Our Style Corner

Our family loves fashion, but our styles and our beliefs about fashion have evolved through the years. Initially, we loved buying clothes because it was how we could project out individual sense of style. Brands don’t matter to us though. What we go for is quality. W love things that would last for years. This means that we don’t have to keep on buying.

What we also value more are the fit and comfort. We are busy parents and always on the go, so we really need comfortable clothing.

We are also on our way towards being minimalists in terms of fashion. We just realized that the pandemic has taught us that we can live with just a few items and we don’t really need a lot.

How about you? What’s your style? What clothes do you buy and what do you maintain?

Hot Pink Stripes

Hi Everyone!

This is my first entry for Baby Z’s Style Corner. In this section, I will take you through the different outfits and ensembles that Mommy makes me wear. Occasionally, even Daddy picks outfits for me!

My first outfit is this hot pink striped onesie with matching bonnet.

Hot Pink Stripes

This striped onesie and bonnet are from Mothercare Philippines. My white socks are from Mothercare Philippines also and the mittens are from St. Patrick.

Hope you love my look!

– Baby Z