5 Things You Should Teach Your Kids about Fireworks Safety

We live in a condo unit and where we live is on one of the highest floors. My daughter loves it, especially during times when she sees fireworks in the sky. Living here made me realize how much Filipinos love fireworks. You know why? We see fireworks set off at least once a month. Obviously, during the months of December to February, we see a whole lot more because of Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year. I personally enjoy watching firework displays, too, but being a mom just made me extra careful though since I always want my daughter to be safe during this season or any day for that matter. For example, nowadays, you can’t be too sure about the water that you drink. In our home, having safe and clean water is essential that this why we only drink and serve our guests Wilkins Distilled Drinking Water.

Keeping Safe at Home with Wilkins - fireworks safety

It’s one thing to always keep our family safe on a daily basis by giving them Wilkins, thoroughly cooked meals (check out my post on food safety) and having them live in a clean and safe home, but it’s another thing to teach them about keeping safe during once a year occasions like these where fireworks (things that they are not used to) are present.

Fireworks can cause burns, eye injuries, etc. if not handled properly. I remember that my dad and uncles used to just lay fireworks anywhere around the house, but now, I make sure that my husband and family keeps fireworks out of reach. It is very important to make sure that everyone in your family, especially the kids (yes, they will understand), know about fireworks safety. Here are some safety tips that you can teach and tell them:

1. Tell your kids to never play with fireworks. I know you may say, “Of course, Ginger, who would do that?” but the sad truth is that there are still a lot of accidents during New Year, because children and even adults played with fireworks inside (yes, inside!) the house. The best way to protect your family is not use any fireworks inside your home. Firecrackers, sparklers and rockets are just too dangerous for your kids. If you think it’s okay for them to play with sparklers, just please make sure that they use it outside and guide them by keeping it away from their faces, hair and clothing.

2. Tell your kids (and even ‘adult’ friends and family) to never make their own fireworks. This is a definite no-no. Letting them play with the gunpowder or “pulbura” is very detrimental to their health and to their safety. Oh, please keep them away from the likes of watusi also. If they don’t wash their hands and accidentally, put their hands in their mouth, this will be harmful. Please buy legal fireworks which should include a label with the manufacturer’s name and clear instructions on how to use them. Do not forget to place them in a cool and dry place.

3. Tell your kids to use fireworks safely. Remind your children to always light one firework at a time – never in metal or glass containers. They should never relight a dud. Do not allow your kids to pick up pieces of fireworks after an event for some may still be ignited and can explode at any time.

Furthermore, do not let them hold fireworks using their hands or have any part of their bodies while lighting. Let them wear some sort of eye protection. Then, prepare a bucket of water and a hose nearby in case of accidents. Lastly, soak all fireworks in a bucket of water before throwing them in the trash bin.

4. Tell your kids to be very responsible in using fireworks. Remind them that they should never point or throw fireworks at someone even in jest. You can never be sure when it comes to Fireworks; some can be faulty. Always tell them to point fireworks away from homes, brush, leaves and flammable substances. Lastly, they should avoid carrying fireworks in their pockets.

5. Tell your kids to think about their pets’ safety. Animals are a little more sensitive than us. They can be extremely frightened or stressed whenever they hear the sounds of the firecrackers. Hence, keep the pets indoors to reduce the risk that they’ll get injured or run loose.

If (knock on wood) your child gets injured by fireworks, remove the clothing from the burnt area and run cool water over the burn. If it’s an eye injury, never allow you kid to touch or rub it as it may exacerbate it or cause even more damage. Also, do not attempt to flush the eye out with water or self-medicate and put any ointment. Please go to the doctor or hospital immediately.

Fireworks are meant to be enjoyed and you will enjoy them more knowing your family is safe. Hence, always take extra precautions to enjoy your holidays! For more fireworks safety tips, check the Wilkins Distilled Water facebook page and check out the tips shared by the Wilkins Circle of Trust. If you have tips to share, please do join in the conversation! Stay safe!

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