Have you ever heard of TotallyAwesome? It’s the leading kids digital media company in the Asia-Pacific region, reaching over 170 million kids monthly across desktop, mobile and online video. The company operates a kid-safe and compliant content and advertising platform, so you need not worry about what ads your children are seeing. TotallyAwesome makes sure brand engagement with the youth market is safe, effective and entertaining.

Recently, TotallyAwesome has announced a collaboration with WarnerMedia Entertainment Networks in the Philippines.

This is great news for advertisers who care about bringing safe content to children. This collaboration between the two companies give access to both companies’ advertising platforms through a unified kids-safe advertising proposition. They give kids’ brands a platform where they can talk to kids safely.

In the Philippines, WarnerMedia sees that there is an increasing number of children creating and consuming content online. Warner Media commits to providing kids-safe content through its own platforms, as well as through this collaboration.

Awantika Sood, WarnerMedia’s Kids and Entertainment ad-sales lead in Southeast Asia, added, “As children consume more and more digital content, the need to present an omni-channel, brand-safe solution to our advertising partners is very important to us. Adding to WarnerMedia’s own capabilities, our collaboration with TotallyAwesome platforms is a strategic move as it provides advertisers in the Philippines a one-stop shop to reach kids in quality and safe environments across linear, digital and social platforms. We look forward to a fantastic collaboration with TotallyAwesome.”

For brands who need more information on how to connect with TotallyAwesome, you can email them here: pr@totallyawesome.tv

UEC Philippines is hosting Young Authors National Competition, a scholastic writing contest specifically made for Filipino young authors and writers.

Exciting prices and awards await the lucky winner. But most importantly, aspiring young writers get the chance to learn more about creative writing through the event. 

Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming Young Authors National Competition.

Young Authors National Competition helps boost your young author’s confidence

It’s one thing to teach young authors creative writing. It’s another to get them motivated to write.

That’s why kids need to be a part of a young author’s program.

Writing competitions are a surefire way to help kids do better. Having a goal that drives them to do better can do wonders for their skills. It also helps them build their confidence. 

And Unique English Classroom Philippines does just that. 
UEC Philippines is not your traditional English program. They offer a range of unique programs that helps kids fall in love with reading and writing in the English language.

One of which is preparing kids to become better at creative writing through contests and competitions. 

Creative writing is a skill. The more you practice, the better you become. And with the right feedback, kids can be better communicators and writers in the long run. 

Better communication skills boost one’s confidence levels and also help improve their self-image. 

Because of this, children will be more open to trying new opportunities and taking more calculated risks. 

Writing competitions open doors of opportunities for your child

Networking at a young age can do wonders for your child. It allows them to meet kids with the same interests and also open doors for them. 

Writing contests like the Young Authors National Competition also connects kids to potential mentors.  

These mentors can provide young authors and writers with the necessary feedback and guidance. 

Professional writers, guests, and judges get the chance to see your child’s work. This gives your kids access to golden nuggets of knowledge that can greatly improve your kid’s writing skills and style. 

Who knows, your young writer may just be the next best selling author the world is waiting for?

Parents get the chance to show support for their young writers

In between work, raising kids, and paying the bills, most parents struggle to spend quality time with their kids. 

Events like these help parents show their support to their children’s passion and bond with them at the same time. 

It means a whole lot for kids to know that their parents encourage their dream. It boosts their confidence and increases their willingness to try new things. 

Competitions, whether it be physical or mental, can have outstanding effects on children.

Pediatric neuropsychologist Timothy Gunn puts it in perspective. According to him, competitions and contests help kids learn the value of hard work and consistency. 

It also teaches them self-efficacy and cooperation among their peers. 

Kids with parents who encourage healthy competition also have a better chance of participating in events and activities again. They also win and lose gracefully. 

Losing is never easy, especially when kids have given it their all and fall short of winning the top prize. But with their parents’ support and encouragement, kids get to process the loss easier and faster. 

Competitions help kids create a process for writing

Here’s a confession that I know most writers relate to. I tend to edit what I write while I’m writing. 

And it’s one of the worst tendencies to have as a writer. 

When your brain edits as you write, it hinders the creative process.

The goal of the first draft is to let your thoughts flow like a spring. Once you’re done, that’s the time you polish. 

Writing camps help correct this kind of tendencies for young writers. 

This training will help young authors sharpen their skills and introduce them to new and better ways to write. 

For starters, kids get introduced to brainstorming techniques. They also get tips on the best research tips for developing plots and characters. 

Kids develop patience, humility, and resilience through continuous feedback and handling revisions. On top of that, they also learn how to self-edit, review, and polish their ideas to make their stories better. 

How to join the Young Authors National Competition 2020

Do you have a child that’s interested in becoming the next best selling young author? This is your chance to make it happen! 

The journey starts on January 11, 2020, Saturday, 9 AM to 11 AM at UEC branches near you. 

This writing competition is open to UEC and Non-UEC students aged 9 to 16 years old. 

Each participant is expected to write a 1,500-word short story with a theme to be announced on the day of the competition. 

Judges for the event will be coming from the UEC Philippines head office and UEC Singapore. 

Three top winners will be chosen and given a chance to compete on the national level. And a special Reader’s Choice Award will be given to one. 

This event is free. All you have to do is to click here to register and compete

The next Young Authors Competition will be on a nationwide level and comes with a 2-day creative writing boot camp. 

So what’s in it for you and your young writer?

The event will be facilitated by none other than Unique English Classroom’s Catherine Khoo

A joining fee of P1,500 will cover the two-day writing boot camp plus snacks. 

What’s great about this national essay contest? Even non-UEC students can participate and learn more about creative writing. 

Students will get the guidance they need to create better stories and a much-needed confidence boost before they participate.  

The contest winner will get an all-expense-paid trip to Singapore for two. The top three winners will also be invited to be a part of the prestigious International Youth Author’s Club. 

They will also learn how to become better writers through a free month mentorship from the UEC founder and head trainer. 

What a steal! 

Signing up is easy. All you have to do is register here

You can check out the payment details in their flyer below.

I recommend this creative writing boot camp for kids. 

In today’s world, cultivating your kid’s creativity and imagination is no longer an option. It’s a necessary element in ensuring their future success. 

Want to know more about the Young Authors National Competition? Check out their website today. 

Once upon a time, there was this lady with premium and “sosyal” sorbetes that was made from DG goat’s milk.

Seriously though, there is nothing wrong with wanting the BEST for yourself. When we have better stuff, sometimes, most of us feel embarrassed for having these things in our possession. But don’t be! We all deserve to have the best things in life.

One of the things that I wasn’t able to give Zeeka when she was younger is goat’s milk. I have heard about it from friends and relatives. I didn’t really research about it (although people kept telling me it was good for kids), but the price and how much it costs was a deterrent. Plus, to add to that, it wasn’t readily available in the market.

So when I heard DG Goat Milk Beverage for Kids (for 3 years old and above) is launching in the Philippines, I had to check it out myself.

DG is the Philippines’ first and only Premium Powdered Milk sourced from Goat’s Milk!

DG Goat’s Milk is produced and imported from one of the places that I’d love to visit — New Zealand (from the Dairy Goat Co-operative in Hamilton). Also, they choose only the healthiest Saanen goats (Swiss breed of domestic goats) from New Zealand to ensure having milk of the highest quality 

Yesterday, I listened to the differences between goat’s milk and cow’s milk. These were the things that were discussed.

Goat’s Milk is Naturally More Complete 

Goats produce their milk through Apocrine Secretion, where milk fat and bioactive components in mammary secretory cells are enveloped by cell membranes as they are secreted. As a result, milk produced by goats have naturally occurring bioactive components such as: 

  • Polyamines for intestinal cell growth and digestive capacity development
  • Nucleotides for gastrointestinal health, maturation, and recovery
  • Free Amino Acids and Glutamic Acid for immunity and gut energy
  • Taurine for bile salt formation (necessary for fat digestion), brain and retina development 
  • Growth Factors such as IGF1 and TGF Beta for immunity and growth development 

What I got from this is that your kids will have healthier tummies and stronger immune systems. You’ll notice that since all of these are in DG Goat’s Milk, there is no need to “fortify” the product with nutrients that our kids or we can get.

Goat’s Milk is Easier to Digest 

Casein, the solid part of the milk protein produces curds in our stomach. Compared to milk sourced from other animals, DG produces a very loose curd structure with a high proportion of water that is easily broken apart, thus facilitating easier digestion of milk proteins. 

Goat’s Milk is Less Allergenic 

β-Lactoglobulin is the whey protein that stimulates milk protein allergies. Compared with milk from other animals, DG has lowest levels of β-Lactoglobulin; thus making it less allergenic. It was mentioned though that for this benefit, more studies have yet to be conducted.

Goat’s Milk has more CPP! 

Casein Posphopeptides (CPP) binds more binds minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc. Thereby, increasing the solubility and absorption of these minerals. 

This component is higher in DG, which can help your children grow healthy and strong! 

I laid down all of the fact for you here (which I got from the discussion yesterday) for you to make an informed decision. I also got to learn about why Goat’s milk is more expensive than cow’s milk. It’s because goat’s milk production is lesser (4x less) than what cows produce.

Aside from the things that I mentioned, the ice cream that I tasted that was made from Goat’s milk was really yummy! I actually can’t wait to try DG (for myself… haha!).

So for those interested to purchase DG Goat Milk Beverage, it’s available in Lazada (click here) and Shopee (click here).

Thank you so much, Anya, for letting me know about this event. A big shoutout, too, to the other mommies in the launch yesterday! It was fun seeing you all!

Who among you you have the Globe Rewards App? Guess what?! I just got an extra 917 Globe Rewards Points!

September 17 or 917 is the time of the year when Globe shows its huge appreciation to its loyal customers! The Globe Rewards that I got was just one way that I felt special. I think I’ve been using Globe since my college days! haha!

What is the Globe Rewards App?

When you pay your bills, you earn points! These points can be used to purchase stuff in different stores.

I normally used my points for purchasing food, buying GoSurf999, buying clothes at Marks and Spencer, etc. 🙂

Aside from this surprise, I also got a Grateful for You message from our partners at Globe myBusiness! You rock, peeps!

BTW, according to Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu, this year’s theme of “Grateful for You” means that they will make more meaningful and shareable experience with us, their customers, and they are also encouraging customers to share with other people the happiness and goodwill they are going to receive from Globe.

So as you can see in the picture that I shared, we can donate to Globe Rewards partners! Globe Rewards partnered with PAWS, Hineleban, Rise Against Hunger, Philippine General Hospital Foundation and Save The Philippine Seas.

Exciting things this September!

From September 14-17, you can play with fun camera filters which you can post and share on Facebook to get discount vouchers from Zalora, GMovies, Klook, FoodPanda and even a free drink upsize at Chatime.

Of course, since I’m an avid fan of FoodPanda… an an avid eater (LOL!), I had to get a voucher from FoodPanda!

Aside from those cute filters and free vouchers, you can use your Globe Rewards points at partner establishments such as KFC, Bench, Dairy Queen and more. There are also exclusive offers and discounts from Shopee, Eatigo and Uniqlo even without points.

If you love the fit of the 0917Lifestyle shirts and jackets (like I do), you can get discounts and deals on gadget accessories and apparel from the 0917Lifestyle’s newest collection Series One. To purchase items, just visit https://shop.globe.com.ph/0917lifestyle. I love the fit of their apparel and I have two shirts and one jacket already!

So amazing! There are a lot of gifts and surprises in store for you! And guess what? If you want to earn more rewards points, Globe will hold a barangay-level Plastic Xchange program in various cities in Metro Manila. All you need to do is to bring single-use plastics that you want to dispose of then you can get Globe Rewards points. Residents in Barangays San Antonio and Palatiw in Pasig, Barangay 455 in Sampaloc, Manila, Barangay Magallanes in Makati, Barangays South Signal and Upper Silingan in Taguig, and students of Andres Bonifacio Integrated School in Mandaluyong City are encouraged to participate in the recycling project from 8am to 2 pm.

Another event that you can participate in is the Globe x Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) x International Coastal Cleanup Philippines (ICC Philippines) clean up project.

On September 21, 2019 from 6am to 12 noon, you can help clean up the Baseco Beach and LPPCHEA at Manila Bay or the Lighthouse Morning Resort, Moonbay Marina Complex, Subic Bay Freeport Zone in Zambales.

Customer volunteers who participate in the activities will get more Rewards points. Sign up using these links. Individual Registration – https://forms.gle/vWYdvfzEz5SqBaus5; Group Registration – https://forms.gle/onDT8qktqjYsGH7r5; ICC – http://www.icc.ph/volunteer.html.

So what are you waiting for? Download the Globe Rewards app, join events… join in on the fun!

In celebration of Women’s Month last March, I took time off to go to First Metro Asset Management Inc.’s (FAMI) event called Smart Women Invest. I loved it that they had an event that encourages women to understand more about saving and investing.

With Rose Fausto from FQ Mom and Marcie Linao

As women, I think that understanding how investments work is important. This is not only for our own personal benefit, but to secure the future of our loved ones.

I remember the first time that I was exposed to investments. It was already late in my life. When I was 27 years old and working in a bank, I got my first exposure to investments and investment vehicles. Prior to that, my parents placed my savings in a time deposit account. Not to say that this was not important. It was, and I appreciated it. Looking back though, I should have taken bolder steps earlier to understand how money works and how I could have earned more if I had invested my money.

Today, I have 5 different policies and have tried multiple kinds of vehicles. I tried different kinds of investments because I wanted to choose the perfect one that fit each of my investment objectives. One of the investments that I have had since three years ago is a mutual fund under First Metro Asset Management Inc. or FAMI.

What is a Mutual Fund?

For those who want to know what a Mutual Fund is, a Mutual Fund is an investment vehicle made up of a pool of funds collected from many individual investors for the purpose of investing in securities such as stocks, bonds, money market instruments and similar assets.

Check out this video:

What is a Mutual Fund?

Why should you invest in Mutual Funds?

There are several reasons of why you’d want to invest and you can check it out here to see if it’s something that will fit your investment objective.

  • It is professionally managed. The investment decisions are based on extensive knowledge and research of market conditions and on the financial performance of individual companies and securities. You need not research on what’s happening in the market because it’s managed already by people who know what they are doing.
  • For Diversification. We all know that you should not place all your eggs in one basket. Since Mutual funds is basically a diversified portfolio already, it reduces the risk of losses from securities with gains in others.
  • Offers Liquidity. You can convert investments to cash anytime. I remember withdrawing from my mutual fund some years ago since I badly needed cash. Now, I’ve managed to pick it up once more by regularly putting in money into it again.
  • Safe investments. Mutual funds are regulated by the SEC or Securities and Exchange Commission under the Investment Company Act and its implementing rules and guidelines.
  • Shared information. FAMI shares information about the NAVPS or Net Asset Value Per Share every business day.
  • Its Tax Free. Income generated from mutual funds are exempted from capital gains tax as stipulated in the Republic Act No. 8424 Section 32(B)(7)(H).

Check and see if these features are aligned and will eventually help you with your investment goals.

For my own personal investment, I opened a Save and Learn Equity Fund. Here are some information about the fund that I have:

What I loved about this is that the minimum investment is at Php 5000 and I could add to it anytime. And the minimum additional investment is at Php 1000. The way I purchase units is via Bills Payment in the UnionBank Mobile App. This makes it more convenient for me to add funds (purchase units).

Here are the details of the other funds / products that they have.

I was also given the opportunity to open a First Metro Consumer Fund (see details above) when I attended the FAMI event. The fund is comprised of stocks capitalizing on a consumption theme, with high revenue exposure to key PH industries benefitting from the structure of the Philippine family’s consumption expenditures.

Check out the video of Rose Fausto, taken during FAMI’s Smart Women Invest Event:

Smart Women Invest

Let’s see how this fund performs.

If you have any questions about FAMI’s products and services, please feel free to visit https://fami.com.ph. You can also visit https://www.facebook.com/firstmetrofunds/