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Empower Your Grandparents with Tech Skills in Globe’s #SeniorDigizen TikTok Contest

Imagine the heartwarming scene of your beloved grandparents attempting to navigate the world of smartphones or booking medical appointments online. Now, thanks to Globe, you have the opportunity to capture these priceless moments and share them with the world through the exciting “#SeniorDigizen: Teach Me How To ‘Digi’” TikTok contest!

In honor of Grandparents Day and Elderly Week, this contest aims to make technology enjoyable for senior citizens. It’s all about strengthening family bonds while guiding seniors into the digital age, with the support of their tech-savvy children and grandchildren.

Yoly Crisanto, Globe Group Chief Sustainability and Corporate Communications Officer, expresses the company’s commitment to digital inclusion: “We believe that technology should be accessible to everyone, whether young or old. Through this contest, we celebrate family, learning, and the joy of discovery as we encourage our beloved senior citizens to become ‘senior digizens.'”

Do you want to join?
Participating is easy! Create a TikTok video in which someone from the younger generation, aged between 15 and 50, teaches their senior parent or grandparent a tech skill or two. This could include setting up a new app, using a mobile wallet, or even mastering the art of emojis. The key is to make it creative, engaging, authentic, and heartwarming.

Your submission should be between 30 seconds and 5 minutes long, include a one-liner caption, and be set to “public” access on TikTok. Don’t forget to tag @globeofgood and use the official hashtag #SeniorDigizen. Multiple entries are allowed, but you can only win once.

Ensure that your video is original, fun, and creative, following the popular TikTok format where situations unfold in real time from the viewer’s perspective. Both the senior citizen and the younger participant must be visible in the frame. Use only commercially available sounds, keep the spoken parts free of profanity and avoid mentioning other brand names under patent. Avoid depicting harmful actions or violence, and try to incorporate Globe’s signature color blue while avoiding other unrelated colors.

Your video must also adhere to TikTok’s community guidelines and promote positivity and respect. Aim to capture your video in high resolution, as low-quality or shaky videos won’t be considered.

Liza Reyes, Public Relations and Communications Strategy Head at Globe Group Corporate Communications, emphasizes the initiative’s message to senior citizens: “Embracing digital is easy, and you can do it! We are here, along with your children and grandchildren, to guide you through this journey. We invite our Lolos and Lolas, their children, and grandchildren to participate in this contest that not only bridges generational gaps but also the digital divide.”

What’s in store for the winners?
Entries will be evaluated based on creativity, engagement, and overall content. The top 25 entries will receive PHP 25,000 worth of Globe products and exciting prizes. Those who complete the #SeniorDigizen Ambassador program can win up to PHP 75,000 worth of Globe products.

Winning seniors should be physically able to attend an exclusive learning session hosted by Globe and complete the two-month #SeniorDigizen Ambassador program, with details to be announced later.

Important Dates:
You can submit your entries from September 10, 2023, at 12:00 a.m. until September 30, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. In October 2023, stay tuned to Globe’s Globe Of Good TikTok and Globe of Good Facebook page for the exciting announcement of winners.

Join now!
Don’t miss this opportunity! Encourage your grandparents to dive into the world of TikTok and prove that age is merely a number in the #SeniorDigizen contest.

For a comprehensive understanding of the contest mechanics and more, check out Globe’s official social media channels on Globe Of Good TikTok and the Globe of Good Facebook page, starting September 10, 2023.

To learn more about Globe, visit their website at

Enjoy the Best Luxury Hotels in Waikiki

Situated on the south shore of the Hawaiian island of Oahu is the neighborhood of Waikiki. Known locally as “spouting waters”, this world-renowned district in the city of Honolulu once served as the go-to destination for Hawaiian royalty. Waikiki was introduced to the rest of the world in 1901 when the iconic Moana Surfrider hotel was constructed on its shores. 

Today, this vibrant neighborhood serves as a gathering place for tourists from all over the world and is home to some of Hawaii’s most popular destinations, including the prominent Waikiki Beach.

As the main hotel and resort area of the island, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to accommodations in Waikiki. The tourist hotspot is home to numerous extravagant hotels that cater to travelers who want to get pampered during their stay. If you’re looking for a memorable stay, check out our list of the best luxury hotels in Waikiki. (Pro tip: Find a luggage storage locker where you can temporarily store your belongings before you head out to explore.)

Moana Surfrider, A Westin Resort & Spa

If you’re looking for the ultimate Waikiki experience, why not stay at the place where it all started – the Moana Surfrider. Built in 1901, the hotel is affectionately nicknamed the “First Lady of Waikiki” and offers guests a lavish stay that will take you back to the time of Old Hawaii. The hotel boasts an iconic colonial porte-cochere and features a full range of services and amenities that truly screams luxury; the rooms here are equipped with ultra-comfortable beds and spacious bathrooms among other modern installations. 

Additionally, those staying at the Moana Surfrider can enjoy facilities such as a fully-equipped fitness center, an outdoor pool, six on-site bars and the only beachfront spa in the whole of Waikiki. The hotel is also within striking distance of Waikiki Beach as well as other entertainment and shopping establishments.

The Royal Hawaiian, A Luxury Collection Resort

Photo by Jess Loiterton:

Photo by Jess Loiterton:

Staying true to its name, The Royal Hawaiian five-star hotel and resort has all you need for a trip filled with relaxation and luxury. Often referred to as the “Pink Palace” because of its easily-recognizable pink façade, the hotel is strategically located in Waikiki Beach and has long been a symbol of Honolulu opulence ever since it opened its doors in 1927. 

Apart from its sizeable guest rooms and suites, the Royal Hawaiian also boasts an extensive range of amenities, including outdoor pools, an award-winning cocktail bar, an exclusive beach area, on-site restaurants and a deluxe spa and wellness center. 

Halekulani Hotel

Named after the Hawaiian phrase meaning “house befitting heaven”, Halekulani Hotel is one of the best places in Waikiki to have a luxurious stay. The five-star beachfront hotel spreads more than five acres of shores and offers an unparalleled view of the iconic Diamond Head. The guest rooms and suites at Halekulani are outfitted with the latest amenities and all come with ocean views. 

Additionally, the hotel houses some incredible facilities and establishments available to guests, including a wellness center, cocktail bars and on-site restaurants, such as the award-winning French restaurant La Mer. As a bonus for guests, Halekulani also has an incredible For You, Everything program, wherein all guests are given free transportation and tickets to some of Honolulu’s most famous attractions.

The Kahala Hotel and Resort

If you’re looking for posh accommodation that offers a little bit more privacy, The Kahala Hotel and Resort is the perfect choice for you. Situated in the upscale neighborhood of Kahala, where it got its name from, this five-star hotel resort is known for its massive oceanfront rooms and suites, all equipped with iHome docking centers, flat-screen televisions, and more. 

Guests are also given free access to the different hotel facilities, including four on-site restaurants, on-site activities (like surfing lessons), a modern fitness center and a full-service spa that offers treatments and beauty services. The Kahala is also a top-notch choice for those looking to escape from the crowds of Waikiki Beach and have a more relaxing getaway without being too far from all the action.

Hilton Hawaiian Village

Photo by <a href="">Nico Smit</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

Photo by Nico Smit on Unsplash

For those who need a “home away from home”, the Hilton Hawaiian Village is a prime choice in Waikiki. This self-contained resort is the biggest one in the whole state of Hawaii; the gigantic property encompasses 22 acres with nearly 3,000 rooms, five guest towers, 20 bars and restaurants, around 100 shops, five pools, and its own lagoon, waterfall and beach area. Moreover, the Hilton Hawaiian Village is also home to a full-service salon and spa, a fitness gym, business center, a health clinic and even a wedding chapel. 

The hotel resort has everything you could possibly need and you don’t have to leave the property. If you do want to leave and check out what’s going on outside the property, the Hilton Hawaiian Village’s strategic location makes it easy for guests to check out popular attractions such as Waikiki Beach. 

The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Waikiki Beach

The Ritz-Carlton brand has long been synonymous with luxury and its Waikiki Beach outpost is no exception. Especially great for longer stays, the Ritz-Carlton Residences has all the conveniences of a home but with the top-notch services of a five-star hotel. The property has a variety of guest rooms – from well-appointed studios to residential rooms and penthouses – all of which have stunning views of the ocean. 

The rooms are fully equipped with amenities such as deep soaking bathtubs and smart televisions while the residential accommodations have their own kitchen, washing machine, and even dishwashers! Guests of The Ritz are also treated to some lovely hotel facilities, including an infinity pool on the eighth floor with private cabanas, a 24-hour fitness center, multiple on-site restaurants and a world-class spa and wellness center. The property is also a stone’s throw away from noteworthy spots around the city; The Ritz is just about 200 meters away from the popular Luxury Row, which is Honolulu’s premier shopping destination, and some 300 meters away from the Waikiki Beach.


How To Improve Your Hair’s Health In 2023

Improving your hair’s health is something that you want to focus on as you grow older. The lack of collagen you produce as you age impacts the overall health and growth of your hair. In some cases, it can even result in hair loss or thinning hair.

With that being said, knowing what you need to look after your hair’s health is useful to ensure you’ve got luscious locks for years to come. If you’re looking to improve your hair’s health this year, here are some useful tips worth knowing.

Know what type of hair you have

First and foremost, it’s useful to know what type of hair you have. For some, it’s a coil or curly texture, for others, it’s straight or wavy.

There are also patterns to hair that are important to note. So when you see 5 Rules For Managing And Caring For 4A Hair, Straight From A Stylist, you might want to know what this means.

There are four types of hair; 1 – straight, 2 – wavy, 3 – curly, and 4 – coily. In the above article, 4A refers to coily hair that has wide patterns. Knowing your hair type is useful because it helps determine what products you’ll need to use, and the methods you need for washing, drying, and styling your hair.

Purchase the right products

Hair products are something that everyone should be mindful of, especially when it comes to knowing which ones actually benefit your hair types and which ones probably don’t do much at all.

For example, it might be that if you have curls, you’ll want to use deep conditioners to help with adding moisture back into your hair. It might be that you also want to look at curling creams to help add further definition when styling your hair.

Every hair type requires a different product and each product is likely to influence the result in a certain way. With that being said, make sure you’ve purchased all of the products you need in order to look after your hair.

For most, it might be a case of trial and error until the right types of products are sourced.

Detangle your hair before showering

Detangling your hair is definitely something you want to be proactive about because if you’re not detangling or simply brushing your hair regularly, you’re likely to cause more breakage. 

Make sure you have a detangling brush to hand, ensuring that it’s the right type for your hair texture. For example, a wide-tooth comb is going to be useful for those with curls and coils, whereas a standard hair brush detangler is going to work for straight and wavy hair.

Detangling before showering is a good way to ensure every last hair gets coated in the goodness of your shampoo and conditioning treatments. It’ll also help with brushing through your hair once it’s dried.

Avoid too much heat on your hair

Heat is your enemy when it comes to your hair. If you’re not using a heat protectant when using heating tools of any kind, then you’re already doing some serious damage to your hair. In order to help keep your hair looking and feeling healthy, you want to try and avoid as much heat as possible.

If you’re going to use heat, keep it to a low temperature and avoid going over the same strands of hair too many times.

There are plenty of heatless ways to dry your hair and style it, so consider using alternative methods when it comes to this part of maintaining your hair.

Look after your scalp 

Your scalp is an important part of your hair care because it’s responsible for helping with the growth of new hair follicles. Stimulating hair growth by massaging your scalp, for example, is a practice that’s well worth doing.

It’s also good to use scalp treatments on your head so that you’re proactively keeping your scalp clean and healthy. Make sure to tackle any scalp conditions with the right products too, i.e. if your scalp produces too much oil or has dry, flaky skin.

Find a trusted hair salon or stylist to maintain your hair

Finally, if you want to protect and maintain your hair well, then make sure you find a hair stylist you trust. Someone who you know will be able to look after your hair and do what you ask when it comes to trimming or making major changes to the hair.

Improving your hair’s health is beneficial to keep it looking good for longer. Use these tips to improve your hair’s health in 2023.

Netflix to Premiere Animated Film The Monkey King on August 18

Netflix is set to premiere the animated film The Monkey King on August 18. The film is based on the beloved Chinese character from the 16th-century novel Journey to the West.

The Monkey King is a playful monkey with supernatural powers who is born from a stone. His greatest obstacle is his inflated ego. In the film, the Monkey King sets out on a daring quest to defeat 100 demons in a bid to achieve true immortality and be one with the gods.

THE MONKEY KING – (L-R) MONKEY KING (Jimmy O. Yang) and LIN (voiced by Jolie Hoang-Rappaport). Cr: Netflix © 2023

The film is directed by Anthony Stacchi and Peilin Chou. Stacchi is known for his work on the animated films Open Season and The Boxtrolls. Chou is the creative force behind other beloved Asian animated features like Over the Moon and Mulan.

The Monkey King features a star-studded Asian voice cast, including Jimmy O. Yang, Bowen Yang, Jolie Hoang-Rappaport, Jo Koy, Ron Yuan, Stephanie Hsu, and more.

THE MONKEY KING – (L-R) LIN (voiced by Jolie Hoang-Rappaport) and MONKEY KING (Jimmy O. Yang). Cr: Netflix © 2023

The film is sure to be a hit with kids and families alike. It is a fun, action-packed adventure with a great message about the importance of humility.

The Monkey King will premiere on Netflix on August 18.

5 Recommended Hotels in Clementi, Singapore, for a Luxury Vacation

Clementi is one of the areas in Singapore. Queenstown borders this place to the east, Jurong East to the west, Bukit Timah to the northeast, and Bukit Batok to the North. Many tourist attractions, such as the West Bowl, Jack’s Place, and many more. Clementi is always the choice of a fun vacation spot.

Booking a hotel in Clementi will be more enjoyable, so your vacation can be longer. There are many hotel options iClementilace, including the Hilton Singapore Orchard. Let’s find hotels in Clementi, Singapore, for an enjoyable vacation trip!

5 Recommended Hotels in Clementi, Singapore, for a Luxury Vacation

The following is a list of hotel recommendations in Clementi that you can book while on vacation there.

  1. Hilton Singapore Orchard

Location: 333 Orchard Road, Orchard, Singapore, 238867.

Price starts from S$ 378.90/night.

Located in the Orchard Road area, this 5-star hotel is close to Singapore’s entertainment centers, such as Merlion Park, Marina Bay Sands Casino, and many more. In addition, not far from the Hilton Singapore Orchard, there is the Opp Mandarin Orchard, a transportation hub, so you can easily reach other places in Singapore when you stay here.

Hilton Singapore Orchard offers a wide selection of room types, such as Deluxe Twin, Twin Premium, King Premium, also any room with city view. Each room at this hotel is equipped with very complete in room facilities.

  1. PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore

Location: 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Bay, Singapore, 039594.

Price starts from S$ 509.58/night.

Staying at the Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay, Singapore, is the right choice. This hotel has many facilities that will make your holiday experience unforgettable. In addition, to complete in-room facilities, there is a fitness center, outdoor pool, spa, bar, restaurant, and cafe at the Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay.

  1. Orchard Hotel Singapore

Location: 442 Orchard Road, Orchard, Singapore, 238879.

Price starts from S$ 263.74/night.

Want to enjoy a holiday alone or with a partner, staying at Orchard Hotel Singapore is the right choice. This hotel has many types of rooms to choose from according to your needs, and the available in room facilities are also very complete.

Orchard Hotel Singapore is very strategic. Just 58 meters from the hotel, there is CRU Orchard. There are other interesting places around the hotel, including Muddy Murphy’s Irish Pub, Merlion Park, and Marina Bay Sand Casino. There are also many public facilities around the hotel.

  1. Royal Plaza on Scotts

Location: 25 Scotts Road, Orchard, Singapore, 228220.

Price starts from S$ 332.64/night.

There are many choices of room types at Royal Plaza on Scotts has many room types, like Deluxe King, Deluxe Plus Twin, Premier King, Premier Twin, and many more. You can also choose a room with a beautiful view of Singapore’s urban landscape. In addition, the hotel facilities are complete so visitors can have a comfortable and quiet vacation.

Royal Plaza on Scotts is located not far from Orchard MRT Station so you can easily reach other places in Singapore when you stay at this hotel. T Galleria By DFS Singapore and CRU Orchard are not far from the hotel. 

  1. Pullman Singapore Orchard

Location: 270 Orchard Road, Orchard, Singapore, 238857.

Price starts from S$ 391.86/night.

Last but not least, Pullman Singapore Orchard can be another alternative choice for staying in the Clementi area of Singapore. This hotel comes with lots of exciting activities, like golf and a swimming pool. The choice of rooms is also very diverse with interior designs that seem warm and homey.

Book a Room for Your Next Weekend Getaway in Traveloka

Have a vacation plan in the Clementi area, Singapore? You can easily book room hotels because there are so many choices, like the Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay. Use the Traveloka app to book your accommodation!