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See what Baby Z’s wearing today!

Hi Readers!

Is it already too obvious that my favorite color is pink? I love pink! I know though that when I grow older, I might change my favorite color, but for now, pink is the coolest color. Mamou and Papou were going to pick up mommy, yaya and I to go to SM Aura. Mommy picked out a whole ensembles for me.

Baby Fashionista: I <3 Pink

My pink onesie was from Debenhams (baby section). My green and pink shorts are from Osh Kosh B’gosh. I love the pink ribbon that came with the shorts. My jacket is from New Baby, but I don’t know where Mamou Annie bought it. And last but not the least, my socks are from Tippy Toes.

Check out my socks!

Check out my socks!

Check out my pink socks! My mama (great grandmother) says they look like shoes. These are actually is skidless socks.

Tippy Toes

Tippy Toes

They come in different colors. This was a gift from my Tito/Ninong Gino! Thank you, Tito Gino! 🙂
My sock collection

This was my final pose before I leave for SM Aura! Doing a Donald Trump Impression…

"You're Fired!"

“You’re Fired!”

Yey! I love car rides! I was sitting comfortably in the car in my baby fashionista attire.

Car Ride

Car Ride

That’s it for Baby Z’s Style corner for today. This is the lovely attire that I wanted to share. I hope you like it!

Baby Fashionista, Baby Z!

*I just love being a girl!*

This is the first time I got to wear rompers. I usually wear frog suites, onesies and dresses.

Romper-eee Romper-oo!

Romper-eee Romper-oo!


I have to admit! These are very comfortable. Thank you Ninang Neva, Tito Dan, Kuya David and Kuya Noah for the Gift of GAP. I feel like a Baby GAP Model *winks* in these Baby GAP Rompers

– Baby Z

GAP Philippines:

Another hot summer day! It’s election day today. Vote wisely!

How are you taking the heat? Baby Z is quite chill and comfortable.

Summer is about to end. Before it ends, I want to share with you my Summer Chic look. Baby Z is donning a flowery onesie with her sunglasses!

Summer Chic

Summer Chic

I hope you like it! I forgot where I got my floral onesie. The plastic neon pink shades are from Metro! Department store and the mittens are St. Patrick Baby.

Love lots,

Baby Z


Hi Everyone!

This is my first entry for Baby Z’s Style Corner. In this section, I will take you through the different outfits and ensembles that Mommy makes me wear. Occasionally, even Daddy picks outfits for me!

My first outfit is this hot pink striped onesie with matching bonnet.

Hot Pink Stripes

This striped onesie and bonnet are from Mothercare Philippines. My white socks are from Mothercare Philippines also and the mittens are from St. Patrick.

Hope you love my look!

– Baby Z