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Hi, I’m Ginger Arboleda, oftentimes called Mommy Ginger or Mommy Ginj! I’m a wife to a loving husband, Ej, and a mommy to a daughter named Zeeka. I have been a blogger for several years for ManilaReviews.com (a lifestyle/review blog: launched in 2008), for ManilaFitness.com (a fitness/health blog: launched in 2009) and GingerArboleda.com (personal blog, and now my portfolio: launched in 2009). Last December 2012, I decided to create my own “mom blog”, where I can share episodes from my life as a multi-tasking super mom.

This is me!

This is me — Mommy Ginger!

A gift (let me call it that) that I was born with is the power to multi-task. Since my younger years, I have been in-love with the idea of doing a lot of things at the same time. When I was in third grade, I used to sell DIY headbands that I made to my classmates during lunch. When I grew older, I was involved in a lot of school activities (editor-in-chief of our school paper, active our English club, student council, founded the track team of our college, etc.) while training for aerobics marathons and 10K marathons. I worked as an account executive for ad agencies, worked as a Managing Director for a fast food franchise, and I also worked in both the sales and product management and development teams for a well-known bank for almost 7 years.

I've done styling and make-up...

I’ve done styling and make-up…

I, Mommy Ginger have been a dog breeder, freelance make-up artist, product stylist and even a social entrepreneur (helped launched the careers of 5 Filipino designers). I do some of these activities still “occasionally”. Last October 2012, I resigned from my day job as a banker to concentrate on my pregnancy. I previously had a miscarriage and some pregnancy complications, so my husband and I decided it was time for me to work-at-home. From my home (while waiting for my baby!), I handle a brand that I built early 2012 called Manila Workshops.

Mommy Ginger's Manila Workshops: Blogging Workshop with Anton Diaz

Blogging Workshop with Anton Diaz

I partner with speakers or those who want to share knowledge about a topic that they are experienced and well-versed at to a small group of individuals who want to experience and do the same thing. These are workshops like videography, make up application, blogging, personal finance workshops, parenting or even being a work-at-home-mom. I found fulfilment in this endeavour since I love helping people achieve their personal and professional goals in life.

In 2016, I made my way back to one of my loves which is product development and co-founded a tech startup called Taxumo.

I have also made a personal promise of spreading my knowledge in entrepreneurship, business and marketing, which is one of my goals in my life list. I know that a lot of people would love to start their own businesses. I can help by guiding you one step at a time until you have completely launched your business.

The goal of this blog is become a site where I could share stories of my life as a mom, to share tips on how to be a full-fledged entrepreneur and startup founder, and where we all could share tips on how to achieve a life we love and want!

Me (Mommy Ginger) with my husband, Ej! :)

Me (Mommy Ginger) with my husband, Ej! 🙂


This is why I blog... For this little cutie!

This is why I blog… For this little cutie!

This blog is dedicated to my husband, Ej and my daughter, Zeeka! I love you both! 🙂

Thanks for dropping by and reading some of my posts. Feel free to leave a comment or to ask anything. I’ll always have time to answer, to listen and to talk to you! To know more about what I do, please visit GingerArboleda.com.


  1. January 2, 2013 / 5:25 am

    COngrats for this blog website… and also opening up a slice of your life to the public… I’m sure a lot of mom-trepreneur can pickup some tips from your muti-tasking mommy experiences…keep us touch


  2. April 1, 2013 / 8:23 am

    Hi Ginger,

    Yes. We do have Babiators for 3 weeks old. Our product has two age groups- 0-3 years for Php 950 and 3-7 years for Php 995.

    You can email me at monicaborja@k-luxe.com

    Thank you,

    Monica Borja
    Tel. No. (632) 815 9046 to 52 Local 354
    Mobile No. (0933) 3046117

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