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Fixing a Nursery

Are you mommies having a great day? It’s almost a month to go before my due date. I have one… no, two things in mind right now. One of which is that I have to start fixing the nursery and the other one is that I have to start fixing my hospital bag. I think I still have lots of time, but I really want to do this as quickly as possible. For those of you who know me, I have always been the type who wants to have everything set or even done a month before something is expected to done.

Soooo, this was how the nursery looked before.

This was how my nursery looked before

This was how my nursery looked before

Before Nursery picture 2

Before Nursery picture 3

Yes, it looks like more of a storage room. Hey, don’t worry! I removed all the clutter already, but I still have to fix it to make it more baby friendly and livable. So with this, here are the steps that you have to undergo in fixing a nursery.

Step #1 Be inspired by other people’s nursery rooms!
I saw many pictures in Pinterest, but wondered if there were really nurseries in the Philippines that looked as amazing as those. Well, I tried to do my research, and came up with a few pictures of cute and really amazing kid’s rooms here in the Philippines.

Ziggy’s Nursery (suggested by Mommy Janice Lim)
You can read about the makeover of the room in this link:

Ziggy's Nursery

Ziggy’s Nursery

Ziggy's Nursery Room 2

Ziggy's Nursery Room 3

Alessi’s Nursery (inspiration from Glam-o-Mamas)
Here is the link to the article:

Cool and relaxing nursery for Allessi

Cool and relaxing nursery for Allessi

Alessi Nursery 2

I hope these nursery rooms gave you a dose of inspiration to start working on fixing the nursery.

Step #2 Start Clean.
I got rid of all the boxes in the room. I also got rid of that steel shelving that I had and placed it in our laundry room instead. We should really start with a bare room if you want to truly fix the area well. Another reason why we should start bare is so that we can really get rid of all the dust and bacteria in the place. Remember that your baby will be there most of the time, so we must keep it clean.

Step #3: You can start with choosing the color of the room.
I started with choosing the color that I wanted the room to have. I went with the shade of green in the picture above. At that time, I didn’t know if my baby was going to be a boy or a girl, so I chose a neutral color. This picture was also shared with me by a cousin of Rory from our Manila WAHMs group. I also love pastel colors! If you know the gender of the baby, you can also go with blue or pink.

You can go with pastel colors, too!

You can go with pastel colors, too!

Step #4: Lay out where furniture and fixtures will go.
The first thing that we had inside was the big cabinet (which was a built in cabinet) and the gift from Mom and Dad, which was the Cuddlebug Crib. See my post here: Baby PA at 26 Weeks: Crib Installation and Maternity Dresses Thanks, Mom and Dad!

I still do not have my drawers, but as soon as I have it, I will give you updates on how my nursery room looks. The picture in the link above is pretty much how my nursery room looks now. The basic furniture that we foresee on having inside the room are the crib, the big built in cabinet and the drawers for the things of Zeeka. I’m still contemplating on placing a layered storage table for her other things. Be sure to measure the area well. If you have a small area like ours, storage space is very important, so think about that.

Step #5: Look for a theme that would set the mood for the entire room. This will be your guide when looking for accent pieces or add ons that would beautify the place.

Your theme can be a color theme, a kiddie them like jungle or princesses, or a general theme like polka dots or stripes.

Here are other well decorated nursery or kid’s rooms.
Ethan’s Nursery Room (shared by Iris Illescas-Vea)

Ethan's Blue Nursery

Ethan’s Blue Nursery

Ethans nursery

Eila Rae’s Nursery Room (shared by Enah Tábora Quinto)

Eila Rae's Pink, Green and Yellow Nursery

Eila Rae’s Pink, Green and Yellow Nursery

Eila Raes Nursery 1

Eila Raes Nursery 2

Step 6: Check on the details.

This is the fun part! You can choose the crib sheets, comforters, pillows, picture frames, stickers and other decorations that go with your theme.

Fixing a nursery is fun! Don’t stress yourself too much in planning and preparing this room for baby. You can turn it into a project that you and your husband can do.

As for Zeeka’s nursery, it is still work-in-progress, but as soon as we finish it, we will post pictures. We will also share with you each step that we did and things and suppliers that we bought from for the things that we will place in the nursery.

If you have more tips on fixing a nursery, please feel free to drop a comment below!

Love lots,

Mommy Ginger

Mommy Ginger

Baby Shower for Zeeka

I’m almost on my 35th week of pregnancy and last Saturday, my sister, mom and dad hosted a baby shower for Zeeka (Thanks sis, mom and dad!). That was the highlight last week for me. My sister did most of the planning and the organizing. The theme was green and pink. I loved it! It was just the right colors for me and my baby Zeeka.

The Baby Shower invitation, Balloons from Bursting Happiness, Baking cups from Paper Chic Studio and Catering from Bistro 109.

The Baby Shower invitation, Balloons from Bursting Happiness, Baking cups from Paper Chic Studio and Catering from Bistro 109.


That day turned out really well. My day started with hair and makeup from Gold Magtoto ( Gold is a dear friend and I’m really excited to work with her for upcoming workshops this May and July. She is a good and very professional make up artist.

I went to her place in Pasig and then she and Dominic (her hair dresser) did my hair and make up. We started at 9:30 am and we were done by 11:00 am. I love how she did my make up. Would you believe that this wasn’t airbrushed? The party was at 3:00 pm and I was surprised that it lasted (mind you, pregnant ladies are more sweaty!).

having my make up done by Gold Magtoto

having my make up done by Gold Magtoto

Almost done :)

Almost done 🙂

Check out the finished product. I really loved my make up during that day! I was a glowing pregnant lady!

Finished work... had to take my picture take with my husband!

Finished work… had to take my picture take with my husband!

If you have events, weddings, debuts, etc. to go to, I highly recommend that you have your make up done by her.

At 3:00 pm, Ej and I got to the venue. The baby shower was held at the Valle Verde 5 Clubhouse. The place was beautifully decorated and their were cups of pica pica and nuts on cute colored paper cups. The staff of the catering service were also ready to serve guests.

Baby Shower Guide


For those who want a list of the suppliers, here it is:

Venue – Valle Verde 5 Clubhouse
Phone Number: (+632) 6310469

Decorations: Bursting Happiness
Facebook page:

Catering Service: Bistro 109 Catering
Facebook Page:

Paper Cups: Paper Chic Studio

It was simple shower, where merienda was served and games were played! The games that we played where complete the nursery rhyme, who knows mom the best and Purse Scavenger Hunt.

Baby Shower 0029

Baby Shower 0038

Zeeka, Ej and I would like to thank everyone who attended the baby shower. We had so much fun! Thank you, too, for all the gifts that Zeeka received. I know she can’t wait to use all of them.

Love lots,

Mommy Ginger

Mommy Ginger

Life Lessons for my Children: Life Lesson # 1 – Give Love Unconditionally

I am bursting with emotions right now (ashamed to say that these are negative though) and what’s good about me being pregnant now is that I ‘intentionally’ have to control my emotions. I am a very emotional person and that I admit. People will know if I am happy, sad, frustrated, disappointed or angry (which I rarely am). It’s very hard for me to keep my feelings. But now that I will have a daughter soon, I know that I have to always be on the look out for that and control my feelings.

The good thing about feeling negative emotions though is that it helps me think and contemplate on life lessons that I want to share with my Children in the future. I, then thought of Phil Dunphy’s “Phil’s-osophy” Words of Wisdom, and this makes me grin a little. I’m sure those of you who are avid fans of Modern Family will know of this. Some of the advice that he give to his children are:
– Always look people in the eye, even if they’re blind. Just say, I’m looking you in the eye.
– If you get pulled over for speeding, tell the policeman your spouse has diarrhea.
– The most amazing things that can happen to a human being will happen to you if you just lower your expectations

He’s so funny! Anyway, so I thought of just randomly giving life lessons to my children that I hope that they will learn from in the future. Some of you may agree or disagree with my thoughts, but as a parent, these are the lessons that I want my child to get from me and her dad.

Unconditional Love

Life Lesson #1 – Give Love Unconditionally

Dear Zeeka,
As your mom, I want what’s best for you and sometimes or even oftentimes (even if you are already an adult), I want to give you things, gifts or even give you acts of service that you don’t actually ask for. Let me tell you this. I do not expect you to say thank you nor hug me nor kiss me nor write me a thank you note. Just seeing that you are happy will be enough for me. If you do give me 1, 2 or 3 of the things above in return, I will be so ecstatic, but this is not required of you! I repeat… this is NOT REQUIRED.

This is what giving love unconditionally means. If you do something special for someone else or if you give someone a gift to make them happy or happi-er without expecting something in return, then that is love. I will be so proud of you for doing such a good thing.

You will notice that in this world, a lot of people give because they expect something in return. This should not be the case.

Do not give love or do not do any acts of service and kindness if your main goal is to expect something in return. That good deed will be pointless. Do it because you care for the other person. Do it because it feels right. Do it because you want to do it. Do it because you love.


Mommy Ginger

Mommy Ginger

What is a Supermom?

I think all of us moms and moms-to-be should be called Supermoms.

Image from:

Supermoms don’t claim to be perfect. Supermoms are not perfect. We succumb to the fact that there are things that you cannot control and things that you cannot foresee (We just leave it up to Him). We know that there are moments that we need to fail for these are the times we learn. We know that there are times when we need to cry, but do not mistake it as an indication that we are weak. We know that there are times that we, ourselves, need to sit on the corner and think of the things that we have done wrong. We are not afraid to say sorry and admit we’ve done wrong.

Supermoms know that we continuously need to learn about new things and read, not just for our sake, but for the sake of our children (We know that our reply couldn’t always be ‘google it’). We know that we need to breathe fresh air and live life to the fullest STILL, even if we are given added responsibilities. We know that we need to take care of ourselves for us to be able to take care of others.

Supermoms are loving, caring and respectful. We respect not only our husbands, but also our children. We know that our family is our #1 priority, but we also know that we need to live our lives and use our talents.

Supermoms make the world go round, especially the ‘worlds’ of our loved ones. We know that each Supermom has her own purpose and mission, so we help out other Supermoms fight crime and attain the own missions. We go out of our way to help (by exerting extra effort, service or just by listening) others in need. That’s just the way we are.

I love being a Supermom and i’m proud to be one! Aren’t you?

Mommy Ginger

Mommy Ginger

Managing Finances for your Home

For a middle income class couple, I can say we pretty much are doing okay financially. Are we where we want to be financially? Of course, we are contented with what we have but just like any couple, we want to be in a place where we can provide a secure future for our children and save up for our retirement. That’s why we continuously seek for effective methods on managing finances for our home.

What have I learned from the past three years of marriage? What are the tips that I’d like to share with you which helps us one way or the other to keep us on track in terms of achieving our financial goals.

1. Talk about Money with your Partner
For some couples, the thinking may be that this is a sensitive topic so might as well not talk about it. But sometimes, when you already need to talk about it, that’s where the fight and the arguments begin. EJ and I, even before we got married, have been talking about finances. I guess we were ‘that’ comfortable with talking about it and that it wasn’t a big deal (even in our Discovery Weekend, we HAD to talk about it, which I think helped us).

So how do we ‘talk’ about it? First of all, both of us know what bank accounts and investments we each or both have. Since Ej is the provider of the family (and I don’t have a steady source of income), all the bills and the loan payments have to come from his pay. If we have something to save up for, we both find means and ways to build up cash for that ‘something’. This can be done through the ‘work’ that I do (either from workshops or from blogs). For example, before taking in a yaya (which is mind you very costly), we discussed on how we will be able to pay her. We decided that her pay will really be from what I earn through my mompreneur business.

You can do something like this with your partner. You can discuss on how both of you want things to be done.

2. Have clear financial goals.
Only by having clear financial goals will you be able to create clear financial methods that will help you achieve these goals. When I was still in college, it was enough for me to have a goal of becoming a millionaire when I reached the age of 30. I did not create clear ‘mini’ goals that would help me achieve my major goal. My 30th birthday came and I was not a millionaire. Boo! to me, actually!

Then I realized, if I wanted something I should have created clear goals in my head (better if you write it down on paper though). I should have said every month, I will set aside Php 5000 and not touch it (or something like that). I should have been smart enough to keep it in any form of investment. But then again, we learn from mistakes from actual experiences of managing finances. Now, my husband and I (as you have probably read in past posts) keep an excel sheet of what we want to achieve financially for the year. There are specific amounts that we need to attain. For example, by hook or by crook, we need to have Php 250,000 for the birth of Zeeka. Php 60,000 is for the down payment of the Cord Blood Banking service that we got and the Php 190,000 is for the actual delivery of Zeeka (we saved up for the Cesarean rate, just in case).

So, it is important to know what you want in building that wealth that you want to have.

3. Separate money for your business and money for the home.
My dad early on taught me this. He became an entrepreneur in his early thirties. I believed and followed this advice since I knew he had more experiences on being a businessman and a family man at the same time. First of all, it is hard to reconcile when the inflows from your business go to your personal bank account. In any business, you will also have outflows. What happens if you need to make a big expense for your business? It will be hard for you now to track what is for the business and what is for the home.

I advise mompreneurs to always, always have a separate account. This will keep you on track with your budget for your business and on track for your budget for the home.

4. Continue to learn about finances.
Managing finances can be tricky. You think you know it all, but you actually don’t. I was a banker for 7 years, but even if I have been exposed to handling money, cash flows, bank terms, etc. I know that I still have a lot to learn in managing finances. Here is a workshop that you can join, and I think you and your family will benefit from it. It’s called Clean Bill of Wealth.

Clean Bill of Wealth Workshop

Clean Bill of Wealth Workshop

To register, please fill out the form below:

I highly recommend this workshop so that you and your husband will be able to learn more about investments and even the attitude that you need to have in order to make things happen!

I hope that these tips that I have shared will help you and your family manage your expenses. I do have more tips, but I’ll just share more in the future. 🙂 Hope you liked this article!

Mommy Ginger

Mommy Ginger