A few years ago, I was someone who thought differently in terms a lot of things. One of those things was money. I had a change in mindset, somewhere along the way, about money, and it has help me a lot and terms of reaching for my goals. There was a time (seemed like a long time ago) when I thought that a lot of the speakers who talked about mindset when it came to money were all just talking bullshit. But after changing my mindset, everything was clearer. I realized that these speakers knew what they were talking about.

Image of pink piggy bank surrounded by stacks of dollar bills

Image of pink piggy bank surrounded by stacks of dollar bills

What was the change in mindset?

#1 Being a billionaire or millionaire shouldn’t be your end goal

I forget how I actually changed how I viewed money, or when exactly that change wash was. But, what I remember, is thinking that money should be a means to an end. It shouldn’t be the end goal, or the be all of everything. The thing that I noticed about people, is that they put so much weight into earning a lot of money and then they set their end goal to be millionaires or a billionaires. Being a millionaire, billionaire, a unicorn, etc. has been something that people aspire to be and I’ve noticed that if they set it as their end goal, they put so much pressure on themselves to achieve these.

When I was in my early 20s, I wanted to be a millionaire when I reached 30. I placed so much weight on the peso value that I forgot to focus on what is more essential. The more essential aspect is to look for that something that I love doing. I focused so much on my paycheck that I got burned out fast. And obviously, when I reached 30 and I wasn’t a millionaire, I was clearly disappointed.

So going back, a few years back, I just suddenly woke up with the thought of money as a means to an end. I focused on doing what I was supposed to do and I started doing the things that I loved doing. And guess what? Money just came in. This is actually related to my next point…

#2 You and your time is valuable but don’t ever think and calculate things.

In my talks, I would always tell people that they need to charge for their time and effort. This is true, but also, do not spend too much time calculating your worth and how much you should get paid for the things that you do, because you will end up losing a lot of opportunities or a lot of time.

I’ll tell you that the secret to the financial success that I have is knowing that some of the things that you know won’t pay financially, but it has “strategic” value. What do I mean?

What I have noticed that most of us are wired to think of financial rewards for jobs, careers, businesses, or anything that requires us to put in some effort. We then equate our efforts and place a price tag. That may be the reason why a lot of people go to VTRs for commercials, because they think that being “discovered” requires such menial effort with a pay that’s exorbitantly high and ridiculous. But you know what, what you don’t see is that you still put out tons of effort. Oftentimes, those who get picked for commercials are those with experience, those with amazing portfolios, those who spend to maintain good complexion, those who spend for transportation cost going to all those VTRs, and those who undergo acting or voice lessons. When you look at it this way, they still put a lot of effort into it.

But what I want you to understand that sometimes, you can do things without thinking of monetary rewards, but more of doing it because it is in line with the strategy that you want to implement or because it is in sync with achieving your ultimate goal. An example is that not all the workshops that we created earned. Some of these we pushed through with because we wanted to check on the feedback of the market. Also, sometimes, I offer discounts for being featured or advertised in my blog because I really believe in the product or the advertiser’s mission or goal. So there, not all of your efforts need to have monetary compensation.

#3 I decided to achieve “clarity” — I tracked my expenses and income to have a clear understanding on what was happening

There was a point in my life where I felt I wasn’t in control of my own funds. I didn’t know where I was spending. I wasn’t looking at the debt being accumulated in my credit card, etc. I felt so heavy — it was probably because I was burdened  by this concern. I know that I was losing control. I needed to do something.

If you are feeling this way, I think it is best that you decide to track everything already. Tracking every expense and income will give you clarity as to what is happening to your finances. you will achieve financial freedom faster, too, since you can strategize well now.

These are the three things that I believe that you need to think of to have that millionaire mindset. I definitely needed to adjust and practice thinking this way, but it really did me good. I hope that it will work for you, too!


Mommy Ginger

Mommy Ginger

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I’m looking around the house and I can’t believe how messy it has gotten. I decided to drop some tasks that I needed to do and I fixed some things in the house. I was so happy when I got this package from GLAD, a brand that has always been part of our home.

Glad has numerous wraps and bags products. This brand has been committed to educating moms like you and me on proper food protection and on eliminating food wastage with proper storage. Glad tells us that we can make the most of the food we buy and we don’t have to waste money if we just know how to store food safely.



Just like any  household, we oftentimes use GLAD products to store food. My personal favorite are the Glad Freezer and Storage Zipper Bags. I use it for chips, biscuits and cookies packages that we have opened.


But for storing anything in the refrigerator, I am glad that I can trust Glad Cling Wrap. Now, Cling Wrap is  made to be 1.5 times tighter so that food that is stored is guaranteed to keep its freshness. It is also made of 100% crystal clear polyethylene and is BPA-Free.

What impressed me with this recent loot is their product called Press ‘n Seal. This product is a multipurpose sealing wrap that is BPA-Free and leak-proof. I tried following the picture in the box and tried to seal my daughter’s glass and I found out that it really works. Press ‘n Seal really clings on to the glass and provides an airtight seal that can be used not only on drinking glasses, but even on wood, paper, plastic, glass, ceramic and metal surfaces. It uses a technology called Griptex that is why Glad Press ‘n Seal is 10x tighter than regular wraps. It is activated when pressure is applied and is best used on dry surfaces. It is also microwave-safe, but should not be used conventional or convection ovens, stove tops or toaster ovens.

Okay, aside from storing food, we also use Glad to fix tokens in our board games, store pens and office supplies, pack a doomsday prepper’s kit for my daughter (haha!) and other things. There are so many uses for these products!

You can visit Glad’s site at www.glad.com.ph

Glad® ClingWrap is available in these sizes and suggested prices:

ClingWrap Catering Wrap (33cmx300m) for P594

Cling Wrap (30cmx30.5m) for Php 89.40

Cling Wrap refill (30cmx20m) for Php 53.60

Cling Wrap mini (20cmx20m) for Php 55

Glad® ClingWrap is available at major supermarkets nationwide at SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket, Shopwise, Rustans, South Supermarket, Robinsons Supermarket, Waltermart, Landmark Supermarket, Cash & Carry, Unimart, Makati Supermarket, Hi-Top Supermarket, Cherry Supermarket, Puregold, Metro Gaisano, and Pioneer Center.

For more information, please visit their Instagram account: @gladkitchen or their facebook account: facebook.com/GladKitchen

Marketing is so complicated. It’s just like courting the girl of your dreams or flirting with Mr. Right. Since it’s the month of love, I’ll oftentimes relate business to relationships. I have loved studying and practicing marketing all my life and yet, even with all the knowledge that I have, I still make mistakes.

You might say, “Arrrrgh, really, Ginger. How can we trust anything you say, now that you have admitted to failing?” Being the perfectionist that I am, I actually hate failing, but a friend recently reminded me again that it’s okay to fail. We, honestly, learn new things (and I’m not saying this as a scapegoat for my failures. It’s really true that you get to learn.) from stumbles, roadblocks and challenges. So, today, I have done some retrospection and have recalled the times when I have failed in marketing, and I will share with you the reasons why I failed.


Reasons why I failed in some Marketing Strategies? (Hope you really read these!)

#1 I identified and tapped the wrong market / audience

What is prevalent when you talk to business owners is that they want to sell their product to everyone. Well, this marketing disease has been there for ages, so this no-no strategy is not new. For those though who have identified a market for their product or brand, we fail in marketing because we have identified the wrong market.

Why do we fall into this trap? Well, just like relationships, some of us just jump the gun and ask someone to be our other half without truly knowing him / her. We make conclusions and we expect that person to be Mr. or Ms. Right just because we have spent days with him / her, bashing in the rays of sweetness, daydreaming about a perfect life together. In business, we oftentimes, make conclusions, too. We, especially if we are a part of that market, think that our needs are similar to everyone in our circle. The likelihood of this is greater, but not always correct. We cannot generalize or assume this to be true. Another thing is that the market that we have identified may be too small for business or brand longevity. When you segment the market, be sure that the market you have identified can sustain your business.

What you can do?
Validate your assumptions by talking to other representatives of the market that you have identified and look at the size of the market.

#2 We started with “Execution” when the “Strategy” wasn’t in Place yet

Have you ever just blurted out something to a loved one, without really thinking about the words, and you probably did this because you were so emotional and wanted to tell him / her how you felt? Then, soon after, you realize the big mess that you got yourself into and regret it for the rest of your life.

Well, in marketing, a lot of times, we also make the same big mistake. We get so excited with producing a video, a marketing collateral, a super nice poster, etc. just because that “brilliant” idea for execution hits us without even thinking about the overall strategy for our product and brand. Also, sometimes, we just execute because everyone’s doing the same thing, even if the campaign is not really aligned with our brand.

What you can do?
Start with developing the strategy and the plan first!

#3 We are so full of ourselves and our idea that we fail to listen and tell our market what they need to hear

In relationships, most of the time, we feel like we have been giving our all, but we actually fail to listen and tell our partners what they NEED to hear. We keep on giving unsolicited advice. We keep on nagging. Bottomline is, we fail to listen. A simple “It will be okay. Everything will be fine” or just a kiss or a hug may be all that he / she needs.

In marketing, we sometimes make the mistake of bombarding our potential customers with messages that they don’t really want to hear. We tell them so many things that they end up running away overwhelmed or uninterested.

What you can do?
We need to learn how to listen and say only things that matter.

There are other marketing lessons that I have learned. I may need to share it with you on another day. How about you? Want to share with us what marketing lessons you have learned?

Have a happy love month!


Mommy Ginger

Mommy Ginger

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