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Zeeka’s First Halloween Party: DIY Decorations from Memory Crafters

Once you have your first born, all occasions are exciting and everyone really prepares for it — the baby’s first Christmas, first Easter and first Halloween. And as expected, in or household, we are preparing for two Halloween celebrations. We had the first one last Sunday. This Halloween Party was with the babies of our Birthing Class under Miss Rome Kanapi.

It was actually a reunion, but we decided to make it a Halloween Party to make it more fun! 🙂 All of us are first time moms and dads so this was an event that we were really looking forward to. We had it in my lola’s house and being the host and after launching our (my sister and I) party planning business, we decided to decorate the place and DIY the decorations. Don’t get us wrong! Memory Crafters (our business) is into event coordination for kid’s parties/baptisms, so we outsource most of the stuff to suppliers, but we can DIY ‘some’ stuff here and there.

I’m so excited to share the pictures with you. Here is how we decorated the place.

Birthing Class Halloween Party_102013__mg_7221

Birthing Class Halloween Party_102013__mg_7225

Birthing Class Halloween Party_102013__mg_7226

Birthing Class Halloween Party_102013__mg_7228

Birthing Class Halloween Party_102013__mg_7234

Birthing Class Halloween Party_102013__mg_7239

Birthing Class Halloween Party_102013__mg_7248

Birthing Class Halloween Party_102013__mg_7250

Birthing Class Halloween Party_102013__mg_7263

We hope you like it. We at Memory Crafters can decorate for house parties and we really have affordable and flexible packages.Feel free to contact us!

Have you already thought of an outfit for your baby? My friends yesterday came up with really great costumes that may inspire you! Sharing them with you!

Baby Sam as Russel

Baby Sam as Russel

Baby Patty as  a Sushi

Baby Patty as a Sushi

Baby Zeeka as a Dragon

Baby Zeeka as a Dragon

Baby Andre as Superman

Baby Andre as Superman

Baby Rafi as a Bunny

Baby Rafi as a Bunny

The De Leon family featuring Temple Run

The De Leon family featuring Temple Run

My Zeeka was a bit uncomfortable with her dragon outfit so we changed back into her Cinderella attire. 🙂 Sharing with you some more pictures of our get together.

My Baby Cinderella, Zeeka and moi!

My Baby Cinderella, Zeeka and moi!

The Ladies in our Batch

The Ladies in our Batch

The Men in our Batch

The Men in our Batch

Baby Boys!

Baby Boys!

How about you? Do you already have an outfit for your baby? What was your favorite among all of the costumes? When are you celebrating your Halloween party? Are your kids going Trick or Treating? Do share your thoughts with me! 🙂

BABY OOTD: Ines Moda Infantil Dresses

Hi Lovely Readers! Today is another day where we feature Baby Z’s Style or BABY OOTD for the day. We didn’t get to feature a style last week to give in to my post on visioning for moms, which we thought would be more important for you to know about and sign up for since the workshop will be tomorrow. So with us skipping featuring an outfit last week, we will be featuring two outfits.

Baby Zeeka’s BABY OOTD for the day is from Ines Moda Infantil.

Peach outfit 1

Peach outfit 2

Butterflies 1

Butterflies 2

Butterflies 3

I want to be a model when I grow up

I really love these baby clothes and dresses from Ines Moda Infantil. These are the two outfit that we have which are of Zeeka’s size. The other outfits for BABY OOTD that we have from that store are for a 12 month old baby so they are still a bit big for Baby Z.

We hope that you like Baby Fashionista, Baby Z’s OOTD. ‘Til next Friday!

Ines Moda Infantil: Lovely Dress for Baby Fashionistas

I have received a lot of email from readers asking me where I usually buy the baby clothes of Baby Zeeka. Well, I actually get them from different stores. The reason why I came up with the Baby Z’s style corner section of this blog is to take you through the shopping journeys that me and Baby Z have shared. We want you to join us in our next adventures!

For this week, I am featuring Ines Moda Infantil. This is a little store where one could get really cute dresses for your little girl.

How did I discover this place? I heard about it when my SIL, Neva of tagged me in one of her photos of a dress — a dress that looked cute for Zeeka. I later learned that the store is just walking distance away from where we live. Ines Moda Infantil has a store in Kensington Place near Burgos Circle, BGC. So, with that, one sunny afternoon, Baby Zeeka, yaya and I went out to go shopping!

When I got to the store, I was so excited and I went through each and every dress. We were the only ones there during that time, so I got to concentrate (yes, shopping requires great concentration!). 😉


Ines Moda Infantil 0001

These are the dresses that caught my attention!

Ines Moda Infantil 0002

Ines Moda Infantil 0003

Ines Moda Infantil 0004

Ines Moda Infantil 0005

Ines Moda Infantil 0006

Ines Moda Infantil 0007

Look at my cool little girl choosing an awesome nautica outfit. Unfortunately, they didn’t have her size.

Zeeka's Shopping Spree at Ines Moda Infantil

Zeeka’s Shopping Spree at Ines Moda Infantil

So what did we buy? Here is Baby Zeeka in the cute dress that I bought for her! It was a straight A-line dress with a colorful flowery print.

Ines Moda Infantil 0011

Ines Moda Infantil 0010

Ines Moda Infantil 0012

Ines Moda Infantil 0013

For those who want to check out more from Ines Moda Infantil, you can visit their facebook page: They also have an instagram account:

Hope you like Baby Fashionista’s style for today! Until our next shopping adventure!

Build City and Hobbes and Landes Sale Starts Tomorrow

Ej and I used to buy Christmas gifts for our loved ones starting September.The good thing about starting early is that some stores are already on sale and you don’t get to wiggle yourself through the crowd of buyers rushing to complete their Christmas shopping.

There are already great stores, which are lowering their prices already! For mommies, Hobbes and Landes is already having their pre-holiday sale starting tomorrow and will run until October 20, 2013.

Hobbes and Landes Sale

Hurry and visit Hobbes and Landes stores in Greenbelt 5, Rockwell, Bonifacio High Street, and Greenhills Promenade.

Another store that will have their pre-holiday sale is Build City.

Build City Sale

The pre-holiday sale will also run from September 20 – October 20, 2013! Sale starts from 10%-70% off.

Let me know if you get to go and what items did you buy. I’d love to start thinking of what gifts to buy my loved ones, too!


Love lots,

Mommy Ginger

Mommy Ginger



1st Baby Expo PH 2013 in SMX Manila

Manila – The country’s leading convention center, SMX Manila partners with MediaCom Solutions Inc. to host the 1ST BABY EXPO PHILIPPINES 2013 – Welcoming Life, Love and Care, to be held on December 06-08, 2013.

BABY EXPO PHILIPPINES 2013 is the country’s biggest family expo dedicated to nurture family development and child care with over 200 participating brands and over 10,000 expected visitors. This three-day event will cover the stages of family growth from maternity, newborns, toddlers to early childhood and is co-presented by Cordlife, Asia Pacific’s largest network of private cord blood banks.

With 200 babies being born in the Philippines every hour and an average of 3 births per woman, the Philippines have the highest fertility rate in East Asia. The partnership launches the opportunity to provide a suitable and nurturing environment for parents, families, relatives and friends to learn the newest trends from the country’s experts, with talks on pregnancy, breastfeeding, parenting, child care, nutrition, family development and even yaya training sessions, explore from a wide variety of exciting baby and family related products and services, from baby apparel, skin care, baby essentials to family security, healthcare and education.

“It is our privilege to hold the 1ST BABY EXPO Philippines 2013 at the country’s leading convention center, SMX Manila, where our sponsors, exhibitors and visitors can be ideally accommodated.” says David Abrenilla, MediaCom Solutions Inc. president and BABY EXPO Philippines founder.


From L-R: SMX National Sales Director, Charry Casabar; MediaCom Solutions Inc. CEO and Baby Expo Philippines 2013 founder, David Abrenilla, and SMX Asst. VP of Sales and Marketing, Marivic Marquez

Parents, families as well as relatives and friends will be able to avail of exclusive discounts up to 80% from participating brands like Bosom Buddy, Mamy Poko, Mustela, Bambino, Enfant, Numa, and many more. The whole family can enjoy and participate in exciting activities like the Sayaw Baby and the Baby Olympics, happening on the second day while mommies can get pampered for free at the Mommy Makeover station.

Highlights of the program are the Baby Fashion Weekend featuring maternity wear, kids and parent fashion show, the “Sandie Awards” which will recognize outstanding celebrity families and entrepreneurs through the Golden Family Awards and ParentPreneur Awards, as well as the crowning of the #BibongBaby of the year.

To be a part of this fun filled family event, call +632.843.2174 or email

Stay informed and get current updates by visiting, liking the Baby Expo Facebook page or follow