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Our family loves fashion, but our styles and our beliefs about fashion have evolved through the years. Initially, we loved buying clothes because it was how we could project out individual sense of style. Brands don’t matter to us though. What we go for is quality. W love things that would last for years. This means that we don’t have to keep on buying.

What we also value more are the fit and comfort. We are busy parents and always on the go, so we really need comfortable clothing.

We are also on our way towards being minimalists in terms of fashion. We just realized that the pandemic has taught us that we can live with just a few items and we don’t really need a lot.

How about you? What’s your style? What clothes do you buy and what do you maintain?

New PROSAFE Prescription Glasses from Eye Republic Optical

Prosafe is the newest eyewear collection from EYE Republic Optical.

Since the lockdown last March 2020 to today, which is a year after, Zeeka has miraculously destroyed 2 prescription lenses already. Last May 2020, my husband brought her to an ophthalmologist to have her eyes checked, because we noticed that she couldn’t see things that are far from her. Well, it was not surprising since me and my husband both wear glasses, and we are both near sighted.

I think I was Grade 5 when I was prescribed to wear prescription lenses. My husband was around Grade 7. So we were expecting that our kids would really need glasses early on.

So when Zeeka needed glasses, the first pair was ordered from her doctor. It was at around Php 6000 with the prescription lenses already. I didn’t get to ask if he used special lenses for Zeeka’s glasses.

Her first pair of glasses from the doctor’s clinic that Zeeka managed to destroy

After 4 months, Zeeka managed to destroy the frame. So I looked for a shop to get her a new pair. Luckily we got one from a famous brand, and it was a cheaper than Php 6000 (at least). This was a cute frame with screen safe lenses. I ordered and then got the lenses after a few days. I thought that this would her at least a year, but again, she destroyed the frames again after 5 months. Haha!

Zeeka’s 2nd pair of glasses from another store

With this, I wanted to get her prescription lenses that was the cheapest yet with comparable quality. I already told her that it’s really expensive to have glasses made. I hope she got the point. But of course, I wanted to look for cheaper alternatives. The things that I looked for were:

  • A store that would have cute frames for children and those that would protect their eyesight. We all know that kids nowadays spend a lot of time in front of devices so I was looking for glasses that she could use to protect her eyes.
  • I wanted to look for a store that delivers since I didn’t want to (and still don’t want to) go out of the house just to buy lenses.
  • Also, I’m definitely looking for a cheaper alternative since if the lifespan of Zeeka’s glasses is just 4-5 months, then, I definitely won’t buy expensive ones.

EYE Republic Optical

Check out our new PROSAFE Glasses from EYE Republic Optical

So in my quest to fulfill all of my requirements, I was lucky to come across EYE Republic Optical. Their mission is to be one if not the only leading eye care clinic that is committed to improving the lives of their patients through world-class eye care by utilizing innovations of the modern world. Speaking of innovation, what got my attention is their newest eyewear collection called PROSAFE.

With PROSAFE lenses, we reduce glare when we are exposed to blue light emitted by digital screens. I have noticed that when Zeeka or when I am using my gadget at night, it’s hard for us to sleep. With the ProSafe Blue Light Collection glasses, these can actually help all of us minimize the damage blue light wavelengths can cause. As a parent, the safety of Zeeka’s eyesight comes first so this was definitely something that I liked.

I also love the acetate sleek design that allows you to stay protected and still look stylish. By the way, they also have PROSAFE for adults. I got myself a pair, too!

Wearing my PROSAFE Glasses from EYE Republic Optical

Now, for the price. This really shocked me! I got Zeeka’s PROSAFE 7005 for a discounted price of Php 795! It’s original price was Php 2990. Her glasses also come in different colors! Super cute! She got the sky blue one.

My little cutie wearing PROSAFE KIDS
My little cutie wearing PROSAFE KIDS

I got the PROSAFE 4003 in turquoise for myself. When I wear it, it’s really light and it feels like I’m not wearing glasses. I usually get dark colors so it’s refreshing to see myself in the mirror now dawning a lighter shade for my frame. The lenses were just at Php 1999 and there are different option for the lenses.

PROSAFE Glasses for Adults

If you opt to get the blue coat anti-radiation lens with prescription, just add Php 2500 for these really get lenses.

I wanted to go with a shop where I didn’t need to get out of the house. This was one of my pre-requisites in choosing. I had Zeeka’s prescription so I just sent that to them. As for mine, I requested that they pick up my old specs so that they would have a basis.

Prosafe Glasses for kids

They did and it was no hassle. It was so easy to coordinate with them. I also love that they updated me when my lenses would be delivered. They were so efficient.

I will definitely order from them again, hopefully not after 5 months. I hope that this one lasts this time around!

If you want to check out their shop, you can visit their online store here: https://www.eyerep.ph/

Embrace your Curves with Silouex

This May, I’m ready to do my best to look good once again. Funny me, but last month was a season where I didn’t really care how I looked. I guess the decisions that I made in my business drained me out. But hey, hey, hey! This month is a different thing. And I hope that moving forward, I will be inspired to look good again.

It’s important that you feel and look good, because your positivity exudes and cascades to everything that you do. You feel excited about life and take on opportunities that you would never take on before.

So this month, I had time to color my hair. A little set of white hair was showing at the side of my head. And when I say set, it was like five strands near each other at the right side, near my ear. Hehe! Then, I started exercising again. I only ran 3 times in April versus 19 times in January.

And I also discovered this really cool high waisted compression leggings.

Went for a run using the Silouex compression leggings.

It’s from a brand called Silouex.

First off, I really didn’t want to use it because of the weather nowadays. It is so hot! But tried it out and the first thing that I noticed and was surprised about is that it was super easy to wear. If you have tried on other compression leggings for either performance or aesthetic, most of them are hard to wear. Putting on the Silouex compression leggings was easy as wearing regular leggings.

haha! Credits to my husband whose hand was shaking when he took this! haha!

Next, I thought I would feel hot when I wore them. But I definitely thought wrong! It was so comfortable and I didn’t feel hot at all! Also, I used it during my run this morning. It helped me perform better (I feel!) during my long run today. I also noticed that the top doesn’t roll down. For some compression leggings, the top normally rolls down, especially when you sit.

Took pictures showing you both the front and the side. As you can see, it made my tummy flatter and no more bulges on the side. It made my legs look longer and therefore, I look taller! haha!

I’m happy with my 2 pairs of Silouex compression leggings! I highly recommend that you try it out, too! My size is a Large. They have Small to 3XL sizes.

You can check their site out here: https://silouex.com/

Let me know your experience with the product! I’m sure you’ll love it!

Sunnies Specs for Kids! Eye Glasses Kids will Love

During one conversation with my daughter, Zeeka, she asked me to get her eye glasses. She didn’t want shades; she really wanted what mommy and daddy had. What triggered it more was that she saw her best friend wear glasses. The little girl had astigmatism. I kept on telling her that her best friend needed it to correct her eyesight and she didn’t need it, but she kept on insisting. Dineadma ko! (didn’t mind her) HAHA!

Days after, I read this article on How Gadgets and Screens are Harming your Child. And then, I came across Sunnies Specs kids! I realized that my daughter needed protection for her eyes! It’s so nice that Sunnies Specs came up with this line of glasses that protects children’s eyes from blue light.

Zeeka Eureka wearing Sunnies Specs for kids! So cute!

Look at that face! hahaha! Super kulit!

This line is available in all sunnies specs stores nationwide. Well, I’m sure my daughter will grow up wearing glasses like mommy and daddy. It’s nice to have a brand that thinks of my kid’s eyesight! Oh, each pair is at Php 1999 only! 🙂

Look who’s so happy about this!

Check out https://www.facebook.com/sunniesspecs/ for more information!

10 Things to Show Love for your Great Kids

I’ve been so busy lately that I have felt so guilty. We have been so focused on growing our tech startup business that we have spent less time with Zeeka. But even if we have spent less time with her these past few days, we make sure that we show our daughter that we love her.

Children always want to feel that they are loved by their parents. It has been extra difficult for us recently with our daughter since she has become extra clingy. I guess this is what happens when they are already old enough to say what and how they are feeling. She has become extra vocal in telling us not to work or not to go to the office.

There are a lot of ways to show your love for your child apart from the material things. The following are good ideas to consider doing to show love to your child:

Spend quality time with your child

My daughter loves going to the mall. She loves trying on clothes. This has become a thing that we enjoy together. We would visit stores and buy Mommy and Me outfits! Haha!

Great Kids Mommy and Me 2

Great Kids Mommy and Me 3

Great Kids Mommy and Me 4

Quality time does not depend on the length of time that you bond with your child. It only has to be meaningful both to you as a parent and the child, where both focus on building the relationship. It means giving your full attention to your child (no checking of gadgets, etc.) What you can do is set aside that time which is only for your children — a day at the mall, a simple story time, etc. means a lot to a child more than you would know.

Be a good example

When you want them to be an obedient, generous, kind-hearted individual, then lead by example. This is the best way to teach a child about love and respect. Be kind to others and respect others. This is what they will see and this is what they will emulate.

Teach them discipline

Many children associate being disciplined as an act of “hate”. What we do as a couple is that we explain to our daughter why we get mad or why we discipline her. We explain to her that it’s because we love her and because we don’t want her to get hurt.

Be there when you are needed and Keep promises

I think that what kids really want is security. Since they are still young and unsure about a lot of things, they need to know that you will be there for them. There will be times when your child needs someone he or she could lean on so be sure to be with him or her during those times. Also, always keep your promises. These children need to see that they can trust and rely on you to keep your word.

Be sweet

Our daughter is a very sweet and caring child, and I attribute it to the fact that my husband is very caring and sweet to me. Haha! I think she always sees us hugging each other at home and putting one over the other in terms of needs, so she’s that way, too. She’ll always tell me, “Mommy, are you sad? Please don’t be sad,” when she sees me stressed out. I believe that even at a young age, a child can be very observant and critical of so many things. Show your child affection and you overtly show him or her love. Simple hugs and kisses on the cheek will mean a lot to them.

Act as your child’s protector

Sometimes, as parents, our “disciplinary” role is our automatic go-to-role. When we see another child crying beside our child, we automatically think our child did something wrong, and we “automatically” scold them without analyzing the situation. As parents, there are a lot of times when we need to be logical. We need to analyze then act accordingly. You would then see that there are a lot of times when we should have been our child’s protector even.

This happened to us. Our daughter is a meek and quiet child in front of other children. She would allow other children to take her toys and grab it away from her. We need to keep in mind that our children are weak and could not fend off for themselves. There are times when we need to tell them that they need to step up and fend for themselves. There are even times when we, as parents, need to step up, too, to act as our child’s protector especially when their security and safety is a concern.

Grant wishes

Kids wish for a lot of things and I think that sometimes, we need to grant them. Parents are so afraid that they would grow up as spoiled brats, but I believe that if you grant wishes in moderation, this will make them feel appreciated and loved. Don’t be too scared!

Compliments and praises

We never fail to give our daughter compliments and praises and we do it by being very specific about what she did well. I read somewhere that being specific makes everything clear and they would most likely do it again since they understand.

See, showing your child that you love them is not that hard. We don’t have to overthink. We just need to feel and trust that they will grow up to be Great Kids!

How do show your children that you love them? 🙂 Share a tip on Facebook and / or Instagram and tag @GreatKidsPH and @MommyGinger

Here are the mechanics:

a. A Mommy and Me set will be given to the chosen mom who shares the best tip on what they do to show their child their love on facebook and/or Instagram:)
b. Share your tip using #GreatKidsPH and #MommyGingerFinds so that we can monitor the entries
c. Contest will run from June 10 to July 1. The more posts, the more chances of winning.
d. On July 2, 9am, the winner will be announced via the Mommy Ginger Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/mommyginger/
e. The winner must be willing to claim the prize from any of the branches:

Pois Belly & Kids BOUTIQUES:
– TriNoma: Ground Floor near Activity Center
– SM Megamall: Level 5 The Atrium
– Shangri-la Plaza: Level 4 Main Bldg
– Alabang Town Center: Level 2 Expansion Bldg
– SM Mall Of Asia: Ground Floor in front of Kids Universe
– SM City Cebu: Level 2, Main Mall
– SM City Iloilo: Upper Ground Floor
– SM Lanang Premier Davao: Level 2
– Ayala Center Cebu: Level 3

f. You must be able to show a valid ID upon pick up of the prize 🙂

Post away and good luck!


Cool Kids wear Babiators!

When my little darling was less than a year old, I loved dressing her up in different outfits. Hence, I created a section in this blog entitled Baby Z’s Style Corner. And then, I got so lazy to upload her other outfits while growing up, but then a friend recently mentioned that she missed that corner of my blog. So, okay, I promise that I will again have more content for Baby Z’s Style Corner.

For this week’s feature, I was so happy to receive these products in the mail. I received a pair of the popstar pink Original sunglasses and a pair of Submariner goggles from Babiators.

Living the Babiators Life!

Living the Babiators Life!

Babiators Submariners Goggles

Babiators Submariners Goggles

Submariner Goggles UnBoxed

Submariner Goggles UnBoxed

I was so happy because I have this ‘OC’ thing now that I want my little lady to be the best of health all the time (frequent appointment with her pedia, dentist, conscious about serving healthy food, etc.). I think it’s a crazy phase that I am in. Anyway, I was so happy to find out that Babiators is on a mission to promote healthy vision for babies and children with products that can withstand the rough and tumble daily activities of adventuresome young aviators. I recently read that not having the right pair of glasses or sunglasses for the little one can lead to destroying his/her eyesight. So that’s the reason why when this came in the mail, I was jumping for joy1

Aside from protecting the eyes, I super love the different styles of the Babiators sunglasses. Oh, did I also mention that it is made with BPA-free material, plus your little one can stretch and bend the frame without destroying it. Believe me! I saw how she handled her new pair. The sunglasses are made from shatter resistant lenses offering 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays.

Check out her #coolkidswearBabiators pics!

My Little Lady wearing the Babiators Popstar Pink

My Little Lady wearing the Babiators Popstar Pink

Cool kids wear Babiators!

Cool kids wear Babiators!

Living the Babiators Life!

Living the Babiators Life!

I don’t pictures of her wearing the Submariner Goggles yet, since we just found out from the pedia that she has swimmers ear now. It’s some kind of infection that one get from constantly swimming, so we had to stop swimming. But once we get an okay from the doctor, I’ll post more pictures of her using the Babiators Submariners Goggles.

Does your child have Babiators? Post a picture on Instagram and use #coolkidswearBabiators and #LivingtheBabiatorsLife 🙂

If you want to check out the other products that they have, you can visit http://babiators.ph/