How To Improve Your Hair’s Health In 2023

Improving your hair’s health is something that you want to focus on as you grow older. The lack of collagen you produce as you age impacts the overall health and growth of your hair. In some cases, it can even result in hair loss or thinning hair.

With that being said, knowing what you need to look after your hair’s health is useful to ensure you’ve got luscious locks for years to come. If you’re looking to improve your hair’s health this year, here are some useful tips worth knowing.

Know what type of hair you have

First and foremost, it’s useful to know what type of hair you have. For some, it’s a coil or curly texture, for others, it’s straight or wavy.

There are also patterns to hair that are important to note. So when you see 5 Rules For Managing And Caring For 4A Hair, Straight From A Stylist, you might want to know what this means.

There are four types of hair; 1 – straight, 2 – wavy, 3 – curly, and 4 – coily. In the above article, 4A refers to coily hair that has wide patterns. Knowing your hair type is useful because it helps determine what products you’ll need to use, and the methods you need for washing, drying, and styling your hair.

Purchase the right products

Hair products are something that everyone should be mindful of, especially when it comes to knowing which ones actually benefit your hair types and which ones probably don’t do much at all.

For example, it might be that if you have curls, you’ll want to use deep conditioners to help with adding moisture back into your hair. It might be that you also want to look at curling creams to help add further definition when styling your hair.

Every hair type requires a different product and each product is likely to influence the result in a certain way. With that being said, make sure you’ve purchased all of the products you need in order to look after your hair.

For most, it might be a case of trial and error until the right types of products are sourced.

Detangle your hair before showering

Detangling your hair is definitely something you want to be proactive about because if you’re not detangling or simply brushing your hair regularly, you’re likely to cause more breakage. 

Make sure you have a detangling brush to hand, ensuring that it’s the right type for your hair texture. For example, a wide-tooth comb is going to be useful for those with curls and coils, whereas a standard hair brush detangler is going to work for straight and wavy hair.

Detangling before showering is a good way to ensure every last hair gets coated in the goodness of your shampoo and conditioning treatments. It’ll also help with brushing through your hair once it’s dried.

Avoid too much heat on your hair

Heat is your enemy when it comes to your hair. If you’re not using a heat protectant when using heating tools of any kind, then you’re already doing some serious damage to your hair. In order to help keep your hair looking and feeling healthy, you want to try and avoid as much heat as possible.

If you’re going to use heat, keep it to a low temperature and avoid going over the same strands of hair too many times.

There are plenty of heatless ways to dry your hair and style it, so consider using alternative methods when it comes to this part of maintaining your hair.

Look after your scalp 

Your scalp is an important part of your hair care because it’s responsible for helping with the growth of new hair follicles. Stimulating hair growth by massaging your scalp, for example, is a practice that’s well worth doing.

It’s also good to use scalp treatments on your head so that you’re proactively keeping your scalp clean and healthy. Make sure to tackle any scalp conditions with the right products too, i.e. if your scalp produces too much oil or has dry, flaky skin.

Find a trusted hair salon or stylist to maintain your hair

Finally, if you want to protect and maintain your hair well, then make sure you find a hair stylist you trust. Someone who you know will be able to look after your hair and do what you ask when it comes to trimming or making major changes to the hair.

Improving your hair’s health is beneficial to keep it looking good for longer. Use these tips to improve your hair’s health in 2023.

Gabbi Garcia’s Secret to Success: Why Her Mom is Her Ultimate OG Bestie

Lazada, the top online beauty destination, is celebrating Mother’s Day with LazBeauty brand ambassador, actress, and performer Gabbi Garcia. In honor of the occasion, Gabbi shares her thoughts on her relationship with her first beauty bestie, her mother Tes Lopez, who has been a constant source of support in her journey towards becoming her best self.

Gabbi attributes her success to her mother’s unwavering encouragement and support, which has empowered her to pursue her passions with confidence. Gabbi also advises treating our mothers as our best friends, while also acknowledging the role they played in making our lives possible.

To honor her mother this Mother’s Day, Gabbi has added some skincare products from LazBeauty to her cart, which she and her mother love. She also expresses her appreciation for LazBeauty’s support of Filipinas by providing easy access to a wide range of beauty products with numerous choices and deals.

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HairReve to the Rescue for Breastfeeding Moms losing Hair

On top of worrying about that additional pregnancy weight, the amount of breastmilk that I produce and making sure that my new born baby’s still breathing in the morning, I have hair loss to deal with. My husband always says that living with women means living with a lot of hair shedding (haha!). After giving birth, I’ve noticed a significant increase in the amount of hair loss that I have.

Is hair loss for breastfeeding moms normal? What causes excessive hair fall?

For first time moms, don’t panic. You may have noticed collecting big clumps of hair whenever you clean the house. I, personally felt, that I was going bald! The reason why you’re shedding a lot of hair is because of the falling levels of estrogen in your body. I’ve read in this research by the Australian Breastfeeding Association that losing hair is not associated with breastfeeding (so please do continue to breastfeed your baby). Post partum hair loss is attributed to the changing levels of hormones in your body, and it will return to normal 6 to 12 months after the birth of your baby, regardless of whether you are breastfeeding or not. It’s also not due to lack of nutrients in your body. So even if you take your vitamins regularly, your hair may still fall off.


Why I’m not worried about it?

During my first pregnancy 8 years ago, it took a while before I grew my hair back. I felt insecure. I never really had thick hair, so losing even some of it, was quite saddening for me. And we know what lack of confidence does to you, right? So this time around, I was more prepared. I researched on what can help me grow my hair quickly and bring it back to how it was before. I found HairReve Hair Rescue Thickening Serum.

HairReve Hair Rescue Thickening Serum

HairReve is a hair rescue thickening serum. What it does is it moisturizes and strengthens hair follicles that helps prevent hair fall (as much as it can). It also revitalizes and nourishes the scalp so my hair looks visibly thicker and radiant.

My experience and how I used HairReve

I started using HairReve a month ago. I’ve been religiously spraying it twice a day. In the morning, during my learning time (I usually watch videos on business and productivity), I spray it and make sure that the serum reaches my scalp. It smells good so I don’t mind having it on during the day. And then I use it again after I shower at night, and spray it before sleeping. By the way, after spraying, you have to massage it gently, so it gets absorbed by the scalp.

You have to part your hair and spray the exposed scalp

My personal reason why I tried this product is that aside from post partum hair loss, I knew that I was losing hair because of stress. Hair loss happens when the number of hair in the growing phase is less than the number of hairs that fall off. I knew that I wasn’t growing enough hair to compensate for the hair loss, and I knew that it was because of stress and probably because I’m older now, too.

So this was me, the day I got my HairReve. This was 8 months post partum. Hair fall was not as much anymore, but hair growth was really slow. I had a few baby hairs growing as you can see. My hair was thinner and flat.

8 month post partum prior to using HairReve

And this is me a month after! I have baby hair growing from all over my head. Although it’s hard to manage these baby hair (I’m not complaining! haha!), I’m very grateful that I’ll have thicker hair. This really proves that HairReve works. I’ve seen how it increased my hair growth and hair density.

9 months post partum after one month of religiously using HairReve
Look at all of my baby hair!

What I love about it is that HairReve’s active ingredients from Switzerland are all natural and safe for breastfeeding moms. It has larch tree extracts, Zinc, Green Tea Extract, Coffee Extract and Rosemary extract. It doesn’t have any harmful chemicals as well. With a few sprays a day, it really helps nourish hair follicles to reduce hair fall for thicker, stronger and healthier hair.

Do check out HairReve at, Facebook and on Instagram @hairreverescue.

HairReve is available in selected Mercury Drug outlets nationwide, Lazmall and Shopee Mall. Try it and share with me your experience with the product.

Stay healthy and gorgeous!

5 Skincare Steps That You Should Never Skip

5 skincare steps that you should never skip!

Not all of us are born skincare experts, and while we may know about the importance of certain items, some of us prefer a basic routine rather than an advanced one. You’re much more likely to remember to apply a few everyday products compared to an extensive list.

However, with that being said, there are still some different things that every individual should be doing. This will keep your skin looking its best throughout the entire year.

Below we are going to talk about five skincare steps that you should never skip.

Let’s get started!

Cleansing well

There can be a lot of steps in a skincare routine, but the most important one that everyone should follow is to cleanse well. This removes dirt, pollution, and excess oil so that your skin remains clean and breakout-free.

This oatmeal face cleanser is a great gentle option, but don’t forget that you may also consider doing a double cleanse with two different products. This helps remove even the toughest of impurities.

Moisturizing daily

No matter what type of skin type you have, moisturizer is essential. It prevents dryness, which often leads to clogged pores and acne. Alternatively, the right product can decrease your sebum levels if you have oily skin.

Moisturizer can be applied both morning and night, but make sure you use it after any serums. This way, everything gets locked in and works as effectively as possible.

Cleaning tools

One thing that many people forget to do is to clean their tools frequently. The brushes and sponges you use on your face for makeup and skincare products can be filled with bacteria that are harmful to your skin.

You can find some tips to help you clean everything at home here. However, keep in mind it’s also advised that you replace your brushes every three months.

Applying sunscreen

Without a doubt, the most critical step to every skincare routine is applying sunscreen. UV radiation is extremely harmful to the skin, resulting in premature aging and potential skincare.

There are a lot of great face sunscreens on the market, but you can also find moisturizers that have SPF included. A level of at least 30 is best, so be careful when looking at your different options.

Treating yourself

Finally, while treating yourself may seem like something that isn’t essential, it is crucial. Alongside the fact that your skin will look and feel better, you can also take this opportunity to enjoy some relaxation and well deserved “me-time.”

Treatments and following beauty steps, such as facial massage can improve mental wellbeing. You’ll feel happier and healthier as a result.

Final words

And that’s it. These were five skincare steps that you should never skip. By following the above, you can keep your skin looking as incredible as possible.

If you’re still having trouble, try reaching out to a dermatologist for more advice. They can help recommend products and diagnose potential reasons for your specific issues.

Foreo Bear Review: Facial Workout at Home

Do you do facial exercises? Do you work out your facial muscles? I’ve been reading up and exercising your facial muscles can help with toning the face and also help give you glowing skin. With blood circulating in the face more, oxygen, vitamins and nutrients reach the cells in your face, too. Since I’ve seen the benefits from the products of FOREO, aside from the FOREO UFO and FOREO UFO MINI, I wanted to try BEAR by FOREO Sweden. This blog is about my Foreo Bear Review.

BEAR gives you an energetic facial workout. So just like the other Foreo products, you register and link the device with the mobile application that goes with it. 

Foreo Bear Review

Let me introduce you to BEAR.

Foreo Bear Review: Foreo Philippines

It gives you an energizing facial workout with its microcurrent  technology and the T-Sonic pulsations. It’s also very safe to use because of its Anti-Shock System. The Anti-Shock System scans and measures your skin’s resistance to electricity and automatically adjusts microcurrent intensity for both safety and comfort. BEAR adjusts microcurrent intensity automatically in just 0.002 seconds, so no need to worry about feeling uncomfortable.

It should be connected to the FOREO For You app to guide you in your facial fitness routine. You can also choose to increase or decrease the microcurrent intensity using the app.

The design looks like a bear and is ergonomically shaped to fit facial curves. You can use a fully charged BEAR by FOREO Sweden 90 times, so there is no need to keep on charging the device.

Foreo bear microcurrent toning device review

How to Use the BEAR by FOREO Sweden

Turn on the Foreo For you mobile application. It will ask you to use the Foreo Serum. You will need to use the Foreo Serum and spread it all over your face. The Foreo Serum contains squalene that is an antioxidant and Hyaluronic acid that hydrates your skin. Once your skin absorbs the serum, you can start the treatment using the FOREO BEAR.

My Personal Experience Using BEAR

I was pleasantly surprised when I used it! You will feel a microcurrent running through your skin. It’s surprising if it’s the first time that you are using it. FOREO BEAR and the FOREO BEAR Mini are the only at-home microcurrent devices that feature an Anti-Shock System so it’s really safe to use. 

You will feel these superior microcurrent & T-Sonic pulsations as you use the FOREO BEAR and go through the treatment. The session only lasts for a few seconds, but again the benefits are a lot! If you feel you want to increase the intensity of the microcurrent, just adjust it in the FOREO For you app.

I use BEAR every evening. During these times when I can’t go to my derma or even have a facial (I’m too scared to leave the house), it’s a nice feeling to know that you can have it at your home. 

My skin care routine starts with me washing my face thoroughly. After using my toner, I immediately jump into this session with my BEAR. I use my FOREO UFO after to end my routine.

Foreo Bear Review: Before using the foreo bear microcurrent toning device
Foreo Bear Review: After using the foreo bear microcurrent toning device

After using BEAR, I feel that my skin is tighter and toned. It really feels like my skin is more energized and alive! I love how my jawline feels so toned and chiselled after use (though you can’t probably see it in the pictures).

The most noticeable and visible change in my after pics are the lines under my eyes and on the side. The lines are less visible! BEAR really helped minimize my laugh lines around my eyes. 

That’s the most visible change, so I really look forward to using this continuously. I’ve been using it for close to a month now, and I’m excited to see how my skin will improve more as I age (so ironic!). 

My favorite BEAR feature would have to be the microcurrent (as surprising as it may seem to many!). I feel that it’s really effective and I feel that it will really delay wrinkles and saggy skin from showing up.

So that’s it for my comprehensive Foreo Bear Review. Try it, too, and let me know what you think!

Check out the product at

P.S. Here is the other article that I wrote about the FOREO UFO and FOREO UFO MINI