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Yesterday, I was amidst all of these amazing students with tech related backgrounds. I volunteered to be a a mentor for the 13th SMART SWEEP, which was held at AIM. All of them were truly amazing. I tok the time to teach them a little bit about understanding the pain point of the customer, etc. I hope they got something useful from the things that I was telling them. During my ride home, I thought to myself, another thing that I should probably teach them in the future is professionalism.

For the other start-up business that I have, we are still looking for a competent tech partner or outsourced service provider that we can work with. This start-up was incorporated way back in 2014 and until now, we don’t have an app to show our potential customers. This frustrated me as a small business owner. To make an app, we had to pay close to a quarter to a million pesos, and this was for a buggy app/software. So I know the pain of a small business owner of wanting to have your own mobile application, but not having the funds. But a more important thing is not having control over the project, especially if you have no background in IT.

This is why it was so interesting to see this app creation software created by Mr. Geek Mobile Solutions Inc.

Sparky and Nap from Mr. Geek telling me about their App Creation Software, My Start-Apps

Sparky and Nap from Mr. Geek telling me about their App Creation Software, My Start-Apps

What I loved about the app creation software that they showed me is that anyone (literally… even me!) can create my own mobile application. We all know that by 2020, most of the people in our country will own a smart phone, and this will be the channel of choice when searching for something, shopping for anything, etc.

Here is my interview with the people behind My Start-apps, Sparky and Nap:

See how amazing it is. Anyone, from small hole-in-the-wall restaurants to real estate agents, to small retail stores on Instagram, to influencers can use this application. Are you ready for the future? Is your business ready for a world where most of the population will turn to their mobile phones to accomplish tasks and even fulfil leisurely activities via their phone?

If you are interested to use My Start-Apps, please sign up at and use the code #MommyGinger.

MyStart-Apps Pricing
· One Time Setup Fee Regular Price: Php 46,000.00
· One Time Setup Fee Discounted Price to loyal readers of Mommy Ginger (those who use the code): Php 36,000.00
– Also, the annual fee for the first year will be waived.

So hurry and sign up and create a mobile app for yourself or your business!

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