My Exciting and Complicated Life

It’s Friday and i’m working at full speed. I feel so alive and inspired today. I feel like most of you missed the bubbly and the enthusiastic Ginger, and guess what?! I’m back!

I’m sorry that I have been such a downer lately. It’s probably because I felt like I had to fulfil so many expectations and obligations. I also felt like I wanted to please people that I loved, and that became so much to bear. At times, I felt I wasn’t giving enough and, sometimes also, I felt depressed because I felt I wasn’t getting enough in return. I formulated expectations in my head, when in fact, life is just simple. I think I overthought things and aimed too high, too soon, that I felt exhausted.

I realized though that it was mostly all ME
. I was the one putting so much pressure on myself. I wanted to achieve things quickly and successfully, that I lost the fun and adventurous Ginger along the way.

I was going through different animation shorts today and this was what inspired me and reminded me of myself.

On the Same Page:

What I Love about my Life

What I love about my life is that it’s always fun and exciting. There is not a day that I don’t get to learn new things. I am not much of a reader, but I love talking to people. I know it’s such a far comparison, but talking to one person for me is a lot like reading a book. When I talk to people, I am always excited as I get to discover new things and learn from their experiences, perceptions and thoughts. This may be probably the reason why I love blogging, also. Blogging allows me to meet various kinds of people, and share things that I learn from their stories.


I love that I have so many ideas that I want to do and so many goals that I want to achieve. Here’s the thing, people. Never let other people say that you dream big. Do shoot for the stars and let go of your fear. How do I do it? How do I let go of that fear? I just do things, because I know that even if I fail, love will help me survive. People who love you will always be there for you, but even if you feel that you’re alone and no one gets your dream and ambitions, remember that you have enough love for yourself to get you by. Have faith (even if you don’t believe in God or the idea of a god) that their is a bigger plan to all of these things — that there is a higher purpose.

A Moderately Complicated Life

When people say that they don’t want a life of complication, I get it. Who would want drama in their lives? But in the same way, who would want to be doing things that you don’t love? Why would you give up your dreams or the person who truly makes you happy, when you have a chance at it and a chance with that person? Why would you purposely miss a bus ride when you know for sure that it will take you to Disneyland?

Life, in general and basically, is complicated. I’d give anything to know how to live every day “perfectly” (oh, that can be a super hero power that I’d wish for) and make perfectly, non-regrettable decisions, but I can’t. We all can’t because of this fact — we are only human.

I think we should aim for a moderately complicated life. It makes our life more interesting and worth living. I think what will make it moderately complicated is if we try to do things that we have always wanted to do, but were always scared to do. Sometimes, the thing that scares us the most is the thing that is good for us. We can make our lives moderately complicated yet fulfilling and exciting when we pursue our passion (yech! overrated phrase, I know… but really true, so I apologize if I had to say that).

My Message for you Today

Embrace life, because life is fun and exciting!

Just go and do things that you love and things that you have always wanted to try. If you fail, then c’est la vie!

Unbreakable… It’s a Miracle

I had my own full dose of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt yesterday. I wanted something to watch to cheer me up.

Today’s topic is actually about challenges in Business. Yesterday, I felt so bad about something that I did or rather, I failed to do, for one of my businesses. I really thought I did something, but it turns out, I missed doing it, which made me feel so so bad and sad for my team.

But with that challenge, I learned a lot of lessons, which I know will help others, too, who are going through the same thing:

1. It’s okay to feel bad and just let it out. It’s okay to cry about it. It doesn’t make you weak. It just makes you human.

2. Surrounding yourself with “good vibes” is key. You will feel tremendous weight on your shoulders (I felt I couldn’t breathe yesterday), but look for positivity. It was a good thing my meetings yesterday were with inspiring and energetic people!

3. If something for work important to you, check and double check your work. Even if it’s not your own task, check up on it yourself. Because of my experience, I spent the day yesterday checking up on each person in my company. Haha!

4. Missing one detail or failing to do one task, doesn’t make you incompetent. Leaders, too, must know how to deal with people who commit errors. If one fails to do something or lapses on something, taking responsibilities away from that individual, just makes it all worse. It just makes the person demotivated and they’re left feeling incapable.

5. Teamwork is very important. I told my team yesterday that no matter who makes a mistake, we need to stick up for one another and not bring them down. In times of failure, we need to be more sensitive to people who failed to complete a task, especially if it was an honest mistake.

6. In times of challenges like this, you will definitely know who your real friends are. They will not judge you and will help you move on.

7. Realize that it’s just work. The bigger picture is that you keep strong relationships with your co-workers, stakeholders, key partners and your employees. Again, as I always say, business is about managing relationships.

8. Tomorrow is another day. Be unbreakable, like Kimmy Schimdt. It will be a new day.

So, these are the things that I learned yesterday. Today is a new day and I’m excited for it! Let’s go for our dreams! Every day is a miracle!

One the Way to being a Strong Mom: Hunt & Gather Nutrition and Fitness Lifestyles

I can’t believe it that I actually stuck to my diet and exercise routine for the past week. Hey, that’s an accomplishment for me! Wait, let me get my “accomplishment notebook” and write this down on page one… haha! Just kidding! But seriously, to all my beloved readers, I would assume that not all of us can keep a fitness routine nor follow 100% healthy diet (I used to cheat and munch on chips while blogging!).

I promised myself that I would be a strong mom when the year 2016 ends. Speaking of Strong Moms, my couple friend TJ and Em Sulit from Hunt and Gather are having an event called Strong Moms: Mothers’ Day Festival at Glorietta 3 Activity Center on May 7 and 8, 2016.

I totally agree with their aim of providing us and our families information and choices to truly live healthy lives through proper food choices and exercise! Amen! I don’t know about you, but I plan to stay in this world long enough to see my daughter’s grand kids.

Zeeka Fashionista with Flowers from Hunt and Gather

#ZeekaFashionista with Flowers from Hunt and Gather

Thanks, Hunt and Gather for the lovely flowers!

So what am I doing differently now? I will share what I do, but this doesn’t mean that you should follow it. The reason being is that I feel that each one of us has a body different from others, so what works for me may not necessarily work for you.

I wake up earlier every day (6:00 am) and go to the gym to run.

I normally wake up at 7:30 or 8 or even later than that and I realize that I don’t get to work out anymore, because I feel like I have so many things to do and accomplish that I would rather spend time doing those things. Waking up earlier made me feel more relaxed.

I drink more water now.
I hardly stand up when I’m in front of the computer and that’s bad. I am more conscious now of taking mini breaks and more importantly, of drinking water.

I take breaks and just hangout with my daughter. 
Nowadays, we go swimming, we go malling — we do a lot of things together. I make it a point that when the clock reaches 6 pm, I try to stop working and resume again after my daughter sleeps at night.

So there, these are just some simple things I do to be a strong mom!

So, will I see you at the Hunt and Gather event? Thank you for these amazing products!
hunt and gather

For more information on Hunt and Gather, please go to this link:

The SchoolRoom

When I was working for a company in Ortigas, I used to pass Sapphire Road going the Robinsons Galleria. I used to think that if I were to get married and have child, I would choose having a condo in that area and send to my child to a school in that area. Several years after, I revisit this community and it’s a very nice community indeed. In this community, there is a place that offers a program for children that is developmentally appropriate and infused with activities that are experiential and hands-on. It’s called The SchoolRoom, and I know this because we visited the place just recently.

The SchoolRoom8

Their curriculum is designed the synchronize the teaching method with the ability and skill set of learners.It embodies a representative approach on early childhood learning where it stimulates critical thinking through play, project based activities and centers.

We often say that all of these learning centers for little kids are all the same. The value proposition really of The SchoolRoom is that they advocate providing high quality early childhood education using Developmentally Appropriate Practices (DAP) through a planned curriculum. They also have very nurturing (which I could attest to based on how they interacted with my daughter when we visited) and qualified educators, whose main objective is to develop these five areas: physical, cognitive, social & emotional, language & literacy and sensory & motor development.


The SchoolRoom10

They have 4 programs: the Infant toddler, Nursery, Pre-Kinder and Kinder programs. They also have After School Programs for those ages 2-3 which is the Child Care Fun and the big SchoolRoom for those ages 4-5. They also have the SchoolRoom Daycare for ages 1.5 – 5 years old from 8:00 pm to 4:00 pm which I think they need to extend (especially for working parents in the Ortigas Area).

The SchoolRoom 4

My daughter loved it there.  She didn’t want to leave Mr. Monkey behind. Most of all though, I love the mission of the company (you know me… I’m all about the bigger picture!). Their mission is to mold children into critical thinkers and learners, capable of sound decision making, effective problem solving and with a healthy emotional well-being. Doesn’t that sound like something we aim for as parents? It really struck me, that’s why I already love this center.

The SchoolRoom6

The tuition rates are from Php 96,000 to Php 105,600 depending on the payment scheme that you choose. Their rates are quite reasonable (believe me!). Daily rate is at Php 1500.00 and the weekly rate is at Php 3800.

If you want to know more about the SchoolRoom, feel free to visit their website: The facebook page is or you can send them an email:


All my Flaws and Imperfections

I’m in this cafe that is really comforting for some reason. The voices of other people seem to drown out voices in my head. There are a lot of days and today was one of the shittiest days I have ever had (I apologize for using that term, but I don’t know how else I could describe it). The shittiest days start out really great and perfect that it makes a bad thing seem so huge and unbearable — and shitty.

People think that it’s easy to destroy someone’s life through social media. It is, actually. It is easy to do especially when the person’s a faker. With this, I will give you the truth and the whole truth about me. That way, you, my readers know me and I have nothing to hide.

The truth is i’m not perfect and I have a lot of flaws. Yup, I’m human (surprise, surprise!).

My number one flaw is that I dream big and strive so much. I work so hard to achieve goals that I think would be good for my family, but I stress myself and I allot a lot of time working and less time taking care of myself and my family. In the process, I doubt myself and think if I really made the right choice and decision. Yes, that’s a flaw and it makes me feel like a crazy person. It makes me feel incompetent, sad and lonely. It makes me feel that I’m probably not living the life that was meant for me.

We all glorify people who chase their dreams — those who turn things into unimaginable realities and those who are doing what they love. But when you become a wife and more so, a mom, it’s doubly hard to do so. You have to consider a lot of things and make decisions based on how it will affect your spouse, your child and your family. Will it affect them in anyway? Will they be happy when you decide a certain way? Will they be disappointed? Will you just choose a path that will be better for them and let go of your dreams? Will you continue to chase dreams and seem like the shitty mommy and wife that you will obviously be to a lot of people? Will you just lie and say that you’re happy with your life and just go with the flow and continue to feel empty inside? Will the decision that you make truly make you happy? Is this what you really want out of life?

You have to make tough choices and tough decisions. People think that being a woman in business is easy, that we have got it all covered. We just flash our charming smiles, and everyone bows down to your wishes. But it is not like that at all.

You fall in love. You marry. You have a child. You try to make ends meet and help out by chasing those dreams that you know will make everyone happy, and yet, you are condemned for it by everyone.

You are condemned for not having enough time for your child. You are condemned for making decisions that you made with a different intention, which are perceived differently. You are condemned for wishing and dreaming of a life that you want to have, because again, people think that you are not content with what you have now.

I honestly am contemplating if I should publish this, but I just wanted to share my thoughts tonight. I just wanted to share with you that being a woman is hard. Being an adult is hard. ‘Being’ is hard but that’s life.