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Looking for new ways to automate your home and improve your quality of life?

We are a family that loves automation. Having a husband who runs his own business and with my events company and blogging profession, we often spend our time outside the house. That’s why we needed to simplify things and get the job done through automation at home. We’ve been recently experimenting a lot with smart home systems. We have voice-controlled lights at home. Our entertainment system (to turn the TV on and off, and to choose a show) is voice-controlled, too. Since then, we’ve been looking for ways to further automate our home.

Zeeka has been getting colds for the longest time. Often, my daughter would greet me in the morning with a loud sneeze. I’ve been having rhinitis yet again, which I’ve had since my early twenties. Meanwhile, our housekeeper, though she’s a hard worker, would normally use spray cleaners around the house which probably the cause of Zeeka’s colds and my rhinitis attacks. Given that my husband and I have busy schedules, I kept looking for ways to solve this problem through automation. While doing my own research for a few months, I got an invitation to check out the Dyson Pure Cool.

I have read good reviews about Dyson before, but I also had the impression that their products are upscaled on the price. My husband and I try to lessen our expenses, and we don’t splurge on unnecessary stuff. But because of curiosity and necessity, I went to the Dyson store to see it for myself.

A Modern Appliance That Purifies the Air

Purifying and automation don’t usually go together. Most of the time, our concept of purity involves greenery, a nice stroll at the beach, the color white, or rain. Automation usually refers to cold, hard steel, big manufacturing plants, and unfortunately, pollution.

The Dyson Pure Cool got me curious on how it’s going to clean the air around us. I knew Dyson engineers designed the product well and I wanted to try how it combined automation and air purification at the same time. So, when we brought home the Dyson Pure Cool and gave it a try for a few weeks, I told myself that this purifier is worth every penny. Here’s why.

1. Cool, Sleek, and Safe Design!

The Dyson Pure Cool stands taller than Zeeka and looks very sleek. It looks like a fan from The Enterprise (shout out to Star Trek fans!). It releases purified air from the top while the filter sits at the bottom. I love that it’s bladeless, so Zeeka is safe. I don’t have to worry even if my daughter is walking around the house near it.

2. Easy Set-Up

Setting the purifier up doesn’t take too much effort. The two filters in the lower portion of the air purifier are easy to attach. Just place the two filters around the base and then lock it in place, using the covers. These filters last from 6 to 12 months depending on the frequency of use. There’s a small screen that shows the status of the filters, which helps me to determine if I must replace it.

3. Advanced Sensory Technology

I was so impressed with the meter of the Dyson Pure Cool that tells me the level of air quality inside the house. I’ve tested it out, too. I would sometimes spray perfume in the room where the purifier is, and the Air Quality levels would go red. I also tested it in rooms with mold, and the moisture levels increased as the air quality dropped, too.

4. It Comes with a Super Cool Dyson Link App!

Dyson made it a lot easier to automate your home with its super cool app.

To install the app, just look for the Dyson Link App in the Appstore and Google play store. Then, download and open the app. The app will give you specific instructions on how to connect with your Dyson Pure Cool.

Once you are on your dashboard, you will see the air quality data from your home. Just click on the graph icon on the right to see the data gathered within the day.

The Dyson link app shows daily and weekly data. I notice that when humidity is high, I get my allergic rhinitis. I’m not sure if these two are related, but it’s nice to see the air quality data versus my actual experience.

I can also control the purifier by clicking on the remote-control icon on the lower left side of the app. I can control the fan speed, angle of oscillation, and I can set the timer, too! There’s also an option to switch the mode of air flow to be from the front to the sides of the purifier.

The clock on the bottom right of the screen allows me to set schedules for the purifier. I can just add different “events”, adjust the settings for each event, and schedule the time when it should be turned on and off.

5. Indoor Pollutant Free Home

Ever since we got the Dyson Pure Cool , there’s a big difference when I’m at home. I can breathe easier and the rhinitis attacks have lessened. My daughter, Zeeka, is much more active now and she rarely sneezes when she wakes up in the morning. I can rely more on my housekeeper with the daily chores, and I don’t have to worry if she’s cooking or using all-purpose spray cleaners. Best part is, my husband and I solved this household problem through automation. We don’t have to worry about indoor pollution at home

So, if you’re looking for air purifying systems to keep your family healthy and safe, I would recommend Dyson Pure Cool. This gets my stamp of mom approval. It sure is an awesome way to automate your home.

Check out my video here!

Visit their website at and follow Dyson on facebook, for more details.

Time flies so fast! When I was young, my dad went to work and my mom stayed at home to take care of us. I still remember how it made us so happy when he brought us a little something each time he came home from work. He always had pasalubong (gift) for us.

Since we became parents, we now feel the same thing as what our parents felt with us when we were young. As much as we want to be there every single minute of the day for our kids, we are not able to because of work. We need to earn a living so that they can have a bright future ahead of them.

So with the little time that we CAN spend with them, we want these moments to feel magical — to feel amazing. It’s sometimes not really for them, but more for us. We want to capture these simple bonding moments and frame them in little picture frames in our hearts.

In our home, we have a simple tradition of bringing home Kinder Joy to our daughter. Why Kinder Joy, you might ask, when there are so many other options for toys and food to bring home? Let me share with you our reasons:

These can be found everywhere!

If we leave our office late, sometimes, all the toy stores are already closed. With Kinder Joy, you can find them everywhere! These toys and snacks are found in all leading retailers and supermarkets in the Philippines. We have a 7/11 near our home so this is where we buy our “supply”. LOL!

They make our kids really creative!

Our daughter has been enjoying Kinder Joy since she was three years old. I have noticed that these toys, even if it’s very simple, makes you use your imagination a lot. I am all for creative play, so I love giving these toys to Zeeka.

The other day, she got a toy that allowed her to experiment with alternating different clothes. It gave her the perspective that she can also do that with her own clothes; she doesn’t need to buy new clothes if she’s creative in mixing and matching different pieces.

Kinder Joy treats are delicious!

If you haven’t seen or opened a Kinder Joy egg, half of the egg makes up the toy and the other half of it contains super delicious chocolate which is made from high quality ingredients. It consists of 2 delicious creams (milky cream & cocoa cream) with 2 crispy wafer balls! It comes with a cute little spoon that helps you eat it without being messy! Zeeka and I love it!

If there is one thing that we have to know as parents, it is this: Kids do not need a lot to be happy. As long as we set aside quality time that we can spend with them, they’re good. We can make them happy by giving them simple surprises, by doing fun activities, or just by sharing a snack with them.

Those are the moments that count. #kinderjoyphilippines #worldofkj

Get the best deals from September 15 to 17, 2018!

It’s so cool that Globe started a 917 day! It just makes me proud that I’m a Globe member. It’s so cool how a number can stand for cool things, great events and amazing deals!

So 917 day is obviously, September 17! haha! But to extend this amazing day, as early as September 15, Globe already has a lot of things and deals available to us. Some of these deals are fruits of Globe’s partnership with Puregold! Puregold Price Club Inc. also celebrates this month their 20th year delivering the best in value and service to Filipino families.

This partnership has “panalo” deals for us to give us the best 917 Day yet!

For mobile customers, get FREE P17 load when you buy any Globe or TM SIM from 9:17 A.M. to 9:17 P.M. on September 17, 2018.

For broadband customers, enjoy FREE P200 load and tumbler for every purchase of a Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi from September 15 to 17, 2018 in participating Puregold branches. This second one was actually what I got! It was such an amazing deal — I couldn’t resist!

Globe and Puregold have been supporting Puregold’s Aling Puring members attain savings and achieve their dreams of having their own businesses. In 2013, Globe and Puregold launched the Aling Puring Super Suki SIM, a multi-function SIM card with exclusive deals that also enables members to sell prepaid loads as an additional source of income.

Currently, there are 159,000 Active Super Suki SIM sari-sari store owners and micro-entrepreneurs who have benefitted from the perks of the card. Besides the Aling Puring Super Suki Sim, Puregold shoppers also enjoy other convenient Globe services like Cash in/out, Remittances, Bills Payment, just to name a few.

So this 917 Day, head on to a PureGold branch and purchase a Globe at Home Prepaid Wifi unit!

Have a happy 917 Day, peeps! 🙂

The world’s first wildlife channel for preschoolers puts fun in learning about conservation!

Zeeka had a assessment test in one of the schools. She made a mistake in identifying which of these (cow, bear, chicken or mouse) is the smallest. She encircled the chicken! LOL! It just dawned on me that the reason may be because she hasn’t seen a mouse in real life. Since we’re too far from anything that resembles a forest, I think I need to show here more shows that feature animals.

I still think that science, knowledge and empathy of all thing living should be taught to the next generation. But usually, documentaries like these are way to boring. This is why it’s great to see a show like ZooMoo. ZooMoo brings excitement to learning by combining funny and adorable puppet characters, stunning animation, breathtaking nature videos, and interactive games that will help young children develop a love for animals. This channel is available on Solar Entertainment’s latest digital platform, EasyTV.

Do you know that ZooMoo has a lineup of more than 1,500 standalone episodes? These were all made by a collaboration that wildlife filmmakers and early childhood education experts from the University of Otago, New Zealand created.

What’s so cute about it is that each show has a funny animal puppet with a unique personality, strength and weakness (that they are able to overcome through the help of other puppet friends and casts). Some of these animal pals include the optimistic photographer Flash the dog, the wise and pedantic Owl, the skillful and expressive Ninja Gorilla, the inventive and adventurous Piglet, and the gentle giant Panda.

What’s cool is that this channel comes with a companion ZooMoo App that can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store! The app lets kids explore a wildlife sanctuary called ZooMoo Island where they can look for and interact with up to 300 animals.

The app doesn’t require you to have internet connection after the initial download, and parents, like us, don’t have to worry about in-app advertisements and purchases. ZooMoo’s ZooSync technology also enables users to sync their apps with the channel for more free content. Just run the app when a show flashes ‘ZooSync’ to receive gifts from the channel.

ZooMoo is available on EasyTV channel 9. Learn more about ZooMoo by visiting Follow ZooMoo online by logging on to Facebook at, Twitter @ZooMooAsia, and Instagram @zoomooasia.

My little girl will start going to school this August. Last year, she would go home before lunch time. Her schedule this year goes beyond lunch, so i’ll be sending her both morning snacks and lunch. My dilemma now is how to make her EAT her food! My daughter is such a picky eater. Even if she’s hungry, she’ll just nibble a little bit into things that I send her. I’m having a hard time looking for food for kids that will be both nutritious and fun to eat.

When the opportunity to learn how to make Bento boxes came, I grabbed it. We had an intimate event given by Gold Seas Tuna Chunks and it was a session with Bento by Kat. I know about her because I follow her IG account, and what she creates is so amazing. I always love going to Gold Seas Tuna events because for one, I am a hoarder! haha! I always keep cans of Gold Seas Tuna Chunks in my kitchen. I also love going to their events because I always feel like I’m an “empowered” mom after. LOL!

The first event that I went to last year (or was it early this year; I can’t remember) was a cooking event. I was taught how to cook simple dishes (Read it here: SIMPLE TUNA DISHES THAT YOU WILL LOVE FROM GOLD SEAS TUNA) Woot woot! AND, I hardly cook, so having cooked two dishes really gave me the confidence to cook more for my family (which I did).

Then this time around, we were inspired to create our our #BentoyourGoldSeas boxes for our kids. I’m not an artistic person, so for me to complete the task, I had to step it up and listen carefully to Kat.

I was actually so proud of myself, because I got to create this!



So this is healthy food for kids that you can send as “baon”. The food on the lower right hand side of the YummyBox are Tuna Cakes. This is how you make them:

TUNA CAKES (7-8 patties)

1 can Gold Seas Yellowfin Tuna Chunks in Olive Oil, drained
1 large Potato
1 Egg
Salt to taste
Oil from Tuna Can

1. Peel potatoes and slice into smaller pieces. Boil until soft for about 20 minutes. Drain and mash.
2. Mix the tuna chunks and mashed potatoes. Add egg and mix well.
3. Form into patties.
4. Lightly oil a non-stick skillet using the olive oil from the tuna can.
5. Fry until golden brown.

There you go! This is perfect for bringing to school. My daughter loved it!

Have you created bento boxes before? Hope you can share with me some of your recipes!