from Amy Porterfield. She discussed the Core Beliefs of Truly Successful Entrepreneurs. She mentioned three things that we should believe in. One was believing that you truly know who your market is. The second one is believing that you have a good product and you have clear systems that you have set in place that would generate revenue for you daily. The last one is what I love the most, and it’s believing that you need people who will support you along the way. She was not saying that you need to completely rely on others for the decisions that you make, but she just said that sometimes, you need to realize that you need those people you can trust for solid advice on what to do with your business.

On being a mom, it’s the same thing. When it comes to raising our children, we need the help or our loved ones and those people whom we look up to — our own parents, our best friend who already had a baby, mom bloggers whose blogs we read, pediatricians, OB/GYNs, even brands that have great products that can help us. All of these make up our Circle of Trust.

Wilkins Cirlce of Trust Moms

Wilkins Photo Release (1)

As women, we really love sharing our experiences with our friends. And mind you, experiences are valuable. Experience builds credibility. Being credible builds trust. (Hey, tweetable!). Anyway, with all the noise though out there, we need to be reminded that we should listen to only a few — a few people, brands, messages, etc. that have proven to be worthy of our trust. That is why I am proud to be a part of Wilkins Distilled Water’s new campaign which is Mom’s Circle of Trust. This trusted water brand came up with Circle of Trust campaign to remind moms that we should be discerning, especially if it involves our children’s health and safety.

Wilkins Distilled Water has always made children’s health and safety its top priority. Owned by The Coca-Cola Company, it follows an international quality control system and uses only state-of-the-art equipment in packing and sealing its product to ensure clean and safe quality water. It’s the water brand that is most trusted by moms and prescribed by pediatricians today.

I can’t wait to share with you what we, the Wilkins Circle of Trust Moms, have in store for you. To gain a trusted ally to guide you during your moments of doubt regarding your child’s safety, like the Wilkins Distilled Water Facebook page today.

Entrepreneurship 101 for Aspiring Entrepreneurs


Aspire… it’s such a nice word. It’s so nice and light and positive. But, personally, I have something against that word (haha!). I just feel that it has to be followed by a word or words to make it complete. Aspire to be great… Aspiring entrepreneurs. I feel if we just aspire and do nothing about it, aspiring or the word aspire will lose it’s meaning.

There are different kinds of people. There are those who aspire for great things but don’t do anything about it. There are those who aspire for great things and act on their dream. There are those who act on aspirations, but give up even before reaching it. And there are those who don’t desire for anything; their motto would be go with the flow.

It think it’s safe though to assume that most of us aspire for things. We may not be aspire to be rich and famous, but we aspire for things that will give our loved ones and ourselves comfortable lives. But we seriously need to act on these things. We lose our life’s purpose when we dream and dream and yet do nothing about it. The same can be said about entrepreneurship. A lot of us aspire to have our own businesses, but we don’t act on it. Sometimes, even if we take the first step, we don’t get to maintain, sustain and keep the business that we started.

Another problem that aspiring entrepreneurs have is that they don’t know what kind of business they should start or join (hey, anyone can be an investor). I know a lot of friends who are in this dilemma. Then, another concern is I don’t know how to create that plan that will lead me to entrepreneurship greatness. When am I worthy enough (if there is such a level) that I could charge for products and services?

Fear not! I have really developed the Entrepreneurship 101 Webinar to help you answer a few if not all of these questions.

Entrepreneurship 101 Webinar

Entrepreneurship 101 Webinar

The objective of this webinar is:

– Help you be a more grounded entrepreneur if you do decide to be one
– Help you think of a clear reason why you are going into business
– Help you find a clear direction of what you want to do
– Help you determine what you want to achieve 3-5 years from now, and hopefully for the rest of your life!
– Help you get that entrepreneurial spirit and enough motivation and support to keep on going!
– Help you take that first step toward creating a solid business plan
– Help you take that first step to Financial Freedom as soon as possible!

I will be your guide as you try to identify the business (products/services) that you want to create and in taking the next step to make these entrepreneurial dreams come true.

So sign up now in this link:

My dream is really to help more and more people achieve their dreams of starting their own business.

I am excited to meet all of you! Hope you can join me!

*All the attendees of the webinar will be added to my group of #BigLeapers. This is a group of my current mentees and those that have attended the previous runs of the Love the Leap Entrepreneurship Program.

See you all!

Interview with Cristina Cruz of Ysabel’s Daughter Bath & Body Products

I recently got to try products from Ysabel’s Daughter Bath and Body. I super loved their Peppermint Moringa Body Wash that I decided to ask the background of their story.

Cristina Cruz is the entrepreneur behind Ysabel’s Daughter. She is an entrepreneur who started an independent cosmetics company in 2011, using 100% all natural ingredients that come from different parts of the globe. “I love conceptualizing ideas that can be used for the future products of the business, staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle, but most of all, spending time with my kids when I am allowed time from my busy schedule,” Cristina said.

Cristina Cruz of Ysabel's Daughter

Cristina Cruz of Ysabel’s Daughter

She and her husband were both former flight attendants for Philippine Air Lines and that was how we met. His hobby of backyard bee farming actually led to this business venture as they were trying to figure out ways to use the premium honey produced for more than personal consumption. After thorough research, they decided to take a chance on this idea. Now, Cristina is a full time entrepreneur, but she still finds time to slip in fitness in her everyday life. She does yoga, boxing and muay thai.

“The advocacies I have participated on involve giving education to less fortunate children which the business has been a part of. As of right now, my goal so far is to have a successful business, as well as create the awareness and uniqueness of what our products have to offer in the market,” says Cristina.

Cristina Cruz of Ysabel's Daughter 1


Interview with Cristina Cruz of Ysabel’s Daughter Bath & Body Products

Ginger: Good day, Cristina! Can you tell us more about your brand/business? What is it about? How long have you been in business?

Cristina: Ysabel’s Daughter deals with cosmetics, we manufacture 100% all natural bath and body products using premium honey as our base ingredient. We have been in the business for almost 4 years now.

ysabel's daughter logo

Ginger: I actually have a set a home and I really loved the scent and the packaging! Tell me, who is your market for your product and why did you choose this market?

Cristina: We cater to class A & B consumers. We chose this market since they are the major proponents of the healthy lifestyle and wellness movement that has surfaced in recent years. Our products embody the vision of taking care of one’s self by using what nature has to offer, with no traces of synthetic materials.

We Celebrate Nature. We are an advocate against toxins and so our products are kept 100% toxic free.
To arrive at the raw materials to be used, each product underwent a loving process that involved thorough research and careful assessment of all ingredients to assure our customers of the product’s potency, safety and high quality.

We Promote Wellness. Every product of Ysabel’s Daughter is meant to help create a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit that is meant to result in an overall feeling of well-being.

We are proud to be Philippine-Made. Despite our International standards, the foundation of a Filipino family is an essential component on how we run things, as well as how we would like our patrons to feel when they use what we offer – with the warmth and relaxation of home.

Ginger: It’s so nice to meet entrepreneurs who are proud to say and who really push for products to be Philippine-Made. I really admire those who do that. How did you come up with this idea? What made you decide to start this kind of business?

Ysabel's Daughter

Cristina: It started out as a hobby to use the excess honey from our backyard bee colony, we then focused on the other benefits of honey in a cosmetic sense. We then dabbled in creating home made products which my friends and family used during its early days. I was then convinced by my loved ones to start taking this hobby seriously, and Ysabel’s Daughter was born.

Ysabel is an actual person, she is my mother, If you one day have the fortunate chance to meet her, she is now a grandmother with enormous charm and grace. She is the epitome of a mother who raised her family in endless, selfless and enduring love. This is the same care that we would like to share with our patrons. This is also in many ways a tribute to her.

The name also stands for all daughters nurtured by loving mothers, women who have grown up confident, empowered, inspired and happy.

Ginger: I would love to meet your mother in the future! I’m sure that just being around her would be very inspiring! I know, putting up a business in the Philippines, is not that easy. Were there any obstacles that you faced when you decided to pursue becoming an Entrepreneur? What are these?

Cristina: There were numerous obstacles along the way, which we still encounter presently from time to time. The biggest would be the budget needed to create such products. Our mind may have an infinite amount of ideas it can put out, but you have to carefully choose which ones are more practical to apply in your business. You have to objectively see the bigger picture, as well as balance it with your own personal desires for the company and the goals you set for it.

Ysabel's Daughter 2

Ginger:  What are three traits that you think an Entrepreneur should have when starting their own business?

Cristina: Passion, Dedication and Creativity.

Ginger: How about unforgettable moments or lessons that you learned as an Entrepreneur? Are there any that you would like to share?

Cristina: Well, the best moments are the compliments and feedback you get from friends, loved ones, and most especially customers. There’s nothing quite like it, there’s an assurance that you get from them, it makes you feel that you’re on the right path with the business in general.

Ginger: What advice can you give to other Entrepreneurs?

Cristina: If you have an idea, and you have the means and time to work on it, go for it. You’ll never know the possibilities ahead. It is not an easy path, but if you’re really devoted to it, it is definitely fulfilling.

Ginger: Such inspiring word. Do you believe that everyone should become entrepreneurs?

Cristina: Yes I do, just be practical about it. Do as much research as you can about your specific idea. Everyday is a learning process.

Ginger: Thank you so much Cristina for agreeing to be featured here in 🙂 For those who want to try out product from Ysabel’s Daughter, do check out the links below.

Contact Information of Ysabel’s Daughter:
Email address:
Mobile Number: 0918 887 1886
Facebook Page: Ysabel’s Daughter
Twitter account: Ysabel’s Daughter
Instagram acount: @ysabelsdaughter