Basic First Aid for Yayas

TRUST. In order to build trust, one must be worthy of it by showing consistency in actions, expertise, willingness to learn and loyalty. For most of us here in the Philippines, we have house helpers, yayas, kasambahays who live with us in our homes. We need these people to be trustworthy and loyal. We treat them as part of our family.

As they do their responsibilities and help us with day to day tasks, we in turn must be willing to show them also that they matter. One way is to really hone their skills and help them develop themselves as individuals. This was what we had in mind when we created the Basic Yaya Training Session at

Yaya Training Workshop

We are inviting you to sign up your yayas, househelpers, kasambahays to the third session of the Basic Yaya Training — Basic First Aid for Yayas.

Basic Yaya Training Workshops 2015

Basic Yaya Training Workshops 2015

Hope you really can send your yayas to the workshop on the 30th. If you are interested, please sign up at

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