Worldwide Weddings Expo Philippines: Online Bridal Fair

The world has indeed changed a lot. I have friends who got married during these times and rightly so, I don’t think life has to stop just because of what’s happening. I think we, humans, adapt to whatever circumstance we are given. So onward with the weddings that is! And speaking for weddings, there is this online bridal fair that I would like to share with you my dear readers who are planning to get married. The event is called Worldwide Weddings Expo Philippines 2021.

This event is organized by Worldwide Weddings PH. Worldwide Weddings Expo Philippines 2021 is a 60-day online Bridal Fair starting June 1 to August 1, with live and interactive streaming on July 30-31 and August 1, 2021. Ain’t that cool? Now with everything online, bridal fairs can extend to be a month long event.

I don’t know about you, but even if I’m not a bride to be, I’m certainly curious to see what this event is about and how weddings are held nowadays. If you want stress-free planning and a stress-free dream wedding amidst this pandemic, I’m sure that this is the place where you can find amazing and reliable suppliers.

Worldwide Weddings Expo Philippines 2021 will showcase well-known Wedding Organizers, Photographers, Stylists, Florists, Caterers, Event Venues, Make-up Artists, down to the emerging talents in the wedding industry.

You’ll have more than enough time to get to know these suppliers, choose and compare from the comfort and safety of your own homes.

When you attend this event, you also get a chance to win 100,000 pesos for one (1) lucky soon-to-wed who will book with their chosen supplier during the 3-day expo (Terms and conditions may apply).

Now, for exhibitors, get the following when you join Worldwide Wedding Expo Philippines 2021.

  • 60-day brand exposure in the Worldwide Weddings PH website
  • Ten (10) qualified leads to start with and additional 20 leads when you exhibit officially (opens on June 1) from our official website partner for this event – the Bride Worthy
  • A chance on spotlight via simultaneous weekly live broadcast on our Worldwide Weddings TV and Youtube channel featuring our wedding experts nationwide.
  • And a personalized Zoom room for every exhibitor in various location

For more information: /

Free Tablet When You Buy an Acer Swift or Spin Laptop!

Free Tablet When You Buy an Acer Swift or Spin Laptop!

We’re expanding our team in our company and we’re thinking of purchasing a new computer. It’s a good thing that I saw this promo form Acer and we’re seriously considering this. Acer announced the #AcerOnePlusJuan promo. If you are thinking of purchasing a laptop, just wanted to share this news with you. You can get a chance to get a free Acer One 8 T2 tablet when you buy an Acer Swift of Spin laptop from April 8 to May 9, 2021.


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Staying at the highest level of your work or school productivity is made easy with its powerful specs and overall performance. And as an added bonus, you’ll get a free One 8 T2 Tablet worth Php 5,990 when you purchase one.

“With everything going digital from school to work, we came up with the idea of sharing an exclusive promo which can help individuals who work from home or study online. For every purchase of participating Acer Swift and Spin laptops, shoppers can get a free tablet. With this, learning or working from home can be much more flexible and
convenient.” Said Acer Philippines General Manager Sue Ong-Lim.

Participating Models

Participating Acer models are as follows: Swift 3 SF13-53-50TE, SF314-59-51GR, SF314-59-5934, SF314-59-77ZC; Swift 3x SF314-510G-58EW, SF314-510G-75FV, SF314-510G-77HY; Swift 5 SF514-55TA-54J7, SF514-55TA-71C1; and Spin 5 SP513-54N-53X8, SP513-54N-73ZX.

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Am I Done Filing my ITR? Nag-BIR eAFS ka na ba?

Zeeka and I were playing a game last night where she was teaching me the meaning of acronyms that they often use in Roblox like NGL, DP (I thought it meant Down Payment), GN, etc. She was laughing so hard because I couldn’t figure out some acronyms. If I were to teach her all the BIR acronyms I know, she might lose her mind. Haha! My husband said that my acronyms are for old people.

Well, for old people or not, one acronym that I want to share is eAFS or the electronic Audit Financial Statement.

I see a lot of people asking if they should still have their forms stamped if they paid online or if they have their Audited Financial Statement, how do they submit it. Well, last year, via a BIR Memo (I feel calling it a memo versus Revenue Memorandum Circular makes me cooler! haha) or Revenue Memorandum Circular (RMC) 49-2020 was released saying that after filing your ITR, you have to submit attachments via eAFS.

UPDATED as of April 29, 2021: Basically, for your Annual Income Tax, you will have to prepare 4 or more files for 4 categories and this is how you name the files. Why do I say 4 or more? Because each file can only be up to 4.8 GB.

a. File 1 – Income Tax Return (ITR) – EAFSXXXXXXXXXITRTYMMYYYY

b. File 2 – Audited Financial Statements (AFS) – EAFSXXXXXXXXXAFSTYMMYYY


d. File 4 – Other Attachments (OTH) – EAFSXXXXXXXXXOTHTYMMYYYY


Where : XXXXXXXXX is the nine-digit TIN
: TY is Taxable Year
: MM is the Month end of the taxable year (if you got this wrong for previous submissions, don’t worry)
: YYYY is the Year Ended (if you got this wrong for previous submissions, don’t worry)
: 01 is the first file of other attachments, up to 99 (applicable for TCR File.

Here is a sample

With Taxumo, they really helped me as a tax filer because if you have a subscription, they have a tab in Taxumo that fixes all the files that you need to collate and save as PDF.

Step 1: Check and see if your Annual ITR filing and payment is completed. Please allot 2 days because your payments will have to go through Taxumo’s partner Authorized Agent Banks (AABs). So after seeing if your Annual ITR is completed in your PAST FILINGS tab, you can go ahead and click on Attachments – EAFS on the left side of your screen.

Step 2: Watch the three videos that Taxumo has prepared for you. Learn how to download attachments and all the files that you need, combine your attachments into a single PDF and how to upload the files into BIR eAFS.

Files that Taxumo collated for you. Note that only those filed via Taxumo are in the collated files.

Step 3: Download your files via Taxumo. Taxumo will update this also in the next coming days, but what’s good is that you can get your files from here. Note that Taxumo will only have the files that you encoded or filed/paid for via Taxumo.

Once you have merged your files into consolidated PDFs, please save a copy if it in your computer.

To look for BIR eAFS and upload your files, go to the BIR website.

So after submitting your attachments via BIR eAFS, you are done! Yes, you are truly done doing filing your Annual Income Tax.

For those who missed the BIR x Taxumo webinar in Facebook, you can still watch it here:

By the way, the deadline for BIR eAFS submission is on April 30, 2021. This is prolly to give some people have their Audited Financial statements prepared. For those who need an Audited Financial Statement, Taxumo also has CPA partners that you can commission.

If you have any other questions, looking for CPAs for AFS preparation, etc., just email or chat with Taxumo’s customer advocate via the chat button in their site:

Good luck! Hope you learned a new acronym today. 😉

BTW, for those who don’t know, you will also need to submit your SAWT attachments for your Quarterly Income Tax Return forms. If you use Taxumo and have 2307 forms, get your SAWT BIR confirmation from the past filings tab, too. This is how your first quarter EAFS submission screen will look like.

This is where you can get your SAWT confirmation in your Taxumo account:


If you have questions, feel free to contact

To learn more about Taxumo, hope you can read this: A FREELANCER’S AND CONSULTANT’S GUIDE TO USING TAXUMO

Not Invisible A Memoir by Frances Amper Sales: Mother’s Day Gift Idea

But with motherhood came what I had feared most — losing control, losing my marriage, losing myself.

Frances Amper Sales, Author, Not Invisible

I had the same fears. It was so apt that Frances, a writer and a very good friend of mine brought it up in her newly released book, Not Invisible A Memoir. Now that I’m expecting my second child, my now sort-of “balanced” emotional, physical, financial and mental state is tipping once again. After getting the groove in raising a daughter, gaining back time with my husband, creating and growing a business, and feeling that I’m myself once again, I’m again scared that things are about to change drastically again.

ble A Memoir by Frances Amper Sales

I would say that what scared me the most before I had Zeeka (our daughter) was how much my life would change after I would give birth to her. I was a workaholic. Okay, fine… I still am, but I knew that having her around would mean that I needed to set my priorities straight. She would be our number one. And of course, next would come our relationship as husband and wife, and all other things would come after. And to support all of these things, I, as a person and now as a mom, needed to be strong, more spiritually and emotionally grounded and FULL in every way.

Mommy Ginger reading Not Invisible a Memoir
Me (pregnant and all) reading the Not Invisible A Memoir book

And I later on realized that I didn’t have to be perfect all the time. It was enjoying the journey with my family that mattered.

It was a blessing that I got to read Not Invisible A Memoir before having this second child. Frances’ experiences with her mom, her husband and kids and her realizations just helped me build that courage and strength again to not be fearful of what is to come. It reminded me about the things that I love about being a mother and a wife. Squeezing in this cute Motherhood story here. It reminded me that motherhood comes not only with sacrifices or fears, but with unconditional love that comes from all directions.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a motherhood bible that we can refer to, but it’s so nice to read stories from other moms, like Frances.

What I loved about the book was the authenticity and the realness of her stories. I know Frances and I could hear her talking to me as I read her book. Frances writes everything in such a charming, no holds barred way, which I truly just love. You can count on her to tell it as it is. She just has this unique way of pouring herself out and using words that really move you.

Frances Sales, author of Not Invisible a Memoir with Mommy Ginger
With Frances Amper Sales, the writer of Not Invisible A Memoir

If ever you do read this, Frances, I’m so proud of you. You mentioned in your book that by 40, all women are amazing but you don’t feel like anything is happening to you. Let me tell you as a reader of Not Invisible A Memoir, that this book is truly amazing. I know that women, moms especially, who read this will feel heard and seen.

We may have different actual experiences and different lives to live, but what bonds us all are is our desire to help each other be better moms, better wives and ultimately, better versions of ourselves.

So if you are looking for a mother’s day gift for 2021 for your mom, I highly encourage you to buy this book. It’s available in Shopee, Amazon or get more details from her blog.



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Tax Filing for VAT Registered Businesses in the Philippines

Tax filing for VAT Registered Businesses in the Philippines1

I have some friends who are VAT registered and they ask me how they can file and pay for all of their tax forms. So today (as a fellow VAT registered business), I will be sharing with you what I do. For full disclosure to all the other VAT registered businesses in the Philippines, I am not a CPA. I am one of the Co-Founders of Taxumo, an accredited TSP or Tax Software Provider in the Philippines. If you want to consult more with a CPA, feel free to book an appointment here: Taxumo Consult

Personally, I do all of my taxes by myself. I don’t have an accounting background nor am I good in Math. LOL! I just want to show you that you can comply still and have an easy time preparing, filing and paying your taxes even with just basic knowledge and by just being diligent in tracking revenue and expenses.

So let’s start…

How do I know if I am a VAT Registered Business?

VAT registered businesses in the Philippines are those that earn more than Php 3 Million Gross Sales or Revenue in one year. And how do you know if you are a Non-VAT versus VAT registered business in the Philippines? Well, our businesses and professions have one-page (or sometimes even more pages) profiles with the BIR called Certificate of Registration or COR (sample shown in the picture below). It contains all our business/professional information and the type of taxes we need to pay. VAT Entities will see “VALUE – ADDED TAX” in their Certificate of Registration or COR (Form 2303) when they register their business or profession at the BIR Revenue District office (branch of the BIR).

For the sake of this blog post, I will teach you how to use Taxumo if you have a VAT entity/business. We’ll go through 1) account set up, 2) encoding revenue that you receive and expenses that you incur, 3) discuss a little bit about withholding tax certificates and creating these and 4) filing and payment of your taxes.

VAT Forms and other Forms for VAT Registered Businesses in the Philippines

VAT Forms in the Philippines are 2550M and 2550Q. Each 2550Q or Quarterly VAT Form submission also should come with an SLSP or Summary of List of Sales and Purchases attachments that need to be submitted to the BIR. The proof that you have submitted your VAT forms is when you receive a BIR confirmation for both the filing and another email confirmation from the BIR for the SLSP attachment. Check out this image for the frequency of the forms and what forms to file. I included some basic computation, too.

Tax filing for VAT Registered Businesses in the Philippines 2
Here is the frequency of VAT filings and a simple overview of the computation

Again, if you are using Taxumo, you don’t have to memorize how these are computed. Placing this here so that you just have a basic idea.

Now, some businesses are also assigned this tax type, “Withholding Tax – Expanded / OTH”. When you see this in your Certificate of Registration or COR, you are a Withholding Tax Agent. This means that for all of your payments and expenses, you will need to withhold and issue a 2307 or Certificate of Creditable Tax Withheld to the person that you paid and withheld from. I will also show you how to easily generate a form in Taxumo. And also, in another post, I’ll probably discuss this more.

Setting up my Account in Taxumo as a VAT registered business in the Philippines?

First off, you just need to go to and sign up for FREE. You don’t need to pay yet… you only pay when you are ready to file your tax forms.

Once in the site, go to your SETTINGS tab and check if you have filled it up correctly. Most of the Taxpayer Details can be seen in your Certificate of Registration (so don’t panic). Please copy what’s shown in your COR and please don’t forget to check out the TOOL TIP or that aqua check mark to give you further instructions.

Then for your BUSINESS PROFILE, know that you can make a new profile for each year. Let me go through each field…

Line of Business: Copy the Industry code stated in your COR

I want to file my taxes from: If you just recently got your COR, indicate the date when they released your COR. It’s usually stamped, written or typed at the bottom of your COR. If you are switching from manually filing, just indicate the date today.

Business Type: Please indicate if you are selling goods or product, providing services or both.

VAT Registered businesses in the Philippines use Taxumo 11

Income Source: If you are a corporation, partnership or sole proprietor and you are not employed by a local employer, choose solely from business. If you have a profession and business AND employed (employee with a local employer), choose mixed from business and employment. If you are a licensed professional (ex. Doctor, lawyer, etc.; people with PRC licenses), Financial Advisor with IC license, or a Non-Licensed Professional (ex. Sales agents, Freelance Consultant, Writer, Digital worker, etc.), choose income from profession.

VAT Registered businesses in the Philippines use Taxumo 10

Income Tax Rate Type: For VAT registered businesses in the Philippines, your only option is Graduated Income Tax. You cannot opt for the 8% Gross Receipt Tax.

VAT Registered businesses in the Philippines use Taxumo 9

Taxpayers Type: Choose which applies to you from the choices.

VAT Registered businesses in the Philippines use Taxumo 8

Deduction Method: You can choose between Optional Standard deduction (declare that 40% of your Gross Revenue are your expenses) or Itemized Deduction (include all expenses in the computation of taxes and consider all the line items).

My Business is under BMBE Law: If you have a Barangay Micro business Enterprise (BMBE) certificate then click on Yes. Otherwise, click on No.

VAT Registered businesses in the Philippines use Taxumo 7

Now make sure that the Tax forms that you highlight in Aqua are those that are in your Certificate of Registration or COR.

VAT Registered businesses in the Philippines use Taxumo 6

Don’t forget to click on SAVE. So that’s it for setting up your account in Taxumo. Now let’s go to filing and paying your taxes.

So in the TAX DUES tab, you will see the taxes that you need to pay and those that you might have missed (this is based on the date that you have inputed in the “file my taxes from” date in the settings page and NOT from BIR, so don’t panic). If you have already paid these manually, you can just click on “hide card”.

Each card or box is a tax form that you need to file. These taxes are grouped as to the kind of tax it is. The black box is the tax type (ex. Income tax, Value Added Tax, etc.).

VAT Registered businesses in the Philippines use Taxumo 5

Now, for the system to prepare and compute your taxes, you need to feed it information. It needs to know the revenue that you received, the expenses that you incurred, the withholding tax forms that you either received or passed on to your supplier.

In the CASHFLOW tab, this is where you add your Income and Expense entries.

VAT Registered businesses in the Philippines use Taxumo 4

For the Revenue that you received, click on ADD in the box for “Your income”. This box will pop up and you can just fill in these fields.

VAT Registered businesses in the Philippines use Taxumo 3
Important to get the TIN and the address of your Client / Customer

For adding expenses, just click on the ADD button in the “Your expenses” box and fill in the details in this pop up. If you are required to withhold, meaning you have “Withholding Tax – Expanded / OTH” in your COR, please don’t forget to check the tick box in the lower part of the screen if you withheld for this particular transaction.

VAT Registered businesses in the Philippines use Taxumo 2
Look at the bottom — there is a tick box for the Expanded Withholding Tax generator of Taxumo

By the way, for VAT entries (both income and expenses), be sure that you have the TIN and the address of your suppliers and even clients.

To continue, after clicking on the submit button, it will lead you to this pop up that will ask for information about the withheld amount, the Tax Code, etc.

For the Tax Code, it’s a drop down of all the tax codes that you can use. If your supplier is a corporation, the Code will probably start with a WC. If your supplier is an individual, the code will start with a WI and if your supplier is a bank, the code will probably start with a WB.

What I have I personally encountered as a supplier (since I am not a withholding agent or not required to withhold), my clients normally ask me what code do I use. I would check on the other 2307 forms that I receive and give them that code. If you are required to withhold, get a copy of the 2303 and if your supplier is non-VAT, get a copy of the Notarized Sworn Statement, too. This will help you identify what code to use.

Once you have completed that in Taxumo, Taxumo will automatically generate a 2307 form like this for you.

Again, this Withholding Tax Generator feature is only applicable and used by those with “Withholding Tax – Expanded / OTH” in their COR. If you don’t have this, you can just untick the box or make sure that the box is unticked when you add an expense in Taxumo.

Once you have encoded all the details, you can now go back to the TAX DUES tab and click on FILE NOW. This is when you will need a subscription to continue.

VAT Registered businesses in the Philippines use Taxumo 1

The beauty of Taxumo is that you know exactly how much you need to pay on the due date of a tax form. When you encode the data that they system needs, taxes are AUTOMATICALLY CALCULATED and dues or the amount that you have to pay are shown.

If you have tax dues to pay, you can pay via GRABPAY, PAYMAYA for Debit and Credit Card, GCASH, Online / Mobile Banking, Over the counter – Banks and Over the counter – Non banks (like Robinsons, Cebuana Lhuillier, etc.)

Just wait for a few days then visit your PAST FILINGS Tab under TAX DUES (left menu bar). For 2550Q, you will see all these attached: BIR Confirmation, Summary list of Sales, Summary List of Purchases and Tax Payment Record. For 2550M, you will see the BIR Confirmations and the Tax Payment Record.

Completed filing!

So that’s it! That’s how I prepare, file and pay for my VAT Filings. I hope that other VAT registered businesses in the Philippines found this blog article useful. This is how I do my taxes by myself!

If you are thinking of subscribing, the Taxumo subscription plan that you will need for this is the Small & Medium Business Plan.

Taxumo subscription plan for VAT Registered businesses in the Philippines -Monthly
If you pay on a monthly basis
Taxumo subscription plan for VAT Registered businesses in the Philippines - 2 year plan
If you get a 2 year plan

If you have any questions, feel free to message or chat with them using the chat box in the Taxumo Website.

Happy filing!

P.S. Here is another article that might be of interest to you: