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Mommy Ginger would like to share with you party planning tips and beautiful pictures and suppliers of the parties of her friends and those that she interviewed! We are also a family that loves playing boardgames and online games! Come and join us!

Happy Monday everyone! I’ve been really busy this weekend. I think I need to catch some ZZZZZ’s. I think I already have colds (boo!). Even if I’m not feeling too good today, I need to prepare for my little baby’s first birthday party two weeks from now.

At least, I have already sent invites (well, most of it to those who are invited). The invite is a very crucial part of announcing the theme and the details of your child’s party. It has to embody everything that should be expected when people attend the party. I’m so happy that I got to work with Artique. Artique is a small business of Mompreneur Angelica “Lique” Dimayuga.

Zeeka's Little Miss Invitation

Zeeka’s Little Miss Invitation

I got to interview her and this is how it went:

Ginger: During your first interaction with the client, what do you ask for?
Lique: When a client asks me to design an invitation, I ask them first if they have a party theme. If they don’t, I ask what colors they’d want to incorporate or a mood/character (ex: classic/formal, modern, chic etc.). I also ask if they have any peg or image(s) that they want to draw inspiration from. From there we get to establish a direction for the invitation design they’d want to have.

Ginger: How do you come up with ideas for graphics when clients go to you? What inspires you and how do you keep creative juices flowing?
Lique: Not all ideas come to me immediately. I develop inspiration simply by searching for related images on the internet. This takes a little time, depending on when the ideas hit me, you know? Like this one time when a client asked me for a shabby chic baptismal invite. I searched for “shabby chic” then popped up images of doilies, Cath Kidston works, pastel colors, potted flowers just to name a few. I get my creative juices flowing from there.

Ginger: Any tips on what works and what doesn’t work (for each one… invitations, backdrop for the stage, other decorations, etc.)
Lique: I don’t really have a solid tip for you here because I myself still do trial and error when it comes to what works and doesn’t work when it comes to the elements of the design: Colors, images, typeface, layout etc. But I will say this — Keep it Clean and Simple! Sometimes you get a load of “pretty”, “amazing” things when you search for images on the internet, but you cannot incorporate ALL of them into one invite, or backdrop etc. That’s why I give my clients 2 options of design layout so they can compare. One just isn’t enough 🙂 And I do keep the layout Clean and Simple, something readable, not too “complicated” if you get what I mean.

Ginger: How do you choose the colors that work together?
Lique: Well, there’s really no process in choosing colors. Perhaps it’s a matter of how I developed myself into using colors that compliment each other. I’ve always loved art ever since I was little; I got it from my mother. For that reason, I took a Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Architecture in College. I guess from there I was “trained” to look at colors and see what works together and what doesn’t. I do love using contrasting colors to make a certain element pop out, like Teal and Orange, Blue and Yellow, Pink and Green. I also LOVE Design Seeds: or They draw inspiration of Color combinations from surroundings 🙂

Ginger: What are the services that you can offer someone planning for a party?
Lique: I can do the graphics for anything related to the paryt. I can create invites, backdrops, etc.

Thank you, Lique! Just to share with everyone, here is the graphics for the customized styro backdrop that I will have made for Zeeka’s First Birthday Party.


To contact Artique, here are the details:

Hope you enjoyed my post today and I hope it helped you in planning for your children’s birthdays. Let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment below 🙂

Are you curious to know if I already started planning for my daughter’s first birthday party? If you’re not, I will tell you anyway (haha!). Well, for those who know that I am very OC when it comes to planning, I’m sure you have already figured out that I have already started.

It’s been a while since I have planned a party like this for myself. Well, you’d probably think “Oh, she’s an events planner so she probably holds a lot of workshops AND parties for herself and her family…” WRONG! It’s so sad, since most of the planning that I do is for other people…. huhuhu! I think the last time I got to plan for myself was for my wedding. But of course, for my little sweetheart’s first birthday, I could and would not let this occasion pass. I want to be hands-on on this one. So last October 2014 (I think!), I started planning already for Zeeka’s birthday. Of course, it wasn’t ‘panic-mode’ planning, but more of relaxed canvassing of different suppliers.

Call me crazy, but an important part to having a great party is really the planning stage. With planning, you set the direction for everything that will happen during the party. You need to show the suppliers that you know what you want. You need to see that you have enough budget for everything that’s necessary.

For Zeeka’s party, my theme will be….


I think it’s the perfect them for Zeeka, since she has this bright and sunny disposition always. She makes her DADA and me smile all the time. 🙂 Plus, the character reminds me of Zeeka… hehe!

Little Miss Zeeka!

Little Miss Zeeka!

This is actually the title slide of a presentation composed of 17 slides. I love Power Point and I use it for everything — even Zeeka’s first birthday party. This presentation is made out of little notes that I made for my possible and chosen suppliers. It has pictures of pegs and samples of how I would want things to look like. It sets the tone, mood and feel of the entire event.

The notes in the slides are detailed. I will show the slides to you as I go through each supplier one by one this month, since February’s posts are dedicated to planning for Zeeka’s party (I’m sure i’ll be preoccupied with that so I thought about writing a about it).

As for the budget, looking at the actual costs, it turns out that the total budget that I have when divided by the number guests (approximation) turns out to be around Php 1200 – Php 1500 per person (but that’s just me). If you want a breakdown of the costs on a per ‘type of expense’ basis, do leave a comment in this post and i’ll email it to you. The costs that I will email you is based on what I have for Zeeka. Your costs can actually increase or decrease based on certain priorities that you have (for example, if you really really want a videographer, then you can add that to the budget that I made or if styro backdrops are not necessary for you, then you can adjust that in the budget that I made).

Again, throughout February, I will be featuring party suppliers which I have worked with for Zeeka’s first birthday party. If you are offering a unique product that I might be interested in getting since it works with Zeeka’s theme, do let me know.

For those who want to share their own parties and if you want to be featured in my blog, feel free to check out the guidelines on this page:

Enjoy planning!

Once you have your first born, all occasions are exciting and everyone really prepares for it — the baby’s first Christmas, first Easter and first Halloween. And as expected, in or household, we are preparing for two Halloween celebrations. We had the first one last Sunday. This Halloween Party was with the babies of our Birthing Class under Miss Rome Kanapi.

It was actually a reunion, but we decided to make it a Halloween Party to make it more fun! 🙂 All of us are first time moms and dads so this was an event that we were really looking forward to. We had it in my lola’s house and being the host and after launching our (my sister and I) party planning business, we decided to decorate the place and DIY the decorations. Don’t get us wrong! Memory Crafters (our business) is into event coordination for kid’s parties/baptisms, so we outsource most of the stuff to suppliers, but we can DIY ‘some’ stuff here and there.

I’m so excited to share the pictures with you. Here is how we decorated the place.

Birthing Class Halloween Party_102013__mg_7221

Birthing Class Halloween Party_102013__mg_7225

Birthing Class Halloween Party_102013__mg_7226

Birthing Class Halloween Party_102013__mg_7228

Birthing Class Halloween Party_102013__mg_7234

Birthing Class Halloween Party_102013__mg_7239

Birthing Class Halloween Party_102013__mg_7248

Birthing Class Halloween Party_102013__mg_7250

Birthing Class Halloween Party_102013__mg_7263

We hope you like it. We at Memory Crafters can decorate for house parties and we really have affordable and flexible packages.Feel free to contact us!

Have you already thought of an outfit for your baby? My friends yesterday came up with really great costumes that may inspire you! Sharing them with you!

Baby Sam as Russel

Baby Sam as Russel

Baby Patty as  a Sushi

Baby Patty as a Sushi

Baby Zeeka as a Dragon

Baby Zeeka as a Dragon

Baby Andre as Superman

Baby Andre as Superman

Baby Rafi as a Bunny

Baby Rafi as a Bunny

The De Leon family featuring Temple Run

The De Leon family featuring Temple Run

My Zeeka was a bit uncomfortable with her dragon outfit so we changed back into her Cinderella attire. 🙂 Sharing with you some more pictures of our get together.

My Baby Cinderella, Zeeka and moi!

My Baby Cinderella, Zeeka and moi!

The Ladies in our Batch

The Ladies in our Batch

The Men in our Batch

The Men in our Batch

Baby Boys!

Baby Boys!

How about you? Do you already have an outfit for your baby? What was your favorite among all of the costumes? When are you celebrating your Halloween party? Are your kids going Trick or Treating? Do share your thoughts with me! 🙂

Stressing out on what to do for your kid’s birthday party? I am one who can relate. Every time I create a party, I always make it a point to have really good suppliers. These suppliers need to be those who can give quality work and who can deliver on time. It’s 7 more months before I celebrate Baby Z’s first birthday and to tell you honestly, I am always “career” when creating a party for my child, even more meticulous than creating the workshops that I have for my business.

I just had one party for Baby Z, which was her baptism and I made it a point that the party had everything and the experience of Baby Z (although I think she still wouldn’t remember it) and the guests were superb. You can read all about Baby Z’s Baptism HERE.

I was so happy to see this while I was surfing. This party planning fair poster was posted by my friend, Christine.

Celebrations Fair

This fair is brought to you by SKY cable and Nido 3+. Celebrations Fair will bring together incredible party suppliers under one roof on August 17, Saturday from 11am to 6pm at the Rockwell Tent.

I was so happy since I would be able to scout for good suppliers for Baby Z’s first birthday. I am actually so excited to plan and put together the party! And there will be special discounts available from the exhibitors from costume makers, caterers, venues, entertainment, stylists, photographers, souvenir and specialty shops, party supplies and decors and so much more!

Here are the list of the supplier exhibitors:
CelebrationsFair - exhibitors edition

Those who book on the same day get the chance to win packages and treats from our participating exhibitors.
It’s a whole day celebration of party planning peppered with fun games and entertainment for the whole family! We have eats and treats too! And also, the first 150 guests who register onsite get to receive goody bags.

Celebrations Fair is presented by SKY cable and Nido 3 +. It’s made possible by Hot Wheels, Digestics, National Bookstore, Wilkins Distilled Water and Fun Ranch. Special thanks also go to Alpenliebe, Mentos, Fruittella, Chupa Chups, The Parteizeit, Pose and Print, Zoomanity, Figaro, Big Red Barn, Swell Sweets, Fax Parcel and Print, Party Starters and Made in Candy.

Read all about the CELEBRATIONS FAIR HERE.

I am so excited for this party planning fair! I hope to see you there!

Love lots,

Mommy Ginger

Mommy Ginger

I am amazed at how parties of kids have evolved. When I was young, we didn’t have food or candy carts of famous brands in the event. The most that we had during those days were our typical ‘dirty ice cream carts’ (which we knew wasn’t really ‘dirty’). Nowadays, activities that you can do during these children’s parties also have also changed. Before, we were happy with the ‘pabitins’, ‘pokpok palayok’ and the games of ‘bring me’s’ (which is still popular).

I find it amusing though to see art activities like the ones being provided by Party Crafts by Ava. Check out this set up:

Ceramic painting

They provide Ceramic magnet painting, foam frame decorating, sun visor or crown/tiara decorating, etc. These activities are really unique and children just love them!

The great news is that Party Crafts by Ava has a promo running from now until August!

Party Crafts Promo

These packages are Php 2000 cheaper than the usual package prices:

Package A. 5,500.00
foam frame decorating
ceramic magnet painting
sun visor or crown & tiara decorating (choose 1)

*Package B. 6,000.00
foam frame decorating
tumbler art
sun visor or crown & tiara decorating (choose 1)

*Package C. 9,500.00
foam frame decorating
tumbler art
ceramic magnet painting
sun visor or crown & tiara decorating (choose 1)

-good for 25-30 kids
-inclusive of art and decor materials
-staff to assist kids
-3 hrs. of party time
-aprons (not for take home)

For those interested, you can visit their Facebook page: Party Crafts by Ava
You can also text them at 09178875369 or email