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Tickle Me Mondays: Comic Strip #10

It’s another great Monday! Everything seems to be going great now. I have no more virus and Baby Zeeka is feeling much better. Although she still has cough and colds that started last Friday. She was so kawawa nga over the weekend. She couldn’t breathe.

To start the week right, here is another comic strip featuring Baby Z for Tickle Me Mondays. Hoping that this week would be better!

2013-07-23 02.42.34

I hope you liked it!

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Mommy / Daddy Look-Alike – Comic Strip #9

I, personally think, Baby Zeeka looks like me. I think her chinky eyes and her “pagka-Chinita” is a dead giveaway. But of course, EJ (my husband) on the other hand, believes that Baby Zeeka looks like him. He isn’t alone in this world. A lot of daddies want their children to resemble them. A lot of people do think, too, that babies are made to resemble their father’s looks. This is, as they believe, how nature made it to be, so that the fathers are sure that these babies are theirs.

Look in the mirror and who do you see? :)

Look in the mirror and who do you see? 🙂

Studies show though that babies can either be a look-alike of the mothers or their fathers or they can actually get 50% from each (http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=babies-paternal-resemblance). Okay, fine! With Baby Zeeka, it’s really hard to say ‘yet’. In fact, sometimes, I think she looks like me and at times, she looks like Ej (but don’t tell Ej I said this)… hehe!

For some though, it really isn’t hard to determine who the child looks like. The child is either a carbon copy and a look-alike of the mom or the dad! Check out these pictures and let me know if you agree! 🙂

Daddy Jon and Saffron
Saffron and Daddy John

Mommy Millie and Jersey Denise
Mommy Millie and Jersey Denise

Mommy Michelle, her sister, niece and their mom
Mommy Michelle, her sister, sister's daughter and their mom

Mommy Marge and Isabel
Mommy Marge and Daughter Isabel

Mommy Jenn and Anaiah
Mommy Jenn and Anaiah

Daddy Ninoyz and Rhyz
Daddy Ninoyz and Rhyz

Mommy Frances and Inigo
Mommy Frances and Baby Inigo

Daddy Luigi and Elaine
Daddy Luigi and Elaine

Mommy Eve and Kalac
Mommy Eve and Kalac

Daddy Jejomar and Kiel
Daddy Jejomar and Son Kiel

Daddy Dale and Joshua
Daddy Dale and Joshua

Daddy Alain and Baby Ava
Daddy Alain and Baby

Daddy Alain and Baby 2

Daddy Allen and Alexa
Daddy Allen and Alexa

Daddy Nino and Zab
Daddy Nino and Zab

These parents really look lot like their children, right? How about you? Are you curious to know how your baby will look like? This is a funny tool that you can use: http://makemebabies.com/

So how about you, Mommy and Daddy, who does your child look like?

My Tickle Me Monday comic strip is related to our topic…

2013-07-23 02.43.00

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Love lots,

Mommy Ginger

Mommy Ginger

Tickle Me Mondays: Comic Strip #8

Today’s Tickle Me Mondays picture is about my cute baby model. Baby Z loves posing in front of the camera. I can’t believe that she’ll be 6 months from now. Time flies so fast! I’m just so glad that I have pictures like these to document every moment.

I truly wonder what goes on in Baby Z’s mind everytime I take a picture of her for her Baby OOTD.

Life of a Model

The Model’s Life is Hard

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Tickle Me Mondays: Comic Strip #7

Oh no! Initially I thought that today is the last Monday of August. I’m losing track of time! It has been raining the past few days. Despite the gloomy weather, I hope you are all doing great today!

To cheer you up, I’m sharing this baby comic strip of Baby Z!

Tickle Me Mondays

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Tickle Me Mondays: Comic Strip #6

Hi everyone! I hope that everyone is having a great Monday morning. As usual, Baby Zeeka is up to her usual tricks and cuteness. To start the week right, here is my comic strip for you today.

tickle me mondays 6

Do you have babies that don’t like wearing dresses? haha! Zeeka literally becomes “friskier” if she wears frilly and fluffy dresses. We just can’t help it though. Ej and I think she looks so cute in baby dresses.

We usually get her clothes from Mothercare and online stores. There are a lot of online shops started by small business owners.

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