Are We All Passionate People?

Let’s talk about passion. And, i’m not talking about just the passion related to romance, but passion for anything else. Passion is that uncontrollable feeling or desire for something. Reality though is that not everyone has discovered their own passion or passions. During a learning session for my workshop directors in my company, they had to interview random people. One of their insights was this: 50% of the people that they interviewed didn’t have any “passion”. This may be have been discovered already by a lot of people, brands, etc., because of the evident messages that are seen in ads for us to all discover our passion. The world is constantly pushing us to act on it.

These are my thoughts on passion. Aside from the thoughts that I have shared, here are some other things that I personally think about this topic.

I believe that we are all passionate people and we all have something that we are passionate about. It’s just a matter of discovering it. And finding your passion is not something that you should pressure yourself to look for and find. When I mentioned in the video that you will eventually know if you have found it, it will be through different experiences that you have gone through. I believe that with each experience, you unravel and learn something about yourself that will lead you to that passion.

I also think that your passion or passions (yes, you can have more than 1) will evolve. And when it evolves, don’t panic or don’t feel guilty or weird about it. Through time, you become a different person or evolve, also, so as your grow, your passion may “evolve” with you.

Now when you start a business, is passion enough? I wrote something about this five years ago. You can read it here:

To end this post on passion and on finding one’s passion, i’d like to say that we are all passionate people. Don’t be to hung up on not finding your passion, though. Don’t stress yourself out. The simple thing to do is to gain new experiences, meet new people and have fun learning about the world. With all these new experiences and with you gaining new knowledge about different things, I am pretty sure that you will find it sooner than later!

Have a happy journey!

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Beat the Heat with these Top Picks from S&R

This weather has got me looking for an air-conditioned space most of the time. I’m always inside malls. I leave the house to work elsewhere (it’s good that I co-work at Impact Hub in BGC), because turning on the aircon is becoming costly. I have looked for activities for Zeeka to do outside the house, so she won’t feel hot at home, too.

One of my favourite places to go to is S&R in BGC. S&R in BGC has it all, from good food. You can swing by and hangout while munching on their delicious pizza slices, calzone or (my favourite!) baked chicken rolls. They also have a featured dish every month and for this month, S&R brings you an overload of sweetness with their SMORES pizza!

For this month, in their store, they have amazing stuff that will help you beat the heat. Here are my top picks from S&R!

MAUI Stream Machine Water Cannon (Php 1199.95 now Php 1049.00)

Lloyd’s Spareribs 2Lbs with BBQ Sauce (Php 919 now Php 899.00)

Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (Php 329 each now Php 249.00)

Mr. Coffee Thermal Bottle (Buy One Take One at Php 499.95)

Armada Sport 70 at 185G (Php 2439 with FREE VMV Hypoallergenic products)

Aside from these products from S&R that make me smile, I will share with you tips on how to stay cool this summer!

Tip #1: Keep yourself well hydrated. We run the risk of dehydration. I already know of a couple of kids who were admitted to the hospital because of dehydration. Bring a bottle of water every time. The insulated thermal bottle above from my top picks from S&R list can keep your water cool for hours.

Tip #2: Position your fan well. Face your fan out, rather than in your room. With this, your room will stay cooler!

Tip #3: Exercise to let the bad vibes out! I have notices that I am always in a bad mood, because of this heat. What I do to destress and relax is to exercise using breathable clothing. I always want to feel comfortable when I exercise. I usually get home at 6:00 pm, so I just change and go out for a run. Running at around 6:00 pm onwards is the perfect time for me, because at least it’s a bit cooler than the rest of the day.

Tip #4: At home, have an ice pack ready for use. If you feel hot, just grab the ice pack and use it!

Tip #5: Have different kinds of drinks of cold drinks available in your home and inside your ref to entice you to drink more. We have these different bottled drinks at home, which we all got from S&R Membership Club.

So these are a few tips that I personally attest to to beat the heat! Do you have any other tips that you would like to share? Or, do you like to add to my Top Picks from S&R list? Share it with me using #LoveSnR and #SnREveryday

Rewrite your Future: Transformational Leadership Seminar

It’s April 25 and it’s the perfect day to rewrite your future (haha! Any day is perfect for rewriting your future!). You just have to start now! I had a talk for Solopreneur Philippines last Friday, and my topic was Entrepreneurship 101. If you attended my talk, I began with knowing the reasons why you want to be an entrepreneur or the reasons why you want to start your business.


*Thank you, Fitz (, for the picture!

Then, over the weekend, I thought about my mission, and I thought of so many questions. Questions like, with what I am doing, is it enough? Is there another way to help others, where I can truly contribute and make things happen for them? I then looked at different workshops on what can help me answer these questions. Aside from the workshops at Manila Workshops (, of course, I also saw this interesting seminar to be held on May 5 – 7, 2017 at Marriott Grand Ballroom, Marriott Hotel Manila, Pasay City. This seminar is called SLS1 Transformational Leadership and it will be held by Successful Living Summit.

SLS1 Transformational Leadership is a 3-day experiential training where transformation occurs by way of exploration, reflection, and participation in activities that parallel real life situations. This will be facilitated by Ever Miranda, a consultant with The John Maxwell Team. Participants will examine their behaviors and experience the effects of their behavior while embracing feedback in a safe and supportive environment. Assumptions will be challenged and new ways of thinking will be formed.

Past participants (of those who attended the US training) have attested that this seminar is life-changing, enabling them to appreciate their relationships, helping them to overcome their success blockers to reach confidently for their lifelong dreams. Some of the testimonials are here below:

“Before SLS1, I was holding back on my goals. SLS empowered me to overcome the fears that were holding me back.”- Alonso Vargas, California

“My experience in SLS was beautiful, I have no words to say how amazing this training is. SLS is a journey to discover who are as a person and your mission that God sent you in this world for. Without SLS in my life, I wouldn’t be living, I would be a human being in this world without a purpose.” – Carlitos Henriquez, USA

Registration begins at 1:00 PM on May 5, 2017 and training will follow shortly after ending at 10:00PM. The second day of training will be from 12:00 – 10:00 PM and third day of training starts at 12:00PM commencing at a graduation at 7:30PM where participants can invite family or friends.

Participants can avail of the early bird rate of P15,000.00 until May 1, 2017 after which time it will increase to P18,000.00. You can register via this link:

I hope to see you there!

***SLS1 Transformational Leadership is produced by Thirdmillenium Projects, Inc., Makati City and organized by Event Detailer Events Management Services, Parañaque City.

The WHYs of Mommy or Kid Vloggers in the Philippines: Creating YouTube Channels

Two years ago, I started a YouTube Channel ( will the sole purpose of helping spread the word about entrepreneurship. I wanted to interview different entrepreneurs and feature them in my channel. I stopped a bit, but this year, I decided to get back on track and create more videos. My 4 year old daughter, Zeeka, on the other hand, started her channel (ZEEKA EUREKA) and is aspiring to be one of the kid vloggers in the Philippines. She started her channel around around a year ago. he has been consistently creating videos.

I was then curious to know the motives of other mommy vloggers and other kid vloggers on why they created their own Youtube Channels. I came up with questions for them and see what they have to say. Zeeka and I created our own video to answer these questions, too!

Here are some of the mommies that I interviewed. I hope you can subscribe to their channels and support each one! 🙂

Mommy Nina Ricci Bunsoy, 26

What do you or child talk about in the channel?

It’s still a new channel but so far, I’ve been talking about my gimiks with my son and general reviews. It’s a lifestyle channel and I want to balance parenting topics and millenial lifestyle topics.

Why did you start the channel? What’s your goal?

I rebranded my blog this year, and with that, I created this channel. My goal is to be a source of information for food and travel spots, parenting stories, tutorials, and product reviews.

When did you start and what were the hindrances / challenges?

I started this channel just this year. A challenge would be finding time for everything – creating the concept, shooting, and editing. I’m a working mom so it’s hard to look for spare time. Creating content takes time so I try to always find time for it. Sometimes, I do it while commuting or while doing chores. Moms are good multitaskers, right? ????

I also struggled a bit about talking on cam. I want to be really genuine and shyness gets the better of me sometimes. What I did to overcome it is to pretending that I’m telling a story to a friend. It makes talking to a cam feel more natural for me, until I got used to it eventually.

What was the most valuable learning (can be a practical tip) that you learned that you can share?

In my first few tries, I just randomly take videos of spots or events I go to. During editing, I realized I lacked some establishing scenes that would’ve made it better. Since then, I try to make a template for the storyline of my videos. I identify the shots that I need early on so I don’t forget.

Also, don’t let recording take the fun out of the moment. When I feel like I’m spending too much time and energy creating or shooting content, I stop and try to live off cam for awhile. I want to have more time being in the moment vs shooting it.

Mommy Veni Anabo, 33 yo and Raix Anabo, 5 yo

What do you or child talk about in the channel?

In our channel, as it’s name goes – Raix at Play – we do toy unboxing, toy reviews and sharing his adventures!

Why did you start the channel? What’s your goal?

We started this channel because I was inspired by the other channels like Ryan Toy Review and Funnel Vision. I thought that since Raix has a lot of toys, so why not take a video of it! He gets more toys, gets to practice his socialization skills and also in time, even monetize our videos!

When did you start and what were the hindrances / challenges?

We started August 2016. We use my mobile phone to take videos and edit it using Windows Movie Maker. Having limited resources for taking videos and editing it are the most challenging parts for me. With my desktop, it really takes too much of my time just to finish editing a single video. Also, with WMM, editing is very limited.

What was the most valuable learning (can be a practical tip) that you learned that you can share?

Since we are still in our learning stage and familiarizing myself with the technicalities in YouTube, what I can share to the moms out there who are planning to start their own YouTube Channel is to start with what you have. Every successful YouTube Creator I know started from scratch. You can start by sharing a video of your kid’s everyday adventures, no need to buy new toys to unbox, you may do a review of their old toys. Most important part of it is to have FUN!

Ren Martinez, 9 years old

What do you or child talk about in the channel?

He makes videos about toys usually for boys. He also makes videos of the restaurants and fast foods we have visited and other new and interesting food we saw in the market. His dad helps in answering some of the messages and comments in this channel.

Why did you start the channel? What’s your goal?

He likes to watch toy reviews and he and his dad got interested in creating their own. His dad was the one in charge filming and editing his videos. Our goal is for him to practice speaking because at school they have this quarterly reporting in front of the whole class. Plus of course, we want him to have passive income in the future.

Also as some of you might know, he was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and we would like to inspire others that they can do things just like the other kids do.

When did you start and what were the hindrances / challenges?
He started last September 2015. One of the challenges is that how to be original because there are a lot of kids doing it. We are always thinking on how he will be unique and stand out.

What was the most valuable learning (can be a practical tip) that you learned that you can share?
We believe in quality not quantity. We don’t just upload videos just for the sake of uploading we take time to edit it, review it then when all is good that’s the time we share it.

Mommy Jenelyn Ubongen, 32 and Marshall, 3

What do you or child talk about in the channel?

Aside from adventures, most of our videos are actually my son and I’s activities, predominantly the letter of the week activities.

Why did you start the channel? What’s your goal?

It started with my son’s open website,, where my husband and I wanted to have a reference of our stories as a family. It eventually crossed my mind the concept of making videos so we put up a Youtube channel. The aim is primarily to inspire parents as well as kids to do more hands on activities especially in this very techie world.

When did you start and what were the hindrances / challenges?

We started almost a year ago. First YT video was May 25, 2016. The biggest challenge for me and the one that is taking too much of the time is the video editing. Choosing the right background sounds plus adding dialogue box to make it more attractive.. I don’t want the videos to be plain and too lengthy. I want it to be fun and enjoyable and the viewers to have a smile on their faces after watching the video.

What was the most valuable learning (can be a practical tip) that you learned that you can share?

Just enjoy the moment and record everything. Anyway you can do all the editing later on. Don’t be pressured with all the likes and dislikes. For us, we just want our son to have the best memories of his childhood. After all, kids are gonna be kids and seeing them happy is the best feeling a parent can have.

Mommy Katrina Santiago, 35  and V, 6 years old and Z, 1 year old

What do you or child talk about in the channel?

We share on our channel our homeschool updates, lessons and activities, hacks, and field trips

Why did you start the channel? What’s your goal?

Homeschool channels from the US have been inspiring me in our homeschool journey. I found out that not too many homeschoolers here in the Philippines have dedicated their videos in sharing their journey. This has inspired me to create a channel dedicated to education at home. I am hoping that Filipinos could pick a thing or two from our own experiences and inspire them in educating their children at home.

When did you start and what were the hindrances / challenges?

We just started in August 2016. It’s hard to shoot while the kids are awake because they keep touching the camera and tripod. Also, I value their privacy so everytime I shoot, I am torn between showing them or not in the video.

Right now I am in my third trimester and would give birth soon. I have a few topics that I planned to film a few weeks ago but pregnancy symptoms has taken over the wheel so I guess I won’t be filming for the channel soon.

What was the most valuable learning (can be a practical tip) that you learned that you can share?

Have a good audio. People who watch videos on YouTube prefers better audio than video. Even if you have great filming and editing skills but if your viewers can’t understand you or could hardly hear you, they would surely switch channels.

I hope that you enjoyed reading and watching the videos! I hope you were inspired to create your own channel or inspired to encourage your child to be one of the kid vloggers in the Philippines. Be one of the numerous Youtube creators in the Philippines or to follow different channels in YouTube. Until next time!

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