Globe Business Celebrates UN MSME day and Shares Initiatives for MSMEs

Saludo SMEs Tuloy Tayo

I’ve been an avid fan of Globe Business for quite sometime now. I love the initiatives that they come out with that help micro-small-medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the Philippines. This year, in celebration of United Nations MSME day, they announced Globe Business initiatives and campaigns for this year that would hopefully help a lot of our small and local businesses. This is a continuation of their #SaludoSME campaign that they launched 2 years ago.

The first initiative that they mentioned is the Digistore campaign. Basically, MSMEs will have time to market their products during an online live session and this will on July 9. Knowing the reach that Globe has, I think this is a good opportunity for MSMEs to showcase their craft. I’ll share more details on this soon.

The next things that I want to share is this nice thematic film that they released. This is entitled Saludo SMEs! Tuloy Tayo!

I love how it showcases the ability of Filipino entrepreneurs to adapt to any situation given. Technology plays an important role in the sustainability of a business, and this shows that all of us, business owners are capable of adapting and succeeding even amidst the presence of COVID-19.

This leads me to their next initiative which is inviting business owners to share their digital story. I have not much information on this yet, but I will surely share the mechanics with your once this campaign is released.

And last, but not the least, they are launching a loyalty program for business owners. In line with the three pillars of Globe Business which is 1) help businesses become digital leaders; 2) Enable businesses and 3) offer exclusive partnerships, the businesses will get a chance to get different perks like training, discounts, freebies, etc. from Globe Business and its partners.

So these are the things and the initiatives that were shared by the Globe Business team earlier today during their media launch. These surely are initiatives that will help your business gain competitive advantage, plan for business continuity, help your in adapting digital technology and help you in making your business successful this year and in the years to come!

Tara, NHA, Konek Tayo!

The right to internet access is a basic human right. This was shared by Atty. Marylin Pintor, UIndersecretary of DHSUD. I researched about it and it’s known as the right to broadband or freedom to connect (

I would have to agree since a lot of the things that we do online need internet connection. It shouldn’t be a luxury only accessible to those who can afford it. Having internet connection means that the kids in our communities get to learn. Teachers are not interrupted also in practicing their profession.

Another thing is that we will have the option to use technology for our day-to-day activities like paying our bills, utilities, etc.

And when it comes to looking for livelihood resources, the internet is also a powerful tool. It give equal opportunities to everyone so that they can earn a decent living. When the pandemic hit, technology has helped a lot in connecting businesses with their customers despite the challenges.

Recently, Globe and the National Housing Authority launched their partnership to connect 11 NHA communities to KonekTayo wifi of Globe. This means that a lot more individuals and families will have access to internet.

Tara NHA Konek Tayo: Ceremonial Launch of the Globe x NHA partnership
Tara NHA Konek Tayo Globe Employees who are part of the Project
Tara NHA Konek Tayo: NHA Employees who are part of the project

This is such a great initiative and I wish that this partnership will support more communities.

This project is powered by KonekTayo Wifi. You can check it out here:

Kalikasan Kits for Underprivileged Kids

I’m supporting the team behind the popular children’s book “Alpabeto ng Kalikasan”. Dustin Ancheta, Jay Javier and Anya Santos-Uy have launched Kalikasan Kits in a special donation drive to benefit underprivileged communities across Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. In collaboration with the non-profit, literacy movement, RecoveREADS, “Alpabeto ng Kalikasan” aims to distribute 300 kits. The special donation drive is ongoing until June 5th, World Environment Day. A Php 500 donation will help send one Kalikasan Kit to a needy child.

The team behind Kalikasan Kits
The team behind Kalikasan Kits

Each Kalikasan Kit costs Php 500 and includes:

Kalikasan Kits
Kalikasan kit

• 1 copy of “Alpabeto ng Kalikasan”
• 1 activity workbook
• 1 box of crayons

Make a donation on the website

According to author Anya Santos-Uy: “This pandemic has put a strain on our already less-than-ideal public education system. I thought about the children, whose families were greatly affected by the loss of income brought about by the lockdowns. If food was a challenge, what more educational materials? Feeding kids’ stomachs is just as important as feeding their minds.”

“Alpabeto ng Kalikasan” is a colorful one-of-a-kind alphabet book that features Phlippine flora and fauna from A to Z. The book was written by Anya Santos-Uy with illustrations by Jay Javier and Baybayin script by Dustin Ancheta and Alain Austria. The book is available through the website and Amazon.

For those who want to know what Alpabeto ng Kalikasan is, check out this video:

Hope you can support them by spreading the word about Kalikasan Kits! Purchase a Kalikasan Kit now and make a donation on the website

Worldwide Weddings Expo Philippines: Online Bridal Fair

The world has indeed changed a lot. I have friends who got married during these times and rightly so, I don’t think life has to stop just because of what’s happening. I think we, humans, adapt to whatever circumstance we are given. So onward with the weddings that is! And speaking for weddings, there is this online bridal fair that I would like to share with you my dear readers who are planning to get married. The event is called Worldwide Weddings Expo Philippines 2021.

This event is organized by Worldwide Weddings PH. Worldwide Weddings Expo Philippines 2021 is a 60-day online Bridal Fair starting June 1 to August 1, with live and interactive streaming on July 30-31 and August 1, 2021. Ain’t that cool? Now with everything online, bridal fairs can extend to be a month long event.

I don’t know about you, but even if I’m not a bride to be, I’m certainly curious to see what this event is about and how weddings are held nowadays. If you want stress-free planning and a stress-free dream wedding amidst this pandemic, I’m sure that this is the place where you can find amazing and reliable suppliers.

Worldwide Weddings Expo Philippines 2021 will showcase well-known Wedding Organizers, Photographers, Stylists, Florists, Caterers, Event Venues, Make-up Artists, down to the emerging talents in the wedding industry.

You’ll have more than enough time to get to know these suppliers, choose and compare from the comfort and safety of your own homes.

When you attend this event, you also get a chance to win 100,000 pesos for one (1) lucky soon-to-wed who will book with their chosen supplier during the 3-day expo (Terms and conditions may apply).

Now, for exhibitors, get the following when you join Worldwide Wedding Expo Philippines 2021.

  • 60-day brand exposure in the Worldwide Weddings PH website
  • Ten (10) qualified leads to start with and additional 20 leads when you exhibit officially (opens on June 1) from our official website partner for this event – the Bride Worthy
  • A chance on spotlight via simultaneous weekly live broadcast on our Worldwide Weddings TV and Youtube channel featuring our wedding experts nationwide.
  • And a personalized Zoom room for every exhibitor in various location

For more information: /

Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO GO

Let’s join Wonder Woman in the 80s!

Wonder Woman 1984

I’m actually a Marvel Cinematic Universe Fan but there are some DC Comics based movies that I enjoy, too. One of the characters that I love is Wonder Woman. I loved Wonder Woman – Rise of the Warrior. This is why I’m excited to watch Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Go. This movie that’s directed by Patty Jenkins and starring that gorgeous Gal Gadot will premiere exclusively in the Philippines from 21 April on HBO GO. I’m excited that the setting is in the 80s, the era of my childhood.

So to prepare for this premiere, Zeeka and I built the Wonder Woman™ vs Cheetah Lego set while I wore my Wonder Woman 1984 shirt!

Wonder Woman 1984

Speaking of mood and ambiance, the filmmakers turned to their trusted superpowered creative teams led by director of photography Matthew Jensen, production designer Aline Bonetto, costume designer Lindy Hemming, and composer Hans Zimmer. From colors, costumes, to creating a mall straight out of the 80’s, discover the monumental efforts it took to bring the 80’s back to life.

The setting of America 1984 in all glitz and glamour and with people having that “have it all” mentality that inevitably leads to wanting even more. For Jenkins, the setting was a personal as well as professional choice. “The initial idea of setting the story in 1984 came from my desire to see Wonder Woman in my era, an era that to me is synonymous with her, in terms of the character’s cultural popularity.”

Something to watch out for aside from the movie’s physical setting, the music is superb. It really goes with and further enhances and captures the spirit of the 80s. Considered as one of the more memorable music-centric decades in history, Jenkins had a very specific approach to the film’s music. To evoke a score that touched on the sounds from that decade, she turned to legendary film composer Hans Zimmer.

Zimmer, known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to being experimental, says his one great innovation for this film is truth. “Real musicians playing real instruments and embracing the music, adding that sense of humanity. Like Wonder Woman: honest, truthful and honorable.”

Throughout the film, Diana remains resolved in her faith in mankind, and in her unrelenting pursuit of justice. But it is that underlying theme of the film, truth—her truth—that will define whether she can become the warrior the world needs, and a hero for everyone.

Stream or download Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO GO. Download the app at the App Store or Play Store on your device. You can also access HBO GO via Cignal, Globe and Skycable or at HBO GO can be accessed via Android TV, Apple TV, LG TV and Samsung Smart TV – and comes with AirPlay and Google Cast functionality.