Understanding Digital Marketing

I had a conversation with a friend recently about the best way of using Facebook for advertising our products and services. We are both business owners and one of the tedious parts of the running a business is really marketing. Marketing is essential and requires strategic thinking. Because of technological advancements, marketing has changed. There are new tools that you can use in the realm of Digital Marketing.

According to Digital Marketing Philippines, Digital Marketing helps generate better revenues. Companies using digital marketing strategies have 2.8 times better revenue growth expectancy. Small and medium enterprises using digital marketing techniques will have 3.3 times better chances of expanding their workforce and business. The internet will remarkably help the growth for small and medium enterprises. Business2Community (business2community.com) forecasts that digital marketing budgets will increase by 35% in 2016. This is a great opportunity for freelancers to ride the wave and earn money through digital marketing jobs.

For traditional business owners and for those like me, who were born in the era where tri-media and below-the-line advertising were popular, Digital Marketing may be a bit hard to comprehend (especially for one without a marketing background). We know the importance of understanding this and we really want to know how, but we don’t know where to begin. Lucky for you, Freelancer.ph and ManilaWorkshops.com have partnered up to bring you this session for the Talino Talks Workshop Series.

Talino Talks Digital Marketing

Our speaker for this series is Cath Quiambao from Freelancing.ph. The session is entitled How to Win at Freelance Digital Marketing Workshop. Freelancers, business owners, employees, employers, WAH-ers are all welcome to join! This will be on August 7, 2015, Friday from 6:00 – 9:00 PM.

You can sign up at this link: http://manilaworkshops.com/events/talino-talks-digitalmarketing

Here are more details about the workshop!

The Digital Marketing Workshop is a short intensive class that will introduce you to the fundamentals of digital marketing. The course aims to develop your skills to be able to plan, implement and measure effective campaigns. It will cover different digital platforms and tools to help you craft sound recommendations for your company or your client’s business. In this course, you will learn:

Speaker Intro
Digital Marketing Defined
Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing Dynamics
Customer Behavior/ Millennials
Brand Persona
Goal Setting
ROI Driven Strategy

Pillars of Digital Marketing
Content Marketing
Social Media
Email Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

In Focus: SEO
Case studies
Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

Measuring Performance
Google Analytics
Facebook Insights
Other useful tools of the trade
Community building

Opportunities in Digital Marketing
Potential Income
Last words for aspiring digital marketers
Connect with me


SIGN UP NOW AT: http://manilaworkshops.com/events/talino-talks-digitalmarketing

Physiogel’s #FreeInMySkin Movement 2015: Empowering Filipinas To Do More and Feel Better

I got the chance to attend the launch of the #FreeInMySkin Movement by Physiogel at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel, when Ginger, my boss at Manila Workshops, offered me her seat for this event after we had our #TeamManilaWorkshops meeting in Taguig.

It was my first time to attend this event and I was fortunate enough to have listened to the inspiring talk of TV host and entrepreneur, Patti Grandidge, who is also the Brand Advocate of Physiogel. Patti admitted that she suffered from dry and sensitive skin in the past, which took a toll not just on her skin, but on her level of confidence as well.

“That was sad. I would have liked to be out and about and go for more work, but a little thought would always be at the back of my mind wondering if my skin would be an issue. I was not free to do what I wanted to do!”- Patti Grandidge


I can completely relate to this because I also have dry and sensitive skin and I know how having these skin problems have affected my confidence, which eventually caused physical insecurities, emotional stress, and self-doubt.

Thanks to Physiogel’s #FreeInMySkin Movement that aims to empower women, like us, to fully embrace and participate in life by freeing us from dry and sensitive skin, by helping us overcome our physical and emotional insecurities, and by inspiring us to live life to the fullest.

“Many of you may still remember what my life was like before I discovered Physiogel. I’m very proud to share with you the continuation of my journey towards being completely free in my skin. And I’m ready for more!”, declares Patti.

We took the #FreeInMySkin Quiz during the event and I found out that I was a Savvy Collaborator.

Physiogel Event #2

To continue its vision to free Filipinas from dry and sensitive skin and to help them do more and feel better, GSK/Physiogel encourages Filipinas to join the #FreeInMySkin Movement and take the Freedom List Challenge.

I also felt lucky to be at the event to witness the launch of the new Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy System for Dry and Sensitive Skin. I got the chance to undergo the “skin test” to check the level of moisture on my skin and I was surprised when it turned out to be 10 points higher right after applying the Physiogel Daily Therapy Body Lotion.

Physiogel #3

The Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. No wonder why it’s considered the #1 Most-Prescribed Brand by dermatologists. Physiogel moisturizing creams and lotions contain pure and gentle ingredients. They’re free from fragrances, preservatives and colorants, making them suitable for even very dry and sensitive skin.

New packaging of the Physiogel Products

New packaging of the Physiogel Products

I got to take home a goodie bag with a set of Physiogel Cleanser, Lotion, and Cream. It feels so soft on my skin and and I love it! Thank you Physiogel! I’m excited to finally free myself from dry and sensitive skin. Hopefully I’ll be more confident about myself and encourage other women to do the same.


The Physiogel event was indeed full of fun and empowerment. I hope to be part of this again in the future. Thanks also to Rikka and Donna (my fellow event directors at Manila Workshops) for inviting me to this event.

Physiogel Event #1

Cheers to being #FreeInMySkin with Physiogel!


A guest post from Janice Sabitsana, Manila Workshops Events Director and blogger of Pinay Investor



Interview with Entrepreneur Vida Lim

Today, in my blog, I’m interviewing a very inspiring lady. I actually talked to her years ago but I didn’t get to ask if she still remembers me. I have seen her products a long time ago. For today, I’ll be interviewing a lady named Vida to tell us more about her brand Vida Lim.


The Lims 163

About Vida…
I love being hands-on—in business, but most especially, at home. When my kids wake up, I should be the one by their side. My husband brings them to school and I fetch them. There was never a time that we let our help fetch our kids. I have a lot of help at home but I just give instructions on what needs to be prepared. I make sure to have time to unwind, though. I love music! I sing and sometimes play the piano. I love watching TV series, reading books, and shopping online, even while I’m pumping milk for my youngest. As a born-again Christian, I have devotional everyday. I also have a D-Group; we’ll be meeting again every Monday when school starts for the kids. At the end of the day, I make sure everything I do is to please God.

Interview with Vida Lim
Ginger: Hi Vida! Can you tell us more about your brand. What is it about and how long have you been in business?

Vida: My jewelry line, Vida Lim, started as a hobby around 2004. I was working with my dad in the family’s hardware business but I really couldn’t work in an industry that doesn’t have anything to do with art! I studied interior design in college but pursuing it as a career would definitely have to be full-time—meaning less time for the family—so I took a jewelry design course at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines. I just tried designing jewelry, creating big, bold, vintage-looking pieces I loved that weren’t available in the market. To my surprise, it did very well! I consigned pieces with stores like Firma and AC+632 around 2010 and eventually launched my website, Facebook page, and Instagram account, where I now sell my collections.

The Vida Lim brand is all about bold, dramatic, and glamorous conversation pieces.


Ginger: Who is your market? Why did you choose this market?

Vida: I cater to a wide market—from yuppies to socialites, from twentysomethings to senior citizens. Perhaps it’s because I have a variety of designs and different price points as well. I have pieces under 3,000 pesos that even those in their 20s can afford, then I have the more expensive, intricate pieces with semi-precious stones.

Ginger: What are ways that you can do to raise capital?

Vida: Less expenses. There are risks in spending that are not worth it. There are companies that spend millions to market their products even before they’ve really established the company, and sometimes, the money just goes to waste because the campaign doesn’t work. Start small.


Ginger: Were there any obstacles that you faced when you decided to pursue becoming an entrepreneur? What are these?

Vida: Clients who don’t pay.

Ginger: What?! Really, there are clients who don’t pay!

Vida: Yes, and another would be training the workers on how to achieve the level of quality you want for your products. There must be symmetry, the stones need to be protected—and so they need to follow a certain process. It’s tough when your instructions aren’t followed and the quality suffers, and sometimes the materials get ruined.

Those losses are part of the business, though. To be successful, you have to be patient, hardworking, and creative. You also need PR skills. Plus, you need to have faith so that any obstacle wouldn’t hinder you from achieving success.


Ginger: What are three traits that you think an entrepreneur should have when starting their own business?

Vida: An entrepreneur should be hardworking. Being proactive is key in success because if not, the business could be stable, sales may come in, but there may not be significant growth.

There’s also the need for creativity. You do not want your clients to get tired of the products you are offering. You always need to give the clients something different, something to look forward to. That’s why I continue to do my research on different materials and techniques.

Finally, you need to have faith in your business. You need to believe in your product. If you do not believe in your product, how are you going to sell it?

Ginger: Are there any unforgettable moments or lessons that you learned as an entrepreneur?

Vida: It was amazing to see my creations featured in magazines and newspapers for the first time! The first magazine to feature my work was Preview, and for newspapers, I’ll never forget the entire spread about my jewelry line in the Philippine STAR’s YStyle section. I was also thrilled when I first spotted celebrities wearing my pieces.

Ginger: What advice can you give to other entrepreneurs?

Vida: You just have to believe in your product, your brand. You should be able to highlight its benefits. If you really believe in your product, you’ll have faith that you will become successful as long as you are hardworking and patient. You also need to be creative, and you need to be good in dealing with clients.


Ginger: Do you believe that everyone should become entrepreneurs?

Vida: No. We each have our own strengths and weaknesses, and the qualities and skills required of an entrepreneur may not be among somebody’s strengths. It is important to know what you’re good at and focus on honing those skills—whether in putting up your own business or pursuing another career. Stick to your strengths.

Ginger: Thank you so much Vida for taking time out for this interview. I hope that a lot of people will be inspired after reading this!

To contact Vida or to purchase from Vida Lim, here are the contact details:

Email address: vidalimjewelry@gmail.com
Mobile number: 0917-656-5615
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/vidalimjewelry
Twitter account @vidalim
Instagram account @vidalim

Paper Cutting 101: A Cool Form of Art to Try!

We are having the Win in Life workshop this week and since I’m the “dakilang tagabantay” (which I am very grateful for because these times are actually my down time), I’m surfing the net and reading stuff. I came across this article and these amazing works of art of other people: http://www.boredpanda.com/paper-art-2/ Don’t you think these are just amazing. One type of art that I would like to learn more about is Paper Cutting. Check out some of these works of art from these links that inspired me: MadebyJulene.com and DesignSponge.com

Memory Crafters and Artsy Cutsy will be having a paper cutting workshop on August 1 from 10AM to 1PM at 100 Miles Cafe at the Fort Strip in BGC. Learn different ways on how to intricately create your own Paper cut masterpieces with Joanna Dela Pena of Artsy Cutsy!

Paper Cutting Workshop


Here are some sample works!

Paper Cutting 1

Paper Cutting 2

Paper Cutting 3

This will be the Workshop Flow:

– Introduction to Paper Cutting
– Brief History of Paper Cutting
– Knowing the different styles and kinds of Paper Cutting
– Quick run-through of the tools needed inside the workshop kit
– Learn the proper hand positioning
– Essential Tips & Tricks in Paper Cutting
– Work on practice sheets
– Basic Activity (with tracing guide)
– Demo with Joanna
– Create Final Project

All the participants will also get this fabulous kit!

Paper Cutting Workshop kit

Sign up here: http://manilaworkshops.com/events/paper-cutting-101
Workshop fee:
Early Bird Rate: P 1500 (First 10 registrants paid on or before July 25, 2015) – Hurry and avail of this rate!
Regular Rate: P 1800

Workshop Learning Fee is inclusive of Paper Cutting workshop kit, Certificate, Workshop Module, Food & Drink, and Freebies from our dearest sponsors!

Venue will be at 100 Miles Cafe at the Fort Strip, BGC. It’s at the 2nd Floor of the building of Whistlestop.

Map to the venue: https://plus.google.com/106851964413730207023/about?gl=ph&hl=en

5 Trusted and Safe Types of Food/Beverage to Stock Up during the Rainy Seasons

It’s raining, it’s pouring! My daughter and I love singing this song to keep our spirits up during the rainy season. It’s been quite gloomy these past few days. The change in weather, though, should never dampen our spirits, nor should it keep us from doing what we want to do. During this season, it is therefore essential to keep ourselves and our children strong and healthy. One way to avoid cold, cough and flu is to keep ourselves hydrated.

Rainy Day!

Another way to avoid sickness and illness during this season is to stock up on nutritious food. Meal planning for cold weather is very different from planning meals for warmer weather. You must take into account the additional demands that cold temperature places on your body. Extra calories are necessary in keeping your body warm (especially for children), dampen the air you breathe and fuel any involuntary quivering.

Eating nutritionally rigorous food will make the difference in your ability to stay warm and invigorated. Here are 5 things that keep my family’s spirits up in the rainy and cold season.

  1. Liquids galore

Since the weather is cold, we might not feel the urge to drink water, but we need to. We need to constantly remind ourselves to get up and drink. What I do to keep myself reminded is that I buy 330mL bottles of Wilkins Distilled drinking water and I make it a point to consume a bottle every hour. I set my mobile phone to alarm every hour to remind me to stand up and get a new bottle from the fridge! You can also shake off that cold-weather chill by drinking hot drinks such as cocoa, coffee or tea.

Storage tip: Always check the expiry dates of teas, coffee, cocoa and milk. If you didn’t finish your drink, cover your cup or mug before putting it inside the refrigerator.

  1. Leafy Greens and Veggies

Aside from being super-healthy, vegetables are also budget-friendly. Some cold-weather favorites include cabbage, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, beets, onions, cauliflower and broccoli (I super love the last two vegetables!). These are rich in vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, fiber and even anti-carcinogenic compounds called glucosinolates. Some studies even claim that vegetables can reduce cholesterol and lower risk of cancer and diabetes.

Storage tip: Tightly wrap the veggies and stash in the refrigerator to keep them fresh for up to a week.

How to Eat it: You may eat it raw, make a salad, or stir fries. It is also good for soups.

      1. Fruits

Are dark cold days getting you down? Grab a handful of cheery fruits to last you until next summer season. Most fruits are loaded with vitamin C – which is very ideal in keeping your resistance strong — and flavonoids – which may reduce risk of cancer. My daughter and I love buying different kinds of grapes and berries and we place them in a cute little bowl. The different colors just put us in a good mood! Don’t ever forget to add a piece of fruit to your diet because fruit consumption has also been linked to lower risk of a significant number of ailments which include diabetes, cholera, gingivitis, cataracts, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and Crohn’s disease. Stock up oranges, lemons, grapefruit, limes, apples and mangoes.

Storage tips: Store fruits inside the refrigerator for a few weeks. You may also just store it at a room temperature for up to four days.

How to Eat it: Just peel it and eat. Too, you may make fruit salads and hot lemonade or juices.

      1. Food grains and carbohydrates

Aside from the fact that carbohydrates are the speediest to convert to energy, grains also provides sundry nutrients that are vital for the health and maintenance of our bodies especially in cold seasons. They are very important sources of dietary fiber, numerous B vitamins such as niacin, folate, thiamin and riboflavin, and minerals such as selenium, magnesium and iron. These may also help reduce blood cholesterol levels and lower risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity. These may be the reasons why my daughter’s favorite food is “kanin”.

The fiber that we get from this type of food is also important for proper bowel function as it helps reduce diverticulosis and constipation. Store up products such as whole-grain breads, cereals, rice and pasta.

Storage tips: Heat, moisture and air are the enemies of whole grains, so be sure to keep them away from these. Store them in clean airtight containers with tight-fitting lids and closures. You may also use zip-top plastic bags or glass, plastic or aluminum canisters.

      1. Protein-rich food

If my daughter and husbands favorite food are carbohydrates and food grains, my favorite are protein rich food! Excess protein is turned into energy by our body which we need to jump-start our metabolism during cold rainy days. High protein foods include eggs (I eat 4 hardboiled eggs — although the white part only every day for breakfast), cheese, meat, fish, tofu, nuts and legumes.

Storage tip: Always separate raw, cooked and ready-to-eat food. Store raw meat, poultry and seafood on the bottom shelf of the freezer/refrigerator so juices won’t drip on the other food. Freeze or refrigerate perishables promptly.

For more of my personal tips, please do join me in a conversation over at the Wilkins Distilled Drinking Water Facebook Page. If you have more tips on how to keep safe and be healthy during the rainy season, post in on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts and use #WilkinsCircleofTrust. Feel free to leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts! Let’s talk!