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Digital Career Advocates of the Philippines

During the Philippine Impact Sourcing Conference or PISCON, held by the Department of Information and Technology (DICT) and the National ICT Confederation of the Philippines, I learned that there is a new meaning for the acronym OFW. It can also mean Online Filipino Workers. There is a growing number of online workers and freelancers who are doing jobs that are outsourced to them.

Yours Truly with the Secretary of DICT, Atty. Rodolfo Salalima

Yours Truly with the Secretary of DICT, Atty. Rodolfo Salalima

If you count those who are on online platforms like those present during PISCON 2017 (,, 51 Talk,, there are around 1.4 Million Filipinos on these platforms in total. This number has been continuously growing. With the growing number of people who are entering this type of profession/career, there are growing issues also that this demographic asks to be addressed.


Since what they do is quite different from being employees (some of them are employed by a foreign client), and not quite in the realm of turning it into a business (excludes those who have created online agencies, teams that have turned into corporations, etc.), they have their own set of concerns and issues that they need addressed. Some of the issues that I have heard from freelancers who attend Manila Workshops event are how to register their business, how to get a business permit, what taxes to pay, how to get health benefits, etc.

With this, the launch of Digital Career Advocates of the Philippines or DCAP during the PISCON 2017 was of perfect timing. DCAP is an association established to promote the growth of the Online Outsourcing Industry and advocate for the welfare of online workers in the Philippines and its members.

I was fortunate enough to interview Genesis Reonico, the President of Digital Career Advocates of the Philippines or DCAP.


DCAP envisions a thriving and united Online Outsourcing Industry, helping reduce the unemployment rate in the country and provide work opportunities to Filipinos especially to those who are differently-abled and those who live in the countryside where employment opportunities are limited.

DCAP envisions itself to be the voice of the Filipino Online Freelancers in the country, that will speak in behalf of their needs and concerns, lobbying and assisting in drafting policies that can positively impact the online outsourcing industry, and collaborate with the Government in its initiatives that will further grow and support the industry.


DCAP’s core mission is to educate, equip, and enable as many Filipinos as possible in finding and landing a job online so that unemployment will not be a problem and they do not need to leave their hometown just to find rewarding work and career elsewhere. DCAP will also support & empower online workers who wish to grow and level up their career or establish their own HomeGrown BPO company that will provide employment in their areas.

In addition, DCAP will do its best to protect the industry from individuals, companies and institutions who are taking advantage of the industry for their own personal gain and not for the best interest of the industry by calling them out and issuing guidelines and notices to the public.

These can be achieved through united efforts and support from key stakeholders, mainly the online workers, online outsourcing agencies, training providers, online job marketplaces and companies who provides support services to the industry, who are DCAP’s member themselves.

With some of the founding members of DCAP: Genesis

With some of the founding members of DCAP: Genesis Reonico (President), Maritess “Allie” Pasag (Chairman) and Leif Brian Margallo (VP for Visayas)

The founding members of DCAP are the following:

Genesis Reonico (President)
Maritess “Allie” Pasag (Chairman)
Leif Brian Margallo (VP for Visayas)
Kim Romarez (VP for Mindanao)
Crizelda Joy Cajoles (VP for Luzon)
Ronald “Piper” Ramboanga
Rochefel Rivera
Regina Evangelista
Glenn Mark Dizon

I am happy that there is this kind of association for freelancers and for those who have digital careers. If you have questions for the Digital Career Advocates of the Philippines or DCAP, please leave it at the comments section below. I will gladly ask Genesis and the other founding members to reply.

Sulong, Pilipinas!

Shakeaway Philippines: Perfect for this Hot Season!

Do you know how it is when people have a go-to drink when they feel sad or just need something to boost their spirit? Well, I know that I am the “tea latte” kind of a girl, but recently, after discovering Shakeaway (they already have a branch in BGC Uptown mall), milkshakes have been my go-to drink. To tell you honestly, I have never expected myself to be a milkshake kind of a gal. I never really liked super sweet drinks, but after trying Shakeaway’s milkshakes, I am now a convert!


Shakeaway is the original re-inventor of milkshakes and started creating a following in 1999 with the first shop opening in the town of Bournemouth, England. This was their first store. Upon entering their newly opened store in Uptown Mall in BGC, I noticed the shockingly huge menu board.


Shakeaway is actually famous for the 180 flavors and millions of possible combinations of milkshake that is available. You can choose from their ready-made concoctions, that are to-die-for or you can create your own milkshake. They even have the millionaire’s milkshake made with real 23 carat edible gold! This is worth Php 900+.

I’ll be sharing the menu here, so that you can make your decision even before you get to the store:

All of the ingredients are lined up in the counter and each milkshake is right before your very eyes. You can be assured of the quality and the freshness of the ingredients. For the flavors, extras and toppincs, you can choose from these categories: Fruity, Sweety, Chocolatey, Biscuity or Cakey.


Here are the Steps to Create a Customized Milkshake:

  1. Choose your size: Regular at Php 190 or Large at Php 250
  2. Pick if you want Ice Cream or Fat Free Yogurt
  3. Pick your flavors (First one is free; Php 60 for each additional flavor)
  4. Add your extra: Toppings at Php 30 / Add ice cream at Php 30 / Add boosts or supplements at Php 60

Guess what? They also have hot milkshakes and junior sized milkshakes that your children will love. Zeeka loves the Milo Junior Sized shake.

Okay, now for our recommendations:

For the healthy individual, you can try my own personal favorite, IVY! IVY has kale, banana and mango. You can choose from their fruit smoothies, 100% fat free frozen dessert, low fat shakes and lower fat crispy and tasty fries. You can also tell that staff at Shakeaway Philippines if you have allergies. They will gladly recommend a drink for you!

For the Chocolate lover, we highly recommend the following:

DAVE – This milkshake has ferrero rocher & kinder bueno with crumbled cadbury flake on top

MIKE – With reese’s cups & milo topped with whipped cream

JOE – With banana & nutella with chocolate wafer stick on top

These are our top three “Chocolatey” favorites. Now if you love fruits, try SOL. Sol is a shake with mango & graham crackers with whipped cream on top. These are our top choices from Shakeaway Philippines.

We’re so excited to try out the other flavors and concoctions. We already have the VIP card. If you don’t have it, ask for it during your next visit.

Do share with us your thoughts on the flavor you have tried and use #ShakeawayPh and #MommyGinger. We’d love to hear about it!


Last Night Captured in Stills: Life of a Mompreneur

We bought this recently…

Zeeka: Ooooh, what is this? Fancy! A remote control! Let me press it!


Zeeka: Daaaang, did it just take my picture?


Zeeka: This is pretty cool!


Zeeka: I’ll take another…


Zeeka: and another (with my top model pout)


Zeeka: and another (with my PJ Masks pose!)


Zeeka: Let me take a video…too! ( – Please subscribe to my Youtube Channel)


Zeeka: I love these black and white pictures!


Zeeka: But this is getting to be a little bit boring. I need a new subject.


Zeeka: *Oh, Mommy!* Mommy, can I take your picture? I want to press the remote!


Ginger: Okay, but only for a few minute. I need to finish work.


Zeeka: Smile Mommy!


Zeeka: Again Mommy!


Zeeka: Funny face, mommy!


Ginger: Zeeka, I really need to work. haha!


Zeeka: Moooommmy! Smile!


Zeeka: *Mommy is not listening. I’ll just sit beside her* Mommy, smile!!!


Zeeka: Mommmyyy! *Pretends to cry*


Zeeka: Looks at Mommy. “Awww man, it didn’t work!”


Zeeka: Mommy, you need to smile.


Zeeka: Oh well… hmmm… what to do… what to doooo?


Zeeka: Oh… hehe! I’ll take this to daddy!