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Startup Women Connect Asia

We’re finally ready to show you what we have been up to! My friend Kat, Founder of Dezynspace and I (founder of Taxumo) have decided to build a website for Start Up Women Founders in Asia. It’s called Startup Women Connect Asia.

Our mission is to help build the women founders’ skills and confidence so they can build a sustainable business. We also built this to bridge startup women founders to global opportunities.

Startup Women Connect Asia or SWCA

SWCA is a connector of startup women to global opportunities. We are not investors, but we look for investors who plan to invest in women-led businesses. We don’t run an incubator or accelerator program, but we broker for them. If they need startups to join their programs, we help them spread the word. SWCA is also a community of women led startups and businesses.


Through an online pitch library platform, startup women can deposit their online pitches for prospective investors to access and view.


For international and local programs looking for a landing pad to execute in different Asian nations (primary focus will be the Philippines), they can contact us.


For any institution, corporation or organization that targets women – led startups and businesses, we can help them in setting up and building events that will gather our community of startup women.

If you are a women startup founder, please do sign up in the Startup Women Connect Asia Site.

We’ll be launching our programs and access to our resources soon!

Join to get access to:

  • Tips from our passionately curated 20 (and counting!) women founders and business leaders that can help get you started and continue in building a successful business practices.
  • Access to our monthly online mastermind sessions where you can connect with like-minded individuals.
  • Access to an ever-growing online free library of amazing and inspiring business kits, wallpapers, quotations and images that you can use for your business
  • Freebies that we regularly develop for your usage

If you need anything else as a woman founder, please do let us know also in the comments section below. We’l be glad to discuss your suggestion and come up with ideas to help you.

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Hoping to meet all of you soon!

Business Lessons that I Learned from my Mom

My mom was a stay at home mom. She was very hands-on when it came to raising me and my sister, Kinney. Even if she just worked just for a little while and then focused her life on raising us and taking care of dad, I learned a lot of lessons from her that I applied and continuously follow in running a business.

She was never really an entrepreneur but she was a really tough mom — tougher than any competitor in the market that we would probably encounter. Haha! She was also hard to please. This was probably the reason why I’m one tough cookie. Nothing really gets me down.

They say if you want to move forward and be a better person, you need to take a look at your beginning. If you want to be a better business owner, I invite you to think about some of the business lessons that you learned from your mom.

Business Lessons that I Learned from my Mom

The first of the many business lessons that I learned from my mom is to always be punctual. My mom was very strict and would get mad if we were a few minutes late to anything. When she’d pick us up from school, she would always be there early, and would expect us to be at the meeting spot right after the bell rang.

This is probably the reason why I expect my team to be on time when they commit to something. This is my number one pet peeve. I hate it when people are late.

When I am personally late to an engagement or to a meeting, I feel super embarrassed. I always feel the need to be at least 15 minutes early. This is the reason why I stress out EJ and Zeeka (haha!) whenever I hurry them up to go somewhere. I have a running timer in my head that I can’t let go of.

The reason why we should always be punctual, especially when it comes to work, is that I believe that it is a sign of respect for the other person. It’s showing that you value their time as much as you value yours. I think my team can attest that this is something that I always mention.

The next business lesson that I learned from my mom is that the only thing that stops us from doing the best work that we can is ourselves. Our mind stops us from achieving what we think is impossible.

My mom was a tiger mom, and she would probably say that she was glad to have pressured us when we were young! haha! She had always expected me to have good grades, to study the minute I would get home, and to have a long list of extra-curricular activities.

And that I did.

Looking back, what I realize now is that it’s not about the good grades or being editor in chief in the school paper or running for a position in the student council. It was really about having the heart, the focus and the tenacity to go after the life that you want.

Some people lose interest with a business idea that they have just conceptualized a few days back. They forget about it and move on with their lives. Others lose focus when they try to establish a business. And when things get too technical, tricky, and challenging, they give up.

You, see, when I was young, I could never just give up on something. My mom would always say “ginusto mo yan eh… tapos ngayon ka susuko” (That’s what you wanted, right? Why are you now giving up.)

The last of the many business lessons that I learned from my mom is to take pride in what I do.

Do things that will make you proud. If you really want to be successful, it has be because you’ve passed on value to others. You’ve helped them become the better people. HOW you achieved your goals are more important than the goal itself.

Here are other entrepreneurship lessons from other moms all over the world.

My mom and I had a really challenging relationship while I was growing up. I know that if she’ll get to read this, she’ll probably laugh and stress the fact that she was right to have made decisions along the way. Haha!

I acknowledge that part of who I am today is because I was raised by her. So thanks, mom. Advance Happy Mother’s Day!

How about you? What business lessons have you learned from your mom? I’d love to hear from you.


MyNanai: Virtual Babysitters

If asked what my main struggle is as a work from home parent, it’s probably juggling and maintaining a proper schedule for us and for our daughter. I recently stumbled upon a site that offers virtual babysitters that can help you out! I really thought it was such a cool business that I decided to check it out.


MyNanai is a recent startup that helps parents working from home to find virtual babysitters and interactive events to entertain their children. It’s meant to create brief breaks for us parents. From my personal experience, as much as we would love to be at our kid’s side 24/7, there are other responsibilities that we also have to do.

About MyNanai

Before I share my daughter’s experience, I asked the founder, Tom Yen, to tell us the story of MyNanai.

Tom: MyNanai is an idea that arose in response to the recent closure of daycare centers and schools. After my son’s daycare closed, my mom started using FaceTime each day to engage my son, read him books, put on puppet shows for him, and even played building games. When I shared that experience with some colleagues, we all got inspired to create MyNanai as a way to help out parents unexpectedly working from home.In a nutshell,

MyNanai is the daycare you need done in a social-distancing-friendly fashion! And that’s our chief mission—to provide kids and their parents with a “daycare” alternative amid this pandemic. But, beyond this, we at MyNanai also provide job opportunities to furloughed employees in the Philippines, who meet our “Nanai” requirements. This mission creates shared value, not just for our dear clients, but also for our employees as well during this trying time.

Zeeka’s First Session with Nanai Angeli

Ginger: Can you describe your business model, Tom? How do you earn?

Tom: MyNanai isn’t really meant to be a profitable business. Rather, it was created because we saw an opportunity to help parents and furloughed workers during a time of duress. It’s quite possible that MyNanai will simply disappear after the pandemic has ended, and as a group of folks, who just want to help, we’re totally fine with that.

Ginger: Now that you mentioned the pandemic, has it impacted your business in any way?

Tom: Personally, I’ve been very fortunate. I haven’t been impacted anywhere near as significantly as many others. That said, the elimination of daycare has definitely forced me to completely rethink how to juggle the responsibilities of work and family.

I would encourage people to give MyNanai a try and to give us feedback on how we can improve it. This was pulled together in a matter of weeks and we would welcome any suggestions that people are willing to share. For those with friends who may benefit from our service during these crazy times, please tell them about us.

Ginger: Because of the things happening now, what changes will you be implementing in your business?

Tom: At this point, MyNanai is so new that everything is changing! We’re trying to address feedback on the fly and we’re exploring ways to create more engaging and interactive experiences for families out there who are searching for sources of interaction.

To end our interview, Tom’s advice to all business owner is to “Never give up.”

My daughter’s experience

I recently tried MyNanai to keep Zeeka entertained while I was on a call. I was listening during the first few minutes of the call, and I like how Nanai Angeli was trying to get Zeeka to talk and communicate with her.

The part that Zeeka enjoyed the most was they had a trivia on Roblox. Nanai Angeli texted me before the session and asked me what Zeeka liked doing. I mentioned Roblox, and so I think she tried to incorporate it into her time with Zeeka.

All smiles when she heard “Roblox” from Nanai Angeli of MyNanai

I think I would book another session when I need time to focus on an important task.


If you want to try it out, feel free to comment below on why you want to try out this service, and I will raffle off one free 2 hour session to three lucky parents!

For those who want to try a 30 minute session, just use the code GINGERxMYNANAI when booking their service.

To know more about MyNanai and to book virtual babysitters, please visit:



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Effectively Managing a Remote Workforce

Many people, all over the world, are working remotely for the first time, as we try to stop the spread of COVID-19 so that our lives can return to normal. For some, the transition has been simple, but others are trying to work around children and other family members, homeschooling and other chores, uncertainly, mental health issues, and other factors. It’s tough. 

If you are responsible for a team, you might find that keeping them motivated, productive, and on the right track is much harder when we are all separate, and face to face contact is limited. But it’s crucial that you do. 

There are many benefits of remote working. With the right tools and resources, you could find that your team is more productive and creative than ever. Your business could thrive if you can manage to keep them motivated. Here are some tips to help. 

Improve Your Own Project Management Skills

Your own project management skills might need a brush up if you are working remotely. You might need some project management tips to help you to manage your own time, and organize your work. Only once you’ve got yourself in the right mindset, will you be able to effectively delegate, set goals and objectives, and practice constant quality assurance. Spend some time on yourself, and you’ll be better equipped to motivate others. 

Set Clear Expectations

The best way to get the most out of a team is always to set clear and attainable goals and expectations. They should have long-term targets, but also short-term, daily goals. Often, we feel like our employees let us down, but in reality, there was just a misalignment with expectations. Employees have no special abilities or knowing what’s on your mind, so speak up and clearly communicate goals with them.

This might be even more true right now, when they spend a lot of their time working on their own, without anyone standing over them to offer support and guidance. Set clear daily targets, and make sure that everyone understands what you want from them.

Find Effective Ways to Communicate

Photo by Andrew Neel from Pexels

Communication is crucial at the moment. Fortunately, we’ve entered lockdown in a highly connected world. Ten years ago, remote working would have been much more difficult. 

But, while there are plenty of communication options available, they might not all be right for you and your team all of the time. A daily, or weekly, group video chat may be useful, and one on one video calls to deal with specific issues can be a good idea. But, you can’t be video calling just to check-in throughout the day, you’d never get anything done. You may find that quick phone calls, messages, and emails are more efficient during the working day. 

You should also make sure your team knows that you are always reachable if they need help, and give them information about your preferred contact methods. 

Get Personal

This is a tough time, and having personal connections with your team will help you to support and motivate them. We’re all dealing with things differently, and some people are finding it harder than others. Check-in on a personal level, ask how they are and have an open chat. It could help a lot. 

Do you have more tips that you can share?

Watch out for more tips as I plan to share more this coming week!

Happy Labor Day!


Bounce Back For Business: Manuel Music Project Inc.

Music is an important part of our lives, pandemic or no pandemic. We’ve been filling our home with music. It just relieves stress for all of us in the family — plus Zeeka loves singing. She would always tell me that she loves singing more than dancing.

Manuel Music Project Inc. (MMP) is a passion-based business, using music as a primary tool to impart values, disciplines and skills to its students. It is a home for talents. We help aspiring individuals discover, improve and develop their musical talents.We want musicians and talents to leave a legacy. It also provides music productions, renders live music on concert and events, and professional advisory and consultation.

The company is a legacy that Edison and Romelle Manuel envisioned to leave to their children.

For over 19 years, Edison has been conducting music training and workshops, locally and internationally. He motivates and inspires aspiring musicians to excel musically by incorporating the disciplines and values in music lessons, directing and crafting innovative programs to equip and enhance individuals and music groups.

His popular songs as a songwriter and music arranger include “Rumaragasang Pagpapala”, “I Promise”, “More Blessings”, “Shake The Heavens” and “I Want You More” from the album “I Promise” which was released in November 2003.

Edison, together with his wife who is also a musician, Romelle, launched Manuel Music Project Inc. on August 7, 2017, to provide an environment that will make learning and experiencing music a meaningful and fulfilling pursuit. The brand tagline “You Can Play” is a strong statement of the mission MMP has embraced in establishing the company.

Manuel Music Project believes that anyone who has the passion in music and desire to learn can play music, given the proper training and coaching. In MMP, the music instructors bear the qualities of an effective coach, one who has the heart and will to teach and develop a student to become the musician he/she wants to be.

MMP conducts individual and group, face to face music programs and workshops for all ages. It also provides entertainment music for all occasions, including corporate events. The business earns mainly from tuition and workshop fees from students.

Their services are delivered to students and clients face to face. With the risk and protocols implemented in light of the corona virus outbreak, their students were restricted to either come to our studio or music coaches had to go to their homes. Some clients had to cancel their bookings with them.

With this pandemic, they are now looking at going online/digitally. “We plan to aggressively obtain state-of-the-art equipment and online platforms available for our business. We also need professional help and necessary funds in implementing this,” said the couple.

Some of the changes that they will implement is that they would be gearing towards delivering online music lessons and partnering with online payment providers. Because of this, they will also train our coaches on how to effectively deliver their online services.

“It is important that there is a Business Continuity Plan in place. To be prudent and intentional in setting aside, not just working capital fund, but also contingency/emergency fund,” said the Manuels when asked what business lesson did they learn from the recent happenings.

Support local business and visit Manuel Music Project Inc. (MMP)!



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