8 Things That You Can Do to Feel Like a Startup Winner

Yesterday, I had a really itchy palm and I thought something great was about to happen. They say that if you have an itchy palm, you’re about to receive money. Well, nothing out of the ordinary happened. Haha! Then, today, I’m sitting in this coffee shop in BGC with huge number 8’s on the wall. Just by seeing this number, I feel so lucky already! But obviously, all of these – lucky numbers, horoscopes, etc., are not guaranteed to bring you Startup success this year. What brings you success is really more of the positive feeling and the energy that you get from believing that things will be great and awesome.

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Having the right mindset in business is crucial. I have noticed that whenever I feel like a winner or whenever I feel positive, that’s when I get to book deals and get to do something productive. Also, I have noticed that there are particular things that I do that make me feel a Startup Winner. I know that things can get you down easily so today, I’ll be sharing with you 8 things that I do to make me feel positive and vibrant oftentimes.

1. Start the day early. When I start the day early, I get to do more things. If I feel that I have done so much before the clock strikes 12 noon, I become even more inspired and do a whole lot more after.

2. Set aside time for “moving”. Noticed that I used moving, instead of working out. I don’t know. Working out just seems too heavy. I have noticed that in the morning, when I decide to walk and do get to walk (not hurriedly) to a bakery shop or a café a few buildings away, this activity puts me in a brighter mood.

3. Always fix your work space in the evenings or right before you retire to bed. I noticed that when I wake up to a clean desk, I feel energized to work. It just makes me feel “ready”.

4. Update your vision board. My vision board is right across my bed. When I wake up, that’s the first thing I see.

5. Have ME-time days. Schedule a once or twice a month day for yourself. On that day, do everything that you want to do, but never really get the chance to do because you’re just too busy (book a massage, cut your hair, have a manicure or pedicure, etc.).

6. Do something, be somewhere, be with someone or eat something that puts you in a good mood. Sometimes, I just like to sit alone in a café and just write because writing puts me in a good mood. It also helps me focus more after.

7. Help others. I’m sure you know this and I know you’re familiar with the feeling. When you help others, without expecting anything in return, it makes you feel more alive. The feeling that you are part of the community and the feeling of giving back to society is something that makes us feel good.

8. Connect with someone. Write your hubby a letter. Invite a friend for coffee. Call your sister or brother and just talk about random stuff. Call a business partner or a supplier and don’t talk about business. Try to build relationships by going for things that goes beyond what is expected from you.

I don’t believe that people are born lucky, but I believe that all of us are born to be winners. I believe that luck and success comes from the way you feel about yourself. I believe that whenever you feel good, all things positive gravitate towards you.

Hope you like my tips! Be a winner!

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