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Mama Empanada: The Best Empanadas in Town!

“It filled my soul with hot, buttery meat — EJ Arboleda, Winner of Hot Daddy Bod for 2015”

They say that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This is very true when it comes to pleasing my husband. Whenever he eats, his eyes light up, especially when he eats sinigang and empanada. His favorite is actually the Red Ribbon chicken empanada. Have you tried those? They are hands-down delicious. Imagine how excited he was when I told him that I got to meet Trina, who is a member of the family who owned the ORIGINAL RECIPE of that empanada!

Trina and I have been exchanging emails, but I finally met her at the Work-at-Home Expo 2015.

Yours Truly with my husband and Trina of Mama Empanada

Yours Truly with my husband and Trina of Mama Empanada

Trina told me that this business started three years ago as a hobby to revive the memories of an old family recipe. Trina initially made her chicken empanada for family and close friends to enjoy—until friends shared them to other friends, and soon word about this classic chicken empanada got around. Being the granddaughter and daughter of the family who started Red Ribbon, the original version of this recipe has been passed down to three generations of moms finding its way back to its humble beginnings in Trina’s home-based kitchen, where it was redeveloped and improved in preparation for its comeback.

I was so excited to try it out and had my first bite during the expo. Not knowing that it was the same Trina that contacted me via email, I hurriedly told EJ that there was this booth that served great tasting empanadas. He went and bought, as well, then later on that day, we found out that this was the business / company that contacted me via email.

With just one bite, you will love fall in love with it! We can’t stop eating it! We have each of its unique flavors at home!

Mama Empanada comes in different flavors!

Mama Empanada comes in different flavors!

We, of course, have the Classic Chicken empanada, whose taste captures your heart immediately. We also have the Asian Pork empanada. Experience the traditional asian taste with each bite of the Asian Pork empanada — a bit sweet with a hint of oriental flavor. The Italian Tuna empanada is a perfect pairing of herbs and tuna fish for the fish lover. And last, but not the least, Mexican Beef empanada is a blend of Latin American spices and a touch of mild cheese.


The Classic Chicken Empanada

The Classic Chicken Empanada


For orders, just text 0915-8633156 and you can pick it up at Valle Verde 5 in Pasig. A box of twelve is at Php 420. A box of Eight is at Php 280 and a box of six is at Php 210.

You will surely love these empanadas. Mama Empanada is definitely in my list of possible Christmas gifts for friends and family!

Mama Empanada Contact Details:
INSTAGRAM: @mamaempanada
Contact information: 0915-8633156
Pick-up: Valle Verde 5, Pasig City
*during the holidays, additional pickup location in Greenhills, San Juan
— Empanadas are cooked per order. For orders of 3 boxes of less, please give them at least an hour to prepare for the order.
— No delivery



A Mompreneur Review of the ASUS ZENFONE 2 Laser

The Asus Zenfone 2 Laser  has been with me for over a week now and I have to say, it’s a pretty impressive phone, especially for its price.

Zenfone 2 laser

Zenfone 2

Woot woot! My new Zenfone 2

Woot woot! My new Zenfone 2

The size of the phone is just right – slightly larger than the Samsung Galaxy S6 but still fitting comfortably in my hand. It’s also quite light at a measly 140g so keeping it in your pocket won’t pull your pants down.

Asus Zenfone 2

The most striking difference of course is the placement of the volume buttons of the Asus Zenfone 2 Laser — they’re in the middle of back panel, instead of on the side as with most phones. It was a strange design choice initially but I quickly realized the benefits: (1) I don’t have to worry about hitting the buttons when I place the phone in the various clamps/holders that I use, and (2) It’s more easily reachable with one hand which is a definite plus if you have smaller hands.

2015-10-22 20.21.23

Volume buttons at the back

Volume buttons at the back

It’s also a DUAL-SIM phone so I don’t have to lug around 2 phones anymore (business & personal) — I can handle both using 1 phone. A mini bonus for me is that it used a micro-sim (not a nano-sim), so I didn’t have to get a new sim card to use this phone.

2015-10-22 20.17.09

The display is gorgeous, displaying 16M colors on the 5.0″ capacity touchscreen. The resolution is a reasonable 720×1280 pixels which, honestly, is enough for me. With a screen of that size, that resolution is more than enough.

My phone after opening it :)

My phone after opening it 🙂

Specs do show that it uses a Corning Gorilla Glass 4 so it should at least be scratch-proof. Unfortunately, barely a week into using the phone, my 2 year old girl unfortunately stepped on the phone with the display side down on the wooden floor. I wasn’t really worried – it’s Gorilla Glass! Unfortunately, the screen did have very deep scratches after that. Was a bit disappointed, of course, and it came as a surprise considering that this was supposed to be Gorilla Glass. It wasn’t covered by warrantly as well. 🙁

huhu! The glass got scratched :(

huhu! The glass got scratched 🙁

The phone came with Android 5.0 (Lollipop) so aside from being able to play with the Angry (Android) Birds easter egg, I was also able to enjoy some of the latest features of Android (at least until Marshmallow). With the quad-core CPU performed really well as I usually have tons of apps running side-by-side. The CPU handled the load quite admirably and I didn’t notice any slow down switching between apps. The game did have a little lag when I started up Dark Lands with it’s graphically intensive intro but after that the actual game ran quite smoothly. You can also use a microSD up to 128GB so with that and the cloud, I doubt I’ll ever need to clean up my phone!

Zenfone 2 from Asus

Next, we move on to something that is really important for me as a blogger and mother who wants to capture every moment of my Zeeka’s development:the camera. The camera is impressive at 13MP (4128x3096px) with laser autofocus — it was able to focus quite quickly and accurately so I was able to capture the little fleeting moments (that one smile in the middle of a tired babys’s tantrum)! It captures video at 1080p (30fps) which is enough for me. The front camera is also quite impressive at 5 MP — our selfies were surprisingly crisp and quite clear!

Selfie time with ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser

Selfie time with ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser

WIFI and 3G performed well, I didn’t encounter any connection issues at all and was always at the fastest speed available. GPS took a little longer to get a lock though, especially in the evenings. I didn’t encounter this with my iPhone and my husband didn’t with his Xiaomi either so that was a bit of a disappointment.

The battery is quite impressive, I would say my consumption is a bit higher than a normal person’s but during a normal workday (occassional calls, reading/replying to messages, browsing my social networks) from 9am to 6pm, ate up about 50% battery life. I would say it’s at par with the performance of my iPhone. One of my favorite things about the battery is that it’s removeable! So if, later on, the battery decides to conk out on me (as has repeatedly happened with my other phones), I can just buy a new battery and replace it myself — problem solved.

The phone I got was a beautiful gold color. It felt a little in between plastic and solid. I would’ve preferred a more metalic feeling phone but I do appreciate the tradeoff with weight — I would’ve gone with a lighter one as well.

All in all, the Asus Zenfone 2 Laser is an excellent buy especially at it’s SRP. If you’re looking for a hard-working sub-10K PHP phone, this is it. Just make sure you get a screen protector ASAP! 🙂

PS. Here’s ( a handy comparison of this phone versus the iPhone6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 which is at 5x-6x the price. It holds its own quite well!


Kerygma Conference 2015

What we consider normal now is being busy. It’s not surprising that all of us can’t keep still. We always feel like we need to move — check our phones, type something in front of the computer, go out and workout, etc. We have an endless list of dreams that we want to accomplish and there seems like there is not much time given to us every day.

I’ve been pretty busy this past week. Up until last week, I was working on one major project and I have set aside the other things that I needed to do. Since that project didn’t push through, I thought of focusing on the businesses that I will set up next year. But then a new wave of opportunities came rushing in.

Speaking of the Kerygma Conference 2015 (which has been running for 9 years already), I really feel that I need to go this year. The Kerygma Conference is the biggest inspirational event in the country founded by lay preacher and best-selling author Bo Sanchez. I feel that at this time in my life, I really need to be inspired and enlightened. I know my purpose — I am clear with what I want to accomplish, but sometimes, I get lonely, and I don’t know why. I feel that I may find answers when I attend this year’s conference. This year’s conference will be on November 19-22, 2015 to be held at SMX Convention Center and SM Mall of Asia Arena.

KCON2015 General Invite

Why am I excited to attend this conference?

The Kerygma Conference 2015 is four days of non-stop learning with as many as nine (9) classes of your choice from five (5) different streams—business and career, leadership and education, church ministry and systems, wellness and health, and family and relationships. Just click on this link for the list of classes and speakers:

Brother Bo Sanchez

I want to hear Brother Bo speak. I always feel inspired and enlightened after I hear him talk. Bo Sanchez’s mission is to bless you because He believes that God loves you as if you’re the only one left on earth to love. He’ll be preparing his talks for the Kerygma Conference with that intention in mind — so get ready to be blessed like never before!

I’m excited for the roster of speakers for this year. The speakers will be Rex Mendoza, Justin Fatica (of the U.S. based Hard As Nails Ministry), Fr. Joel Jason, Arun Gogna and Alvin Barcelona. There will also be international speakers, Jana Stanfield, Scott Friedman, and Jonathan Low who will  be sharing business and leadership insights in their respective classes. Other esteemed speakers who will be at the Kerygma Conference are Francis Kong, Paulo Tibig, Jojo Apolo, Rissa Singson-Kawpeng, Ichel Alignay, and many more!

KCON2015 Youth Conference

And what’s nice about the Kerygma Conference 2015 is that there’s a Youth Conference for students and teenagers, life-changing career talks for the young professionals, empowering entrepreneurship talks for those thinking of starting their own businesses, retirement topics for those who wish to learn how to be “happy retirees,” and so much more! The Kerygma Conference definitely has something for everyone!




I also feel that I NEED it. Have you ever felt that way about something? I just feel that this event was scheduled perfectly at the perfect time in my life when I need it the most.

Kerygma Conference

Kerygma Conference

Two “Grand Feasts” at the Mall of Asia Arena will mark the last day of the Kerygma Conference. I haven’t gone to the Feast but I would really love to go to one, and this may be the perfect opportunity and time to go. There will be a Holy Mass and plenary talks by Bo Sanchez and Alvin Barcelona, plus powerful worship. For non-conference attendees, tickets will be available at For more details about the Kerygma Conference 2015: Coming Home, visit

There, I just shared my own personal reasons on why I want to go to the Kerygma Conference. How about you? Will I see you there?

DIY Bespoke Your NiQUA and a Beautiful Breakfast

Do you encounter days that you know will just be perfect? Upon waking up, you immediately feel gorgeous and you know that nothing will stand in your way. You know that everything will just turn out perfectly and even if it won’t, you know you’ll just keep smiling. Well, I had that kind of a day last week. For some reason, I just woke up feeling amazing. I knew that I had a ton of things to do but I was happy.

I felt even more accomplished and happier after that morning. That particular morning was fantastic because I got to make my own clutch. Yeeeeeah! I know. I just said I and emphasized the “I” in that sentence. Little ol’ super-not-at-all-crafty me created my own clutch and it was because I attended the DIY Bespoke Your NiQUA (#DIYBespokeUrNiQUA) event at Century Mall.

2015-10-29 09.54.42
2015-10-29 09.55.56

I was one of the first people there. It was nice to see Bunnie from NiQUA again and Mia from Juice Hut Manila.

Mommy Ginger, Bunnie of Niqua and Mia :)

Mommy Ginger, Bunnie of Niqua and Mia 🙂

I also got to see some friend that I have not seen for the longest time like Jam from the Share Movement. This day was really turning out to be a brighter day!

Mommy Ginger, Bunnie of Niqua and Jam :)

Mommy Ginger, Bunnie of Niqua and Jam 🙂

2015-10-29 10.01.15

My favorite bag from Niqua!

My favorite bag from Niqua!


Again with my favorite bag from Niqua!

Again with my favorite bag from Niqua!

During that morning, we were taught how to create our own clutch and we got to keep our work. Personally, I love this idea because I haven’t really created any bag in my entire life. Now, from a business standpoint, I salute Bunnie for thinking of an activity like this, and here are my reasons why:

2015-10-29 10.14.16

  1. Involving the Customer. Gone are the days when customers would just be spectators and then hypnotized into buying something. Now, we, as consumers/customers crave so much more. I love how NiQUA extended the customer experience from deciding which materials to use down to customizing the clutch with a monogram. Nowadays, it’s all about experiential marketing and by having this event, NiQUA gave emphasis on “experience”.

2015-10-29 10.47.14

2. Understanding the customer. A bag for a lady is very personal. We don’t want people looking through our stuff. We don’t even want want our boyfriends or husbands checking things inside our bag. Having this elegant touch of personalizing these clutches is very smart. Even if it’s the same style or given it’s of the same color, we will still be able to know that it’s ours because of the initials monogrammed on the bag.



Your Truly with Working Mom EIC, Jane :) Busy Mommas!

Your Truly with Working Mom EIC, Jane 🙂 Busy Mommas!

3. Saves manpower cost. With having a retail business, one of the barriers is really creating a lot of products of quality at the fastest possible time. A lot of the retailers that I have mentored say that looking for the right people and training them takes a lot of time and effort. This event is a brilliant way of selling bags without having to think of labor, plus you can also price your products at a premium because of the entire experience and the personalized touch.

Busy me! haha!

Busy me! haha!





Busy ladies at the #DIYBespokeurNiqua Event!

Busy ladies at the #DIYBespokeurNiqua Event!

4. This is a good marketing strategy. We all went home happy, and we will of course share the news about this service / product of NiQUA. People underestimate the power of word of mouth, but it’s about time that we give it a shot. This is the reason why celebrities and online influencers are commissioned by brands. Words have weight.

2015-10-29 11.30.02







So this event was worth it! I really wanted to share this so that other retailers and aspiring retailers can get some tips from this post plus the fact that I wanted to share with you this appetizing picture (food from Early Bird Breakfast Club). Yummy!!!



My very own Niqua Clutch with this Early Bird Breakfast Club soup!

My very own Niqua Clutch with this Early Bird Breakfast Club soup!

Had a great time with these ladies! Thanks Niqua!

Had a great time with these ladies! Thanks Niqua!

Thanks NiQUA for inviting me to your #DIYBespokeurNiQUA event! 🙂 It was truly an amazing experience. If you want to check out their products and get that bag that I love so much (in the picture above), visit their site:

November and Me Time!

Yesterday, I was so pumped up to start November right. I made this recording.


True enough! Yesterday, I started writing my To-Do List and ended up writing 2 pages with 42 tasks. No worries, I said to myself! I envisioned today to be seamless… perfect. I would wake up at 6:00 am to jump on the treadmill. Then I would take a cold shower and work until around 9:30 AM. After which I would rush off to my 10:00 AM meeting and eat lunch at the coffee shop and work again once I got back home. Then I would take a Skype call from a potential partner from Amsterdam and then work again after the call. In my mind, everything was perfect! I was so pumped up for November.

Me Time

Then this morning came and I couldn’t get up at 6:00 AM. I stayed up late watching the first episode of Code Black and a few episodes of The Flash. Yes, seriously, a workaholic entrepreneur like me has some lazy moments, too. My head hurt last night. It was probably because I gobbled up one whole bag of Popcorners (so much for my diet!). That is the reason why despite the snoozed alarm, I was only able to fully wake up at 9 am. I then rushed taking a shower, eating breakfast and packing my laptop, which was lazily dumped on top of the table the night before.

He, let’s face it, peeps. We will have days like these when we think of ourselves as lazy bums, and guess what?! That’s perfectly alright! We all need some “down” times like these. We need our ME time. It makes our “game” faces and “game” feelings even game-r (somewhat like the calm before the storm!).

It doesn’t mean that you’re less effective or you’ll be less effective. Feeling tired and longing for some rejuvenation and relaxation makes you human.

Now that I had that down time yesterday, I feel like i’m more pumped up for November! Time to cross all that tasks in my to-do list. How about you? How was your weekend? Where you a lazy bum like me?

Raaaaaaawr! I hope you’re now pumped up, too!