Increasing the Value of Air at Home with Crane Humidifiers and Air Purifiers

In the past, people would have probably thought that placing water inside a bottle and selling it would be impossible. A few years ago, we would have probably laughed at the idea of air being sold in containers. But then again, this week, I saw an article in Facebook that this air that we breathe is now being sold in China. What is happening to the world? It seems like now, even the basic necessities in life, has a price tag. Why is this so? This is when that point of imbalance in supply and demand is evident.

Hey, I don’t know about you, but i’m increasing the value of air at home, and when I do this, I’ll store it in bottles too and sell it. Haha! Just kidding, but really, my plan is to increase the value of Air at home with Crane.

What is Crane?

In the Philippines, Keywest International is the official distributor of Crane. Crane USA is a ten year old company that values design and sees that one’s home is the evident expression of who they are as a person. They also know that one of the aspects that people cherish is to keep everyone healthy and safe at home. With this aspect of health in mind, Crane created humidifiers and air purifiers which control indoor air pollutants and improve the value of air! See, this is how I will increase the value of the air that I breathe at home.

Check out this beautiful Crane Train air Humidifier

Check out this beautiful Crane Train air Humidifier


When I saw the products displayed at the L’indochine store in Megamall, I really wanted to get one. This is because for the longest time, I have been suffering really bad rhinitis. I take Antihistamines like vitamins; I take them almost everyday. I hate that I am allergic to everything! This is off topic but do you know that I am allergic to chocolate (such a sad life…)? Anyway, I was so excited, since I wanted to use it immediately, not only for me, but also for my daughter. I don’t want her to experience this and I’m scared because as early as now, I see her rubbing her nose often.

Jax from The Horribles collection of Crane

Jax from The Horribles collection of Crane

Why are Humidifiers important?

Humidifiers help ease breathing problems caused by sickness and air pollution. When you breathe well, you get to sleep well and everything follows (I’m sure you’ve already heard this from a yoga or meditation class). Humidifiers also hydrate the skin, which is useful for people with eczema or psoriasis.

We got Jax from the Horribles collection because he’s so cute. Jax is priced at around Php 3499.75. These animal designs are so cute, too! They are at Php 2999.75.

2015-11-26 13.51.12

The Crane Drop Shape Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifiers range from Php 2999.75 to Php 3499.75.

2015-11-26 13.48.58

If you are looking for a gift for your loved ones, I would highly suggest giving them the Travel Humidifier at Php 1899.75. It includes a travel cup, USB Adapter, 3 Wick filters and a carry bag. Since you can bring it anywhere, it can be used for offices, hotel rooms, etc. Voltage is 220 volts and it has an auto off feature!

2015-11-26 13.47.57

Their top of the line Humidifier though is this black tower like product. It is called the Crane Digital Humidifier. It is at Php 6099.75.

Crane Philippines

It has a 4.9 Liter tank and voltage is at 220 volts. It has both cool and warm mist options. It has an LED screen with a digital humidity display, a sensor touch panel (but you can also opt to use the remote control if you’re too lazy to get up) and it also has an auto shut off feature when it’s empty. It has a 12 hour timer setting and an automatic humidity control. It has a dual mist outlet, ceramic filter and an ionizer function. This is super cool!

When I posted this on my social media accounts, I already got a lot in great feedback from couples and parents who bought it for their homes. I kid you not when I say that this is a product that you should consider purchasing. The next thing that I will probably get is the Crane Air Purifier!

Crane Philippines 3

I had an amazing time learning about air humidifiers! Zeeka had a great time looking at the different designs!

For more information about the product, please do visit them at or check out their Instagram account at Their website is

Love lots,

Mommy Ginger

Mommy Ginger





PS. Saw these really cute bags from L’indochine. Also great gifts!

2015-11-26 14.16.00



How to Build an Online Business and be a Cyberpreneur in the Philippines

I had a conversation with a person I just met recently who specializes on email marketing. His stories were so funny! He said that every time he would tell people that his job was to write emails, people would give him that weird look. With the advent of the ‘internet’ age, a lot of weird sounding jobs and new positions were created. Also, a lot of online businesses were created, thus creating cyberpreneurs here and there.

What I like about being a cyberpreneur is the fact that I get to spend most of my day at home. Let’s face it. Traffic here in the Philippines is horrendous. The 1-2 hours spent in traffic could have been spent in creating emails that could have raked in revenue or could have been spent in uploading new stocks for your online store.

Now starting an online business seems like a good idea, but most of the people I meet ask me, what are the concrete steps that they could take to start their own business. In this post, I will share with you some of the things that I did to prepare for that online businesses that I have.

Proper mindset

Seeing another person earn a 6 figure income from his or her online business is not the right reason for one to go into business. In fact, even if I encourage people to take the leap into entrepreneurship, I think it takes a certain mindset and proper timing before you go into business.

I received a text from my friend recently asking if I was scared before I took the leap. I said, “yes, of course”. I was super frightened. What I believe in is that if you’re not, you may not have thought about it that much. Going into business entails risk and the greater the risk, the higher the reward. And it’s not all about risk actually when it comes to becoming a Cyberpreneur. I have seen that the things that I spend a lot on are time and effort. The risk is more about having less time for yourself in the beginning, especially when you’re building your online business.

To help people try to assess their situation if they are ready, I came up with a checklist which you can get here:

Love the Leap Checklist

Here’s a video, too!

If the check list is not enough, I would love for you to join us at the Entrepreneur in Me page on facebook and we can talk there!

Right Reason

It was just recently that my friend got it. He messaged me and said that he finally realized something about why he was doing his business. He said that he loved working on his business because he wanted to make people happy. He said he realized that it wasn’t just for himself. He keeps on doing it because he loves seeing the smile on people’s faces when they avail of his product/service. He said that it wasn’t about himself anymore.

He finally got to that point. I had that realization also after implementing 3 workshops under Manila Workshops. Also, I had that feeling when I started meeting people who sincerely love reading my blog and they thought that my articles helped them. I think every cyberpreneur or startup founder or online business owner or any business owner for that matter gets to the point that they realize that it’s about satisfying a need that people have or giving people a solution that they will ‘truly’ appreciate. It isn’t about you anymore. IF you want to go into business, start with that. What do people REALLY NEED?

Plan Ahead

With the thousand of things that we need to do, it’s so easy to get caught up with the daily grind of things that we just go straight to implementing whatever it is that’s in our heads. We don’t have time to write it down (not to mention the fact that we hate typing long documents or what we write needs heavy editing.. hihi!). But, believe me, having them on a one page, three page or 15 page document  is important. It becomes the map (adjustable map.. hihi!) for everything that we need to do.

For those who have a hard time coming up with a business plan, I can guide you with this 120 minute coaching individual session that I’m offering, where we will come up with your own business canvas. You can just book a coaching session with me at:

These are the different things that I thought of and did before I became a cyberpreneur. But hey, don’t  just hear it from me. There is this book called Cyberpreneur Philippines. This book was written by different Cyberpreneurs, each one contributing a chapter. I contributed a chapter on Scaling up your Business.

Cyberpreneur Philippines 1

Cyberpreneur Philippines 2

You can purchase the book for Php 395.00 here at this link:

It’s the perfect gift for your loved one and friends who are thinking of becoming a cyberpreneur or those who want to start their own business.

Feel free to contact me and email me at ginger(at)manilaworkshops(dot)com if you want to chat about starting your own business, or feel free to leave a comment below and i’ll get back to you!

Good luck!

That Thing Called Pagibig… That Thing Called Negosyo

I was in the shower a few minutes ago and I was thinking about business, relationships and breakups. I was thinking about it since me and my single friends were talking about it last night. It has been years since my last break-up and I must say, all of my break-ups were uneventful, except probably the first one. For those of you who know me or for those of you who constantly read my blog, you would probably know that I’m not really that emotional about stuff anymore. Don’t get me wrong. I used to be super emotional. My sister would call me the drama queen, since my life was one big drama.

I don’t know. I guess things changed. Now, my life is all about business and helping other people. I guess, I just got sick and tired of all the drama in my life.

That thing called

Now, a while ago, weird as it may sound, I was thinking of some analogies of business and relationships. In my head, I was looking at different types of people and I was going through different scenarios and thinking of how business and relationships are alike in many ways.

Types of People

Analogy #1:
Business: There are people who invest so much into a business and get super disappointed when there is little return on investment or no return at all.

Relationships: There are people who invest so much into relationships and get disappointed when they give more into the relationship than their partners.

Analogy #2:
Business: There are people who start out super excited with a business idea and concept and give it all they have got. But somewhere along the way, they realize that it’s not something that they want to do anymore.

Relationships: There are people who fall head over heels in-love and the first few years are like heaven on earth. But somewhere along the way, they realize that what they felt was just infatuation and that they were just in love with the idea of love.

Analogy #3:
Business: There are people who just want to keep on doing the things that they are doing and just don’t want to start their own business. They are happy that way.

Relationships: There are people who decide that they don’t want to go into any kind of relationship, even marriage. They are just happy being single.

Analogy #4:
Business: There are people who are happy with the business that they have started even if they have bumps and a lot of huge challenges along the way. They just get through it and deal with it. Lucky bastards!

Relationships: There are people who are happy with the relationship or marriage that they have. They may encounter a lot of little and even huge challenges, but in the end, they still survive, make it work and are happy with their decision.

Analogy #5:
Business: There are people who are stuck in a business because they have already signed the SEC and legal documents. They just pretend and work half-heartedly to make the business work and survive just to get by.

Relationships: There are people who have decided to settle down and stand path with the decision to marry that they made since they know it’s a commitment. Even if they aren’t happy anymore, what can they do, right?

Analogy #6:
Business: There are people who just created a business, but feel like something is missing or they feel impatient waiting for their ROI. They then tend to dabble into other different businesses just to see if they can get something out from those other endeavors.

Relationships: There are people who are in current relationships, but who feel that something is missing or that they can’t wait for marriage anymore. They then feel that they need to still look around and play the field, just in case there is someone out there who’s a better match for them.


Ang pag-ibig parang negosyo…

– Minsan alam mo na ngang charity work, gusto mo paring i-pursue.
– Kumakapit ka lang as business idea mo kasi natatakot kang wala ka nang maisip na iba.
– Alam mo na ngang lugi ka, pero ayaw mong bitawan kasi mawawalan ka na ng negosyo at akalain ng tao, petiks ka nalang.
– Alam mo na ngang mali yung business idea mo at di ka kikita pero go lang kasi masaya ka naman.
– Alam mo na ngang mali yung pinili mong business partner, pero di ka na umatras kasi may SEC registration na at pumirma na sya.
– Alam mo na ngang gusto ng potential partner mo bumalik sa corporate world, pilit ka parin ng pilit na magnegosyo kayo together.
– Alam mo na ngang malulugi ka, umiyak ka parin at di ginawan ng paraan.
– Alam mo na ngang di maganda yung dynamics nyo ng business partner mo, niyaya mo parin sya sa bagong negosyo mo.
– Dasal ka ng dasal na sana magwork ang business mo pero di ka naman nagwo-work. Haller?
– Nagtitiis ka i-figure out kung paano mag-flafly yung business mo, kasi maganda sa papel at pitch deck (gusto mo talaga syang gawin), kaso wala talagang market.
– Gustong gusto mo yung business idea, kaso may nakagawa na… awww.

Haha! Sharing some #hugotsss lang this Monday afternoon 🙂

Do you want to share more #hugots? Pwede naman. Haha!

Make it Blissful x Luminisce (A Christmas Gathering): Part 1

Every year, I look forward to going to Christmas parties. These are times when you get to see friends and family that you have not seen for the past year. One of the Christmas parties or gatherings that I always look forward to is the one with my fellow Blissmakers. As you all know, I contribute some articles every year at This site was built by my dear friend, Martine De Luna, to inspire women to achieve a happy and blissful life. Most of the women here also are part of the WAHMderful Life Community of Women (work-at-home-moms).

Martine De Luna of

Martine De Luna of

Make it Blissful x Luminisce Gathering

Make it Blissful x Luminisce Gathering

This group of women has helped me a lot in the past years, and I am really happy that I got to know this group of amazing women. You want to know why and how this group helped me?

1. This group believes in inclusive growth. Walang iwanan! Obviously, not literally (well, sometime literally, too! hihihi!), but more of the fact that we will do anything to help each other succeed. We will lend out a hand to those in need of inspiration, strength and comfort. We will support the projects of each one in this group, whether it be just posting on social media, sharing contacts or just by praying for each one’s success.

With my fellow Blissmakers! Missing Martine in this picture :(

With my fellow Blissmakers! Missing Martine in this picture 🙁

2. This group is comprised of strong willed and empowered women. They stand up for their beliefs, but at the same, they know how to respect other people’s opinions. When we disagree about stuff, we don’t burden each other with bombarding them with guilt, stress and anger.

3. Even with each one’s busy lives, when we get to see each other, it’s like we just saw each other yesterday. We all value friendship and we know that friendship doesn’t mean holding them too tightly or hugging them close to you always. Just like love, in friendship, you need to see your friends grow and achieve their dreams. We can’t be too possessive with our friends, too.

4. We just feel that everyone genuinely cares for each one!  This is the reason why I am also excited to build our (Martine of, Frances of and yours truly) new project, Beauty Biz Bliss, which was created for women of all ages.

I truly had a wonderful time time with the Blissmakers. Kuddos to Audrey for preparing this gathering! Thank you especially also to Dr. Kaycee of Luminisce! 🙂 I will write a part two on what we did and what was inside our Blissful Box!

Be part of our community! Like and also Looking forward to meeting you soon!




BeautyMNL: Your One Stop Shop Online for Beauty Products

I am always not anywhere near “kikay-land”. I think that I was born with not a single fashionista or kikay bone in my body. My idea of decent clothes are shirts, jeans and rubber shoes. I usually go out without makeup, and for some reason, even wiht this clean face, I still get pimples often. What is going in with the world?

I know my ways are practical; however, I think that I need to make a complete U-turn when it comes to taking care of myself, especially my physical self. Today, que horror, my usual barista in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf did not recognize me. When she finally did, she was shocked (I saw her “gulat” face) and she asked me why do I always look different every time I visit. Today, I know that she was not pleasantly surprised. I woke up feeling ugly, so I know that she didn’t recognize me because I looked haggard. It’s time to make a big change and this package came just in time! package

The site is a one stop shop for everything and anything related to beauty! It has a magazine that’s called Bloom and a shop that you can visit. Bloom, the magazine, provides interesting and fun articles that give tips especially for the Filipina’s lifestyle. With the help of our celebrity gurus, we bring you tips, easy how-tos, and great beauty trends you can actually rock in the tropics (promise).

The site

The shop is what I tried and I would say that it is perfect for those women who are just too busy to go out and shop. I value looking beautiful and I think it is important, and I really try to squeeze in time for shopping for beauty product, going to waxing salons and booking a hair color session with my hairstylist. Although, since I am busy, beautifying or taking care of myself takes a back seat, especially in times when I am busy with my business. is such a life saver since I can Categories in


If you have visited their site, they have everything! They have skin care products, makeup, hair care products, organic ones, nail and scents, etc. They have partnered with amazing brands, too, so that you have a various range of products to choose from.

So what did I shop for? I know that you might laugh, but hey, it’s me and my site that you’re visiting. These are the things that I bought…





what I shopped for...

what I shopped for…

I know… I know. I’m just really a practical chic! Hey, I love my hair and I think my hair is one of my assets. It’s really smooth and shiny and easy to manage. I think it’s because, I take such good care of it. I bought these Dove Shampoos and conditioner and this really cool tool called Tangle Teezer. I really love it! Every time I get out of the shower, I just use this brush and viola! My hair magically becomes beautiful!

My shopping experience at was just awesome! The site was simple and easy to navigate. I love that my products came in an elegant package, too! Have you tried to shop at Tell me all about your experience!

PS: If you like taking selfies,  join the #selfieMNL contest! Get a chance to win a Printster polaroid of your pretty face and a PHP200 BeautyMNL GC. Check out this link