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Helpful Hints that will Help you to Display Family Photos on your Wall

When it comes to decorating your home, you need to make sure that you take your time. You need to make sure that you plan everything out strategically and that you also take note of what you want on which surface. If you do this, then you will soon find that you are able to get a way better result out of your design and that you are also able to coordinate everything properly too. I’ve been bothered by this white wall for some time now and I’m planning to display family photos.

The Art of Hanging Pictures

There’s now way around this. When you hang pictures, you may find that you end up facing a lot of challenges. Photos are taken at different times and with different cameras. This will reflect the level of tech that was available at that time, so in other words, pictures don’t match. Some might be in colour, others may be in black and white and then on top of all that, you have the frames to think about as well. How do you even begin to think about which frames suit your photos as well? Careful planning will help you to avoid this issue, among other issues in the future.  If you want to store your images for now then look into Google Photos storage limit: Is the free storage really unlimited?

Photo by Stephanie Ho from Pexels

Plan your Arrangements

When you are trying to put a ton of nail holes into the wall, you need to have some kind of plan. Your landlord or your future self will thank you for this. Some people much prefer to have a hands-off approach and are happy to put pencil holes on the wall, hoping that everything falls into place. Most people would prefer to have a much more involved approach, such as by tracing the frames onto wrapping paper and then taping that to the wall so you can get an idea of how it is all going to look. The great thing about doing this is that the paper can easily be moved until the ideal arrangement has been found. From there, the only thing that you need to do is arrange your photos.

Group Black and White Photos Together

The most consistent and popular way for you to mount your photos would be for you to use black and white images. A black and white image will make your photos seem timeless and you may even find that the uniformity gives you a great look. Remember that every old photo you have can be printed in black and white. This all comes down to digital editing technology. If you want to get some ideas, then it would be wise for you to try and explore images online. When you do, you can then find out what everyone else is doing and you can create something similar.

If you are not sure if you can pull off the black and white theme, then try and look at the color scheme of your home. If you have a grey color scheme then it may be worth you trying to invest in something that reflects this a little more, such as black and white photos. If you have a bit more color in your home, then black and white photos may not be the best choice.

After all of these tips, it’s time for me to put these into action. Time to look and display family photos! Share with me how you displayed family photos in your home!

7 Journaling Benefits for Guilt-free Super Moms

I’ve always believed that journaling benefits us more than it’s being given credit for. 

As a super busy multi-hyphenated millennial woman and mother, my days can get overwhelming easily. 

Journaling has always been something I prioritize. It helps me keep sane especially during full days. 

So today I’ll share with you some tips on how I do journaling and how it has benefited me over the years. 

What does journaling do to the brain?

I run so many things at once. While I enjoy the challenge, there are times when I too get overwhelmed. 

Journaling has helped me keep my cool and focus on what needs to be done. It also keeps me from taking in too much. 

Daily journaling has tons of benefits for the brain and your well-being. 

Researcher and Psychologist James Pennebaker say journaling daily can strengthen the immune system. 

Journaling is said to increase the body’s production of T-lymphocytes. It is also said to relieve symptoms of stress-related ailments like asthma and rheumatoid arthritis. 

It also increases your brain activity. 

Writing in a journal activates both the left and right brain. It removes mental blocks and allows you to increase your intuition, creativity, and resilience. 

What are the benefits of journaling?

Studies have shown that writing down your thoughts can help you process it better. It’s also a great way to relieve stress and promote relaxation. 

Writing every day is like unloading your troubles into paper without the judgment. 

This is important since most of us have been cooped up for almost half a year. Journaling can manage anxiety levels and cope with depression. 

In my experience, I treat journaling as a form of meditation. It has become a healing method where I can keep track of my thoughts and feelings. 

Meditative journaling is good for the soul, especially for women like me who juggle work, business, personal growth, and a family all at once. 

So here are seven benefits of meditative journaling to multi-hyphenated moms like me. 

Mindful writing helps learn and start new things 

Believe it or not, I enjoy learning and starting new things. I love reading books and listening to business podcasts and talks. 

Some love to go get massages, others like to eat out. While I enjoy all of these things, I find learning new things more relaxing. 

And yes, even my husband teases me about it. My stress reliever is still related to work! 

Journaling keeps track of the new things I learn. Keeping a journal lets me track the goals I set and the progress I make. 

Writing helps me process discoveries about the tasks and myself. 

And that’s what’s exciting to me. I like testing my limits. And I also like the challenge of rediscovering who I become when I try something new. 

Meditative journaling helps me become more in tune with my feelings 

As a working mom, it can be easy to forget my thoughts and feelings. 

I try my best not to be anxious, but some days get to you. 

Journaling lets me address those feelings through expressive writing. The more I talk about why I’m feeling anxious, the better I feel about it. 

It also helps me process my thoughts without fear of judgment. The freedom I feel when I write about my feelings is comforting. 

Mindful journaling helps me remember important things 

Mommy brain is real, I tell you! 

I try my best to keep track of all the things I need to do. But sometimes, you can’t help but forget a few things here and there. 

Journaling helps keep my memory sharp. This is one of the best benefits I get from keeping a journal every day. 

Writing things down keeps me grounded and reminds me of the special things that happened in the day. 

It’s also nice to keep a record of my wins, no matter how small it is. And it also gives me the time to reflect and decide which life lessons are worth keeping. 

Journaling keeps you in the present 

The best way to live your life is to live in the present. 

The past makes you feel guilty and the future makes you worry about what’s to come. 

But when you live in the now, you get the chance to stop and smell the flowers. You get the time to appreciate all that’s happening and savor the moment. 

Keeping a journal is like making sure you give thanks to the time you’re given. And because we only have one life, it helps you feel more grateful for the opportunities. 

Journaling is self-healing and increasing your self-worth

The best benefit of journaling is the time you spend with yourself in reflection. 

Everyone goes through trauma. And it takes a lifetime to heal from old pains and change old habits. 

Journaling can help in rewiring your thoughts and healing your inner child. And when you do, you build your confidence and self-worth. 

Expressive writing is therapeutic.  

Writing about your pain can help release anxiety. Written words have the power to make you aware of the things you deny.

Once you become aware of these things, it becomes easier to understand and then eventually change these behaviors. 

Writing in a journal keeps you aligned with your goals 

People who write their goals down in their journal increases the likelihood of their success. 

Writing your goals vividly have 1.2 to 1.4 times more successful than those who don’t. 

Two things happen when you write your goals in your journal. 

One, it helps you create external storage for your thoughts so you can go back and get them any time. 

Two, you encode it in your system. Encoding is the biological process that happens in your brain when you’re analyzing information. 

Writing improves your brain’s encoding process and it also rewires your brain to recall and remember it. 

Journaling introduces you to a deeper sense of self-care 

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’d know that I’m all about self-care.

And for me, self-care is more than skin-deep. It’s all about keeping a balance between your mind, body, and soul. 

A lot of things go into our stream of consciousness. And negative thoughts can enter into our minds throughout the day. 

When you write in a journal, it’s like deep cleaning your thoughts and removing unnecessary gunk one by one. 

A journal can also keep your sanity during hard times like today. It can help you keep track of emotions and symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

It’s not always easy to get help. But when you write about what’s going on, it lets you see alarming patterns in your behavior. 

The benefits of journaling aren’t only for women. We should also push journaling for men. 

The health benefits are enough reasons for everyone to write in journals. 

The only thing you need to do is start writing. 

How to Write a Journal 

The good thing about journals besides its health benefits? Anyone can get started right away. 

You can write in bullets, doodles, scraps, and cutouts. And there’s no right or wrong way to do it. 

As for me, I’ve been a BDJ girl for as long as I could remember. 

Belle de Jour Power Planners have helped me navigate my life as a multi-hyphenated mom with ease and grace. 

This year’s planner has proven to be one of the most essential. 

Since we’ve been locked up in our homes for so long, it’s easy to feel anxious about uncertainty. And keeping a journal close to me helped me keep my sanity in check. 

That and keeping connected with friends and colleagues online. 

This year has been a challenge of balancing fear and anxiety over the uncertainties of a global pandemic. 

Some are even saying buying a planner has been a waste. 

But despite everything that happened, we cannot deny that it has been a great time to be still and reflect. 

It gave us the time we needed to pause and get to know ourselves, to journey deep into our being where all is well. 

Now, more than ever is the time to reaffirm our beliefs, rebuild our resilience, and journey into the unknown. 

And it helps to know that you got what it takes to survive and thrive despite uncertain times. 

With that said, Viviamo is releasing its 2021 Belle de Jour product line which inspires you to “Grow with the Earth”. 

The 2021 BDJ planner features monthly narratives and worksheets to help you stay focused. It also helps you reconnect with yourself and stay motivated for your 2021 goals. 

The Navi Planner helps you find your true north with inspiration from the world’s most beautiful lighthouses. Like seafarers who spend their darkest nights in the sea, the Navi Planner will help you find the light in the darkest times. 

It’s also a reminder that you’re always where you’re supposed to be. 

The 2021 Everything is Possible are for those who feel stuck in a rut. It will help you experience the much-needed breakthroughs you’ve been yearning for. 

Want to create a positive change within yourself? The FOCUS 2021 journal is the best one for you. 

Each page of the journal is decorated with the icosahedron, a three-dimensional figure that is made of 20 triangle-shaped sides. This structure is believed to represent change and the movement and flow it creates.

The icosahedron is said to help channel your chakra to balance your emotions, to help you generate and heal. 

Not a fan of bigger planners? Viviamo also came up with medium and mini planners you can take with you anywhere. 

And there’s also the Dare to be Grateful cards that can give you instant inspiration whenever you need it. 

Want to get yours? 

Check out their full collection here:


There are tons of journaling benefits you can enjoy to take away stress and the so-called mom guilt. 

And Viviamo planners and journals are the easiest way to get started. 

How did journaling help you during the pandemic? Share your takeaways below. 

5 Baby Products for Better Health

Today, I’m listing down 5 things that can help you with your baby’s and your overall health. It’s important that both of you are safe and healthy during the first years together. As a new mom, things can get a little bit overwhelming (like most “new” things are), but you’ll get the hang of it! Don’t worry. Here are the 5 baby products for better health (my own list):

A Nasal Aspirator

New babies and infants don’t yet have full control of their breathing; due to this, snot can easily build up in their airways, causing them discomfort and difficulty sleeping. Not something you want if you’ve just managed to put them down and are looking forward to a glass of red. If you notice your baby is fussy about taking a bottle or going to sleep, but you can’t tell why it could be a sign of nasal congestion. The easy way to solve this is by using a nasal aspirator, which can quite effectively remove the troublesome snot.   

Coloxyl Oral Drops 

The second in my list for the 5 Baby Products for Better Health is Coloxyl oral drops. If your baby has trouble passing stool, it can be very stressful for them. They will feel uncomfortable without knowing why, and you may find them upset for no apparent reason. If you’re unsure what is causing the trouble, don’t hesitate to contact your family doctor to get an expert opinion. If it turns out to be constipation, the best way to resolve the issue is to add some stool softener to their baby constipation relief meals. Coloxyl Oral Drops are a good choice. For children up to 3 years old, the drops will provide relief from constipation over a period of 3 years. The drops work by drawing extra water into the stool and softening it so that it passes more easily. 

A Nighttime Multi-Tasker

A nighttime multi-tasker is not just good for your baby’s health; it’s also good for your own wellbeing. The product is a combination of nightlight, sound machine, and gentle time-to-rise alert that will become a familiar feature of your baby’s bedroom as they develop. The familiarity is important as the lights and sounds start to make them feel relaxed or sleepy. It will also wake them gently in the morning and provide an essential dark light for those times when they wake up, disgruntled, in the early hours. 

A Baby Collaboration Carrier 

The first few months after your baby is born is a time when they are still very much attached to their mother. It is sometimes called the fourth trimester. Your baby will feel most comfortable when they are wrapped tightly in blankets or held close to their mother’s chest. That’s one reason a baby collaboration carrier is an excellent idea. Another reason is it makes transporting them very easy and comforting. With the carrier, you can happily take them to a friend’s home to visit, or on routine visits to the doctor or clinic. 

Electric Breast Pump

And the last product on my 5 Baby Products for Better Health list is more for you, mommy. With a new baby in your life, things can become pretty busy, and, if you’re new to parenthood, there can be a lot to learn all at once. Feeding your baby requires time and preparation. What I did before, since I still needed to work was that I would milti-task. Electric breast pumps are the best since you can pump breast milk and work at the same time! Such a time saver!

What is in your list? Share it with me.

Have a great day!  

13 Educational Apps & Games For Your Kids

To support your child’s learning journey, educational apps and games can be excellent resources. There are plenty of options out there to suit every age group. To get you started with some fab ideas, try these thirteen educational apps and games for kids.

1 . Spelling Stage 

Spelling Stage is the perfect application to help kids who need support with spelling. The app provides a huge range of spelling lists and hundreds of different words.

The application is suitable for children aged 4 and up, and you can choose spelling lists based on ability. The ‘Spelling Stage’ game allows your children to join in various competitions and ‘spelling bees’ to master their skills. Your children can customize their own characters and use the 3D touch feature. Using the app, you’ll benefit from:

  • Word categories for all levels
  • New spelling bees added all the time
  • Free trial before committing to a subscription
  • Challenges with your friends and family

With so many great features to take advantage of, your child will be a spelling champion in no time at all!

2. Teach Your Monster To Read

Teach Your Monster to read is based on the phonics curriculum for preschool and kindergarten. This award-winning app will support your children to read with the help of cute monster characters. Children can master new words, segment, blend, and match letters and sounds. The app helps kids to develop the skills they need to make full sentences. The app is perfect for kids who are starting to learn to read or older children who need a little more support. Early phonics learning is so important to develop good reading skills; due to this, a little extra practice at home is advisable.

3. DuoLingo Kids 

DuoLingo Kids is a fantastic app to help your kids to learn a new language. Whether it’s French or Spanish, your children will love learning with these fun animal characters. DuoLingo lessons start with simple words and expressions and then move on to full sentences. Your children are bound to have a great time earning crowns and unlocking the harder levels. New language learning is advised from an early age (as it’s easier for young children to become fluent).

4. Kids Academy Talented & Gifted 

The Kids Academy is an AI build program featuring games, adaptive tech, and a personalized experience. The program includes more than 5,000 different activities, including videos, worksheets, songs, and puzzles. This application includes topics such as social studies, reading, math, science, and arts. Features of Kids Academy include:

  • Unique animated characters 
  • A kid-friendly rewards system
  • Content presentation for different age groups

Kids Academy offers activities for preschool children up to the age of 10 years old. Using this app, kids can build their confidence, practice their problem subjects, learn new things, and have fun.

5. Moose Math 

The Moose Math application teaches your children about subtraction, sorting, geometry, and counting to 100. The program was created for preschool-age children who are just starting to learn about Maths. Your children will have plenty of fun with the wide variety of games. Whether it’s running a juice shop or pet bingo, there’s plenty to do and learn! The Moose Math application will teach them lots of skills, such as:

  • Pattern recognition
  • Comparing the lengths of objects
  • Identify shapes 
  • Solve word problems

Some children just don’t enjoy maths at school, but with Moose Math, your kiddies are bound to have plenty of fun (without even realizing it’s schoolwork)!

7. DragonBox Algebra 5 +

The DragonBox Algebra 5 + app is an excellent tool for helping young kids to get a head start in algebra and maths. With DragonBox, kids can learn about linear equations, setting them up to excel in maths. The game is fun and engaging, helping children to grasp algebra in their own time. The basic concepts covered include multiplication, addition, and division. Once your child is a real maths whizz, you’ll be glad you downloaded DragonBox!

8. Monkey Word School Adventure

Using this app, your kids get to go on a jungle adventure, exploring spelling, phonics and letters, with monkey and his friends. The lessons include letter recognition, word components, consonant blends, irregular vowels, digraphs, and more! To help your little ones get to grips with reading, Monkey Word School Adventure is the perfect app! Not all children enjoy reading right away, and so a little extra help at home is just what they need.

Top features of the app include:

  • Six different interactive games
  • The difficulty adjusts automatically as you play
  • Simple to use- designed for kids
  • Cute rewards like chameleons, frogs, and butterflies 

To develop excellent reading skills, regular practice is essential. The application is perfect for use after school and at the weekends.

9. Tell the Time Game

As well as apps, there are plenty of kids games and puzzles to educate your children. One great option is the ‘Tell The Time Game’ by Orchard Toys. It’s a lotto-style board game that teaches children to read both analog and digital time formats. 

The game is suitable for children aged 5-9 years. First, the cards are placed face down on the table, and each player chooses a board. Next, each player has a turn to take a card and read the time. The other children need to match the time with an activity on the game board. Examples include, ‘What time do you eat breakfast?’ or ‘What time do you go on a school trip? 

10. Melissa & Doug Flip To Win Memory Game 

Flip-to-Win is a simple memory game, suitable for kids aged 5-7 years. The game comes complete with themed cards, sliding scorekeepers, and a wooden frame. It’s a great game to take on your travels and is small enough for little kids to handle. The illustrations are beautiful and engaging with plenty of themes from the zoo to fruit. Your kids will have hours of fun hiding and matching these cute picture cards.

11. Times Tables Heroes

Here is the perfect game to introduce kids to their 2, 5, and 10 times tables. The game is designed to help kids understand the sequencing and grouping of numbers. Once your kids have got to grips with the basics, they can have a go at the multiplication pancake game. The idea is to stack as many pancakes as possible on the plate and then spin a spinner. The spinner reveals which times table you should practice, and you can flip the pancakes to find out the answers.

12. Loopy Llamas

Loopy Llamas is a fun-filled game themed around the idea of a llama pool party! Players get to take it in turns to move around the pool, collecting colored rings along the way. The idea is to stack the colored rings on your 3D llama, and then have a race to be the first in the pool! It’s an educational game that helps children to learn about color recognition and patterns. The game is suitable for ages 4-8 years old.

13. Alphabet Express Floor Puzzle 

Kids who love puzzles will have a blast with this 10-foot extended animal alphabet. Puzzles are an excellent entertainment source for both younger and older children; these puzzle pieces are large and thick (so they are safe for little ones too). When your kids feel a little restless at home, a puzzle is a great activity to unwind and relax. It’s an excellent activity to do with your kids at home.

To support your children’s educational journey, it’s essential to make their home learning as fun as possible!

Embracing The New Normal And Making A Change

There is no denying that we have all been through an incredibly hard year so far. Who would have thought 2020 would have meant a lockdown, staying at home, and basically being scared of catching a virus? Nobody saw it coming, but as we are starting to have things eased off and we can go about our business once more, we are faced with a new normal. So what does that look like? Here are some of the things we need to think about that can help us embrace the new normal world we find ourselves in. 

Image by Gonzalo19 from Pixabay

Booking and virtual appointments 

One of the things to think about is that appointments, we would normally take for granted, are going to look a lot different now. This means that you might have to embrace virtual appointments. Be sure that you check with the store or the service first before going there. i’m sure a lot of stores have deployed new processes. Doing this avoids people coming into contact unnecessarily with each other, and can even mean faster fulfillment of the service. The more we become comfortable with this, the easier it will be moving forward. 

Buying things online

Another thing to think about in embracing the new normal would be that more online shopping will become apparent and will be the “norm”. More stores are embracing this and offering online facilities. From getting your prescription glasses on a website to thinking about ordering essentials online, we are definitely going to be doing a lot more of this. Many delivery companies are also offering contactless delivery methods; this can give you extra peace of mind. 

Having a collection of face masks

Nobody would have thought that a face mask will become the new normal, but here we are embracing it and having to wear one when we go on public transport or in shops. It isn’t the ideal situation, but it could help you to stop spreading the virus. It is a good idea for you to get a collection of face masks and try and keep one with you. Have them in the car and your bag so you know there is always one to hand. 

Becoming more aware of social distancing

Social distancing is a new term that we have all become familiar with. It means remaining a certain length away from others to avoid catching or spreading the virus. However, it is also a good idea to make this part of your normal now. Many shops will have icons in place to help with distancing, and being outside when you meet with people will help you to do it better than you can indoors. 

Keeping to your own bubble 

Finally, it may be tempting to see everyone the minute you can, but this can also cause issues for you in terms of spreading the virus. Keep your family protected and only see people within your family and your bubble. As well as ensuring that the people you do see you do it in the safety of outside. 

Let’s hope these tips help you to brace this new normal we find ourselves in safely and confidently.