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Globe at Home Updates: How to Get in Touch with Customer Service + Free Covid, Dengue Insurance

We all know how important internet connection is. In our home, all of us rely on fast internet. Both EJ and I work from home. Our business is a software / technology company. And after we work, I blog / vlog, edit videos, upload massive files online, post and practice my profession using the internet. EJ, on the other hand, is also a game streamer and has to load games, some of which are quite “heavy” and have to stream and avoid lagging at the same time. And I haven’t mentioned Zeeka’s (our daughter) needs. too. She still goes to school and needs reliable internet connection so she can attend Zoom classes and do her homework on time.

This is the reason why we’ve been using Globe At Home and we have been postpaid subscribers for quite some time.

I think experiences will be different per home and per location really, but what I appreciate about Globe at Home is that they have our 1) records updated and information is readily accessible to us and 2) they are constantly improving and making their service better for all of us.

We used to have a different provider but it was a pain talking to them. They seem to have our records wrong and it seems that information that we given to them isn’t shared with the team that’s supposed to address our concern. It was just frustrating.

With Globe At Home, I appreciate the fact that they empower us. I don’t feel helpless. For those who don’t know, they have the Globe At Home app that you can download. I highly suggest that you do!

If you need any help, just click on Help and Support.

Globe at Home Help and Support

You basically have access to all of these things, resources and information above. You can check for connectivity issues, check the status of your technician who will visit your home, read FAQs, watch videos (which I personally like … they have a video on how to get stronger WiFi Connection Anywhere at Home), visit Globe Community and Level up your WiFi Experience (the tech squad can help you out).

So another thing that you may want to know about is that all postpaid subscribers of Globe At Home can claim a FREE COVID-19 and Dengue Insurance for 3 months powered by GInsure and Singlife with coverage of up to P140,500. This will be from April 4, 2021 until April 18, 2021.

Globe at Home Free COVID Insurance (GInsure)

This is the latest offering of Globe At Home to its loyal postpaid customers to continuously provide #ExtraCareAtHome protection that goes beyond connectivity.

The 3-month insurance plan offers comprehensive benefits against medical costs such as Php 500 test allowance for Dengue, up to Php 40,000 confinement allowance as well as up to Php 100,000 medical cost reimbursement if diagnosed with COVID-19 or Dengue. To read more about this GInsure x Singlife product, I wrote about it here: A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO SINGLIFE AND GCASH CASH FOR DENGUE COSTS

Postpaid customers can redeem a voucher via the Globe At Home app. All current Globe At Home subscribers are eligible for this promo as long as they have the Globe At Home or GCash apps and make sure that their accounts are active and contact details are up to date.

So there! Those are some of the updates for you if you are a Globe At Home subscriber like me! Hope you get to avail of GINSURE and try out using the Globe At Home App. To learn more, please visit

Globe Innovation Fest: What’s New from Globe?

This morning, I watched Globe Innovation Fest, where Globe shared great news on different changes and products and services that they have introduced. Their focus is understanding the needs of their customers and since a lot of changes have been happening since last year, Globe has been focused on listening, iterating and adapting to what their customers have been doing.

Some of the things that amazed me while tuning in to the Globe innovation Fest are the following:

Updates on the Philippines’ Internet Connection

During the Globe Innovation Fest, Issa Cabreira, the Deputy Chief Commercial Officer of Globe, mentioned that Globe has been consistently investing on innovations. For the Philippines, they have managed to help increase the average mobile download speed to 26 MBPS. We also have affordable internet in the Philippines with 1 GB that people can get at only Php 10.

With regard to 5G, 80% of Metro Manila can experience the power of 5G and key cities in Cebu and Davao. For those who don’t know what 5G is, 5G is 20x faster than 4G and 3G. Globe also has 5G roaming and partnered with other telcos from other places.

The recent launch of Globe’s 5G roaming services in the UAE and Thailand are set to continue with upcoming launches across Asia, Middle East, North America, and several countries in Europe. The 5G roaming service is available to Filipinos traveling internationally, as well as subscribers of select foreign telcos visiting the Philippines.

How Gigabytes are now a Form of Currency

From learning to working to managing our own personal lives, data has become an essential part of our lives. Globe pioneers the way customers use and extend the value of data by introducing data as currency in the Philippines. This applies to any Globe product whether mobile, Home Prepaid WiFi, or Reward for loyalty.  Now, you can actually exchange your used GBs (gigabytes) for Globe Rewards points. For Prepaid, the conversion is 1GB = 1 Rewards Point. For Postpaid, 1GB = 10 Rewards points. For Home Prepaid WiFi, 3GBs = 3 Rewards. Gigabytes or GBs may be converted into points at any time within the promo validity or before the plan’s cut off date.

The Post-Paid Experience

After the Globe Innovation Fest, I immediately checked up on the plan of my husband. There were a lot of amazing updates for Globe Postpaid subscribers like my husband and I. We’ve been loyal to Globe ever since we had our own mobile phones! But admittedly so, our needs now as Globe subscribers are so different from what our needs were way back.

So it was a pleasant surprise that the new GPlan with GCash offers maximum flexibility for customers by giving them GCash credits which they can spend for anything they want and need — whether it’s content subscriptions, shopping vouchers, or even home essentials like robot vacuums.  They used the term life enablers a lot and I think these adjustments are perfect, since we have different needs and wants.

With each GPlan, aside from generous data allocations, customers will receive unlimited all-net calls & texts, free GoWiFi when in transit, unlimited teleconsultation via KonsultaMD & 3 months insurance coverage via GInsure from Singlife with plan offers like GPlan with Device, GPlan Sim-only, and GPlan with GCash. I immediately told my husband about this and asked if he maximized these perks. I already did, but I didn’t know that all GPlan subscribers had these perks. Amazing!

In the Globe Innovation Fest, it was also announced that Globe Postpaid will also make available soon special offers using the iQiyi app, one of the world’s leading online movie and video streaming websites for Korean and Chinese TV dramas, movies, variety shows, and Japanese anime. The mostly Asian content will be available using FREE and VIP versions accessible via iQiyi app or VIP subscription allows customers to get additional features like advanced episodes and no ads. iQiyi VIP offers will be available in GlobeOne and GCash apps next month. 

Another thing that I am excited about is that they mentioned that Globe At Home is boosting its plans’ speeds. I’m super happy for this since most of the time, my husband, daughter and myself are all on the internet at the same time. We really need this, Globe! Globe at Home has also ramped up its entertainment and health freebies through its Unli Fiber Up plan with speeds of up to 100Mbps for only P2,899.

Updates from the Globe Innovation Fest

Aside from those mentioned, customers are also covered with 3 months worth of FREE GInsure medical coverage for COVID 19 and dengue of up to Php140,500. Health is very important nowadays and having peace of mind that if anything happens (related to COVID and Dengue), we can reimburse up to Php 140,500 of the costs. I also appreciate the free 3 months medical consultation through the KonsultaMD Family Plan. I got to use a teleconsult last December when I got food allergies. I really appreciated the fact that I didn’t have to pay for any medical consultation.

For entertainment, customers can choose to watch their favorite shows via three months FREE access to Amazon Prime Video, HBO GO, and Viu Premium. For gamers like our family, this got us excited! Globe customers can enjoy Amazon Prime Gaming, which comes with the 3-month Amazon Prime Video access and offers in-game content for top games plus a selection of free games every month.

I also downloaded the Globe At Home app. where I can easily see details of my account. You can get support and avail of services like bills payment, plan upgrades, and volume boost to get more data using the app. Concerns may be resolved without calling a hotline or visiting a Globe Store by simply sending a message to the Globe At Home Facebook chatbot. To reach customers faster, installation is guaranteed to happen within 48 hours upon plan approval, exclusively for online application only.  Requests for repair may also be done via the app.

Helping SMEs and businesses in their digital transformation

Now some good news for business owners which was shared during the Globe Innovation Fest. Globe myBusiness has been assisting hotels, restaurants and cafes through the Safe Recovery Campaign. Going digital, accompanied by proper safety protocols has allowed the hospitality industry to slowly gain its momentum back. Globe myBusiness offers solutions and services such as Amber (SMS service to reach customers), Rush (loyalty & rewards program), and KonsultaMD (to ensure safety of staff and guests). Also, Globe myBusiness has partnered with SGS, the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company, to offer the Hygiene Monitored Program.

For corporate customers, Globe Business continues to work with clients and partners to ensure that enterprise businesses run smoothly and securely, as they propel their digital transformation. Globe Business helps in future-proofing businesses through connectivity, Cloud, cybersecurity, and a host of digital solutions, meant to reinvent the concept of ‘anytime, anywhere’.

Through the Cloud, for instance, businesses are able to elevate their operations from on-ground activities to online. Companies that used to be restricted to maintaining servers on-premise can shift their workloads (applications, services, and capabilities) to the Cloud. To help enterprises progress towards digitalization, Globe fully acquired cloud professional and managed services company, Cascadeo. This investment will help attain the highest level of professional and managed service capabilities for multi-cloud operations, guaranteeing extensive experience and knowledge in designing, architecting, building, migrating, and managing workloads and applications on the cloud.

Aside from its acquisition of Cascadeo, Globe also staked a claim on business applications and consulting company, Third Pillar—the Philippines’ largest Gold Partner of Salesforce, the world leader in CRM solutions. Through Salesforce, businesses can take advantage of cloud-based applications that allow them to automate B2B sales processes, leverage on AI to support customers, and more. With its expertise in CRM and impressive list of success stories, Third Pillar serves as a guiding hand for implementing best-in-class technologies that help Globe customers achieve innovation, sharpen their competitive edge, and generate growth in a digital landscape.

Join the Globe Community in Doing Good

What I admire most about Globe is that they do most of their projects while keeping in mind that they are supporting the UN SDG goals. One of the things that they help with is climate change. Globe continues to forge partnerships with government organizations and has committed to adopt frameworks like the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) to help address climate-related risks through science-based research, financial information and disclosures. Proactively investing in initiatives that create real and lasting social impact is a testament to the company’s commitment in creating a #GlobeOfGood.

Another thing that was mentioned in the Globe Innovation Fest is that Globe continuously encourages the community to be involved in different initiatives through innovations like Globe Rewards, Globe One, and GCash. We all can do our part and help in promoting proper e-waste disposal, recycling, rainforestation, energy conservation, marine biodiversity, and minimizing single-use plastics.

Globe company supports 10 UN Global Compact principles and contributes to 10 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals such as UN SDG No. 9 which recognizes the importance of infrastructure and innovation as crucial drivers of economic growth and development, and UN SDG No. 12 –  Sustainable Consumption and Production, which is about achieving economic growth and sustainable development by urgently reducing ecological footprint. It is also about decoupling economic growth from environmental degradation, increasing resource efficiency and promoting sustainable lifestyles by changing the way we produce and consume goods and resources.

What do you think about these things? 🙂 Feel free to comment on the comment section below.

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New PROSAFE Prescription Glasses from Eye Republic Optical

Prosafe is the newest eyewear collection from EYE Republic Optical.

Since the lockdown last March 2020 to today, which is a year after, Zeeka has miraculously destroyed 2 prescription lenses already. Last May 2020, my husband brought her to an ophthalmologist to have her eyes checked, because we noticed that she couldn’t see things that are far from her. Well, it was not surprising since me and my husband both wear glasses, and we are both near sighted.

I think I was Grade 5 when I was prescribed to wear prescription lenses. My husband was around Grade 7. So we were expecting that our kids would really need glasses early on.

So when Zeeka needed glasses, the first pair was ordered from her doctor. It was at around Php 6000 with the prescription lenses already. I didn’t get to ask if he used special lenses for Zeeka’s glasses.

Her first pair of glasses from the doctor’s clinic that Zeeka managed to destroy

After 4 months, Zeeka managed to destroy the frame. So I looked for a shop to get her a new pair. Luckily we got one from a famous brand, and it was a cheaper than Php 6000 (at least). This was a cute frame with screen safe lenses. I ordered and then got the lenses after a few days. I thought that this would her at least a year, but again, she destroyed the frames again after 5 months. Haha!

Zeeka’s 2nd pair of glasses from another store

With this, I wanted to get her prescription lenses that was the cheapest yet with comparable quality. I already told her that it’s really expensive to have glasses made. I hope she got the point. But of course, I wanted to look for cheaper alternatives. The things that I looked for were:

  • A store that would have cute frames for children and those that would protect their eyesight. We all know that kids nowadays spend a lot of time in front of devices so I was looking for glasses that she could use to protect her eyes.
  • I wanted to look for a store that delivers since I didn’t want to (and still don’t want to) go out of the house just to buy lenses.
  • Also, I’m definitely looking for a cheaper alternative since if the lifespan of Zeeka’s glasses is just 4-5 months, then, I definitely won’t buy expensive ones.

EYE Republic Optical

Check out our new PROSAFE Glasses from EYE Republic Optical

So in my quest to fulfill all of my requirements, I was lucky to come across EYE Republic Optical. Their mission is to be one if not the only leading eye care clinic that is committed to improving the lives of their patients through world-class eye care by utilizing innovations of the modern world. Speaking of innovation, what got my attention is their newest eyewear collection called PROSAFE.

With PROSAFE lenses, we reduce glare when we are exposed to blue light emitted by digital screens. I have noticed that when Zeeka or when I am using my gadget at night, it’s hard for us to sleep. With the ProSafe Blue Light Collection glasses, these can actually help all of us minimize the damage blue light wavelengths can cause. As a parent, the safety of Zeeka’s eyesight comes first so this was definitely something that I liked.

I also love the acetate sleek design that allows you to stay protected and still look stylish. By the way, they also have PROSAFE for adults. I got myself a pair, too!

Wearing my PROSAFE Glasses from EYE Republic Optical

Now, for the price. This really shocked me! I got Zeeka’s PROSAFE 7005 for a discounted price of Php 795! It’s original price was Php 2990. Her glasses also come in different colors! Super cute! She got the sky blue one.

My little cutie wearing PROSAFE KIDS
My little cutie wearing PROSAFE KIDS

I got the PROSAFE 4003 in turquoise for myself. When I wear it, it’s really light and it feels like I’m not wearing glasses. I usually get dark colors so it’s refreshing to see myself in the mirror now dawning a lighter shade for my frame. The lenses were just at Php 1999 and there are different option for the lenses.

PROSAFE Glasses for Adults

If you opt to get the blue coat anti-radiation lens with prescription, just add Php 2500 for these really get lenses.

I wanted to go with a shop where I didn’t need to get out of the house. This was one of my pre-requisites in choosing. I had Zeeka’s prescription so I just sent that to them. As for mine, I requested that they pick up my old specs so that they would have a basis.

Prosafe Glasses for kids

They did and it was no hassle. It was so easy to coordinate with them. I also love that they updated me when my lenses would be delivered. They were so efficient.

I will definitely order from them again, hopefully not after 5 months. I hope that this one lasts this time around!

If you want to check out their shop, you can visit their online store here:

Learning and Working from Home with the MSI CUBI 5 and MSI PRO MP242 Monitor

One pastime I have is looking at gaming set-ups of different people online. But what I tend to gravitate towards are the minimalist set-ups. I guess when you’re a mom and you have tons of stuff at home (mostly owned by your child), it’s hard to look for a huge space where you can set up your equipment, and enjoy both working, playing and learning. It was great that I recently got to try the MSI Cubi 5 and the MSI PRO MP242 Monitor.

Review of the MSI Cubi 5 and MSI PRO MP242 Monitor

Setting up both the MSI Cubi 5 and MSI PRO MP242 Monitor was easy and both doesn’t take up much space. Let me go through each device for your appreciation.

MSI Cubi 5

The MSI Cubi 5 is a mini-PC that has enough power for most of your usual activities from live streaming, remote learning, editing documents and spreadsheets, and joining teleconference calls. With these specs that I’m currently using, 8GB of RAM, 500 GB SSD, and i5 processor (Note that the RAM & SSD are not included and sold separately with MSI Cubi5 10M), gone are the days when my daughter had to set up an alarm 5 minutes before her classes just to prepare her computer (so that it boots up on time). These components are upgradable by the way: RAM can be upgraded to 64GB and you can also choose to upgrade up to an i7 processor. 

I love that the MSI CUBI 5 also has SIX USB ports, including one USB Type C. Amazing right? I always have more than enough ports to attach all the devices that I need for vlogging and streaming from ring lights to cameras to external hard drives that I use for editing. It also comes with separate audio in and audio out mini stereo female ports. This is what we use to plug in a condenser microphone via the dedicated audio in port.

MSI PRO MP242 Monitor

For us to relax and unwind, we use CUBI and attach it to our TV. We then get to watch our favorite shows online. When we need connectivity that’s faster and more stable, we can easily plug in a LAN cable from the router straight to the CUBI.

I noticed that we can also cut down on our electricity bills since the CUBI also consumes a lot less electricity than our desktop PCs. For us, this means we can leave it on for longer. It’s perfect as a media server for our home or even a Minecraft server for our daughter and her cousins who need to be able to login at any time.

I mentioned my need for space so what I love the most though about the MSI Cubi 5 is how tiny it is! For those who have seen my table in pictures, I have a lot of stuff on my desk. Now, I have so much more space for all my hand sanitizers and books. We can also take space saving a step further because it comes with a VESA mount, meaning we can attach it to the back of compatible monitors and even TVs!

Speaking of monitors, let me share with you my thoughts on the MSI PRO MP242 Monitor. This monitor is a HUGE 1920×1080 widescreen monitor that can easily fit 2 windows beside each other in the same view. It’s perfect for my daughter so she can have her webinar on one side of the screen and her classwork on the right side. She gets to follow instructions faster and gets to understand her lessons better. Having to constantly alt-tab to switch between applications is confusing for a young grade schooler. 

It also supports a 75Hz refresh rate with HDMI. What does that mean? That means my husband can’t blame the monitor anymore when he gets killed in Valorant. For the non-gamers out there, that means the monitor is super responsive and can keep up with applications that need very fast refresh times.

Surprisingly, it also comes with its own speakers. Yup, a monitor with speakers! So it’s perfect for use with the MSI CUBI 5 because I no longer have to keep using my headphones when using the mini PC. The sound comes out of the monitor!

Distance Learning with MSI Cubi 5 and MSI PRO MP242 Monitor

I am very particular about health so I know what gadgets can do to your eyes when you use them for a long time. Learning from home means that we need to protect our kid’s vision. My favorite feature of MSI PRO MP242 Monitor is that it has low blue light emission and anti-glare coating. Nowadays, our daughter is spending a lot more time in front of screens so these features are important so that her eyes aren’t strained at the end of her classes.


Both the MSI CUBI 5 and the MSI PRO MP242 Monitor are well worth the money. The Cubi 5 10M sells at PHP 20900 while the MP242 sells at PHP 6990.

This means having to set up multiple workstations for my husband, me, and my daughter doesn’t mean having to break the bank. And get this, you can get up to Php 599 worth of Go SURF Prepaid load when you buy these products. Check this out:

If you need more information, you can visit these links:

You can purchase these products here:

Another good news from MSI! They are having a raffle that will run Feb 1 until April 20, 2021 or until supplies last. Winners will be announced on April 23, 2021. Check out the details here: formally Launches in the Philippines

One of the things that I’ve been trying to figure out is how to encourage Zeeka to eat properly, and not to forget to take care of herself even while at home. The frequent reminders from me, her dad and ate are still there (but these reminders sound like frequent “nagging” already; they’re not effective anymore). When you have a kid, you know that they are easily distracted by minute things. When Zeeka and the other kids were still going physically to school, school bells and hanging out with their classmates while doing things together were fun. Now, at home, during lunch or breaks, Zeeka gets easily distracted, so she ends up not finishing her food. She also forgets to drink while listening during her online class. But recently, I just had an “AHA” moment when I attended the launch in the Philippines.

For those who don’t know what is, is Australia’s No. 1 brand of baby and kids products.  Since launched in 2009, it has redefined the industry, bringing to market products parents and kids love and industry leaders applaud.  They have won more than 60 product and consumer awards, but what gives the biggest buzz is seeing a parent and child using and loving their product.

How started?

Just to share, was started by Dannielle Michaels in 2007 who was struggling to change her three-week-old infant’s nappy in a crammed airplane bathroom. Dannielle started a business from this pain with her best friend, Monique. Their first product was the nappy wallet, an all-in-one box that has built in wipes, a changing pad and storage for two diapers and a change of clothes. 

Fast forward to today, they’ve built a multi-million dollar business with a successful track record in 45 countries, and growing!  The sippy cup   is consistently the No. 1 selling sippy cup in Australia year on year. 

Aside from these two products, they also have the drink bottle, the bowl and straw cup, and this other product, which I actually have at home, is the Whole Foods Bento Box.

During the launch in the Philippines…

We met the founders of during the online launch in the Philippines. Zeeka and I enjoyed the games and the science activity led by Kids Interactive Club. We used the materials that were inside the Whole Foods Bento Box.

Changing times…

With the changing times and kids staying at home most of the time, these products are great gifts and great purchases. How I use the Whole Foods Bento Box now is really to make lunchtime and snack time fun for her. She feel excited whenever she opens her for lunch! The drink bottle is also great for keeping them hydrated all throughout the day. It keeps them also from spilling liquids on their school books, notebooks and other materials.

I love the design of all products. I think this is what makes them standout since they really know how kids use the prducts.

Do check out products in the links below! products are distributed by and their official stores on Shopee and Lazada . They are also available at Mothercare, Rustans, and baby specialty stores nationwide.  

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