First 1 Million Peso winner of Pampers Baby Dry Promo

What would you do if you found out that you won a million pesos? I would probably invest it to fund my daughter’s education. I could not possibly imagine what went on in Mommy Maria Felicidad Valdoria’s mind when she went to the grocery that day. Mommy Maria is a proud mother of two children — two-month old son Palix Diet her and one-year-old daughter Bettina Kateri. I guess it was just an ordinary afternoon for her that turned into one of the most unforgettable days of her life. Little did she know that buying one pack of Pampers Baby Dry would win her one million pesos!

Unsuspecting Mommy Maria

Unsuspecting Mommy Maria

On that day, this simple mommy who was going about her normal routine was hailed as the grand winner of Pampers First Million raffle promo. “Simple lang ang buhay namin at ang tanging hangad naming mag-asawa para sa mga anak namin ay mabigyan sila ng magandang kinabukasan.”

Shocked Mommy Maria

Shocked Mommy Maria

“Kaya sobrang saya ko nang malaman kong ako ang first winner ng PHP1 million! This will help us fulfil our children’s dreams!” she happily exclaimed.

As parents, we plan for the future for our children. We, of course, want what’s best for them and the best usually means that we have to efficiently manage our finances. With the short age gap between their kids, Mommy Maria admitted that it’s difficult to manage their finances. But like any other parent, Mommy Maria still chooses brands that they trust.

I can relate to her 100%. As a mom, I still go for the brands that I trust from water to food to diapers. I always see to it that my daughter is 100% safe, protected and always gets the best of things. “Trusted brands like Pampers are not only products that we use every day. They help in our children’s development, allowing them to achieve their first milestones in life,” Mommy Maria shared.

I personally trust the New Pampers® Baby Dry since it provides my daughter with up to 12 hours of superior overnight dryness. Also, she’s almost three and super active. I don’t worry about her running around and jumping endlessly, because I know that Pampers Baby Dry can keep her comfortable all the time.

Mommy Maria feels the same way too about Pampers Baby Dry. “Pampers Baby Dry is really impressive. It keeps baby dry for a long time, kaya mahimbing ang tulog naming lahat,” she said. Its breathable backsheet also prevents skin irritations and rashes, giving baby the comfort that he needs. “Wala na silang rashes ngayon and that makes them happier and sociable, too,” she added.


I admire Mommy Maria’s plans also when asked about what she was going to do with the one million pesos. “We will invest it in a time deposit first, para po kapag dumating ang tamang panahon ay magagamit na namin siya para sa education ng bunso ko. Gusto po kasi namin masiguradong mapapagtapos namin sila pareho dahil iyon na ang pinakamaganda na naming maipamamana sa kanila.”


I am so happy for this Mommy. She really deserves to win the one million pesos.

“Pampers is really more than just a diaper. It is every mom’s partner in ensuring baby’s better future,” she said.

For more details, watch their newest TVC at or visit the Pampers Facebook page (

Work-at-Home-Expo 2015: 3 More Days To Go!

My site is up and running again. Super kakainis lang that it was down for two day. I was so stressed! I’m sure that most of you can relate to this feeling. If you’re a work at hom-ie, we get stressed over things like this — problems with hosting, losing internet connection or if the connection is super slow, getting locked out from our own site (haha! this happens to me!), etc. All of these impedes our growth as a work-at-homie (so serious!). Anyway, it’s time to set aside all your worries for just one day and party with us on Saturday! Just kidding… it isn’t a party! 😀

I’m not sure if you hear the happiness and excitement in my voice, but I am super duper excited for this Saturday! Who wouldn’t be right? Check out the roster of speakers and I will describe WHY we got them to talk rather than talk about their topics (because you can already read it here:

Joe Maristela – I met Joe just recently through Lyle, one of the speakers,  and he is now one of my clients for Manila Workshops. I was really impressed with what he wanted for the Philippines. This guys has a really good heart and his passion to help start-ups in the Philippines was what impressed me!

Speaker Teaser - Joe Maristela

Marilen Montenegro – I met this lovely lady in the MakeitBlissful event last year, but we really became close after bonding during an event this year. Marilen is the type of person whose loveliness just shines through, if you know what I mean. She’s exceptionally pretty (haha! admire admire!), and I think that it’s because she is also very beautiful on the inside.

Speaker Teaser - Marilen Montenegro v2

Anna Meloto – Wilk – I haven’t really met her personally, but just like some of your, I am actually excited to meet her on Saturday. I am all for Social Entrepreneurship and making a huge impact in society and Anna is just one hell of an inspiration!

WAHE - Anna Meloto Wilk

Teresa Dumadag – Teresa has been a good friend and she is definitely one of the people that I think has got it all figured out! When it comes to raising kids, writing, etc., she’s just one of those moms that you can actually ask for advice from.

Speaker Teaser - Teresa Dumadag

Monica Manzano – I haven’t met Monica yet, but I am looking forward to meeting her, especially because of the fact that she love yoga. I think, each entrepreneur will have those moments when you need to stay grounded and become more focused. I think here talk will help us a lot in this aspect.

Speaker Teaser - Monica Manzano

Don-don Crisostomo, RFP – I admire young people who know how to save and grow their money. I am looking forward to listening to Don-don’s talk as he shares tips on how to handling your finances as a work at homie!

Speaker Teaser - Don-don

Lyle Jover – One of the best ‘guy’ friends that I have in this industry (I can hear him chuckling at this!) Don’t let his stoic look fool you. This guy knows a lot of things about working from home, and I know this since I normally bounce off ideas with him every so often. You will definitely learn a lot from this guys and will be inspired with the passion that he has for his business.

Speaker Teaser - Lyle Jover

Tippy and Anthony Pelayo – The power couple! I heard these two speak during a Nuffnang event and I was amazed with the amount of work and effort that they put into When you hear their story about how they went global and how they found audiences and a customer base outside the country, you might rethink how you do things with your business.

Speaker Teaser - Anthony and Tippy

And last but not least, Martine De Luna and Frances Sales – These ladies are simply wonderful! These ladies have become two of my friends whom I trust and love dearly. I love the fact that I learn from these two everyday about life, love, marriage, blogging, fashion, etc. — anything under the sun! My sincere wish for everyone is to that you may find these kinds of people in your life to help and support you in your work-at-home journey!



The event on Saturday is not just a conference for me, it is a place where you will meet friends and people who will guide and help you in your work-at-home journet. If you are seeking for inspiration, this is where you will find it. If you are seeking for technical knowledge, this is where you will find it!

Thank you to all our sponsors for making this event possible! See you there everyone! Sign up now at


Downloading Random Thoughts

It’s 12:05 am and I don’t know what’s happening. I can’t sleep. I know that I just posted an article about the philosophy of my life moving forward and yet, after watching 3 intriguing episodes of Under the Dome, I found myself lying in bed, crying, questioning my life and having this awkwardly weird conversation with my husband with me having no friends. All this for no reason at all. I got out of bed and I just wanted to write about random thoughts.

Please be warned. This post is such a ‘downer’.

The first topic that I brought up was about feeling so detached from everyone. I remember feeling this way late last year. I felt as if I were looking at the world from inside a snow globe, with just me inside it. I don’t know why I feel this way about things. Sometimes, I suppose life just gets to you. And I know that there isn’t anything wrong with my life. For some, it may even seem to be perfect. And I know it is close to what people may say would be ‘perfection’. But why do I feel sad? Why do I feel so lost tonight?

I know that I’m strong, but now I wonder if I really am. We then talked about life’s purpose. I felt that I was meant to achieve great things, but now, why do I feel like I don’t know what lies ahead of me. I used to feel so sure about everything… so sure about myself, about my plans. Why am I doubting myself?

How do you feel, my husband asked.

I am actually not sure. I feel so many things at the same time right now. I’m also thinking of so many things. I feel sad. I feel distant. I am thinking though that tomorrow will be yet another day and I think I’ll just go through that day as if nothing happened. I feel lost. I feel loved, even if I feel lost. I am thinking that this is just little ol’ tired me talking (and writing). I am thinking that I want to sleep so I just wake up to a new day. I also think though that I won’t be able to unless I write it all down. So, here I am, in front of the computer at 12:28pm.

Thank goodness for blogs. Writing blog posts are really cathartic. I love that you can just pour your heart out and let feelings and emotions flow. Please don’t judge. Oh well, whatever. Even if you do, we can just choose to delete comments anyway. You just have to realize that there is an actual person writing this. We are not robots.

Oh my, I think I have gone insane. Sorry, peeps! I know this post is such a downer. I know that by now, I have probably lost your attention. I just felt like writing. I got out of bed and I just wanted to write everything that I was feeling.

This post is petty much like downloading. This is the part where we lazily watch the counter fill up section by section until the file is ready to be seen, to be read, to be watched.

I’m sure, tomorrow will be another day. I’ll be ready to be seen, to be read and to be watched again. But for now, just let me be.

The Philosophy of my Life

Philosophy is the study of the general and fundamental nature of reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind and language (Wikipedia). Being an overthinker, I love that word. I love thinking about the reason why we exist, the reason why we act the way we do and the reason why we think about the things that we think about. And normally, I get to that state where I think about these things when I’m feeling either down or when I’m inspired.

And lately, I’ve been feeling inspired! Why shouldn’t I be, right? There are so many things that we need to be thankful for. Living is such a fun thing to do! I was recently invited by my friend, Martine De Luna for the MakeitBlissful x Philosophy Event in Megamall and I saw this written on the wall…

Philosophy Store in Megamall

It reminded me of the essential things in life.  We, oftentimes, think that the reason we all exist needs to be that huge or that life changing. I know that I talk about leaving a legacy and making a difference in the world, but I never mentioned the expanse of the dream or the legacy. Why? Because our reasons really differ and the expanse of a certain action is not measured by quantity. I don’t even think that it can be measured by quality, even. If you want to make a difference or if you want to leave a legacy, there are thousand things that you can do and all of these things start with the simplest of things, which is wanting it.

If you want to be a good mother, then be one. If you want to be the best wife ever, be one. If you want to be the best girlfriend, be one. If you want to be the best doctor or lawyer, be one. If you want to help entrepreneurs start their own businesses, then do so. If you want to change lives with the things you write in your blog, then do it.

We need to keep our lives simple. My philosophy starting today is to keep everything simple. If I feel like saying I Love You, i’ll do it. If I feel like crying, I will cry (parang baliw lang). Everything becomes clearer when we go back to the basics. Even in taking care of ourselves, we need to go back to the basics.

I was reminded of that during the event. This simple facial that was given to us reminded me of how grateful I am for little ‘pampering’ moments like these.

Philosophy 1

Me and Mommy Vanessa of

Me and Mommy Vanessa of

This bottle, which I actually purchased that day because it amazingly brightened my skin, also reminded me that I should make it a point to brighten someone else’s day. It reminded me that me need to be a source of inspiration to others so that they can also be sources of inspiration for other people.

We should brighten another person's day!

We should brighten another person’s day!

And no matter where we are, we need to co-exist with other people. We need to live in harmony with others. This sense of community comes from a simple seed of the innate goodness that we have — of wanting to do good for and to others.

co-exist with Philosophy


It’s now time to free ourselves of any inhibitions. Now is the time to achieve dreams and make things happen. I believe that each one of us is placed on this world for a reason. Time is the most valuable asset we could ever own. Let’s use it wisely.


philosophy 2

This is not your usual event review or product review. By just visiting this Philosophy store, it actually made me think of so many things (weirdly so!). Each product made me think of a lesson or a philosophy in life that I would actually live by from now on. It was a meaningful and lovely afternoon. Thank you, Martine and Philosophy for inviting me. *hugs*

Yours Truly and the other lovely ladies at the MakeitBlissful x Philosophy gathering!

Yours Truly and the other lovely ladies at the MakeitBlissful x Philosophy gathering!

Milna Baby Snack Food: Loving Mommyhood

Sometimes, I wake up on the wrong side of the bed. And when I do, I just feel that everything is horrible. Two days ago, I went to pick up my daughter in school to kiss her and just to say goodbye since I was rushing to meetings set one after another. After kissing her, I was about to cross the street when this car on my left side started moving back. The driver didn’t see that I was there. I was about to be ran over by this car. When we are confronted with days like these, little stuff can get to you and make you go crazy. Children refusing to eat or children not behaving the way you want can make you go crazy!

Sometimes, admittedly, I snap at my daughter. And the few seconds after that are the worst moments of my life. I feel so guilty. Do you have moments like these, too?

As moms, we just need sometimes need to see the beauty of Motherhood and why we should love Mommyhood. We need to be reminded that as moms, we are given this beautiful gift. Recently, we were just reminded of just that by a new brand of baby snack food called Milna Philippines.

Bloggers were invited to go an intimate gathering where we did fun activities such as a tote bag painting activity with Memory Crafters  and we were all treated to have our hair done by Flair Blow Dry Bar.

Tote Bag Painting


Yours truly with Nezi from Flair Blow Dry Bar

Yours truly with Nezi from Flair Blow Dry Bar

It was a fun event. I love intimate events where we, the invitees can actually interact with each other.

Milna creates nutritious food for your children during his/her developmental and growing up years to help provide self-fulfillment to the smart, thoughtful mom. What I love about Milna is that it has a whole line of products that you can choos from — bisucits, cereal and my favorite, which is the Milna instant pudding.

Ms. Lou from Milna Philippines explaining the whole line of products

Ms. Lou from Milna Philippines explaining the whole line of products

milna group-front small

There baby biscuits are great and affordable! It has AA & DHA to help baby’s brain development and good for eyes, Prebiotic FOS, Milk Calcium and vitamin D to support bones and teeth development and Vitamin C & E. It also comes in different flavors: Original, Banana, Orange and Mixed Fruit.

For the cereal, it has DHA, Prebiotic (FOS) to help strengthen body defense, calcium, 9 Essential Amino Acids and 12 Vitamins & 10 Minerals to support optimal growth.

My daughter’s favorite is the Milna Toddler Instant Pudding, which is so easy to prepare and tastes great! The toddle instant pudding contains Inulin to maintain healthy digestive system, Calcium to support bones and teeth development and 10 Vitamins for optimum growth and development.




Mommy Ginger and Zeeka


I may be busy at times, but as any mom, I want the best for my daughter. I love each and everything about being a mom. Thank you Milna Philippines for reminding me to #LoveMommyhood! Like Milna Philippines Facebook page HERE and follow them on instagram: @MilnaPhilippines