Babiators: Mini Aviators for Babies

Baby Z is still a little jaundiced. During her last check up, her pediatrician suggested that we have her blood tested just to be sure. In that blood test, you will be able to find out if its direct or indirect. If it’s direct, it’s the liver causing it and that’s a problem. If it’s indirect, then, we do not have to worry and we just have to keep on feeding the baby (continue breastfeeding). Thankfully, although her bilirubin levels were still high, it was not caused by any liver problems. All we need to do now is continue breastfeeding and exposing her to sunlight.

I came across this mini aviators for babies. They are called Babiators. I saw this first in the facebook page of a friend and I immediately thought of Zeeka and her sunbathing escapades to the the 5th floor of our condominium building.

Check out these Babiators!
babiators flavors 1

beach baby blue 3-7

nighthawk navy 3-7

limelight lime 3-7

blue angels blue 3-7

black ops black 3-7

princess pink 3-7

rockstar red 3-7

sneak attack pink black 3-7

superstar silver 3-7

wicked white 3-7

I wanted so much to buy her something to protect her eyes. What our yaya does is she covers Baby Z’s eyes, but I know that this isn’t enough. These Babiators offer 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays. These mini sunglasses are also very durable and are made out of pliable rubber and shatter-resistant lenses. The Babiators do not contain any BPA, phthalates or lead-based paint.

These are perfect for babies in the Philippines, since we are a tropical country and the sun is almost always out. According to Dr. Mark S. Borchert, Pediatric Neuro Ophthalmologist at CHLA, “the lens of a child allows 70% more UV rays to reach the delicate retina than in an adult.” As moms, we need to see that their eyes are protected from UV rays and these shades are great for both protecting their sight and for fashionably dressing our babies up!

The Babiators come in these colors: Black Ops Black, Blue Angels Blue, Rockstar Red and Princess Pink, Limelight Lime, Sneak Attack Pink, Beach Baby Blue, Nighthawk Navy & Wicket White. These are available in size 0-3 and 3+ with a retail price of P950 (0-3 years old) and P995 (3-7 years old).

To get your Babiators, the are available in Nurture Nook, Quirks, Rustan’s, ROX and Taste Central. I have already included this in our gift registry for Zeeka’s baptism!

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