Buy Foreign Stocks with Gotrade

As you all know, for the past month, I’ve been investing in Crypto currencies. I haven’t earned yet, to be honest (haha! I bought half of my coins when the market was high). But the past month, I’ve been learning a lot. Plus, this is such an exciting space. Anyway, I digress. What I wanted to share was that I started Stock Trading in the US Markets, too! We’ve been investing in local stocks for years now. Having listened to financial US vloggers made me curious about trading in DOW, S&P and NASDAQ. Yup, I’m easy to influence! With this, I checked out Gotrade.

I actually signed up for eToro and Gotrade, and decided to go with Gotrade first. The reason was because there were certain stocks like Tesla stocks that I wanted to purchase, but eToro had minimum lot sizes (you needed to invest $1000 to buy into Tesla). Since I just wanted to try trading in the US market first and not jump into it, I went ahead and used Gotrade. Gotrade allows you to invest with smaller amounts.

Signing up and Depositing into a Gotrade Account

When you sign up to Gotrade, you need to have a invitation code. I used my friend, Marvin’s code. For those reading this, you can use this code below.

Gotrade will give you free $5 if you go through the process — signing up, getting verified, depositing $10, and trading your first stock.

For depositing into Gotrade, you can choose instant deposit to Gotrade and transfer up to $1000 or you can use deposit to Gotrade for bigger amounts. For the former, you can use a Unionbank account (instantly deposited with a fee of Php 10) or a BPI account (instantly deposited with a fee of Php 12). For the former, you can use a Unionbank account (3 days to be deposited with a fee of Php 10) or a BPI account (3 days to be deposited with a fee of Php 12). The minimum amount that you can deposit for both options is around $1, so the equivalent of whatever the given exchange will be.

You can also deposit in USD via Swift transfers.

Trading in Gotrade

Just go to a particular stock that you want to purchase and click on trade. When the markets are closed in the US, you can’t trade. I don’t know if it’s just my account (since I only deposited $10 to try it out), but there is no day trading or setting limit orders in Gotrade. You buy the stocks at market rate, which may be to a disadvantage for more savvy investors. It’s simple enough though for those who are starting.

How Gotrade makes money

So to know how this platform earns, they’re very transparent. They actually enumerated these things in the app. I’ll share it with you here, too, just so you know.

These are their sources of revenue:

  • A small fee collected on the foreign exchange from your deposits
  • Interest income generated from cash
  • A premium paid subscription program (coming soon!)
  • Interchange fees on your debit card spends (coming soon!)

My purchases so far and my experience…

I appreciate the fact that the app is very simple to use. All of the features are presented in a way that’s very straightforward. I love the way the sign up process (onboarding process). I just started yesterday and deposited $10, so I will still explore the app further and let you know my thoughts on this.

I bought partial shares of AMC, Amazon and Tesla. Why? Just copied the vloggers that I watch really (so copy me at your own risk, too! haha!). For each stock though, I appreciate the fact that they have a very comprehensive page that shows the market stats for the stock, news about them, and the story behind the company. This is so that users can read up on the company who’s issuing the stock.

So for one day of trading, I grew the $15 ($10 from me and the $5 FREE from Gotrade) to $25.15. This is really because I got into AMC when it was $33+, and with one day of trading, it’s now at $62.55. So this is really not how quickly you earn (for full disclosure). There has been a lot of hype on AMC lately so treat this as an irregularity.

Going back to Gotrade, when you share your first few trades, you earn a dollar for each share. I think I earned a dollar back for the first 3 shares.

Withdrawals from Gotrade

You can enroll your bank account and they will deposit your money via SWIFT. Again, for full disclosure, I haven’t tried to withdraw yet. I’m holding on to the stocks, but once I get to a comfortable position, I will withdraw just to try it out and write about it.

So there you have it, peeps! I hope this article helps. I’ve been doing a lot of financial content on Tiktok, too, so please head on over to: gingerarboledatv on Tiktok (content in both Filipino/English).

Let me know if you have questions or tips for me regarding Gotrade in the comment section. I’d be happy to share it.

Again if you want to join GoTrade, here is my invitation code:

Happy investing!

We took a Swab Test! A CircleDNA Test

I watched a fictional show online where a tech company created an application for matchmaking based on the DNA of the users. I got curious on what these tests are and researched about it. I actually didn’t know that these test where actually available in the Philippines already, and the trusted brand is called CircleDNA. This is the brand that we wanted to try since their Circle Premium DNA Test kit can provide more than 500 reports across 20 Categories.

Why my Husband and I opted to spend on a CircleDNA Test?

In a world where new virus and diseases are constantly popping up, the best defense against sickness and poor health is prevention. And prevention comes when you truly have information and actionable insights that you can use. This is what we like about Circle DNA. They provide not just the data, but information that you can use to achieve optimal health.

Getting sick is very expensive. We always believe that prevention is better than cure.

What does CircleDNA collect?

If you undergo this DNA test from Circle DNA, you will have to provide accurate Personal Health Information. If you are submitting this for a family member, please make sure that you get their consent before submitting the test. You will also provide a DNA sample. It’s super easy. 

How to Collect DNA sample for CircleDNA?

First, you have to download the CircleDNA app and activate your kit. You can activate it by scanning the barcode of the tube provided. Next, you need to take a saliva sample. Swipe the inner side of mouth (cheeks) 10x on the right then 10x on the left.  Place the swab side the tube, seal it and shake it 10 times. 

Swab each side of the cheek 10 times
Place inside the tube and shake the tube

Then return the sample to their lab. The CircleDNA premium comes with FREE delivery and return. Just follow the instructions in the app. After 18 business days, you will have the results. Genetic data includes information about genes and regions relevant to the ordered CircleDNA Test. Just so you know, all genetic data may be used for regulatory compliance, and de-identified for internal quality control, validation studies, and research and development purposes. The CircleDNA Premium actually comes with a free 1 on 1 consultation, too.

Let’s break down some of the reports and benefits…

So I haven’t see the my report yet as my husband and I are just prepping to get the DNA samples after I draft this. You cannot eat, drink, smoke or chew gum 30 minutes before collecting your DNA sample, so I’m writing this as I’m waiting.

Let’s go through some of the benefits. There are 36 Cancer Risk reports and 65 Disease Risk reports that can show you have an increased risk of developing certain types of hereditary disorders. And if you know these things, you and your doctor can talk about ways to prevent or detect hereditary disorders earlier and potentially catch it at a treatable stage. Because relatives share some genetic features, your results may also be informative to your biological relatives.

There are also Family Planning reports which may show you are a carrier of genetic conditions that could affect your family. The test will analyze the risk profile of 163 potential conditions based on your genes. You may be carriers of genetic conditions without knowing about it. If both of you and your partner are carriers for a certain condition, in general there is a 25% chance that your offspring could develop a condition.

Other interesting reports are the diet and fitness categories test results that will give you further understanding of your own macro- and micronutrient needs, your response to power or endurance exercise and recovery speed and sports injury risk. These insights may allow you to use your Genetic Information to explore more customized solutions to reach your fitness and nutritional goals. Of course, we all know that genes is only a part of what we need to know. A big part is still played by the lifestyle that you have.

A report that I am really interested in though, since I am allergic to a lot of things (as you may now know, I have super bad rhinitis and one time, I suddenly had terrible reaction to Ibuprofen), is the drug response categories test results. These reports may give you insights to help you select the medication(s) and dose(s) that are best suited to your condition and genetic makeup. The results will identify the right medication, the proper dosage as well as medications that may be harmful for you across more than 100 FDA-approved medications. With this information, you can discuss this again with your doctor to prevent adverse reactions to drugs. 

Who can take this DNA test from CircleDNA?

Anyone can take this test. For those below 18 years old, they need to give consent to their legal guardians or their legal guardians can get it for them. 

How much does these kits costs?

These CircleDNA Premium kits cost Php 26, 240 pesos, but if you get two kits, it will be at Php 49,200 ONLY.

There  is also another kit called VITAL with 125 reports in 14 categories. These cost Php 7888 per kit.

For more information on Circle DNA, you can visit their site: CIRCLEDNA

Use my code GINGER33 for 33% OFF on all DNA kits!

We’re excited to share with you our results once we get it. If you’d love to know more about yourself and if you value your health and the health of your loved ones, come and try it out with us! Prevention is still better than cure.