Do you believe in Soulmates?

I have had an unusual conversation just recently. It was about having soulmates. The group I was with started talking about finding ‘soulmates’ to which I retorted, “uso pa ba yun?” (Do those still exist?). My husband beside me cringed. Lol! I corrected myself and what I really wanted to say is that, “Do soulmates really exist?”. In mind, I was already formulating hundreds of follow-up questions…

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Do soulmates really exist?

If soulmates are two souls which are supposed to find each other, does that mean those who do not find their soulmate are forever doomed and will forever be lonely?

How is love added into all of these things?

How about commitment?

For love, if you do find your soulmate, is it the same as having really gotten to know true love?

If not, is it fake love or just settling or a decision to commit?

For commitment, if you are committed already then you find your soulmate, will you forever be incomplete?

How will you know if the person is your soulmate anyway?

Are there really three types of soulmates: friend soulmate, lover soulmate and an enemy soulmate?

Do you need to find all three?

And if you find all three, will it make your life better?

And so on and so forth…

See, my mind can go beserk when you give me topics like these. I really don’t know the answers to these. If you do know the answers, please do let me kno because I really want to find out.

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