On Technology: Do More with Less

Every company needs to live by core values that they define. I remember, in the last company where I was employed with before I became an entrepreneur, the core value that we all tried to adapt was SMART Banking. We had to do everything ‘smarter’ than competition or simply just in a ‘smart’ way. Although still early in the game since my company is just a start-up, our core value is continuous learning. With this, all members of the team are encouraged to try new things in order to learn. They are encouraged to experiment on new things so that they learn from it.

If I were to add a second value though, it would be to do more with less. Seriously, I am super impressed with people who can accomplish a lot of things with less effort. I feel that I am not there yet in terms of the ‘less effort’ part. I feel that I’m still exerting a lot of effort… hehe! I have been emotional recently and thus this recording…

Honestly, without tools and technology, I don’t know how we can survive living in this world anymore. Well, we probably could in certain places, but I feel it will be difficult since we’re now so used to how we currently live. I feel that everything is so fast paced right now and thus, we need to use new tools just to catch up with the changing times and just to have enough time for ourselves.

I’m so glad that a lot of companies and individuals are innovating and creating new ideas to address different needs. One company that I have come across that wants us to #DoMorewithLess is Electrolux. I have this new top-load washing machine and it’s incredible.

What’s so amazing about it?

Electrolux T-Drive Washing Machine

Electrolux T-Drive Washing Machine

You need not hand-wash clothes that require hand-washing, since this T-Drive has an Agitator technology that is a paddle feature that simulates hand washing and lessens the wear and tear of delicate pieces. I always worry that new household helpers might destroy my clothes that require delicate washing just because they are not familiar with my things. Now, I don’t need to worry! I don’t need to brief new helpers on each clothing piece that I have in the closet.

Electrolux T-Drive Washing Machine 3

Electrolux T-Drive Washing Machine 2

The next amazing thing about this top load washing machine is that is has an Anti-Residue system prevents unsightly detergent residue on dried clothes. Have you ever experienced having that whitish residue on your clothes just because the washing machine didn’t get to rinse it thoroughly. I have experienced it!

Another amazing thing that the T-Drive can do is that it can spew money. Haha! Just kidding, but it can help me #DoMorewithLess “Money” since it cuts on water usage by 50% when rinsing with its Eco Rinse program. This is super savings for the budget-conscious mom like me!

The T-Drive will also save you the hassle of untangling clothes after wash, because its Anti-Tangle system gently separates your clothes automatically.

Safety feature of the Electrolux T-Drive: Soft Closing Lid

Safety feature of the Electrolux T-Drive: Soft Closing Lid

Also, this really “smart” washing machine also has a security feature of Soft Closing Lid that keeps your hands safe from accidents, like suddenly and accidentally closing the washing machine lid. This is super because if your carrying a lot of laundry, and if you have a wash area as tiny and packed as ours, the tendency is that you would most likely shut the lid of the washing machine accidentally.

This T-Drive washing machine from Electrolux made me realize how much I love technology! Things, devices, contraptions, gadget, etc. like these make our lives easier!

I can now spend more time with my daughter!

I can now spend more time with my daughter!

Remember to #DoMorewithLess. Thanks, Electrolux for reminding me!



Relax Once in Awhile: My Neo Day Spa Experience

I think I need a vacation. Early this morning, while on my Uber (use my code r0gtb for free credits by the way!) car going to domestic airport road, I was dreaming of the beach. Then my thoughts shifted to scheduling another spa session at Neo Day Spa. After a minute, it moved on to the next thought of having to clean up my files next week. After a minute, I thought about another thing, then another, then another. I need to stop.

I feel tired. When I answer messages on Facebook, I usually answer using voice messages already (which is a new thing that I love doing! It’s so convenient. You should try it!) since I always multi-task. What people don’t know is that I’m so busy that I answer their messages while crossing the street, while eating, while writing, etc. Haha!

I then thought of adding this little something to my blog. I will record some of my thoughts during the day. This is my first recording and pardon some mistakes in my grammar, because honestly, I think I was half asleep here.

I just listened to this now! Haha! Don’t you just find how weird your voice sounds when you record it? It seems like it’s so far from how you perceive it to be? Anyway, I’m digressing.


Yes, people! We deserve to take a break. It’s so weird that everything I feel sleepy in the afternoon, right after lunch, I just feel the need to text my husband and to ask him if it’s okay to sleep. Then he would obviously tell me that it is. I just realized it now that that’s the way I am. Deep inside I feel like I need to ask permission from someone… anyone if I plan to take breaks. Haha! That’s the thing about being your own boss. It feels awkward to take these little breaks that we actually deserve.

Last week, I had the most wonderful afternoon at Neo Day Spa. I had the most amazing massage… ever. We tried out Neo Day Spa’s Zen Spa package.

Neo Day Spa

Neo Day Spa

Neo Day Spa 1

2015-10-16 13.02.31

The Zen Spa Package was just the thing that I needed to destress after a whole month of intense working. The package is composed of a 60 minute body scrub of your choice and a 90 minute whole body massage. My husband and I occupied the couple’s room. I loved the look, feel and mood of the room. Upon entering, you would immediately see the the two massage beds. On the side, it had a sink that you can use with a mirror and a shower area that is at the corner of the room. The room is lit just right, mostly from natural light that comes in from the window. The temperature of the room is adjustable, so if you feel too cold or warm, you can easily have them adjust it.

2015-10-16 13.03.35

2015-10-16 13.03.53

For my scrub, I chose the young rice body scrub. This scrub is made from fragrant ground jasmine rice mixed with a velvety cream. This treatment helps remove dead skin by using the conditioning, soothing and softening properties of rice starch. My husband on the other hand chose the lemongrass option. He loved the smell of the scrub, although his scrub felt stickier than mine. Both achieved the results of having smoother and glowing skin.

Scents and scrubs to choose from at Neo Day Spa

Scents and scrubs to choose from at Neo Day Spa

2015-10-16 13.12.56

After they scrubbed our bodies, we were wrapped in plastic for a few minutes and then we were given time to rinse it off in the shower.

For the next 90 minutes, we had our massage. It was the most relaxing experience I have ever had in almost three years. I haven’t had time to book a massage until this came along. Thank you to my friend Nikki from AskMeWhats.com who encouraged me and gave me this opportunity to pamper myself.

Lesson of the story is that we all deserve to take breaks! We shouldn’t feel that we don’t deserve it. I even love this advice from my idol, Timothy Ferriss, author of the 4-Hour Work Week, where he says that you should take mini-vacations if you can. We need to feel rewarded, even for just a bit or for a while, so that we won’t feel tired or so that we won’t feel that we’re missing all the fun. Life is fun! Let’s relax and take a break!


Bringing Sexy (and Good Health) Back with F45 Training

I’m thinking of reformatting GTV. First of all, I think I won’t have the budget to continuously pay for my production team and secondly, I feel that I have so much more to give if the episodes aren’t scripted. I can be my wacky, weird self. If you get to know me in person, I am a serious, all-business and no-nonsense kind of a lady, but there are a few times (oooh, alright… maybe more often that I can remember) when I totally don’t make any sense. Hihi! My friends can attest to that.

Anyway, my point is that the lives of the people that you read online are just a part of REALITIES that they have. I’m not saying we’re all fakers, but obviously, our blogs are not “on” 24/7, if you get what I mean. We cannot constantly monitor everything that we do and share everything with the public. We chose the fun, inspiring and amazing part of our lives.

My Chubby Face :)

My Chubby Face 🙂

Like for instance, in my case, I don’t often share about my insecurities when it comes to the way I look. I hate having pictures take, less having my video taken, because I feel my face is too huge. I look fat. I feel I have humongous “braso” and I have weird looking feet. I wish my nose were shaped differently. There you go! I have said everything that I needed to say, but it won’t change anything, so I decide not to talk about it.

I also don’t show you or mention that I have been sick (I literally felt that I had pneumonia already) for the past month. I have this really bad cough, but I haven’t had the time to go to the doctor. I also feel soooo unhealthy. This is why two weeks ago, I started eating healthy. I started going on a diet. It seemed so long ago since the last time I felt healthy and sexy (I think it was January of this year during my boudoir shoot: http://mommyginger.com/2015/01/perfect-gift-hubby-valentines-day-boudoir-pictures.html)

Bringing Sexy, but more importantly, "Healthy" Back!

Bringing Sexy, but more importantly, “Healthy” Back!

I also stated getting my groove back when it comes to exercising. I used to be a gym rat, but with managing my businesses and all, I haven’t had enough time to go to the gym. But since I feel soooo unhealthy, I decided to start working out again.

I got an email from 45 Training recently offering 3 FREE Trial Classes. One Saturday, I decided to go and successfully managed to bring my husband with me. I think I was successful since F45 was really just three blocks away from where we’re staying so he agreed to come with me.

F45 Training at BGC Stopover

F45 Training at BGC Stopover

When we got to BGC Stopover, we went straight to the third floor where F45 Training was. We were equipped with a towel and a bottle of water. I came in my gym clothes (just like the one I’m wearing the picture above). The gym was a huge open space with a lot of equipment — some of which I have seen before and some totally unfamiliar.

2015-10-10 09.10.21

There were also a big sign on what type of class we were joining and in some sections, there was an LCD panel that showed different types of workouts that was part of the session (check out the screen situated on the upper left side of  this picture).

We were greeted by a really courteous trainer. I believe his name was Fred Tembrevilla. Fred explained to us what was going to happen. He told us that the name of the session that we were attending was Hollywood. Hollywood is a 60 minute, high intensity interval circuit around 27 stations that will put your strength, core stability and cardiovascular endurance under the brightest of spotlights! Oh, so that’s why it’s called Hollywood. I just got it now, while retyping the description in this picture!

F45 Schedule of classes

We went through the training and yes, it certainly showed me that I was unfit! Haha! We, my husband and I, got to do just one round of the training. We were given a break in between rounds to which we could not “break” from. I really enjoyed the training though, even it if it was just a round (for us).

f45 training 2

What I liked about F45 Training was…

  1. The trainers were constantly checking form and looking around to see how everyone was doing. They had three trainers on the floor, which was superb!
  2. We were constantly motivated. They would say, “good job” or “you’re really doing great there”. They’re not like those psycho trainers that we often times imagine.
  3. The exercises really targeted different parts of your body. Usually, the day after, it would be my thighs that would always hurt, but lo and behold, it was actually my triceps and back that hurt! I was happy because it was the good kind of pain (the one that tells you that you’ve finally used them after decades).
  4. You are free to work just within your limits. You are free to stop when you don’t feel well. F45 Training offered and environment that encourages you to go on (no pressure at all).
  5. Perfect for moms, like me, since you can go at your own pace. It’s also perfect for beginners because the coaches are really adamant about keeping the right form.
  6. They have schedules that would fit your schedule! (dang it! Can’t use that one as an excuse!)

So there you have it, folks! That was my assessment of my first class at F45. I think I will go again next week. Let’s see! My strategy is to build up cardiovascular endurance first via the treadmill before I go for my second trial class. To avail of the trial classes, just sign up in their site and it automatically gives you the three classes for FREE!

The site is http://f45training.ph/. I will monitor my progress also for the next months. I plan to really be healthy and prolly sexy come December, so that I can eat and gain all that weight back again. Haha! Oh, the cycle of life!

A Conference that One Shouldn’t Miss! Robert Kiyosaki Live in Manila

Have you ever read the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad? Well, I have and it was one of the books that I kept on reading over and over again. I don’t read often, but I am always attracted to financial, management, marketing and branding books for some reason. For those who haven’t read the book, the author of the book is Mr. Robert Kiyosaki. And guess what? He will be visiting Manila and having a talk together with the other “Masters”.

You have no idea on how excited we are for this conference. The event will be on November 30, 2015, from 9am to 8pm, at SMX Convention Centre in Mall of Asia in Pasay City.

MOW Latest Poster as of Oct 15 2015 - 1


Robert Kiyosaki will be with 7 other international speakers, all who are impressive in their own right!



He is the Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad – the international runaway bestseller that has held a top spot on the New York Times bestsellers list for over six years – is an investor, entrepreneur and educator whose perspectives on money and investing fly in the face of conventional wisdom. He has, virtually single-handedly, challenged and changed the way tens of millions, around the world, think about money.

In communicating his point of view on why ‘old’ advice – get a good job, save money, get out of debt, invest for the long term, and diversify – is ‘bad’ (both obsolete and flawed) advice, Robert has earned a reputation for straight talk, irreverence and courage.Rich Dad Poor Dad ranks as the longest-running bestseller on all four of the lists that report to Publisher’s Weekly – The New York Times, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today – and was named “USA Today’s #1 Money Book” two years in a row. It is the third longest-running ‘how-to’ best seller of all time.

Translated into 51 languages and available in 109 countries, the Rich Dad series has sold over 27 million copies worldwide and has dominated best sellers lists across Asia, Australia, South America, Mexico and Europe. In 2005, Robert was inducted into Amazon.com Hall of Fame as one of that bookseller’s Top 25 Authors. There are currently 26 books in the Rich Dad series.

Best-selling Author and International Speaker

Andrew Matthews is the author of Follow Your Heart, Being a Happy Teen, and Happiness Now, and is one of the world’s most widely read self-help authors. His books are best-sellers in the USA, UK, China, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Indonesia, the Philippines, India, Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia – and Iran. Andrew is also a popular international speaker and he has addressed over 1,000 international corporations. His presentations are laced with humor and he draws lightning-fast cartoons as he speaks! Andrew’s clients include Shell, McDonalds, Lenovo, Wal-Mart, Hewlett Packard, Toshiba, Honda and HSBC.

World’s No. 1 Wealth Coach

J.T. Foxx is widely considered one of the top speakers, coaches and now consultants in the world, with business interests and companies in the United States, Canada, Africa, UK, Europe and Australia and New Zealand.
J.T. is also a media personality having had a radio show for 7 years and now can be regularly seen and interviewed on CNBC, Forbes, BBC and many other TV and radio shows all around the world and is a contributing author for Forbes Africa and Prestige Magazine. His drive and passion is to use his expertise in investing and business to help others succeed and make this planet a better place for entrepreneurs.

Top International Trainer

Robert Riopel started out as a driver for a franchise pizza business. Although he was comfortable, he wasn’t satisfied. His entrepreneurial spirit saw him rise through the ranks to be a store manager, and eventually owner of a chain of stores. Robert made fairly good money while doing so. The problem was, he also learned how to spend money even more quickly, and in eight years, was over $150,000 in debt. Within nine months, Robert went from deep debt to being financially free and retired by age 32. Robert wants to help you find your passion and be financially free just like he did and be able to live your life with purpose, success and joy.

CEO of Rich Dad’s Training (S.E.A.) PTE LTD.

He has over 30 years experience in operating a group of companies and have successfully applied Rich Dad™ concepts of investment to attain financial freedom. He will teach you the right mindset necessary to obtain their financial goals and give them a chance to benefit personally by tapping into his wealth knowledge and experience.
Bellum Tan met Robert Kiyosaki in 1992 and has since then practiced everything he learned from Robert by actively investing in real estate in the early 90’s and today has gone into investing with Robert and his team in providing seed funding for a few companies that have successfully gone public.

Economist and Best-selling Author

Richard Duncan is the author of three books on the global economic crisis. The Dollar Crisis: Causes, Consequences, Cures, an international bestseller, predicted the current global economic disaster with extraordinary accuracy. Duncan has worked as a financial sector specialist for the World Bank in Washington DC. He also worked as a consultant for the IMF in Thailand during the Asian Crisis and is now chief economist at Blackhorse Asset Management. Richard has appeared frequently on CNBC, CNN, BBC and Bloomberg, as well as on BBC World Service Radio.

Asia’s #1 Forex Coach
“How to Retire Rich in Forex”

As a world renowned Forex expert, Mario has appeared over 40 times on CNBC and Bloomberg. His two best-selling books “17 Proven Currency Trading Strategies” and “Unlocking the World’s Largest Financial Secret” are endorsed by world-famous billion-dollar fund managers Mark Mobius and David Kotok. Besides coaching retail traders and investors, Mario has been called up by global banks like Julius Baer and ICBC to speak to their clients and traders. Mario will be sharing with you his strategies to invest profitably in the financial markets.

Authority in Wealth Creation Online

Peng Joon is the authority on how to make big money online. In less than 7 years, he generated over $10 million in revenue through his 527 (and counting) websites. It wasn’t always like this. In 2005, Peng Joon was a RM153,000 in debt. Left with a computer, internet connection and RM731 in his bank account, he started his first website and has never looked back. Over the years, Peng Joon has refined his 3 step system that has helped thousands monetize their passion, earn automated income online, quit their full time jobs and live the dot com lifestyle.

His system is regarded as the easiest and fastest way to start generating a 5 figure monthly income online.

To get more details about the event to to reserve a ticket, please go to http://manilaworkshops.com/RKManila.




October Talks for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs

I’m super busy, but I’m busy-happy! I’m happy because I will be sharing a lot of my experiences and the things that I have gone through as an entrepreneur this month in these two exciting webinars and an actual live talk about blogging!


7 steps

My good friend and Freelancing advocate, Marv De Leon and I will be giving tips on Freelancing and working from home! Guess what?! This webinar is for free but we have limited slots only! Sign up now at: http://manilaworkshops.com/events/7steps


I would really recommend that you attend this FREE webinar from Payoneer. Yours truly, Rifat Ahment and Jonny Steel will be giving tips for freelancers. Sign up now at this link: PAYONEER PREMIUM WEBINAR.


Raket One

I recently wrote about the realities of being a blogger in this link: REALITIES OF BEING A BLOGGER. I have been a blogger since 2008 and since that time, I have learned a lot about this craft. I’d like to share with you what I know and I would like to get to know you more and help you become successful bloggers. Sign up now at: RAKETONE Blogging 101

Hope to meet you ‘virtually’ or in person on these dates!