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8 Things That You Can Do to Feel Like a Startup Winner

Yesterday, I had a really itchy palm and I thought something great was about to happen. They say that if you have an itchy palm, you’re about to receive money. Well, nothing out of the ordinary happened. Haha! Then, today, I’m sitting in this coffee shop in BGC with huge number 8’s on the wall. Just by seeing this number, I feel so lucky already! But obviously, all of these – lucky numbers, horoscopes, etc., are not guaranteed to bring you Startup success this year. What brings you success is really more of the positive feeling and the energy that you get from believing that things will be great and awesome.

Coffee Otto - Cafe Italia

Having the right mindset in business is crucial. I have noticed that whenever I feel like a winner or whenever I feel positive, that’s when I get to book deals and get to do something productive. Also, I have noticed that there are particular things that I do that make me feel a Startup Winner. I know that things can get you down easily so today, I’ll be sharing with you 8 things that I do to make me feel positive and vibrant oftentimes.

1. Start the day early. When I start the day early, I get to do more things. If I feel that I have done so much before the clock strikes 12 noon, I become even more inspired and do a whole lot more after.

2. Set aside time for “moving”. Noticed that I used moving, instead of working out. I don’t know. Working out just seems too heavy. I have noticed that in the morning, when I decide to walk and do get to walk (not hurriedly) to a bakery shop or a café a few buildings away, this activity puts me in a brighter mood.

3. Always fix your work space in the evenings or right before you retire to bed. I noticed that when I wake up to a clean desk, I feel energized to work. It just makes me feel “ready”.

4. Update your vision board. My vision board is right across my bed. When I wake up, that’s the first thing I see.

5. Have ME-time days. Schedule a once or twice a month day for yourself. On that day, do everything that you want to do, but never really get the chance to do because you’re just too busy (book a massage, cut your hair, have a manicure or pedicure, etc.).

6. Do something, be somewhere, be with someone or eat something that puts you in a good mood. Sometimes, I just like to sit alone in a café and just write because writing puts me in a good mood. It also helps me focus more after.

7. Help others. I’m sure you know this and I know you’re familiar with the feeling. When you help others, without expecting anything in return, it makes you feel more alive. The feeling that you are part of the community and the feeling of giving back to society is something that makes us feel good.

8. Connect with someone. Write your hubby a letter. Invite a friend for coffee. Call your sister or brother and just talk about random stuff. Call a business partner or a supplier and don’t talk about business. Try to build relationships by going for things that goes beyond what is expected from you.

I don’t believe that people are born lucky, but I believe that all of us are born to be winners. I believe that luck and success comes from the way you feel about yourself. I believe that whenever you feel good, all things positive gravitate towards you.

Hope you like my tips! Be a winner!

Cute or Sexy and the Reason Why I don’t Take OOTD Pictures

Recently, I was asked by Style Weekend of Manila Bulletin to be featured for the Woman@Work section, where they feature the everyday style of fashionable women! I had to submit OOTDs. I quickly went through possibly thousands of files but to no avail, I think I only saw 1 OOTD picture. I read the email again and every time I would reach the word “fashionable”, I would blink again.

I think I have never been fashionable. I have tried, once in my ancient past, to be one fashionable lady. Oh, I even have a Lookbook account (for heaven’s sake, please do not check it!). But, I have constantly failed in that department. I know that I have what it takes to come up with a great ensemble. I have styled others, but when it comes to myself, I have constantly failed.

See! I have no SEXY bone in my body... :) haha!

See! I have no SEXY bone in my body… 🙂 haha!

And I know why… (of course, this over thinker knows why).

My why’s lie within the realm of a perceptions that I (throughout the years) have believed to be my TRUTH.

Perception: Only the SEXY ladies look good in picture

I think that there are two kinds of women in the world — the sexy ones and the cute ones. The sexy ones are those who can take perfect selfies, even without filters. Even as a woman, I love looking at their social media accounts since everything seems so perfect. They know their angles (whatever that means) and they just come off as confident, attractive and bold (for both men and women, actually).

I could never pass as sexy. When people compliment me, the highest form of flattery would be something with cute in it.

Hey, Ginj… Cute shoes.

Cute hair.

Cute dimple.

Cute dress.

Cute smile.

Okay, okay! I get it already! Even if I try to be flirtatious, sexy, bold and daring, I still come off as cute. Thus, I hardly take OOTD pictures. All of pictures that I take of myself seem like I’m just going to the mall for coffee or sometimes, it even looks like I haven’t taken a shower and just decided that my pajamas was worthy of an OOTD picture.

Check out this video from Buzzfeed and empathize with me, please. Haha!

But, kidding aside, we CUTE women can create amazing OOTDs, too. We can take amazing selfies, too (even if we start with taking selfies on Snapchat where we only have 5 friends). Hey, that’s fine! That’s a good start. The world needs a dose of cuteness and we are here to BRING IT! We need to claim 2016 as our year!

We should start building confidence. We should start believing in ourselves more. We have our own sense of style and even if it comes out as cute, as weird, as geeky or as uninspiring as people say it is, this is an expression of who we are — and WE are beautiful. If you see that flab in your arm or that little belly fat, it’s okay. Love yourself! Forgive yourself for taking that slice of chocolate cake, girl! We live only once.

So are you cute or sexy? Now you know it shouldn’t matter. The most important thing is that you are happy. It shouldn’t matter what other people say.

You are sexy, beautiful!


You’re equally sexy friend,

Mommy Ginger

Mommy Ginger





A New Show about Women on 2nd Avenue — In Her Shoes

I love stalking other women on the internet. Haha! Just kidding. I meant I love following other women through social media and through reading their blogs. The women business bloggers that I follow are the following:

I love following women, because I just think women’s lives are very interesting. I guess the part that makes it interesting is that I think women are born natural storytellers. I find myself deeply engaged in “stalking” these impressive ladies for hours and hours every day.

The thing that makes us, women, so interesting is that we carry so many different roles, and to be able to do that, WE are all just simply amazing. Don’t believe me? To prove to you that real AMAZING women exist, check out the new show In Her Shoes on 2nd Avenue.

In Her Shoes premiered last Dec. 20, 2015, Sunday at 6:30 PM. Replays are Mondays at 10:30 PM, Wednesdays at 4:30 PM, Thursdays at 9:30 PM and Saturdays at 9 AM. This show is hosted by China Cojuangco-Gonzales. Check out 2nd Avenue on Avenue

There is no such thing as Inspiration

There is no such thing as inspiration.

Okay, what I meant was you can’t just sit while drinking your coffee and pray that you suddenly get that next brilliant business idea out of nowhere. Inspiration requires work, too. But what probably makes it different is the lack of structure to achieve something structured.

What do I mean? Let me put some structure into finding inspiration.


First of all, look for something that puts you in a good mood. This is probably what we mean by identifying people who inspire us, or finding that spot where your ideas usually run free. Another thing is doodling. I have found that doodling makes me happy, which is a solid platform that I could take off from. Doodling, that particular spot or that person makes you feel happy, and when you’re in a good mood, it is easier to think of new ideas.

Next is — do something. Yes, anything. Some things that you can do is write anything down. Write about the people that you see in that coffee shop. Write about plans this year. Write about dreams and wishes. Listen to podcasts, music, recordings. Watch videos. Just do something. This will tickle your brain to think of new things or to probably focus on one thing that will lead to another idea, then to another.

During this process of finding inspiration, keep an open mind. Anyway, these are just thoughts. Don’t shut down your thoughts first (especially when you haven’t even validated them yet). Hey, thinking about impossible things may lead to great ideas and possibilities.

I hope that this article placed you in a good mood. I hope it inspired you enough. Now, jump to the next idea!

Learn a Little Every Day with 365 Days of Learning

I was in the shower a while ago and something really bothered me. We all know that learning in general is good for us, since we get to ‘grow’. We know that learning something new everyday is something that we should turn into a habit, but what stops us? For the attendees that we have for Manila Workshops, it is interesting to note that some are repeat attendees and these are the people who I often see and get to know more of. Like them (probably), I personally see the value in striving for knowledge and new learnings on a daily basis.

What stops us from making learning a habit? One thing that I could think of is that we think learning needs to be in a structured environment, but it shouldn’t be. We don’t just learn in school, or even during workshops. We learn through conversations. We learn through the shows we watch, through recordings and podcasts that we listen to. We learn through going to networking events and when we meet new people. We learn through different platforms.

Love Learning

Another thing is that we say that we don’t have time to learn new things. The thing is, learning is really easy to incorporate into our lives. We just have to make it a habit. For example, when we commute or ride the car going to work, why not listen to a podcast or a recording. When going out for coffee during lunch break, why not read an ebook?

There are so many lessons to be learned. My team came up with this idea of helping you learn a little everyday from different people in the metro. This project called 365 Days of Learning aims to help you instill that habit of learning. We want you to discover a whole new world by discovering the love for learning.

Here are some of the lessons that we have already posted:

Day2… on #rebranding 🙂 #LoveLearning #AlwaysLoveLearning #Branding #ManilaWorkshops #entrepreneurship #startup Mommy Ginger

Posted by Manila Workshops on Friday, January 1, 2016

You can view one tip every day at the Manila Workshops Facebook Page, Love Learning Facebook page or the Love Learning Shop Instagram account.

If you have a lesson that you want to share, or any experience that has taught you a lesson, please feel free to leave a comment below! Let’s do our part in spreading the word about learning a little everyday!

One Word for 2016: Simplify

Last year, my one word was FEEL. This year, I want to make my life simpler. Last year was a great year but I noticed that a lot of the unnecessary stress that I felt was because I had so many things on my mind. My to-do list reached 4 full pages on my notebook. I was working simultaneously with different project management platforms. I had numerous windows opened every time I worked. I noticed that I would open a window every time something else would cross my mind.

I just feel that I need to get it together this year. I realized that the reason why I rush through life and I don’t get to FEEL things as much is because I have so many things that I’m doing. I think this year, I need to take it easy and focus on the essential stuff. My one word for 2016 is #Simplify.


So, what are the things that I will do differently this year? Here are some of the things that I will do:

  1. Fix schedules with the different businesses that I have.
  2. Use technology more for meetings, like Skype, Google Hangouts, etc.
  3. Use my little Moleskine planner for note taking for meetings. Use my CBTL planner for my To-Do list.
  4. Don’t reply to emails after 8pm.
  5. Wake up at 6AM every day so that I can run and i’ll have enough time to blog in the morning.
  6. Learn to say “no” to projects that are not aligned with my overall goals and if I really can’t accommodate it into my schedule.
  7. Always go back to the basics when thinking of strategies for the business.
  8. Outsource things that can be outsourced. Automate things that can be automated.
  9. Learn how not to overthink things.
  10. Learn to relax and enjoy 🙂 (haha! #10 makes me sound like such a boring person… I think I am pala!)

There! These are the things that I will do to make my life simpler.

How about you? Have you thought of your one word for this year? Here are some links that can help you figure out what your one word will be for this year.

I have been doing this exercise since 2013. It has really helped me a lot decide and act on things. How about you? Have you thought about what your one word will be for 2016? Do share it with me by leaving a comment below! Please do share! I’d love to talk to you here!


Mommy Ginger

Mommy Ginger