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Mommy Ginger would like to share with you party planning tips and beautiful pictures and suppliers of the parties of her friends and those that she interviewed!

Two months ago, I discovered products and cooking ingredients that encouraged me to cook. Read all about it here: Check out on What Encouraged me to Cook! I have enjoyed cooking for my family and recently, I had a great time and enjoyed cooking for one of my best friends who is pregnant with her second baby. I got to throw a double baby shower celebration for her and her sister, since both of them were pregnant! It was a cool double baby shower celebration. This party was part of the Clara Ole Potluck Foodfest. The Clara Ole Potluck Foodfest is a series of eight themed potluck mini parties at condo residences. In the party, we got to share our own own signature dishes using Clara Ole products.

Clara Ole Potluck Foodfest 1

It took us weeks to prepare for this baby shower. I am really thankful that the Clara Ole team helped a lot in preparing for the event. The theme that we had for that double baby shower celebration was inspired by the book Dr. Seuss’ Oh the Places you’ll go. This is why we had little hot air balloons dangling from the ceiling. My friend Sharon is having a baby girl and her sister Michelle is having a baby boy. This is why we had to incorporate both the colors blue and pink.

Clara Ole Potluck Foodfest: Double Baby Shower

Clara Ole Potluck Foodfest: Double Baby Shower

Clara Ole Potluck Foodfest: Double Baby Shower 2

Clara Ole Potluck Foodfest: Double Baby Shower

Check out the cute napkin and plates that we had!

Check out the cute napkin and plates that we had!

The celebrants were so happy to see the decorations and were really excited! We had our pictures taken first before the guests arrived!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

The two Mommies, Sharon with son Tyler and Michelle with her husband and daughter, Chloe and their mom 🙂 That’s me on the right side!

With my friend, Sharon, her husband, Tim and Son Tyler! :)

With my friend, Sharon, her husband, Tim and Son Tyler! 🙂

2015-06-13 14.18.46

When guests arrived, they had to write down their own tips (#diskartips) for mommies Sharon and Michelle. I called out some guest to read their tips for the two lovely mommies, too!

2015-06-13 14.04.31

2015-06-13 14.04.36

One of the guests writing her #diskartips for Mommy Sharon and Mommy Michelle

One of the guests writing her #diskartips for Mommy Sharon and Mommy Michelle

2015-06-13 15.33.26-2

Calling out guests to share their #diskartips with the two moms!

Calling out guests to share their #diskartips with the two moms!

Chicken Lollipop with Clara Ole Dips n' dressings

Chicken Lollipop with Clara Ole Dips n’ dressings

When almost everyone was there, I welcomed the guests to an afternoon of good food, fun and surprises! Of course, we started by introducing the dishes that we prepared. The first dish was prepared by Michelle. She prepared Chicken Lollipops with assorted Clara ole dips. It’s a very straight-forward dish but kids love this! All you need to do is to fry the chicken. It’s so easy to preprare.

Liempo marinated using Clara Ole Hickory

Liempo marinated using Clara Ole Barbecue Marinade -Hickory

The second dish was from Sharon. She prepared Grilled pork belly. A lot of people love liempo. They will love it even more when they did what Sharon did which was to use the Clara Ole Barbecue Marinade Hickory.

Clara Ole Dishes

Pasta using Cheesy Pesto Pasta Sauce topped with Sardines and Parmesan

The third dish was prepared by yours truly. For those who don’t know, I love Spanish sardines so what I did was I made pasta using the Clara Ole Cheesy Pesto Pasta Sauce. I cooked spaghetti then mixed the sauce and then topped it with parmesan cheese and Spanish sardines.

Ensaimada topped with Clara Ole Guava Jelly

Ensaimada topped with Clara Ole Guava Jelly

The last dish which was truly a hit was the Ensaimada topped with Clara ole guava jelly, which my friend Chef Raquel made. This was a great idea! This is something that you can actually pull off and prepare for your own celebration and party!

Ginger shows us how you can give your ordinary favorites a quick and special twist with the help of Clara Olé! We hope this delectable suggestion will help you create the perfect merienda treat on your next gathering, Ms. Bebi Lorenzo! Kindly send us a private message to claim your prize! 🙂

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Clara Ole Drinks

We also had a unique drink! We had Dalandan Soda mixed with Clara Ole Truly Fruity Blueberry. It was delicious!

After eating, we played games and here are some games that you can do for a baby shower:

1) Make a Baby using modelling clay – The adults and kids had fun making cute babies using clay. During the party, we had a lot of creative babies that Amy Perez-Castillo, Clara Ole Brand Endorser had a hard time choosing the winner!

Adults and kids having fun making babies (clay babies that is!) during the Clara Ole Potluck Foodfest!

Adults and kids having fun making babies (clay babies that is!) during the Clara Ole Potluck Foodfest!

Our friend Candice enjoying herself!

Our friend Candice enjoying herself!

Amy Perez-Castillo had a hard time choosing the winner!

Amy Perez-Castillo had a hard time choosing the winner!

2) We also played a game called baby genius. The mechanics was that the two celebrants had to guess as many words as they could in 2 minutes. They could ask questions only answerable by yes, no or maybe!

2015-06-13 16.40.58

2015-06-13 16.42.34

3) We also played guess the waistline of Mommy! Contestants had to cut a ribbon approximating the waistline of mommy. They could not go near nor touch the mommies!

Guess the waistline of Mommy!

Guess the waistline of Mommy!

Clara Ole gave amazing prizes for the Clara Ole Potluck Foodfest Double Baby Shower! We all had so much fun! We would like to thank Amy Perez-Castillo also for coming and joining in the fun!

2015-06-13 16.49.42

2015-06-13 16.48.37


We had so much fun. Are you preparing for a baby shower soon or any children’s party? What are some #diskartips that you would like to share? Feel free to comment below!

I’m so excited to share with you the list of party suppliers that I had for the activities during Zeeka’s Little Miss Sunshine Birthday party. I will also be sharing my host and entertainer for the day.

The HOST AND ENTERTAINER – Jiggles the Baloon Lady

Mommy Ginger and Zeeka with Jiggles, the Baloon Lady

Mommy Ginger and Zeeka with Jiggles, the Baloon Lady

The Arboledas have always gotten Jiggles to be the entertainer and host for all of our children’s parties, from Kuya David’s first birthday party to Noah’s and now to Zeeka’s first birthday party. We have always trusted her, since we know that she can entertain both the children and the adults. She is also really very talented. I have been to a lot of children’s parties and no one can really beat her when it comes to creating balloon masterpieces.

What I like about her, is that she is also a good host. I wanted a host that wasn’t too “noisy” (if you know what I mean) since I had a lot of adult guests. But of course I also wanted someone who could get the children’s attention. Jiggles was just perfect!

If you want to get her, I advise you to contact her already as her schedule is quite full and reservation fees come in quickly! You can visit her page: to contact her. She will also bring her own sound system for an additional fee (so you don’t have to think about that).


Mai is the best. I met her online, way back when Zeeka was still a baby. She wanted to create a ZEEKA Bow. Her creation was simply adorable!

The Zeeka Bow

Dainty Ashley's Zeeka

Dainty Ashley’s Zeeka

Fast forward to October 2013, when I was planning Zeeka’s party, I learned that she was about to diversify into supplying a Hair Bow Making Activity for Children’s Party. We talked about it and were both excited to have that in Zeeka’s party. During Zeeka’s party, I saw the set up that she made and the materials that she prepared for the children and I was impressed.

Here are the details of the Hair Bow / Hair Clip Making Activity:

An on-site craft activity booth that allows your little guests to design their own hair accessory. They can freely choose the centerpiece and mix and match the pre-made layers of hair bows (boutique bow, spike bow, pinwheel bow) in different colors and prints. As a safety precaution, our staff will assist the kids in assembling and “hot gluing” the layers. This package is good for 50 pieces of hair bows and clips.
– Themed handmade boutique hair bows made of premium grosgrain ribbon, all edges are heat-sealed
– 50 pieces of fully lined (plain grosgrain ribbon) single prong alligator clips each with imported Silicone No-Slip Grips that can hold even the finest hair
– Assorted themed centerpieces: personalized and themed bottle caps with epoxy domes, resins, acrylic buttons, wooden and plastic buttons, plastic charms, fabric flowers, appliqués, beads
– 5 pieces of Interchangeable Elastic Headbands sized newborn to toddler
– Product cards with themed sticker tags containing the party details
– 1 – 2 craft attendants for 3 hours service (assist in hot gluing/assembling the hair bow layers and centerpieces)
– Themed craft table setup
Add ons:
– Additional Php 100 for each hair accessory
– Additional Php 20 for each Interchangeable Elastic Headband
– Additional rates apply for uncustomary themes

Check out some of the pictures during Zeeka’s party which I got from Dainty Ashley’s facebook page (sorry, I don’t have the official photos yet):

Dainty Ashley really made it a point to have the bows match the party's theme!

Dainty Ashley really made it a point to have the bows match the party’s theme!

Great set up by Dainty Ashley to go with our Little Miss Sunshine Theme!

Great set up by Dainty Ashley to go with our Little Miss Sunshine Theme!

To dowload their pacakges, check out this PDF file:

Also, thank you Tita Mai for these wonderful gifts for Zeeka!

Gifts from Dainty Ashley!

Gifts from Dainty Ashley!

For more information, please go to Dainty Ashley’s Facebook Page


I love Jen! She’s so easy to talk to. I again, like Mai, met her online. I was looking for Mompreneurs that I could feature for the Momprenuer section of my blog and I found her business quite unique and very cute! I loved that fact that children get to create different art pieces during parties.

Again, during the months when I was still preparing, I talked to Jen and she agreed to be one of my party suppliers for Zeeka’s first birthday. We agreed on having a coloring tumbler and painting activity.

Here are the pictures that I got from Party Crafts by Ava’s Facebook Page:

Party Crafts by Ava 1

Party Crafts by Ava 2

Party Crafts by Ava 3

Party Crafts by Ava 4

Party Crafts by Ava 5

Cute tumblers by Party Crafts by Ava for Zeeka’s First Birthday Party

Party Crafts by Ava 6

Party Crafts by Ava 7

Time to paint these cute Little Miss Sunshine figures!

The kids really enjoyed the activities. My titas and mom enjoyed, too! I’m sad that I didn’t get the chance to get a tumbler as a souvenir though for Zeeka. haha! I totally forgot to ask Jen for one.

For more information on the activities provided by Party Crafts by Ava, feel free to contact them via their Facebook page:

I am so happy with the service rendered by these party suppliers and I highly recommend them!

Stay tuned for the last of the 5 part series of First Birthday List of Party Suppliers review for Zeeka’s Little Miss Sunshine Party!

We all know that the biggest expense for any celebration would normally be the food. Guests make their impression (whether it be good or bad) basing it normally on the food. I have always trusted one caterer for all of my family’s celebrations. It has always been Bistro 109 Catering Company.

For Zeeaka’s Baptism and First Birthday Party, they were the ones who catered. What I like about them is that they have attentive waiters (always filling up drinks). They are easy to talk to, especially if you have so many requirements. They fulfilled all of my requirements for the table setting like what flowers to us and what frames to use so that it would match the photo. They also were the ones who brought in the kiddie chairs and tables (not only for the main set up but for the supplier of my activities), the cake tale, the gift and registration table and even the table for my dessert/candy buffet brought in by another supplier. Also, they are one of the most reasonably priced catering companies. They have packages from Php 350 per person to around Php 650 per person.

Centerpiece design: Photo on the upper right

Centerpiece design: Photo on the upper right

To contact them, here are the details:
Bistro 109 Catering Company
Tel. Number:6428123
Bistro 109 Facebook Page

Another supplier whom I always get and whom I trust when it comes to cakes and pastries is Tazzy Cakes. The Arboledas have always from Tazzy for all our children’s parties and celebrations.

Here is what Cats from Tazzy Cakes made for Zeeka’s First Birthday:

Little Miss Sunshine Cake

Little Miss Sunshine Cake

Blow your cake, Zeeka!

Blow your cake, Zeeka!

For how Zeeka’s baptism cake looked like (also by Tazzy Cakes), please click on this link: CLICK HERE

Asid from the 2 Cs (Caterer and Cake) for my daughter’s birthday, another important C that I got was a Candy Buffet. This is the “in” thing now. All of the kiddie birthday parties that I have attended this month (which is around 4 already) have candy buffets as one of their party suppliers. The candy or dessert buffet a great way to add decoration and to show the theme of the party.

Little Miss Sunshine Candy Buffet

Little Miss Sunshine Candy Buffet

Another shot taken from my phone

Another shot taken from my phone

My supplier was Sweet Nest Candy Buffet. This was the first time that I got them as a supplier and to tell you honestly, it was really nice talking to Jaz. She was very accommodating. I really love what she did!

For those who want to check out their packages and rates, here it is:

Sweet Nest Candy Buffet - Candy Buffet Packages (as of March 2014)

Sweet Nest Candy Buffet – Candy Buffet Packages (as of March 2014)

Aside from these, they have so many treats and pastries and other services that they can offer so I suggest that you send them an email. Jaz, I know, will be happy to email them to you.

Here are their contact details:

Sweet Nest Candy Buffet
Candy Mobile: 0932-8445529, 0998-9945529 or 0925-52CANDY(22639)
Viber: 0932-8445529, 0998-9945529
Candy Line: 399-9501
Candy Mail:
Facebook Page:
Instagram: Sweetnestcandybuffet
Twitter: SNCandybuffet

Okay, another thing that I am thankful for was the colorful Merengue (in line with my theme) from Mamachows. You’ll notice it on top of the table with Little Miss Sunshine in this picture.


Colorful Merengue from Mamachows

Colorful Merengue from Mamachows

Raquel from Mamachows main business is that she provides lactation cookies to women who just gave birth. But aside from that, she and her husband Chef John also make delicious meals and pastries for all of us to enjoy. Thank you, Mamachows, for this wonderful gift for Zeeka!

For those who want to get in touch with them, you can visit their facebook page:

Watch out for two more posts on my party suppliers for Zeeka’s first birthday!

Here it is! I know a lot of you have been asking me to already come up with this party suppliers feature. I’m sorry I am delayed in posting this since I got sick after the weekend (but that’s another story). So as you might all know, the theme of Zeeka’s First Birthday Party is Little Miss Sunshine.

Why Little Miss Sunshine? (You may or may not ask… but i’ll still tell you anyway =P). It’s because Little Miss Sunshine looks like Zeeka. She’s so cute and always smiling! Okay, plus Zeeka brings a smile to everyone’s faces. Just yesterday, she made three tables (one table of mature women, one table with a quite couple and one table with the whole family there) her audience at Greeka Kouzina. She was dancing, waving and smiling! I can’t believe how sociable this little girl is. I wonder who she gets this from? 🙂

Anyway, planning for me started last October 2013. Yes, it started Months before. Just to show you how OC I am, here is a snapshot of the presentation that I made to show all the party suppliers.

The presentation that I made for suppliers

The presentation that I made for suppliers

I already had a vision of what I wanted the party to look like and to be like. Of course, I started with the invitations and graphics. I already wrote about this in a previous post.

Again, thank you to Lique Dimayuga of Artique for the invitation and stage backdrop graphics.

To contact Artique, here are the details:

But aside from that, Artique also provided the vector image that I used for all the other things needed for the party. This was the image that she provided.

Lil Miss Zeeka Vector Image

So, this vector image was what basically carried the mood and feel of the entire event. I also chose the color theme of hot pink, orange, yellow and bright blue (and a little bit of green, maybe) for everything that was to be placed in the party. Speaking of which, the day before the party, I was busily decorating the place with our household helpers. I just bought crepe paper and my sister bought little circular fan like decors that we hang in the venue. It was a good thing that the venue (Urdaneta Clubhouse) allowed us to set up a day before. We could set up only until 5PM though so we had to start at 2PM.

Urdaneta Village Clubhouse

Urdaneta Village Clubhouse

Venue: Urdaneta Village Clubhouse
Rental Fee (for residents): P15,000 + Php 5,000 (Security Bond)
Rental Fee (for non-residents): I think it’s plus Php 5-10K
Phone: +63(2)8176051-53

This is what we set up the day before…

Window Stickers that I had made

Window Stickers that I had made

DIY Decorations

DIY Decorations

The venue is quite huge and can accommodate around 200 people (banquet style). I had 180 guests so we had around 18 tables, with 10 seats each.

So by now, you might already have guessed that I’m bad with creating graphics. I don’t know how to work on Photoshop so I needed all the help I could get. Check out my next post for another party supplier.

Happy Monday everyone! I’ve been really busy this weekend. I think I need to catch some ZZZZZ’s. I think I already have colds (boo!). Even if I’m not feeling too good today, I need to prepare for my little baby’s first birthday party two weeks from now.

At least, I have already sent invites (well, most of it to those who are invited). The invite is a very crucial part of announcing the theme and the details of your child’s party. It has to embody everything that should be expected when people attend the party. I’m so happy that I got to work with Artique. Artique is a small business of Mompreneur Angelica “Lique” Dimayuga.

Zeeka's Little Miss Invitation

Zeeka’s Little Miss Invitation

I got to interview her and this is how it went:

Ginger: During your first interaction with the client, what do you ask for?
Lique: When a client asks me to design an invitation, I ask them first if they have a party theme. If they don’t, I ask what colors they’d want to incorporate or a mood/character (ex: classic/formal, modern, chic etc.). I also ask if they have any peg or image(s) that they want to draw inspiration from. From there we get to establish a direction for the invitation design they’d want to have.

Ginger: How do you come up with ideas for graphics when clients go to you? What inspires you and how do you keep creative juices flowing?
Lique: Not all ideas come to me immediately. I develop inspiration simply by searching for related images on the internet. This takes a little time, depending on when the ideas hit me, you know? Like this one time when a client asked me for a shabby chic baptismal invite. I searched for “shabby chic” then popped up images of doilies, Cath Kidston works, pastel colors, potted flowers just to name a few. I get my creative juices flowing from there.

Ginger: Any tips on what works and what doesn’t work (for each one… invitations, backdrop for the stage, other decorations, etc.)
Lique: I don’t really have a solid tip for you here because I myself still do trial and error when it comes to what works and doesn’t work when it comes to the elements of the design: Colors, images, typeface, layout etc. But I will say this — Keep it Clean and Simple! Sometimes you get a load of “pretty”, “amazing” things when you search for images on the internet, but you cannot incorporate ALL of them into one invite, or backdrop etc. That’s why I give my clients 2 options of design layout so they can compare. One just isn’t enough 🙂 And I do keep the layout Clean and Simple, something readable, not too “complicated” if you get what I mean.

Ginger: How do you choose the colors that work together?
Lique: Well, there’s really no process in choosing colors. Perhaps it’s a matter of how I developed myself into using colors that compliment each other. I’ve always loved art ever since I was little; I got it from my mother. For that reason, I took a Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Architecture in College. I guess from there I was “trained” to look at colors and see what works together and what doesn’t. I do love using contrasting colors to make a certain element pop out, like Teal and Orange, Blue and Yellow, Pink and Green. I also LOVE Design Seeds: or They draw inspiration of Color combinations from surroundings 🙂

Ginger: What are the services that you can offer someone planning for a party?
Lique: I can do the graphics for anything related to the paryt. I can create invites, backdrops, etc.

Thank you, Lique! Just to share with everyone, here is the graphics for the customized styro backdrop that I will have made for Zeeka’s First Birthday Party.


To contact Artique, here are the details:

Hope you enjoyed my post today and I hope it helped you in planning for your children’s birthdays. Let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment below 🙂