Mommy Ginger feels the love so she’s paying it forward through these awesome giveaways!

I love it when Mother’s Day approaches. There are a lot of activities that are made especially for moms to enjoy. One of the interesting places to go to this weekend will be Glorietta! Why? It will be the final leg of the Project Mom Fair from May 8-10. Project Mom Favorite Finds Fair, Exhibit and Celebration is presented by these two gorgeous moms, Amanda Griffin-Jacob & Bianca Araneta-Elizalde.

Project Mom


Today, I got a package which made me really excited! I opened up several boxes and got to receive surprises from Project Mom! These were things that I know moms would definitely love!



Some surprises for the moms!

Some surprises for the moms!

Now, I, too, have a surprise for you! Together with Project Mom, Ayala Malls, Glorietta and Game Changer PH, I am raffling off 1 seat for a lucky reader. Reader must have an Instagram account 🙂 All you have to do is follow the steps indicated in the rafflecopter widget below.

You get a free seat to go the the event this weekend and you’ll take home P10,000 worth of treats plus you’ll get the chance to win a staycation, travel gear packages and other surprises!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The lucky mom will be part of the Project Mom celebration on May 10 featuring Project Mom’s Amanda Griffin-Jacob and Bianca Araneta-Elizalde. Winners will be drawn on May 8 and will be contacted via Instagram.

Join the fun! Spread the word and use #ILoveGlorietta #ILoveAyalaMall #ProjectMomGlorietta #AyalaMallsMothersDay

Project Mom 2

Yesterday, I shared with you the story of Leah Dy, the mompreneur behind Fruits in Bloom. I mentioned that we have a surprise for’s readers. Today, we are giving out a Fruits in Bloom basket from the Valentine’s Day collection. This giveaway will run from today (January 27, 2015) to February 10, 2015. The winner must be willing to pick up the prize either from Rockwell or Robinson’s Magnolia Mall on February 12-13, 2015. This basket will be a nice gift for that special someone!

I already received mine and it’s gorgeous! The fruits are really fresh and the chocolate covered ones are just heavenly.I didn’t want to open it, but my daughter wanted to eat the grapes inside so I had no choice.

Here are some pictures of the Fruits in Bloom arrangement that I got.

Fruits in Bloom

Fruits in Bloom 2

The fruit arrangement arrived in a very classy box. You can actually open the box so that you don’t ruin how the fruity, flower-like arrangement is made. Check out my pics of unboxing this masterpiece!

Fruits in Bloom 4

Look at how wonderful it looks. The arrangement had pineapple, apples, grapes, oranges and strawberries in it. I really loved the chocolate covered strawberries!

Fruits in Bloom

My husband, on the other hand, loved the chocolate covered green apples.


Fruits in Bloom 6

Whoever wins the special pack will surely enjoy it! So hurry and join Fruits in Bloom and’s giveaway! Just follow the steps indicated in the Rafflecopter widget below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Check out the Fruits in Bloom Website to order your gifts!

I remember looking through photo albums kept at my grandmother’s house (as in tons of them). They contained pictures of my childhood and even pictures of my parents and aunts and uncles during their younger years. I loved looking at those pictures, even if for most of them, I wasn’t born yet. I loved looking at them because it gave me a sense of how my parents and relatives were when they were younger. I also showed me pictures of when I was still a baby. Obviously I couldn’t remember each moment, but looking at these pictures made me FEEL the love that I was showered with. This is why we, as a family, had Louie Arcilla take photos of our family.

When I first met Louie and when I told him that we were game to do a family photo shoot, I was afraid to tell him that I wasn’t really the type who would pose in front of the camera. Well, my husband and I are like that. We hate posing. We both feel awkward. We actually decided to have a family shoot because we wanted our daughter to have pictures that she could browse through when she was older. I want her to have the same opportunity and experience of looking through old photos and photos of herself when she was younger.

So fast forward to the day of the shoot, Louie came in at exactly 2:00 PM as we discussed. It was a gloomy day and it was drizzling, so I immediately thought that I was super unlucky. We didn’t have a good lighting source. We couldn’t go out. Also, when Louie arrived, Zeeka was sleeping, so we had to wait for her to wake up. We talked first about his business and brand Louie Arcilla Life+Style Photography. I always felt his passion for his craft. The thing about Louie is that when you talk to him, he is very down to earth and easy to talk to. It’s as if you have been talking to a friend whom you have known for for years. That’s why I think Zeeka loved him immediately.

Zeeka would normally go into tantrums and would squeal and scream when a ‘new and unfamiliar’ person would carry her. But not with Louie! Zeeka just met him that day and after the shoot, she kept on saying ‘Louie… Louie’. She even allowed him to carry her. The shoot went well and you know why? Louie didn’t ask us to pose. He just made us do normal things — things that we would do on a daily basis like sit on the couch, carry Zeeka, play with Zeeka, talk to Zeeka, etc. We didn’t have to pose! Thank, God! Zeeka was the one you posed for us. Haha!

But it was all so natural and light. What I was worried about though was if the the pictures would come out clear. I hated that it was such a gloomy day. But guess, what?! When I got the pictures from Louie, I was blown away. Here are some of the pictures…

The Arboledas taken by Louie Arcilla 1

The Arboledas taken by Louie Arcilla 2

The Arboledas taken by Louie Arcilla 3

The Arboledas taken by Louie Arcilla 4

The Arboledas taken by Louie Arcilla 5

The Arboledas taken by Louie Arcilla 6

The Arboledas taken by Louie Arcilla 7

The Arboledas taken by Louie Arcilla 8

The Arboledas taken by Louie Arcilla 9

The Arboledas taken by Louie Arcilla 10

The Arboledas taken by Louie Arcilla 11

The Arboledas taken by Louie Arcilla 12

The Arboledas taken by Louie Arcilla 13

The Arboledas taken by Louie Arcilla 14

The Arboledas taken by Louie Arcilla 15

The Arboledas taken by Louie Arcilla 16

The Arboledas taken by Louie Arcilla 17

The Arboledas taken by Louie Arcilla 18

The Arboledas taken by Louie Arcilla 19

The Arboledas taken by Louie Arcilla 20

The Arboledas taken by Louie Arcilla 21

The Arboledas taken by Louie Arcilla 22

The Arboledas taken by Louie Arcilla 23

The Arboledas taken by Louie Arcilla 24

The Arboledas taken by Louie Arcilla 25

The Arboledas taken by Louie Arcilla 26

The Arboledas taken by Louie Arcilla 27

The Arboledas taken by Louie Arcilla 28

The Arboledas taken by Louie Arcilla 29

The Arboledas taken by Louie Arcilla 30

The Arboledas taken by Louie Arcilla 31

The Arboledas taken by Louie Arcilla 31

The Arboledas taken by Louie Arcilla 32

The Arboledas taken by Louie Arcilla 33

The Arboledas taken by Louie Arcilla 34

The Arboledas taken by Louie Arcilla 35

The Arboledas taken by Louie Arcilla 35

I love love love each and every picture that he took. I highly recommend that you book Louie Arcilla if you want to have a family photo shoot! I believe in his talent and I believe that he can best help you capture those precious moments. And guess what, he is offering a discounted price if you book shoots ASAP and I mean ASAP! Here are the discounted rates!

Louie Arcilla Packages


Because Louie and I believe in capturing those moments that make you appreciate the life that you have, we are having this giveaway! It’s called Love Life Giveaway and joining is soooo easy!

Love Life Giveaway of Louie Arcilla

Love Life Giveaway of Louie Arcilla and Mommy Ginger

Love Life Giveaway from Louie Arcilla and Mommy Ginger

1. Take a picture of a precious moment in your life and post it on Facebook and Instagram. Please make sure that your post can be seen by the public.
2. Please use #louiearcilla and #lovelife and tag @mommyginj and @louiearcilla when you describe the photo. Please leave a comment below (link to this blog post is and leave your name and email address to signify that you have joined our giveaway.
3. We will chose one (1) winner of a two hour shoot with Louie Arcilla BUT everyone who joins will receive a 15% discount on any of the packages of Louie Arcilla Life+Style Photography. Isn’t that great! (*the 15% is on top of the discounted package seen above).


Entries will be accepted from Dec. 6 to Dec. 27, 2014. We will announce the winner on Dec. 29.
Please enter a valid email address as we will contact you using this once you win.
This giveaway is open to everyone but transportation should be covered by those who participate/win outside of Mertro Manila.

We are so excited for this! Are you ready for your own photo shoot? Join now and spread the word! Goodluck 🙂

For more information on Louie Arcilla, you can check out his website ( or his Instagram account (


It has been two weeks since we had the Work-at-Home Weekend Expo and honestly, I’m still giddy, delighted and deeply grateful that we had almost 300 attendees for our event. I hope that those who attended and especially those who attended the talks learned something forms our very brilliant speakers. Thank you to our beloved co-sponsors, Unilab, Insular Life, Uber, 88DB and vOffice Philippines for supporting the event.

5EDITED WAHWeekend Expo_Poster

Thank you also to our major sponsors: Hungry Juan, Manila Water, Mega Creations, Hotel Quickly, Stabilo, Photomark Lightworks, Xend and The Great Leap Academy.

Thank you to our minor sponsors, Vally Farm, Thumbtack, Thank you also to Habitat for Humanity, and for supporting us. Thank you to our media partners and Creatif.

Thank you to the wonderful speakers that we had, Jeff Cua, Marge Aberasturi, Mariel Uyquiengco, Tina Rodriguez, Grace Nicolas, Fitz Villafuerte, Dandy Victa, Bam Besa, Jennyfer Ang – Tan, Kimberley Timbol- Reyes, Joy Gurtiza and Lourdes Labii.

WAH Expo 2014 2



WAH Expo 2014 3

WAH Expo 2014 4

WAH Expo 2014 5

WAH Expo 2014 6

We hope that you enjoyed this year’s conference and we promise to give you a bigger and better work-at-home weekend expo next year! Watch out for post event promos and contests that we will have for those who have supported us this year.

Mega Sardines

For the first promo, our brand sponsor, Mega Sardines is giving away 6 sets of the following:
– Mega Sardines Products
– Apron
– Chopping board
– Kitchen utensil

The promo will run until November 30, 2014. We will announce the winners on Dec. 1. This promo is open to those who live in Metro Manila. We will ship the prizes to you. For you to join, please follow the steps in the rafflecopter widget below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck and we hope that you can join the other events of Manila Workshops!

In our household, because of how busy we all are nowadays, we tend to just skip over things that we need to oversee. These things are important and can make a huge impact in what we do or in making the world a better place to live in. Some samples are I used to keep track of our electricity consumption on a per month basis, but I get to the point when I’m tired of monitoring it so I stop. Also, I monitor our grocery expenses, but since I found out that we normally spend Php 3500 per week, I stopped monitoring and just set aside that amount for grocery shopping. Another thing that I used to be anal about was water consumption. I used to really check that our bill would not go over a certain amount and I would talk to the helpers if I received bills over the target budget. Nowadays though, I’m less anal about it.

But you know, being conscious of how we spend resources like these are important, not only for our own wallets, but even for society. For electricity, why do you think we have the likes of Earth Hour? For food, we oftentimes tell our children not to waste food, but do we ourselves abide by our own rules. For water, do we use water responsibly? There are a lot of people in our country with no access to the water supply that we have so we need to be thankful and use water responsibly.

So with this, Mommy Ginger and Manila Water is running a campaign called Use Water Responsibly. We would like those on Twitter to help us spread the word and use #usewaterresponsibly when you share tips on how to conserve water.

All you need to do is share a tip on twitter or write the hashtag in a piece of paper and take a photo of you holding the sign and share it on twitter. Don’t forget to tag @manilawaterph and @mommyginj.

To get people excited about this, we are running a promo where you will get very nice prizes from Manila Water. All you need to do is to follow the steps in this widget:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I will randomly choose three winners and each will get a pack of this amazing leatherette folio…

Manila Water Promo #usewaterresponsibly Manila Water Promo #usewaterresponsibly 2

These glasses and car shades, which I don’t have a picture of. 🙂

Manila Water Promo

Join now and help spread the advocacy! This promo ends on October 8, 2014! Join now! 🙂