Teaching Kids about Business – The Adventures of Lil’ Vee

As I was sitting in a panel for 4th year college students, I was also thinking about a lot of things, on top of which was thinking of how we, as parents, can we pretty much teach starting or creating a business to the kids of today.

In this country, the employment rate in January 2019  was estimated at 94.8 percent.  In January 2018, the employment rate was 94.7 percent. This data was from https://psa.gov.ph/content/employment-rate-january-2019-estimated-948-percent

Aside from just looking at the employment rate, I also look at the underemployment which was at 15.6%. With a population of 108 Million Filipinos (as of today May 2019), this means that 16.8 Million Filipinos are underemlployed and 5.6 Million are unemployed. This is still a pretty huge number.

Ever since we had Zeeka, my husband and I have been thinking of ways to help the country in this aspect. This is why Taxumo exists — to help business owners focus on growing the business and later on generate more jobs for the people in their community (to promote inclusive growth).

As I observed the kids and parents of today, I was quite happy to see that more and more parents are open to letting their children live the life that they want. Graduates now are more open to choosing a path that they would like to have, be it starting their own business, get into the arts, get into the workforce, grow in a corporate environment, etc. We really need to show our kids that they have a choice and they can be successful at they want to do especially if they love what they are doing.

Since my husband and I are both corporate employees who shifted into becoming entrepreneurs, a lot of parents ask us how do we actually teach our kids about entrepreneurship. How do we raise kids who would want to start their own business later on?

You can teach your kids certain skills, values and train them to adapt certain habits, but you cannot force them to start a business (also) if they don’t want to. Anyway, these are skills, values and habits can be used no matter what their choices are.

For Zeeka, these are the things that we do though. Obviously, I cannot say that we’ve been successful (because she’s just 6 years old! haha!), but I’m sharing our own experiences for the purposes of discussion and to get additional tips and advice from parents who are wiser than me 🙂

Encourage kids to explore and see the world and answer their questions.

We don’t stop her from trying out a lot of different things. She has tried gymnastics, sketching, vlogging, fast food kiddie crews, hiphop, theatre classes, joining in workshops, joining an engineering club, taekwondo, creating a prototype for an app, making pastries and selling them, going out for a walk and touching everything she sees, wall climbing, traveling and seeing different places, etc. And whenever she asks about things, we try as much as possible to answer these questions thoroughly. We believe that this is how she will learn and we, parents, are their best teachers.

We teach her to be observant. We show her the actions have effects. We encourage her to find out what these “effects” are. For example, she learned how to wash the dishes. One time, her hands were slippery and she dropped and broke a plate. She now knows what happens if she’s not careful when she washes.

Guide them with what they can watch and play with online

Zeeka, like any other kid, loves to watch videos on Youtube, Netflix and she love playing games on Roblox. What we do is we limit time for gadgets and we also monitor the things that she watches.

Have you heard of Gary Vaynerchuk? He and his team created a cartoon called Lil’ Vee! Check out the first episode.

I love how they used simple concepts and examples that kids could understand. For this particular episode of Lil’ Vee, there were numerous things that were taught that both kids and adults could understand and use — from where ideas come from, to product development, to customer validation, marketing and selling.

I can’t wait for the next episode. Check out the first episode, moms and dads!

Support them in times of Failure but Expect Quality Work

This is the time in their lives when kids need to learn how to fail and pick themselves up after. They will naturally try a lot of things, and they will possibly fail during the first few attempts, but our role as parents is to help and encourage them to do better. We’re not there to remind them of their failure and their mistakes, because they probably know that they already failed. We’re there to help them pick up from where they left off and support their decisions after.

But we should also expect quality work from the things that they want to do. There are moments when we tell Zeeka that she should try harder. We then focus on what she can do to improve, like “practice more, Zeeka” or “try again”. Our kids are more capable than we think they are.

Be more specific with your words.

This is where my husband is good at. She makes Zeeka understand how she feels and gives her the word for it. He also encourages more specific language at home. Some examples of words that Zeeka uses are frustrated, exhausted, irritating, etc. We noticed that she doesn’t whine as often anymore because we understand her better, and she can communicate clearly.

Teach empathy.

We live in a world where we thrive with other people, and each one has his or her own story. We always remind Zeeka that before reacting to a certain thing or deciding on an action that would affect other people, she has to think whether this will affect the other person in a good way or bad way. Although, we also teach her what her rights are and what are the things and values that she should stand up for.

Value and Money

We are slowly teaching her how money works and how to grow it. Although at this stage, more advanced types of investments may be too hard for them to absorb, we taught her the concept of “interest” already.

We are also slowly teaching her also about “value”. What people may see as invaluable, may be valuable for other people.

Overall, these are some of the things that we feel will make her a successful when she decides to start her own business in the future. I know that we haven’t really cascaded a lot yet, but we’re taking our sweet time and we’re enjoying these moments of passing on learnings and experiences to her. She’s quite an inquisitive little lady! haha!

How about you, moms & dads, what other values and things do you teach your kids? Feel free to share it with us!

Teeth Whitening at The Smile Bar

One of my insecurities come from how my teeth looks. I’ve never worn braces and my teeth are not as white as I’d like them to be. The probable reason and culprit would be my addiction to coffee. I’ve been drinking coffee since I was in College. This probably makes me the hyper person that I am! hahaha! But kidding aside, I think I need to make this right. It’s time to look or ways to check and correct this.

Although, I’m insecure about this, I’m also the type who would put off something like this until really necessary already (like teeth falling off, etc! haha!). But before I reach my forties, I’d love to look the best that I can. So when I saw The Smile Bar at Uptown, I decided to try it out.

The Smile Bar is not a Dental Clinic. It’s a Teeth Whitening Bar. To explain what a Teeth whitening bar is, it can be compared to a home teeth whitening kit, but this one comes with guidance and the ambiance. The reason why home teeth whitening kits don’t work as much, too, is because no one really explains how you use those things.

The first step was to fill out a form. Then, AJ explained what I was about to go through. There are three choices at The Smile Bar: Single Whitening, Double Whitening or Triple Whitening. They will check the shade of your teeth first before suggesting what to get.

When they checked the shade of my teeth, it was at S34. It was quite high so they suggested that we do a Triple Whitening Session.

Check out the experience that I had at The Smile Bar.

After the session, the shade of my teeth dropped 6 shades. From S34, it’s now at S28. After the session, they placed a Nano Seal to protect my teeth from stains at least for 2 weeks.

I plan to go back again after two months and have another session. I really intend to make my teeth whiter this year.

Before visiting The Smile Bar, I really thought that I couldn’t do anything anymore to make my teeth whiter. But hey! There is still hope! Thank you The Smile Bar.

To get 10% off, you can go to The Smile Bar and give the code SMILEGINGER.

Visit this link for more information: http://www.the-smile-bar.ph/

Embrace your Curves with Silouex

This May, I’m ready to do my best to look good once again. Funny me, but last month was a season where I didn’t really care how I looked. I guess the decisions that I made in my business drained me out. But hey, hey, hey! This month is a different thing. And I hope that moving forward, I will be inspired to look good again.

It’s important that you feel and look good, because your positivity exudes and cascades to everything that you do. You feel excited about life and take on opportunities that you would never take on before.

So this month, I had time to color my hair. A little set of white hair was showing at the side of my head. And when I say set, it was like five strands near each other at the right side, near my ear. Hehe! Then, I started exercising again. I only ran 3 times in April versus 19 times in January.

And I also discovered this really cool high waisted compression leggings.

Went for a run using the Silouex compression leggings.

It’s from a brand called Silouex.

First off, I really didn’t want to use it because of the weather nowadays. It is so hot! But tried it out and the first thing that I noticed and was surprised about is that it was super easy to wear. If you have tried on other compression leggings for either performance or aesthetic, most of them are hard to wear. Putting on the Silouex compression leggings was easy as wearing regular leggings.

haha! Credits to my husband whose hand was shaking when he took this! haha!

Next, I thought I would feel hot when I wore them. But I definitely thought wrong! It was so comfortable and I didn’t feel hot at all! Also, I used it during my run this morning. It helped me perform better (I feel!) during my long run today. I also noticed that the top doesn’t roll down. For some compression leggings, the top normally rolls down, especially when you sit.

Took pictures showing you both the front and the side. As you can see, it made my tummy flatter and no more bulges on the side. It made my legs look longer and therefore, I look taller! haha!

I’m happy with my 2 pairs of Silouex compression leggings! I highly recommend that you try it out, too! My size is a Large. They have Small to 3XL sizes.

You can check their site out here: https://silouex.com/

Let me know your experience with the product! I’m sure you’ll love it!

The Real Deal About Deworming

Today, I’ll be sharing my views about deworming. Why this particular topic? It’s because for a time, I really thought Zeeka had worms in her tummy.

I thought she had that because of the numerous things and assumptions that I formulated in my mind (of course, as a mom, you’re concerned about a LOT of things — even things that shouldn’t worry you).

One was the fact that she’s a little bit on the lighter side. Ever since Zeeka was a baby, she was always on the lighter end of the weight spectrum. Other people would say that she was too skinny. The next thing that bugged me was that she thumb sucked until she was 4 years old. It was just when she turned five that she stopped thumb sucking. This always causes panic, because little kids would touch everything. She may not be cautious and aware of what she touches and when and what she puts inside her mouth.

The third thing was that she would always complain of tummy aches. And last but not the least, she often said that she had an itchy butt. Read online that this may be an indication that she had worms.

So these things would actually cause any mom, like me, to think and panic that their child, too, might have worms.

So I did what any worried mom would do… I googled worms and deworming and researched more about it.

I was a bit familiar about deworming. I was first introduced to deworming more than a decade ago. This was the time I was a dog breeder (yes, I was a dog breeder in my past life… haha!). I used to bring my puppies to the vet to get them dewormed.

For those not too familiar with what to do and how to go about deworming, let’s start with the definition. According to WHO, deworming or preventive chemotherapy is the process of using either an annual or biannual single-dose albendazole (400mg) or mebendazole (500 mg) as a recommended public health intervention for kids aged 1 to 12 years old (in some areas even up to 14 years old) who live in areas where the baseline prevalence of any soil-transmitted infection is 20% or more among children. This is done in order to reduce the worm burden of soil-transmitted helminth infection.

My recent discovery is that worms can be obtained from everywhere [1]! It’s not only because you have poor hygiene. Worms can be in what you eat and what you drink. Adults can also have worms in their tummies and intestines! These worms cause us to feel tired, lose weight, have diarrhea, feel bloating in the abdominal area or abdominal pain.[2]

Walang pinipili ang worms kasi napa-pass on. In our family, the dewormer that we trust is Mebendazole (Antiox). We like it, because it’s choco flavored. But most of all, it’s an effective dewormer. There are two forms: 1) 10mL suspension (equivalent to 500mg) and 2) a 500 mg chewable tablet.

To take the suspension, pour the entire content of the bottle and take it one time. The same dosage applies to adults and kids. For the chewable tablet, just take one tablet and chew. So simple and hassle free!

After we “dewormed”, we felt a lot better and we felt clean. I’m not sure though if there really worms (because I didn’t check the poop… hehe). But to know if there are worms, you’ll see little white threadlike stuff in the poop or sometimes, it may be invisible, too.

So now, we feel more active. Zeeka’s tummy pains and her itch in her butt are gone. Weight is still low… haha (so I don’t think this has anything to do with her having worms, really). We are now one happy and active family!

So mommies, pass the message! Be informed and be aware. Let’s live in a worm-free community.

Share with us what steps do you take to remain “worm-free”. We’d love to hear about it!


[1] http://www.health.gov.au/internet/publications/publishing.nsf/content/ohp-enhealth-manual-atsi-cnt-l~ohp-enhealth-manual-atsi-cnt-l-ch1~ohp-enhealth-manual-atsi-cnt-l-ch1.5

[2] https://www.healthline.com/health/intestinal-worms