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Stay Strong… Stay Beautiful with Watsons

Get the products that you love from Watsons Delivery or Pickup so you can stay strong and stay beautiful!

The past few months have been very difficult and challenging for everyone around the world. It pains me to see people not being able to see their loved ones and not being able to explore this beautiful world. It saddens me most especially to see businesses close, because I know that what comes next is stress and panic over rising unemployment rates.

All of us never expected this to happen. What I have learned during this pandemic is to focus on the things that you can control. Focus on being more productive. Focus on being stronger, healthier and beautiful. Yes, I say beautiful because if we feel good, we feel happy! With all of these roller coster of emotions, Watsons is by our side.

Here are some tips and recommendations on how we can all stay strong stay beautiful, during these times.


Stay Protected – Safety is our number one priority especially at times like these. When you’re a mom, we always try to keep our family safe. Wearing a mask, bringing alcohol, taking your vitamins, washing your hands, and practicing social distancing are one of the most important things to do especially when going out or even just by staying at home. We supplement our diet with vitamins from Enervon, Stresstabs and Watsons Generics. We clean our body with products from Safeguard and Dove and take care of our oral health with products from Listerine, Oral-B and Himalaya.

Stay Prepared – Whether it’s ECQ or GCQ, we’re still not certain if it’s safe to go out. It’s a good thing that Watsons is available for online shopping to cater our daily needs. Our Watsons shopping list always includes brands like Strepsils, Sinecod Forte, Vicks, Solmux and Biogesic to help relieve the symptoms of common illnesses like colds, cough and fever.

Stay Glowing – Take care of yourself. the thing about staying at home is that we forget this important thing. In a recent conversation with my derma, Dr. Gaile ( I asked her why my skin was breaking out. She then asked me about my skin care routine and admittedly so, I told her that I wasn’t following any while at home. After that, I made it a point to follow my skincare routine and put on sunscreen everyday (check out the video of Deoproce Hyaluronic Cooling Sun Gel above which you can get from Watsons, too). Check out my YouTube channel for more Beauty Product Reveiws.

Stay Gorgeous – I miss going to the salon and having my hair colored. It’s a good thing though that there are Youtube videos that teach you how to cut your hair. Thank goodness for technology! Also, it’s great that you can color your hair using the amazing colors from L’Oreal Excellence, Beautylabo or Naturtint.

Watsons is always here to provide us with a wide range of health and beauty products to make us look good and feel great. To provide more value to its Watsons Card and Elite members, Watsons is giving free 100 bonus points for a minimum Php 1,000 purchase of participating products on select weekends: July 31 to August 1 and August 14 to 15.

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Children’s Book Recommendation: I am Happy

It’s been doubly hard to look for activities for Zeeka these days for two reasons. The first reason, which is quite obvious, is that we are limited to the activities that we can do at home. And aside from that, Zeeka is very picky. She knows what she wants.

Recently, I’ve notices that she easily gets bored. Even with games in her gadget, she’s not as enthusiastic anymore. We took to reading lately, and i’t been hard looking for books that she would be interested in. Good thing, I came across a Children’s book called I am Happy.

I am Happy Book Cover

The I am Happy Children’s book was made by Filipino writers and artists. I love how cute the drawings are. This book also exudes so much positivity. I love how it teaches kids values that we uphold as Filipinos.

Mommy Ginger and Zeeka Reading I am Happy

Why We Like This Book

I’m sure one of the questions that you may have is what makes this book different from other Children’s books in the market. Aside from supporting local writers and artists, each page encourages a conversation with your little one.

Most books that we get are just “one way”. The parent reads and the child listens. Or the child reads, the parents listen. Reading just a few pages of this book took us a while, since after each page, we had to talk to each other. By the way, it was me and Zeeka who read the book.

Each page had a question or a story that encouraged discussion. The page that I’m showing below led my daughter to ask me about the “rich past” of the Philippines. I actually needed to tell her more about us being colonized by several countries. I definitely need to brush up on Philippine History again! haha!

I am Happy book

What I also like about this book is that it just makes you feel good after. It encourages you and your child to look at the things that you can be grateful for. I really think that I am Happy is such an appropriate title. We really felt happy after reading this.

For those who want to order the book, just click on this link: The book is just Php 250. Hope you can support local artists!

Supporting Local,

Get the Most from your Bucks with ZRewards

ZRewards by Zeal

I recently talked to an economist for my vlog and the biggest realization that I got from him is that need to accept that things will be “like this” (how it is for us now) for the next few years. This pandemic has greatly hit our economy and this is the time to tighten our belts.

I also talked with Financial Advisor, Oskie King. We talked about financial management in a time of crisis. Again, what Oskie says is that we have to think about where to place our money at a time like this. If you have extra funds, stay invested. For those who just have enough on a day to day basis, clearly think about where you are spending your money.

Sharing the interview with Oskie

So all of these experts really gave good advise. I’ve been successfully managing my finances since the beginning of the pandemic.

Come to think of it, we’re actually saving a lot more than we’re spending. We don’t have to go to the office. We can just cook food anytime we want.

But I don’t want to be a party pooper and just SAVE, SAVE, SAVE. We also need to relax. All these emotional ups and downs have made us tired and a little bit emotional lately (although I may just be speaking for myself 😄 Leave a comment below if you feel the same way).

Get the Most from your Bucks AND Reward Yourself with ZRewards

Who says rewarding yourself for doing a great job should always be expensive?

Be a Discount-hoarder. Kidding aside, times like these call for desperate measures. If we want to stay liquid in the long run, we have to greatly maximize the cash that we have. So let me share a little secret. I’ve discovered a site called ZRewards.

ZRewards by Zeal is the country’s newest one-stop shop for awesome deals. Through their website, users from all over the Philippines can grab hold of premium and solid offers redeemable at their favorite online shops and physical stores.

Signing up is free, so don’t worry about it. You can sign up here: 

Some Brands that are Part of ZRewards

ZRewards by Zeal offers great discounts from some of my favorite brands and stores. The bread that I love from JiPan is now at 15% off.

For those who need some eyebrow fixing and waxing services, my trusted brands Strip and Browhaus are at 20% off.

From the Bistro Group restaurants like Friday’s, Italiannis, Watami, Denny’s, etc., you can get great Buy 1 Get 1 delicious dishes.

There are other great deals being offered by ZRewards by Zeal.

When you sign up, please use my referral code: IQbQwfBzGU (Full Disclosure: I actually don’t know how this works and what I get from it. I just saw it and I figured to try it out.)

How to you avail of the Rewards at ZRewards

JiPan at ZRewards
JiPan at ZRewards

All you need to do is to sign up to ZRewards by Zeal. Then choose the deal that you want to get the discount coupon which you will then show the store (online or offline) to avail of the discount.

Very simple!

Sign up today: and please use my referral code: IQbQwfBzGU (Again… for full disclosure: I don’t know how this works and what I get from it. Just wanted to try it out).

ZRewards by Zeal is a brand under 917Ventures, the largest corporate incubator in the Philippines and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Globe

Let me know what you think of ZRewards in the comment section below. I’d love to hear your thoughts since this is really new.

The Essential Guide To Heading Off The Beaten Track

With coronavirus forcing us to adapt to a new normal, we have had to revolutionize many different aspects of our lives. Travel is no different. Less than six months ago you could have hot-footed it to wherever you wanted on the planet without a care in the world. Fast forward to today and you need to check out quarantine legislation, R rates, and temperature checks.

Travel has become more daunting for the ardent backpacker and the holiday-maker. This doesn’t mean that travel is off the cards forever. For the foreseeable future, we may be planning our trips rather than embarking on them, but in the near future, you will be able to take a jaunt overseas again. However, you may not want to be among the tourist crowds and the busy hotspots. Instead, you might want to venture somewhere off the beaten track to stay safe and reduce your risk of catching Covid-19. Take a look at this essential guide to help you head off the beaten track.

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels

Look At A Map

When you plan a travel adventure overseas, the chances are you have an idea of where you want to go in the world. You might want to trek the Inca Trail in Peru, do some temple hopping in Kyoto, Japan or take a drive along Route 66 in the United States. To head off the beaten track successfully, you need to be close enough to activities and sites without being smack bang in the middle of them.

Our trip to Japan last 2017

If you are heading to Japan, Hiroshima is a must-see city. Where the atomic bomb dropped at the end of the Second World War, this city is full of history and optimism. It’s also busy. Instead of staying here, why not hotfoot it to the neighboring island of Miyajima. Beautiful, picturesque and idyllic, you are just thirty minutes away from the city, but you can stay in a traditional Japanese ryokan far away from the crowds. The floating shrines are stunning and there are some wild deer and monkeys to get to grips with. You might even want to scale Mount Misen to see the temple on the peak.

If you fancy Thailand, don’t head to the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, and take a jaunt to Nonthaburi instead. The city is rarely visited by tourists, yet it’s not far from the stunning temple-laden Lat Phrao. You could even save money by finding a cheap house for rent in Nonthaburi rather than staying in an expensive hotel in the region. You can be somewhere less dense, stay for a longer period of time, and enjoy a quieter pace of life.


If you are planning on heading off the tourist trail, make sure that you have safety as your top priority. While you might love the idea of being free from the shackles of social media and off-grid, it is still prudent to have a smartphone and GPS device on you. If traveling solo is your thing, a GPS device is vital if your set of wheels breaks down or if you get lost. A quick lookup of your coordinates can help emergency services locate and rescue you.

Smartphones are also necessary for those just in case moments. You don’t have to be scrolling through Facebook every hour of your travels, but posting photos now and again and staying in touch with family is important to many travelers no matter where they are in the world.

Image by Jonathan Valencia from Pixabay

Follow The Locals

If you are keen to see the authentic side of a destination, it’s not a good idea to go on tours set up for foreigners. You’ll see the bland and expensive face of a nation. Instead, follow the locals. If you want a great bowl of pasta in Rome, go where the Italians go. If you want some incredible dumplings in Beijing, forget following the Americans and venture where the Chinese go. They may not look the most salubrious of restaurants, but the best and most authentic eateries rarely are. 

To help you stay off the beaten track, you need to converse with the locals. This means you need to commit to learning a little bit of language. Doing this will help you earn the respect of the locals. There’s nothing more embarrassing than shouting slowly in English, expecting a local to understand you. It’s arrogant. Don’t do it. Instead, be a responsible and caring traveler, learning some of the lingo, making friends with the locals, and finding some hidden gems.

Heading off the beaten track can be exciting. Follow this guide and you can stay safe while traveling in a post-pandemic age.

Any other tips? Share it with us!

My COVID 19 Personal Prevention Tools

We spent my daughter’s birthday at Marco Polo last weekend, and we got home last Tuesday. And since Tuesday, our entire family have stayed at home. We never stepped out since then.

Like our fellow Filipinos, we’ve been monitoring the news and the DOH website: Please get information from them. There are a lot of fake news that’s being circulated at this time. Like this morning, Ate Len (who helps us take care of Zeeka) told me, “Maam, sabi nila, saging lang daw katapat ng virus na yan (All we need to do is to eat bananas to prevent the virus)”. I told her if that were the case, then we wouldn’t have all of these COVID 19 cases! haha! I then told her to just check information from the Department of Health and not to readily believe information from elsewhere.

So anyway, today, I wanted to share with you what my COVID 19 prevention tools are here at home.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H (White)

I actually got this from EJ last Christmas. No, I don’t have any psychic powers. I wanted it for my allergic rhinitis. I heard that this helps alleviate allergies. It just so happened that we (the Philippines) had that Taal volcano Ashfall concern to deal with after, and now this, Corona virus.

It’s primary filter removes the basic dust that’s in your home. Then it has a HEPA filter that eliminates smoke, household dust, mold, pollen and other fine particles up to 0.03 microns in size.

It also has an activated carbon filter that removes toxic substances.

Its pPurification Capacity (CADR) is at 380 sq. m per hour. We actually placed it inside the Master’s bedroom, but I transferred it this week to the sala. This is because we’ve been having a lot of deliveries lately that it made sense to put it there.

Does it work?

I hope so. I’m not sure if it works on virus, but it definitely helped me reduce my allergies.

Meo Mask

As for the mask, we didn’t hoard masks or anything like that. We got this super cool mask from The thing is though that they don’t have stocks of these anymore. What I like about it is that it’s washable.

It fits snuggly also on the sides. At the same time though, because of its design, you can breathe comfortably. The design protrudes in the middle so you have space to breathe. You can also change the filters every week. I forgot to buy the filters from them (although it came with two filters), so I just place the PM 2.5 filters that I got from Lazada.

We don’t use it as much anymore since we don’t go out of the house.

USB Charging Portable Creative Mini Air Purifier Necklace Air Cleaner Pendant

When it comes to being the best at discovering unique finds like this and protecting the family, my mom and sister probably would probably make it to the list.

They bought air purifier necklaces like these for the entire family.

So researched about this air purifier made in China and it works to purify indoor air, remove fine particulate matter (PM2.5), formaldehyd, odor and dust, bacteria.

These necklaces also release anion groups, improve air quality effectively. It only has one button to either turn it on or off. It also has a rechargable lithium battery. The working principle around it is it being an air ioniser. According to wikipedia, Air ionisers have been used to eliminate the occurrence of airborne bacterial infections and to reduce static electricity build-up in electronics.

It helps purify the air surrounding the person up to 10m². It’s light weight and safe to use around children and infants. Just don’t put it near any heat source, since it may break the device.

Hand Sanitizers

Since we frequently wash at home, if we do use sanitizers, we want them to be as mild as possible. These are the two hand sanitizers that we use at home for Zeeka, our daughter.

Aromavibe Essentials Defense Hand Sanitizer with Essential Oils 50ml

  • Aromavibe Essentials Hand Sanitizer are made from Ethyl Alcohol and Essential Oils. It contains the combination of cinnamon, clove, rosemary, lemon and eucalyptus essential oils that is really know as a germ protecting mix. Inspired by the mix of Thieves, On Guard, Fighting Five and Germ Destroyer of essential oil brands. Effectively removes germs while non-drying on the skin.Non-sticky 
  • Pocket-sized 
  • Can be used to clean toys and surfaces 

This is the link to order the product:

Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer

I got this from the grocery. Zeeka loves it because of the scent.

So there you have it. These are the “tools” that I have at home. How about you? What do you have at home to prevent the spread of COVID 19?